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Gluten Freedom Club

Type: Other
Membership Types: EIU Students/Faculty/Other
Web: http://www.eiu.edu/slo/rso/rso_info.php?id=247


The purpose(s) of the Gluten Freedom Club at Eastern Illinois University is to provide a support system and spread awareness for those who have Celiac Disease and/or gluten intolerance. By doing so, we want to offer more gluten free options within the dining halls, food court and convenience stores on campus. As well as to create allergy menus to the restaurants in town that does not already offer one. Our mission is to make the gluten free life of a college student easier and more convenient.

Advisors and Board Members

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Lisa Brooks Advisor tlbrooks@eiu.edu 2175816958
Bailey M Foster President bmfoster2@eiu.edu
Taylor P Waller Vice President tpwaller2@eiu.edu
Taylor P Waller Secretary tpwaller2@eiu.edu
Taylor P Waller Treasurer tpwaller2@eiu.edu