Eastern Illinois University Development

Your generous contributions to EIU change lives.
Students like Nicholas Smith can attest to this positive impact.


I would like to tell those who support EIU -- whether in spirit or financially -- that you are doing more than just investing in us as students. You are, in fact, investing in something much bigger ... our dreams. Your support makes getting through the process of earning our degrees easier because we know you all have our backs.
- Stefanie Verando, Sociology Major

The Office of University Development is excited to be the place passionate alumni, friends and donors can contact to facilitate charitable gifts to Eastern Illinois University. In University Development, we “Bleed Blue” and can’t wait to share the enthusiasm we have for EIU with you! Through the generosity of our donors, we are changing the lives of EIU students, faculty and the entire campus community!



You want to make a positive impact!

Every gift made to Eastern Illinois University -- whether it's big or small -- makes a difference. The “ripple effect” of each donation is amazing to watch and inspires giving in others.


You believe education is important!

Many of our students are eager to attain a college degree, but most cannot afford to pay for their education on their own. Without generous donors like you, many students would not be able to fulfill their dreams.


You want EIU to remain cutting-edge!

We are constantly striving to provide our students, faculty and staff with the essential tools they need to learn. We also pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technological and scientific research.



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