Thank you. Without you, my memories, my experiences, and my desire to keep learning would never have happened."

-- Madeline Nelson, Scholarship Recipient
English Major with Teacher Certification

At EIU, we know the strain students and their families are under trying to afford a college education. We recently completed a scholarship campaign in which our alumni and donors showed an outpouring of support and created 102 scholarships.

Scholarships provide vitally important resources to students who might not otherwise be able to attend college, help EIU recruit the best and the brightest students, and enhance the quality of our academic programs.

Want to learn about establishing an annual or endowed scholarship? Contact a development director at 217-581-3313 or email a member of our staff.

create an endowed scholarship!

About endowing a scholarship
At eastern illinois university

  • - The minimum to be fully endowed is $25,000 (within five years).
  • - Can be funded with cash, stock, and/or estate assets.
  • - Could be based on academic (GPA) and or financial need.
  • - Can be athletically based (some restrictions apply).
  • - Multiple awards can be made available (as long as minimum award is $1,000).
  • - Funds are first applied to the student's account and if no balance, a check is made available to the student.
  • - The scholarship cannot address criteria that fall under protected class: age, sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality or race.


Creating Your Own Scholarship
Three Common Misconceptions

Misconception No. 1: "I don't have enough money to fund a scholarship."

Every donation can make a difference in the life of a student. Endowed scholarships can be established for $25,000 and you can make a pledge payment over five years, or create a planned gift with your estate. Also, be sure to check with your HR department to see if the company you work for will match your gift.

Misconception No. 2: "I'm busy; creating a scholarship takes too much time."

If you have 1-2 hours total to spare, then you have the time. It's quite simple actually. First, donors must determine the name and purpose of the scholarship. Second, you decide on the criteria you'd like to require of the scholarship recipient. Once you have an idea of the type of student you want to recognize with the scholarship, an agreement form will be drafted for you with the scholarship guidelines clearly outlined. After your review and any edits, signatures will take place. Congratulations, you are now the proud donor of a scholarship!

Misconception No. 3: "I have to put my name on a scholarship."

There is flexibility in being specific or general in the name it carries, as well as, being anonymous. You man also choose to honor or memorialize a loved one.


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