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EIU Student Life Office


There are basic questions that must be answered in order to form a new student organization at Eastern Illinois University. However, before you begin the registration process, there are several factors that should be considered in order to effectively organize your new student organization.


  • How will your organization be defined?
  • What are your proposed goals?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish?
  • How do you fit in on campus?
  • What role do you want to play?
  • How will you pick an advisor?
  • Is there a department with whom you can or will be affiliated?


  • Are there other people you already know who would want to join?
  • How are you going to identify and recruit others?
  • How will you convince them to join?
  • What will this organization have to offer? Can other people find this elsewhere?
  • What kind of commitment will members have to make?
  • What makes this organization unique?


STEP ONE: Select Members and a Faculty/Staff Advisor

  • All advisors must be a current EIU Faculty or Staff Member

STEP TWO: Complete EIU Registered Student Organization Online Application

  • RSO Name
  • Membership Type
  • Website URL:
  • Number of Current Members
  • Constitution –template available on application
    • Remove header from constitution before submitting
    • All font should be black
    • Check page formatting, spacing and spelling
    • RSO Name must be in bold font throughout the document
    • Article V, Section 3 must be included
    • Article VIII, Sections 1 -3 must be included
      • Section 3 must list steps for criteria and guidelines for termination of an advisor.
  • RSO Logo
  • Purpose of Organization – general statement with regard to RSO’s purpose
  • Advisors – Enter EIU Netid to add names  sample:   jlsmith
  • Officers - Enter EIU Netid to add names    sample:   jlsmith
  • Current Members - Enter EIU Netid to add names
  • Meeting/Time Location
  • Press green create RSO button when all information is entered – Fail to press the button will result in all information being lost.


Under normal circumstances, the registration process for a “new” student organization takes about 2 - 3 weeks for approval. Notification of registration approval will be sent by e-mail to the organization’s president and advisor. Delays may occur if all requirements are not completed by the organization.


1. Upon receipt of the completed registration materials, all information will be reviewed for accuracy and approval by the Student Life Office and the EIU Student Government The purpose of the review process is to provide an opportunity for the verification of all registration materials submitted for approval.

2. During the review process, additional changes to the online application or constitution may be suggested.  An email will be sent with the suggested additions or changes to the Advisor, President and Vice-President. An attached copy with suggested changes for the constitution will be sent via email.  Once changes are done your RSO can resubmit to the Student Life Office

3. The additional suggested changes will be placed in the file for further review and approval by the Director of Student Life

4. Once the Director of Student Life approves the RSO the file will be sent to Student Government for final review and approval.

- Student reviews

- Placed on agenda for Student Government Approval

5. The official registration process takes approximately two weeks from the date completed registration materials are submitted to the Student Life Office.

6. Organizations with less than ten (10) members will be given a “probationary period” of one (1) semester to meet the standard membership requirement.

Submit your online application/constitution at:

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