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Video Note in D2L

A video note is a brief video clip that you can record within a course in D2L without the need for special software or downloading/uploading files. With a Video Note, you are recording your video image and audio using a webcam and microphone. You can record a video note anywhere that you have access to the HTML editor within a course.  Common D2L tools containing the HTML editor are

  • News - News Item content
  • Content - Module description or an html file within a module
  • Assignment Dropbox - Assignment folder instructions or feedback when grading
  • Discussions - Forum, Topic, Thread, Reply, or feedback when grading
  • Calendar - Event description
  • Grades/Feedback - Grade Item feedback
  • Quizzes - Quiz description, Quiz introduction, Question text, Learner Response (answer) options for multiple choice or matching questions
  • Rubrics
  • Surveys
  • Self Assessments  

Recommended Use for Video Notes:

Video notes work well when you want to provide immediate feedback to a student or a group of students or wish to convey a quick reminder or announcement. 

Example Use Cases for Video Notes:

  • Build and foster instructor presence in a news announcement.
  • Provide an introduction to a module or topic or assigned activity in course content.
  • Increase student engagement in discussion posts or replies.
  • Provide students with additional information or guidance in assignment feedback.

Students can also post Video Notes in D2L.  Students can post a Video Note:

  • In a discussion thread or discussion reply.
  • As a submission for an assignment dropbox.
  • As an answer to a written response quiz question.

NOTE:  The directions listed below apply to both Instructors and Students in D2L.

How to Record and Insert a Video Note in D2L

  1. To add a video note locate, the HTML editor when creating or editing the item.
    html editor image

  2. In the HTML editor, select the "Insert Stuff" icon in the toolbar. 
    Note:  In some instances, the "Insert Stuff" icon may look slightly different. alternate insert stuff image
    insert stuff icon

  3. Select "Add Video Note"
    add video note image

  4. Select "New Recording" when you are ready to begin recording.
    new recording image

  5. Select "Stop Recording" when you are finished recording. Your video will immediately begin to play back.

  6. If you are satisfied with the result, select "Next".  If you are not satisified with the result, repeat steps 4 and 5 to record again.

  7. On the next screen:
    • Enter a Title for the video note. Be specific. This information will aid you in searching for your video note if you wish to reuse it.
    • Enter a Description.  The description makes your video more accessible to students with visual impairments.
    • In the Audio Language drop-down menu, choose the appropriate language.
    • To generate closed captions, select the "Automatically generate captions from audio" check box.
      video title and description image

  8. Select "Next". After your file has transformed, you may preview your video again if you wish.
    Note: You may see this message: “Media file is currently being transformed. You may view this by refreshing in a bit, or you can insert the file and view it later”. This process normally takes no more than a couple of minutes. You can refresh preview if you want or you can move on to step 9 (insert) at any time.

  9. Select "Insert".  Your video note will now be inserted in the HTML editor. 

  10. Add any additional information needed for the item (i.e. title, headline, information/directions for the students, etc.), then, select "Publish" or "Save" (depending on which tool you are using).

Can a Video Note be edited?

A Video Note cannot be edited but you can easily re-record.

How do I re-record a Video Note?

  • If you don’t like the video after you have recorded, simply select “New Recording” to re-record.
  • If you have already inserted the video, delete it and create a new video note.

re-record image

How do I delete a Video Note?

  • Edit the item where you inserted the Video Note.
  • Click in the blank area to the right of the video note.
  • press <Backspace> on your keyboard to delete it.

delete video note image

Can I download a Video Note?

No. Video Note downloading is not available in D2L.
Note:  If you are viewing a video note in a content page, you will see a download button; however, this button does not allow you to download the video file.

Can I search for and reuse my Video Notes?

Yes, for example, if you have recorded a video that you want to add to a news announcement in several of your courses. You can record it in one course, then easily search for and add it to news announcements in your other courses.

How do I search for and reuse my Video Notes?

  1. In the HTML editor where you want to insert the video, select the "Insert Stuff" icon in the toolbar.

  2. Select "Video Note Search"
    video note search image

  3. Enter the title of the video in the search box and select the search button.  Or leave the search box blank and select the search button and a list of all of your video notes will appear.
    search video note image

  4. Select the Video Note you want to insert and select "Next"

  5. Select "Insert"

  6. Select "Publish" or "Save

Do Video Notes copy from one section to another? 

Yes. Though video notes are not a part of your course files, they will copy when you copy content from one course to another using the Import/Export/Copy function.

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