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Post or Replace a Syllabus

Written Tutorial Video Simulation


A syllabus can be posted in the content area of a course in D2L. This allows students enrolled in the course access to the syllabus at any time during the course and it saves on the cost of printing. Posting the syllabus is essential in an online course but also recommended for face-to-face courses.

NOTE: The course must be Active for students to access the course. When you are ready for students to access the course, see How to Make a Course Active.

How To Post a Syllabus

NOTE:  Before you begin, update your syllabus in Word and Save As a PDF file.  (PDF format is recommended although you can upload a Word document instead.)  Note the location of your saved file.

  1. Log into D2L and select your course.

  2. Select Content from the top navigation bar. 

  3. Click your mouse in the Add a Module box on the left. 
     add a module imagearrow image

  4. Type Syllabus as the name of the module and press enter on the keyboard.  Your module, Syllabus, will be listed on the left but will appear on the right/main section of the page.

  5. If you know how to drag and drop a file, you can drag and drop your syllabus into the box with the dotted lines as indicated and you are done.
    syllabus module imagearrow image

  6. If you are unable to drag and drop the file, select New and Upload Files.  new upload image

  7. Select My Computer and Upload.  Locate your file.  Select the filename then select Open and Add.

How To Replace a Syllabus

NOTE:  Two options are listed below for replacing an existing syllabus in the content area of your course.  

  1. Select the action button (down arrow) to the right of your syllabus.
  2. Select Delete Topic.
  3. Choose one of the two options and select Delete.
  4. Then, follow the steps 5-7 above to post your new syllabus.


  1. Select the action button (down arrow) to the right of your syllabus.
  2. Select Change File.
  3. Drag and drop your new file into the box or select Upload and follow step 7 listed above to post your new syllabus.

How To Post a Syllabus


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