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How to Copy a Course

Written Tutorial Video Simulation (2:24)


Inactive Course imageThe Import/Export/Copy Components tool can now be accessed from Course Content.  With this tool, instructors can copy an entire course or components of a course. 

If you are copying from an existing course in D2L, it is always recommended that you use the Copy option and not import/export.  Import/Export is used when the course to be copied exists on another D2L server or a course package from a publisher is being imported.  To view a list of components that can be copied, imported, or exported between courses, go HERE

To Copy an Entire Course

NOTE:  Before you begin the process of copying a course, it is beneficial to copy/paste or write down the exact complete title of the course you wish to copy.  Many courses have similar titles in D2L and your course list could be rather long since we are unable to archive past courses.

  1. Log into D2L,  select the course you want to copy content into (the new or blank course), then, select "Content" on the navbar.  

  2. Select the "Table of Contents" (on the left) to access the course content administration options.

  3. Select the down arrow to expand the "Import Course" menu, then, select "Copy Existing Course."
    copy existing course image

    (Alternatively, you can replace steps 1-3 with the traditional method:  Access the Course > Select Edit Course > Select Import/Export/Copy Components listed under Site Resources.)

  4. On the Import/Export/Copy Components page, select the "Search for Offering" button.

  5. In the Search Box, paste or type the complete title or at least a portion of the title of the course you want to copy.  Then, press enter on the keyboard.

  6. Locate the course you want to copy, select the radio (round) button to the left of the course, then select the "Add Selected" button.

  7. Verify that the course listed under "Course to Copy" is the correct course.
    copy course image

  8. Select the blue "Copy All Components" button to copy the entire course.

  9. The copy process may take a few minutes based on the amount of content in the course.
    copy in progress image

  10. After verification the copy has completed, select "View Content" or "Review and Manage Dates."
    copy completed image

    NOTE:  D2L recommends that you copy all components between courses to ensure you maintain all desired associations, and then delete any undesired material in the new course.

How to Copy a Course

Video Simulation (2:24)

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