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Civil War - Race Relations

Pre-Statehood Era: 1700-1818

Early Statehood: 1818-1861

Civil War Era: 1861-1865

Late 19th Century: 1866-1900

Early 20th Century: 1900-1914

World War I: 1914-1918

Roaring Twenties: 1918-1929

Great Depression: 1930-1941

World War II: 1941-1945

Cold War Era: 1946-1991

Millennium: 1991-Present

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African American

Order of the Committee on Schools Providing for Segregation, March 23rd, 1863 / Transcription

  • Order to provide for a segregated school on the south side of Chicago, where the largest grouping of African-Americans lived. The original order for segregation of schools occurred in February of that year.
  • Citation: Bailey, Robert E. and Elaine Shemoney Evans. Early Chicago, 1833-1871 A Selection of City Council Proceedings Files. Springfield: Illinois State Archives, 1999. Document 42. Used by permission of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Accessed on 11/19/2016. https://cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/archives/teaching_packages/early_chicago/doc42.html