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Cold War Era - Government

Pre-Statehood Era: 1700-1818

Early Statehood: 1818-1861

Civil War Era: 1861-1865

Late 19th Century: 1866-1900

Early 20th Century: 1900-1914

World War I: 1914-1918

Roaring Twenties: 1918-1929

Great Depression: 1930-1941

World War II: 1941-1945

Cold War Era: 1946-1991

Millennium: 1991-Present

Lesson Plans


Crime and Punishment

Letter from Arthur Compton to Enrico Fermi, December 2nd, 1953 

  • This letter was sent from Arthur Compton, who worked with Enrico Fermi on the first nuclear chain reaction, in remembrance of the eleventh anniversary of the successful experiment. In it, he reflects on the importance of the experiment to the past and the future. Compton believes their work "has had a favorable effect on stabilizing the world in favor of freedom."

  • From the Enrico Fermi Collection, The University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Research Center. More information can be found at http://fermi.lib.uchicago.edu/fermicollection.htm

The Charleston Riot Centennial

The Charleston Riot

  • Nancy Funkhouser, a seventh grade student at the Eastern Illinois State College Lab School, wrote a school paper about the Charleston Riot. Her work was published by the Illinois Junior Historian Magazine. 

  • Citation: Funkhouser, Nancy. "The Charleston Riot." [Illinois] Junior Historian Magazine Vol. 4, 1952. 109-110.

"Riot Reenactment Set Saturday to Open Tourism Season in City."

  • The first re-enactment of the Charleston Riot took place in 1967. 

  • Citation: "Riot Reenactment Set Saturday tot Open Tourism Season in City" from The Charleston Courier, March 31, 1967. 1.

"Reenactment of Charleston Riot Set March 30 by Volunteer Unit"

  • The second annual Charleston Riot Reenactment was held in 1968. Local re-enactors participated in the event.

  • Citation: "Reenactment of Charleston Riot Set March 30 by Volunteer Unity" from The Charleston Courier, March 20, 1968, 1.