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Tuesday, 28 March, 2017
Wednesday, 29 March, 2017
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    Meet Employers from the Broadcast Industry and Make Connections!

    Students are strongly encouraged to attend this event.   Broadcast Industry Organizations throughout Illinois will be on hand to discuss broadcasting related jobs and internships.  

    Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to meet with recruiters face-to-face to explore careers, network and get the inside edge on full time jobs and internships.

    View of list of participating organizations and vacancies at: http://www.eiu.edu/careers/broadcast.php 


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    The 1950’s was the decade during which more Americans had, overall, the best social and economic lives they’d ever had or would ever have again, because of the intersection of four major societal components: the 9,000,000 G.I.’s who used the “G.I. Bill” to build a huge new educated class of professional, academic, and business/corporate minds; the labor union movement that gave high wages and good family benefits to many other tens of millions who did not go to college; the new easy ways, through generous bank loans and the new credit cards, to buy nice things “on time”; and an entire industry system which very quickly shifted from war products to domestic products to satisfy almost any need this new, eager, family/home-oriented Middle Class might need. We’ll discuss how these four major components, from the mid-1960’s to the present day, gradually shredded apart to produce today’s situation, where the top 5% of Americans hold some 85% of U.S. wealth, and tens of millions have dropped from the “working middle class” to the category of “working poor”—thus crippling the “money engine” of U.S. economy that earlier provided such comfortable lives for most Americans. Three Wednesdays from Noon-1:00 pm - designed for lunch hour.  EIU Employees pay member price: $10 for all 3 sessions.

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Thursday, 30 March, 2017
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    In this Safe Zone session, the lives, works, and experiences of LGBTQ African-Americans in history will be introduce to some and re-introduce to others. Significant times in history that will be discussed are the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, as well as, the contemporary Black Lives Matter Movement. Black LGBTQ finding their “space” in white spaces like the Women’s and Gay Liberation Movements will also be a part of the discourse.

    Register here to sign up for this Safe Zone brownbag and find others you may be interested in !

    Tags: Community | Current Students | Diversity/Inclusive Excellence | Faculty | LGBTQA Resource Center
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    For 6 Thursdays (March 23-April 27) from 5-7pm in Klehm Hall room 2309, you will learn the basics of nutrition and how to cook healthy food on a budget. For one of these sessions, you will go on a grocery store tour. So, if you like to cook, eat, and have fun, join us! If you have any questions or would like to participate, please contact Bri Denton, graduate dietetic student, at: bddenton@eiu.edu

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    You are invited to participate in our FREE Spring Conference that offers unparalleled advice on money management for the college age student. Our keynote speaker, Granville Colvin, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, will present from 5-5:45 about "Bringing Balance to Your Budget".

    Breakout sessions will follow from 6-8pm:

    6-6:45: Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud: Avoid Being a Victim

    6-6:45: The Legal and Financial Costs of A Campus Housing Lease

    7-7:45: Financial Aid: What to Expect

    Meanwhile, please visit our money skills simulation anytime between 6pm and 8:30pm to see how your financial decisions will affect your future and learn to make smart changes now that can set you up financially for life!

    Don't miss this chance to get ahead on your financial future!

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    Sign up to attend this FREE conference that will help you get a head start on your financial future! 


    Granville Colvin: Keynote Speaker

    “Bringing Balance to Your Budget”



    Kirsten Bays

    “Know Your Rights as a Lessee”


    Hollie Austin and Sandra Coleman

     “Preventing Identity Theft”



    Paula Coartney

    “Financial Aid: What to Expect”


    And Be Sure to Visit “The Real World: Finance Edition” Simulation

    Open 6-8:30pm

    Visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080C45A9AC2BA2FA7-life to sign up and attend!

    Tags: Conferences/Meetings | Current Students | Family and Consumer Sciences
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    The Kinesiology & Sports Studies Department

    4th Annual Women in Sport Industry Round Table

    The purpose of the Sport Industry Round Table is to provide students interested in pursuing a career in sports with resources to successfully navigate the sports industry from a female’s perspective.

    Date:  Thursday March 30, 2017

    Time:  6:00 p.m.

    Place:  Charleston/Mattoon Room on the 3rd Floor of the MLK Jr. Union at Eastern Illinois University

     Panelists will include: Ms. Marcie Ahern, Ms. Cindy Gannon, Ms. Mary Lee Gilliland, Ms. Erin Howarth

    Refreshments will be served

    Tags: Academic/Event Scheduling | Alumni | Community | Current Students | Faculty | Kinesiology and Sports Studies | Prospective Students
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    Did your 2017 New Year’s resolutions include exercising and eating healthier? Have you always wanted to participate in a 5k race? The Health Education Resource Center is offering a new program, Get Up and Move, EIU, designed to help you achieve these goals!

    Through this program, students can attend FREE nutrition workshops and receive guidance and motivation while training for an upcoming 5k race. Sign-up for Get Up and Move, EIU e-mail list to receive weekly nutrition and fitness tips, reminders about weekly workshops and delicious recipes! Join us for our first workshop, Meal Planning 101, on March 30th at 6:30 p.m. in the Effingham Room of the Union.

    Tags: Current Students | Health Education Resource Center | TotalEIU
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    Thursday, March 30, 7 p.m., West Reading Room, Booth Library
    Opening reception
    Keynote presentation: The Next 100: The Future of Public History in Illinois
    Presented by Illinois State Historian Sam Wheeler

    Throughout its statehood, Illinois has celebrated history in a myriad of ways. More than just the “Land of Lincoln,” Illinois boasts a rich heritage of investing in the past. State organizations such as the Illinois State Museum have been critical forces in preserving our shared cultural heritage for over 100 years. Today that legacy continues, as new organizations join with the old in pursuit of a more comprehensive and diverse historical narrative.     

    As the state of Illinois approaches its bicentennial in 2018, perspectives and public support of history are constantly changing. The temporary closure of the Illinois State Museum last year, due to the budget freeze in Illinois, caused ripples in the museum community. History also faces challenges in Illinois schools, where it no longer remains an independent part of the curriculum. State historian Dr. Samuel Wheeler will discuss how the past shapes perspectives in Illinois today and how public history will face the challenges of the future as the state turns 200.

    Exhibit "A Question of History: Public History in Illinois" on display at Booth Library March 30- July 31, 2017.

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Friday, 31 March, 2017
Saturday, 01 April, 2017
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    Apr. 1 All Day Concert Band Festival Dvorak  Free
    Tags: Arts and Entertainment | Current Students | Music Department
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