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EIU Office of Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

The charts below give a good idea of what it will cost to live and learn at Eastern Illinois University. These charts reflect maximum educational costs allowed for financial aid purposes. In addition to tuition/fees and food/housing (living expenses) the cost of attendance includes other allowable expenses such as supplies, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. These are referred to as indirect costs. Supplies, travel, and miscellaneous expenses are not paid directly to the University. Also, living expenses for off-campus or commuter students are paid by the student directly to the landlord, property manager, or family member.

Comparing Costs and Financial Aid

There are a variety of tools to use when comparing cost of attendance and financial aid packages from various schools. You may even want to develop your own spreadsheet.

If you would like more information on comparing costs and financial aid, consider using the following tool from College Board - (click on "Compare Aid Awards" under Tools).

Another excellent tool for comparing costs and financial aid is offered through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC).

Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan

Effective Fall 2004, Eastern Illinois University implemented a "Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan." The Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan provides that tuition for new undergraduate students will remain the same for four continuous academic years. The guaranteed tuition rate period is extended for undergraduate degree programs approved by the University for completion in more than four years. The extension is limited to the minimum number of additional semester(s) to complete the program as approved by the University. The list of programs approved by the University for completion in more than four years is maintained by the Provost. Click here for more information.

Domestic Undergraduate Tuition

Beginning in the fall semester of 2024, all domestic students residing permanently in the USA, including undocumented students, will be eligible for in-state tuition rates. This means you'll pay the same tuition rate as residents of Illinois and benefit from a four-year guarantee on your tuition rate.

International Undergraduate Tuition

For our international undergraduate students, including those on a visa or who have applied for refugee status, we offer competitive tuition rates set at just 1.25 times the domestic student rate.

Payment Plan

Eastern Illinois University's Payment Plan is administered through Student Accounts.

Diplomas are held for students with an outstanding balance owed to the university. EIU fully supports Public Act 102-0998. The Student Debt Assistance Act and the subsequent amendment, Public Act 103-0054, which includes provisions for releasing a diploma to students with a financial hold. If requesting your diploma based on one of the exemptions detailed in Public At 103-0054, please complete and return this request form to the Office of the Registrar.

Details concerning placement of holds that block registration may be found in IGP 64 - Registration Holds. The lowest amount of debt assigned to a third-party debt collection agency is $1,000.00. Information concerning student lending protections through the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office may be found at this link. Students seeking to file a complaint with the university may do so at this link.

Select a Year

Undergraduate 2024-2025 Costs

Cost Item Domestic Undergraduates (learn more) International Undergraduates
Tuition Per Credit Hour $338.35 $422.94
Tuition (15 hrs FA and SP) $10,150.50 $12,688.20
Fees $3,506.68 $3,506.68
Textbook Rental Fee* $262.50 $262.50
Food and Housing (Unlimited Meal Plan) $12,520.00 $12,520.00
2024-2025 Cost $26,439.68 $28,977.38

When computing the financial aid budget which is an estimated average of 3 years costs, we also include the unlimited meal plan to allow for 3 meals a day. The most popular meal plan is the 12+ option. You can decide what will work best for you. Other indirect costs includes other everyday expenses students might incur. Examples include: gas money, school supplies, costs for toiletries, etc., or social activities. These expenses vary from student to student and will NOT be charged to the Eastern bill; they can be covered through parental support, student employment, or savings. Federal loan fees of $100 are also allowed in the budget. Please borrow wisely.

Graduate 2024-2025 Costs

Cost Item Illinois Residents Non-Illinois Residents (Domestic & International)
Tuition Per Credit Hour $344.25 $826.20
Tuition (11 hrs FA and SP) $7,573.50 $18,176.40
Fees $3,382.84 $3,382.84
Textbook Rental Fee* $192.50 $192.50
Food and Housing (Unlimited Meal Plan) $12,520.00 $12,520.00
2024-2025 Cost $23,668.84 $34,271.74

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