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EIU Life Center

LIFE Center Literacy in Financial Education Center


The Literacy in Financial Education (LIFE) Center is free financial education provided by educated financial advisors to help you through your college career and beyond. Housed within the Health Education Resource Center, 2201 Blair Hall, the Center offers a wide range of materials, one-on-one interactions, assessments, and more!

 Financial Wellness

Everyone knows exercise is important to keep our bodies fit and strong, but what does it mean to be financially healthy? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines financial wellness as

  1. being able to meet your financial obligations
  2. being prepared for unexpected financial impacts
  3. being secure in your ability to make choices that allow you to enjoy life (having more than just enough to meet your needs) and
  4. being on track to meet any long-term financial goals (retirement, mortgage payments, etc).

Not sure if you are financially healthy? Want to improve your financial wellness? You're not alone. Many people struggle with finances. Check out our resources to help get your wallet in order. 


Health Education Resource Center 
2201 Blair Hall, Charleston, IL
(217) 581-7786

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