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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#64 - Registration Holds

Approved: July 25, 2023

Nomenclature changes: December 31, 1969

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

A student must comply with federal, state, and university requirements for enrollment. In order to enforce compliance, a registration hold may be placed on a student’s record to prevent registration in cases where the student has failed to comply. Examples of such a hold include those placed for failure to provide copies of immunization records to Health and Counseling Services, or by failure to participate in loan counseling as required by federal financial aid requirements or as a result of a student’s dismissal for academic or administrative reasons. Registration holds may be placed for failure to pay financial obligations to the University.

Registration holds placed on student accounts due to unpaid financial obligations exceeding $1000 should be placed by the department after lal students have a minimum of aweek to register for the next Fall or Spring term. Students are responsible for reviewing their student accounts in PAWS prior to registration.

Transcript and Diploma Hold

A student must have paid all his or her debts to the University before a transcript or diploma will be issued unless exempted based on Public Act 103-0054. Each department or unit is responsible for notifying students of holds placed on their records and for removing the holds when the record is cleared.

Readmission Hold

A student may not be admitted or readmitted to the University if previously suspended, expelled or dismissed from the University until appropriate processes are followed and any readmission holds removed. Students may be readmitted but be unable to register due to a registration hold.

Cancellation of Classes

Students with outstanding debts to the University in excess of $1000 wil be dropped from their registration in the upcoming semester at minimum amonth prior to the first day of classes unless they make appropriate arrangements with the Bursar. Where possible, students who have their schedule dropped but pay their balance in ful before the first day of class wil have their schedules restored.

Some programs may receive approval from the President to require students to make payment in full prior to the first class day. Where approved, this policy must be published on the program’s website and students must be notified of the policy when admitted to the program. Students in these programs who fail to make payment in full will be dropped from their classes prior to the first day of class.

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