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EIU Banner


Banner is a suite of administrative software applications developed specifically for higher education institutions by Ellucian.

Banner Availability

Banner and Self Service (PAWS) are available 24 hours a day except 6:00 AM -12:00 PM Sundays and other times with prior notification to your EIU email address.

Need Access to an ERP system?

Employees can request access to Banner, Argos, Reportal, Workflow, and Appworx by using the following link: Access Request Form

For information on filling out the form, see our Self Help article here.


  • What browsers does Banner 9 support?
  • Banner 9 supports all modern browsers. However, we have seen the best performance using Chrome. If you encounter an issue using any other browser, please try using Chrome before reporting the issue.


  • Why does Banner 9 performance seem slower than Banner 8?
  • Banner 9 is built on different technology which does not allow for some of the same capabilities that were available in Banner 8. Banner 8 forms are in a static architecture that allows users to type ahead and have the data filled in behind (as an example). The website architecture does not allow that static page capability. Banner’s vendor, Ellucian, has made performance and usability a top priority and will continue to work to improve performance in the Admin pages to make them as fast as possible.



 Need Help?

If you encounter problems logging on or connecting to Banner, please contact the ITS Campus Technology Support in any of the following ways:

Argos: MAPS client reinstalls

In some cases the Argos application will have you reinstall the MAPS client each time you access the web application.

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