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Why are we upgrading to Banner 9?

Banner 9 has intuitive navigation that will work on all current browsers and eliminates the need for a Java client on your personal computer. It will deliver a new, modern user interface that provides a common look and feel. Plus it is mobile friendly! The functionality and core business processes remain unchanged. Banner 9 also allows us to maintain adherence to regulatory and software updates when support for Banner 8 is terminated as of December 2018. This move aligns to the extended support date for Oracle Forms 11gR2 ending on Dec. 31, 2018.

What's new in Banner 9?


  • Terminology – What Banner 9 called INB, Banner 9 calls Administrative Pages. Banner is completely accessible from a web page for completing administrative tasks.
  • Single Sign On – Once you sign on to your device, you will not be required to sign in again when you connect to Banner 9.

What will stay the same in Banner 9?


  • The seven character form names (i.e. SPAIDEN) that you are already familiar with in INB continue to be used as the Administrative Page names.
  • Your security access will remain the same.
  • The data and the way you enter data remains the same.



  • What browsers does Banner 9 support?
  • Banner 9 supports all current browsers and eliminates the need for a Java client on your personal computer. However, we have seen the best performance using Chrome. If you encounter an issue using any other browser, please try using Chrome before reporting the issue.


  • What training or re-training of staff will be needed to use Banner 9?
  • No actual training or retraining will be needed, however, minimal exposure to the navigation tools will make the transition to the Banner 9 interface straightforward. Remember that the core business rules and functionality remain unchanged. Most users have been able to transition to Banner 9 with little to no training at all.


  • Why does Banner 9 performance seem slower than Banner 8?
  • Banner 9 is built on different technology which does not allow for some of the same capabilities that were available in Banner 8. Banner 8 forms are in a static architecture that allows users, for example, to type ahead and have the data filled in behind. The new architecture does not allow some of that static page capability. Banner’s vendor, Ellucian, has made performance and usability a top priority and will continue to work to improve performance in the Admin pages to make them as fast as possible.


  • Who do I contact if I experience issues in Banner 9?
  • Please contact the Help Desk as you would normally report an issue with INB.
    Phone (217) 581-HELP(4357) or e-mail


  • Is Banner self-service changing?
  • Not at this time. Only the administrative pages will be changing with this upgrade.


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