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University Newsletter  —  News from Old Main

  • Mixed Doubles Bowling League


    New for Spring 2019...a mixed doubles bowling league! It will feature four-person teams with games taking place 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday nights from February 7 to March 28. Light snacks will be served on the last night. Fees are only $8 per player ad there must be at least one male and one female on each team and is open to faculty/staff/students/family and friends. Sign up at EIU Lanes.

    For more information, call (217) 581-7457.

  • Tenure Track Faculty Position in Computer Science


    The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in the College of Sciences at Eastern Illinois University invites applications for a tenure-track position in computer science.

    We are seeking an applicant who has a concentration in one or more of the following areas: networking, databases, artificial intelligence, machine learning, parallel programming, or distributed systems.   Preference will be given to candidates with a PhD in Computer Science or related discipline, ABD considered.  Strong candidates in any area of specialty will be considered.  PhD required for tenure. The ideal candidate will enjoy teaching both lower and upper division computer science classes, engage in system administration, and occasionally teach service-level mathematics courses. Demonstrated commitment to diversity and experience with promoting inclusive excellence is required. The position begins August 2019. Applicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, statement of research interests, all transcripts, and three letters of reference.

    Application materials must be submitted electronically to Interfolio at Review of applications will begin immediately, but will be accepted up until January 18, 2019. For questions about the search, please contact Dr. Peter Andrews, Search Committee Chair at

    The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science currently offers four undergraduate degrees, including a newly revised B.S. in computer science. Additionally, we offer two graduate programs - one in mathematics and one in mathematics education. Information about the department can be found at

  • Employment Opportunity -- Pharmacist


    Eastern Illinois University Health and Counseling Services is seeking a Pharmacist.  Responsibilities include dispensing medications to fill prescriptions; computing and recording prescription charges; maintaining records of prescriptions filled for patient use;  maintaining control records on narcotics and habit-forming drugs as required by state and federal laws; maintaining inventory of pharmaceuticals and supplies; maintaining pharmacy budget and purchasing documents; and supervising Pharmacy Technicians.  Benefits include paid vacation, sick leave, health and life insurance, retirement program options, and tuition waivers.  Candidates must possess a valid license as a Professional Pharmacist with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. 

    Eligible candidates will be required to take a civil service examination. To apply submit letter of application, resume, copy of Illinois Pharmacist License, and the names and contact information for three (3) business references online at Fully completed applications received by January 4, 2019 will be given first consideration.  

  • Human Resources Holiday Schedule


    Human Resources will be minimally staffed during the designated holiday period. This includes Employment, Benefits, Testing, Student Employment, and Payroll. During the period of December 17 through January 2, before visiting the HR area, please call ahead to ensure someone will be available to speak with you. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2, 2019. The entire Human Resources team wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

  • Booth Library adds 1,996 items in October and November


    During the last two months, Booth Library acquired and cataloged 1,996 new items. The lists can be viewed here:

    These acquisitions include donations to the library, re-cataloged library items, freely available government publications, and consortium-wide purchases. 

    The list is arranged by location: Ballenger Teachers Center, Books, Electronic Resources, Illinois and Federal Documents, Maps, Media, Reference Collection, Special Collections and University Archives. The titles are listed by call number within each location. Please contact Sarah Johnson, head of Collection Development, at (217) 581-7551 or if you have questions.

  • Electronic Writing Portfolio Deadline Dates for Fall 2018


    The deadline for students to submit to the Electronic Writing Portfolio, for the fall 2018 term, is by midnight, Friday December 14, 2018; unless the instructor has provided an earlier deadline date. The students can submit their EWP(s) to Questions may be directed to

    The deadline for faculty to rate EWPs is by Wednesday, December 19, 2018.  Please use the following link to rate submissions If a faculty member has established an earlier deadline date for submissions to the EWP, please fill out the MACH form at  or at Questions can be directed to  

  • 2018 Achievement and Contribution Award Honorees


    Several EIU employees were recognized at the 2018 Achievement and Contribution Awards Reception held November 27. EIU Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Jay Gatrell and Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Mark Kattenbraker recognized the following people in the following categories:

    • Teaching: Julie Chadd, Lynne Curry, Michael Gillespie, R. Lance Hogan, Heidi Larson, Gloria Leitschuh, William Schultz
    • Research: John Bickford, Wutthigrai Boonsuk, Robert Colombo, Tim Engles, Margaret Floress, Hongshan He, Gordon Tucker, Edmund Wehrle
    • Service: Marita Gronnvoll, Nicole Hillier, Danelle Larson, William Lovekamp, Alicia Neal, Kristin Routt, Dianne Timm
    • Balanced: Melissa Ames, Steve Brantley, Thomas Canam, Kristin Duffin, Donald Holly, Nichole Hugo, Melissa Jones, Jeffrey Stowell
  • Used toner Collection


    EIU collects used toner cartridges for recycling. The Civic Engagement and Volunteerism office coordinates this effort. Once your department has at least five used cartridges that need picked up, please fill out the Toner Request Form on our website. We will send a staff member out to pick it up for you!


    The university will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year's on Eastern's four official holidays: Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 24 and 25; and Monday and Tuesday, Dec 31, 2018 and Jan. 1, 2019. Employees may use accrued leave or leave without pay, with supervisor approval, from Monday, Dec. 17, through Tuesday, Jan. 1.
    In addition, this year, President Glassman has approved an extension of the Christmas Holidays offered to all benefit-eligible employees, and the University has designated December 26 as a “gift” day.  Employees will not have to use their own leave time for this day. Essential employees of the University will still be required to work on the gift day. Vice-Presidents and/or Directors will identify those areas/employees deemed essential for University operations. An employee(s) identified as “essential” will be allowed to flex the gift day at another time, but must use that time by March 31, 2019.  FAQs regarding the Gift day may be found at:

    Employees who are in probationary status will be allowed to use any available accrued leave or take leave without pay during this time. Probationary employees who wish to use accrued leave during the holiday period must complete the Civil Service Employee Request for Accrued Leave During Probation form available in the Benefits Office. Supervisors are encouraged to approve such time-off requests unless the employment is required for essential duties during that period. Should an employee choose to take leave without pay, please note that accrued leave, sick leave and service credit will not be earned.

    Please note that the following eligibility rules apply for holiday compensation. Employees must be in an approved pay status, with or without pay, on the last scheduled work day before the holiday and the first scheduled work day following the holiday in order to receive holiday pay. Employees who are subject to the provisions of a prevailing rate area agreement or a collective bargaining agreement will be paid according to the terms of the respective agreement.
    A new time reporting code will be created for use on time sheets and leave reports:
    • If you do not have to work on December 26, please report it under University Gift Day – Non-work
    • If you must work on December 26, please report it under University Gift Day – Time worked
    • If you must work and flex your day at another time, when you use that day, you will use the 763 – University Gift Day – Non-work at that time.
    In order to conserve energy, building temperatures will be reduced Monday, Dec. 17, through Tuesday, Jan 1. Inquiries regarding this information may be directed to the Benefits Office at (217) 581-5825. Happy holidays!
  • 403(B) and 457(B) Contribution Limits to Increase for 2019


    Employees under the age of 50 can contribute a maximum of $19,000 for the year. Employees over age 50 can contribute a maximum of $25,000 for the year.

    The required Universal availability notice for 2018 is now available on the Benefits website as well as mentioned elsewhere in the University Newsletter.

  • 403(B) Universal Availability Notice


    Retirement & Investment Plans

    403(b) Universal Availability Notice 2019

    Eastern Illinois University (the "University") sponsors the Supplemental 403(b) Retirement Plan (the "Plan"). Eligible employees of the University can voluntarily elect to defer a portion of their compensation to the Plan to supplement their retirement savings.

    The Plan is a supplement to the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) pension. Participation in the Plan does not reduce any University benefits based on full salary, such as SURS, life insurance, disability, or survivor benefits.


    Generally, all common law employees of the University who receive compensation reportable on a Form W-2 are eligible to participate in the Plan, so long as the employee elects to contribute at least $200 each year. The only employees not eligible to participate in the Plan are non-resident aliens with no U.S. source income.


    Pre-tax Contributions - Both Federal and State income taxes are deferred on the contributions and any earnings thereon until distributed from the Plan. Distributions are taxed as ordinary income for Federal tax purposes. However, distributions are not taxed by the State of Illinois if distributions are made (i) in accordance with Plan provisions, (ii) on or after the participant has attained full retirement age, and (iii) while the participant is a legal resident of the State of Illinois.

    Post-tax (Roth) Contributions - Federal and State income taxes are withheld from Roth contributions at the time that they are contributed to the Plan. However, contributions and any earnings thereon are not subject to Federal and State income taxes upon distribution if a five-year period has passed since Roth contributions were first made to the Plan and the distribution is a "qualified distribution". A qualified distribution is a distribution (i) made on or after the date on which the participant attains age 59 ½, (ii) made to a beneficiary on or after the death of the participant, or (iii) attributable to the participant's being disabled.

    Employee contributions to the Plan can be allocated among the investment options offered by any approved vendor under the Plan. Employees are 100% vested in their accounts under the Plan at all times.

    Contribution Limits

    Annual contributions to the Plan are limited per IRS regulations. The contribution limits for the 2018 and 2019 calendar years are:

    Year Basic Elective
    Contribution Limit Age 50+ Catch-up/Contribution 15 Years of Service/Catch-up Contribution
    2018       $18,500       $6,000       $3,000*
    2019       $19,000       $6,000       $3,000*

    *The 15 years of service catch-up contribution applies before the age 50+ catch-up, and is based on a formula that takes into account all past contributions to the Plan and the employee''s total years of service to the University. The maximum 15 years of service catch-up available is $3,000 per year up to a $15,000 lifetime benefit, but an employee''s actual catch-up may be lower than this maximum. If you wish to defer more than $18,000 ($24,000 if age 50 or older), please contact the Benefits office on your campus to determine if you are eligible for the 15 years of service catch-up.

    To Enroll

    Eligible employees may begin participating in the Plan at any time. To enroll in the Plan, an employee must complete both (i) an approved vendor''s application to open an account and (ii) a Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) to elect the contribution amount. Contributions may be designated as a percent of salary or as a flat dollar amount. The SRA will apply only to amounts earned after enrolling in the Plan, and an employee''s election under the SRA will continue until the SRA is modified or revoked by the employee.

    To Modify a Deferral Election

    Employees may increase, decrease or stop their contributions to the Plan at any time. Employees may also change the approved vendor to which their contributions are made at any time. These forms are available on the Benefits website under the heading of Benefits/Payroll forms.

    Approved Vendors

    To enroll in our approved 403(b) vendor plans, please visit the Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts webpage at 403(b) representatives also make periodic visits to campus. Please see the University Newsletter for announcements on open counseling sessions with representatives.

    American Funds (First Mid-Illinois Bank): 217-348-1244
    Ameriprise Financial Services: 217-234-8136
    Fidelity Investments: 800-343-0860
    ING: 217-493-4518
    TIAA-CREF: 800-842-2005
    VALIC: 800-892-5558

    More Information

    Contact the Benefits Services Office or one of the approved vendors directly with questions or for help enrolling in the Plan.

    Benefits Services Offices

    This notice is provided as a source of information and does not constitute legal, tax, or other professional advice. If legal advice, tax advice, or other professional assistance is required, the services of a professional advisor should be sought. Every effort has been made to make this notice as thorough and accurate as possible. However, there are other legal documents, laws, and regulations that govern the operation of the Plan. It is understood that in the event of any conflict, the terms of the Plan document, applicable laws, and regulations will govern.

  • Student Insurance Waivers Available


    EIU student insurance provides students worldwide protection, 24 hours a day. The plan has a $100 deductible per diagnosis and pays up to 70% of eligible expenses for physician and hospital expenses, lab and x-ray, surgery, ambulance transport, physical therapy, maternity expenses, mental health and substance abuse issues. The student insurance plan (hereafter SIP) also covers prescriptions at the Health Service Pharmacy on campus.

    Unlike an HMO or PPO, the SIP does not have a network, giving students a choice in their care and provides coverage for treatment the student receives while they are at home, at school, and wherever they may travel. When you have other insurance, the SIP coordinates with the primary carrier. Student insurance is an economical way to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses when family health plans do not cover 100% of medical costs because of deductibles, co-payment amounts, limitations on specific benefits, and out-of-network penalties. The SIP complements the family health plan. Most students find it beneficial to carry both, particularly if the family plan has a deductible and/or coinsurance.

    The Spring 2019 student insurance fee will be automatically assessed to students enrolled in 9 or more on-campus hours; graduate assistants under contract to the university; and international students who are enrolled in a minimum of 3 on-campus hours. Students with other insurance coverage may request a waiver of the student insurance fee if their other coverage is a PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)-compliant plan. Students will be required to complete a waiver and provide a copy of their insurance card. The waiver is available in the Student Insurance Office and on the student insurance website at 2019 Waiver Form.pdf.

    January 18, 2019 is the last date these waivers will be accepted for the spring 2019 term. For more information, call (217) 581-5290.

  • Part-Time Student Insurance Available for Part-Time, Online, and Off-Campus Students


    Student insurance provides the student worldwide protection 24 hours a day. The plan has a $100 deductible per diagnosis and pays up to 70% of eligible expenses for physician and hospital expenses, lab and x-ray, surgery, ambulance transport, physical therapy, maternity expenses, mental health and substance abuse issues. The Student Insurance Plan, hereafter SIP, also reduces copays for prescription medications at the Health Service Pharmacy.

    Unlike an HMO or PPO, the SIP does not have a network, giving students a choice in their care and provides coverage for treatment the student receives while they are at home, at school, and wherever they may travel.

    Student insurance is an economical way to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses when family health plans do not cover 100% of medical costs because of deductibles, co-payment amounts, limitations on specific benefits, and out-of network penalties. The SIP complements the family health plan. Most students find it beneficial to carry both, particularly if the family plan has a deductible and/or coinsurance.

    Spring 2019 students, who are registered for 5 or more hours, may purchase student insurance for the semester by submitting the part-time enrollment form to the Student Insurance Office prior to 4:30 p.m. January 18, 2019. The forms can be downloaded from the Student Insurance website at 2019 Enrollment Form.pdf.

    The cost is $109.95.

  • Evaluation Portfolio Workshop Available Online


    Dr. Jeannie Ludlow, UPI President and Dr. Mark Kattenbraker, Interim AVP for Academic Affairs hosted an evaluation portfolio workshop in October. A link to the presentation is provided at Also included at the website is a link to the PowerPoint presentation. Evaluation procedures are detailed in Article 8 of both the Unit A and Unit B EIU-UPI Agreements. Relevant dates for evaluation deadlines can be found on the Administrative Calendar and the Schedule of Personnel Actions, both accessible via the Academic Affairs website.

  • Employment Opportunity: Special Education Tenure-Track Position Available


    Special Education (Tenure-Track)

    Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses and supervising public school practica in a Special Education state, CEC, CAEP standards based program. Courses require integration of theory with practice and involve supervision of public school/agency practica. Desirable applicants will have a strong background in special education, instructional strategies K-21 and/or early childhood, language and assessment across severity levels, experience with standards based personnel preparation, curriculum development and program evaluation.

    Qualifications: Significant experience in a public school, agency, or hospital setting with populations with special needs required. Completion of doctorate in Special Education or a related field, or enrollment in a doctoral program with significant progress towards degree completion is required. Applicants with significant experiences with young children with disabilities and their families across severity levels and their families, special education supervision experiences, and higher education special education teaching experiences will be given preference in hiring. Ability to coordinate coursework and practica experiences with teaching skills appropriate to preparing teachers to work with individuals with disabilities from birth-adulthood. Demonstrated commitment to diversity and experience promoting inclusive excellence is required.

    Closing Date: Review of applications to begin January 15, 2019 and continue until position is filled.
    Start Date: August 15, 2019

    Applications: Send letter of application, vita, transcripts of course work, with an official transcript from the institution from which highest degree was earned, and two reference letters via Interfolio at For questions regarding this search, please contact Dr. Kathryn Havercroft, Search Committee Chair, at

    Affirmative Action:Eastern Illinois University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer minority/female/disability/veteran - committed to achieving a diverse community.

  • Department of Psychology Tenure-Track Searches


    The Psychology Department at Eastern Illinois University has openings for two full-time (9-month) tenure-track faculty positions in (1) cognitive neuroscience and (2) biopsychology or behavioral neuroscience. Duties include teaching undergraduate courses in psychology (in areas of expertise, as well as areas of general need), maintaining an active research program, and participating in service to the department and university. Individuals should also demonstrate commitment to diversity and experience with promoting inclusive excellence. The anticipated start date is August 16, 2019.

    Individuals applying for the first position should hold a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience or a closely related area. Individuals applying for the second position should hold a Ph.D. in biopsychology, behavioral neuroscience, or closely related area.

    Candidates are expected to have a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) at the time of appointment. Other requirements include demonstrated evidence of teaching excellence at the college/university level and a commitment to research and scholarly activity.

    To apply, please submit the following: letter of application, vita, three confidential letters of reference, and available reprints. For position 1 (cognitive neuroscience), send application materials via Interfolio at For position 2 (biopsychology/behavioral neuroscience), send application materials via Interfolio at Review of applications will begin on January 7, 2019 and will continue until the positions are filled.

    For questions regarding this search, please contact Jeffrey Stowell, Screening Committee Chair, at

    The Department of Psychology serves over 400 undergraduate and graduate students, having undergraduate programs in psychology (BA) and neuroscience (BS), as well as graduate programs in clinical psychology (MA) and school psychology (MA, SSP). The Department also has an undergraduate honors program, and serves approximately 200 minors in psychology and neuroscience.

    Eastern Illinois University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer - minority/female/disability/veteran - committed to achieving a diverse community.

  • Booth Library Exhibit Examines 1918 Flu Pandemic; Modern Flu


    "The Flu Then and Now: 1918 to 2018," an exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic, will be on display at Booth Library from Sept. 13 through Dec. 31, 2018.

    In 1918, an estimated 500 million people (one-third of the world's population) were infected with the H1N1 flu virus, and at least 50 million died. This exhibit and related programs take a closer look at this historic flu pandemic and how the flu affected life at EIU and in Charleston, both in 1918 and today.

    This series provides historical information on the 1918 influenza pandemic as well as providing a current public health perspective on influenza. Topics of contagion, vaccination and infection will be covered from a historical, medical and social perspective. Coverage of the flu epidemic in the press will be explored. Local public health experts will cover measures taken to control future epidemics.

    The opening program will be on Sept. 13 at 7 p.m., titled "1918 Influenza: Impact, Implications and Uncertainty." Sheila Simons, professor of health promotion, will give this keynote address in the library West Reading Room.

    Several other programs are planned related to the exhibit. For more information, visit

    "The Flu Then and Now: 1918 to 2018" exhibit can be viewed anytime the library is open.

  • SPAM/Phishing Reminder


    EIU's ITS team wants to issue a reminder to all faculty, staff and students to always be on the lookout for SPAM or phishing emails.

    ITS suggests deleting SPAM or phishing emails from their inbox. Also, it's important to reset your password frequently to avoid a security breach. To reset a password, visit

    Anyone who comes across an email that looks suspicious can easily check to see if it is an official message sent out by Eastern by going to

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