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Welcome to the Eastern Illinois University Shout Out Page. Staff Senate initiated this page to support and boost the morale of all EIU employees and promote a positive campus spirit. “Shout Outs” are a public recognition of thanks or appreciation. We want to give recognition to the great works done by many individuals, departments, and others, on a day-to-day basis.

We encourage you to use the Shout Out submission form to acknowledge and recognize a fellow employee. To create a Shout Out, please click on the ‘Make a Shout Out’ tab and log in using your Net Id and Password. Once the Shout Out form is submitted, a moderator will review and then proudly display your submission on the Shout Out page. Random submissions will also be posted on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

This page was created in memory of UPD officer Harold Harris.

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Shawn Schultz
To Amy Annis on Sep 04, 2018 #

I just wanted to give a shout out to Amy for being such a conscientious, diligent, and hard-working Certification Officer. She is one of the brightest colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with, bar none!!! Thanks for all you do for the Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences and EIU.           

Nathan Atkinson
To Lindsay Partlow on Aug 29, 2018 #

Lindsay is the bomb dot com. Appreciate her always positive attitude and the way she tackles all the problems we inevitably run into!

Nathan Atkinson
To Rhonda Nichols on Aug 29, 2018 #

Rhonda fields so many requests from me and our group almost daily. She is always willing to help us find the best solution and always so kind in helping us!

Vicki Phillips
To Nathan Atkinson on Aug 23, 2018 #

Thank you for always being positive and helpful.  Thank you also for your patience mentoring a newbie at some of the tools.  You truly raise the spirit of all those around you!

To Charles Jenkins on Aug 16, 2018 #

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Charlie Jenkins and the BSW staff for going above and beyond to make this year's opening a success!

Cynthia Almon
To Kyle Callender on Aug 08, 2018 #

Shout out Kyle C for working so diligently with a positive attitude and going the extra mile ALWAYS! Starting year 3, congrats! Looking forward to another successful year with you. Your enthusiasm is contagious! You are EIU!



Cynthia Almon
To Bethany McGinness on Aug 08, 2018 #

For helping me stay sane during this busy time of year! Welcome to year 1 of College Athletics, new beginnings, a new journey, and lots of memories to be made! Looking forward to a successful year with you!


Cindy Almon

Marschelle McCoy
To Vicki Huddleston on Jul 19, 2018 #

Vicki Huddleston is working diligently and purposefully to get our building looking as best as is possible this summer! We appreciate her hard work and her desire for things to look nice when the students return. Our floors are looking mighty spiffy!!!

Rachel Ballinger
To Merry Toberman on Jul 17, 2018 #

I would like to thank Merry Toberman and Sarah Frye for reminding me that the people of Eastern truly are wonderful and caring people! If you need a smile stop by payroll! 

To Angela Campbell on Jun 13, 2018 #

Angie, thank you for your hard work, especially with orientation!  You are a fantastic communicator to families and great representative of EIU! 

Melissa Gordon
To Peggy Hickox on Jun 13, 2018 #

Thank you for all your help and understanding.  I truly appreciate all that you do!(especially helping me file)  Continuing Education is lucky to have you.

To Matthew Boyer on Jun 08, 2018 #

Matt Boyer is once again doing a great job leading our Summer Camps and Conferences Program at EIU! There will be close to 11,000 guests this summer and a majority of them we hope to turn into future panthers!  Thank you Matt for all that you do!  

To Ali Moshtagh on May 25, 2018 #

To ALL in the Economics Department, I just wanted to let you ALL know that how much I truly enjoyed working with you and your professionalism! It has been a few years but you are still with me in my way of doing my job here at EIU! Thank you to Linda G. for giving me a chance and for Ali M. for continuing with the great work environment!

Julie Dietz
To Kimberly Brookins on May 02, 2018 #

HUGE thanks to our BSW Kim.  Keeping the main floor of Lantz clean and professional looking is not easy, but you do it with humor and grace!  Our carpets haven't looked this good in decades.

This place will shine on Saturday for Commencement!

To Kelly Partenheimer on Apr 17, 2018 #

A *GIANT* shout-out to Kelly Partenheimer, who somehow manages to keep us all from running over each other or into each other as we plan and host different events on campus. She is always patient with questions and changes and confusions (my confusions, not hers).

I don't know how you do it, Kelly--and I don't know what we would do without you! Thank you so much.

Paul McCann
To Christopher Bartlett on Apr 10, 2018 #

The administration would like to thank Chris and his team for the diligence and hard work they put in during the recent rain storm.  They identified a potential major electrical issue and corrected it with only minor inconveniences to the campus.  The alternative would have been a $500,000 repair bill.  Thank you Chris and team!! 

Marita Metzke
To Samuel Eddinger on Mar 28, 2018 #

BIG THANK YOU to Sam Eddinger for his expertise and patience with my recent computer issue.  Re-imaged and everything is where it belongs and working again!  

To Kimberly Brookins on Mar 21, 2018 #

BIG shout out to Kim Brookins!!! She is the best BSW on campus! Kim is such a hard worker who's very pleasant and helpful. You Rock!

Cathy Kimball
To Merry Toberman on Mar 16, 2018 #

What can you say about Merry?  Merry has such a depth of knowledge in her area that she is amazing.  What would we do without her?  Merry is always ready to lend a hand and help you enjoy the payroll process as she solves any issues you may have.  GREAT JOB, Merry!

Cathy Kimball
To Rhonda Bence on Mar 08, 2018 #

Whenever you walk in the Cashier Office, you are met with a smiling face.  Rhonda is great to work with; always helping whenever asked.  Great Job!