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Welcome to the Eastern Illinois University Shout Out Page. Staff Senate initiated this page to support and boost the morale of all EIU employees and promote a positive campus spirit. “Shout Outs” are a public recognition of thanks or appreciation. We want to give recognition to the great works done by many individuals, departments, and others, on a day-to-day basis.

We encourage you to use the Shout Out submission form to acknowledge and recognize a fellow employee. To create a Shout Out, please click on the ‘Make a Shout Out’ tab and log in using your Net Id and Password. Once the Shout Out form is submitted, a moderator will review and then proudly display your submission on the Shout Out page. Random submissions will also be posted on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

This page was created in memory of UPD officer Harold Harris.

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Tracy Hall-Ingram
To Elizabeth Saunders on Apr 17, 2019 #

Thank you to Beth and facilities for the fast response to requests and the great customer service and friendliness you all exhibit!

To Heidi Rawlings on Apr 16, 2019 #

A big thank you to Heidi Rawlings for all of her help!  She conducted informative training sessions for everyone who needed to know more about the budget process, and she has been so helpful whenever I have questions about the process.  You are awesome, Heidi!!!

Suzie Park
To Jonathan Crask on Apr 12, 2019 #

Thank you to Jon Crask for being a jovial, smart, and ultra-efficient colleague in Panther Print and Copy Center. I thank my lucky stars that I can count on Jon for always doing a beautiful job, however swamped he gets. Thank you so much.

Suzie Park
To Dustin White on Apr 12, 2019 #

This is a long-overdue thank you to Dustin White for being so helpful and innovative, really, in addressing website update and revamp issues for the Pine Honors College. Dustin has shown superb technical savvy and creative finesse in fixing and beautifying website content here and on other EIU web pages. Thank you for being magnificent and gracious.

To Renee Stroud-Witt on Apr 11, 2019 #

Shout out to Renee for her dedication to business majors and to the School of Business.  As Internship Coordinator Renee encourages students to participate in at least one internship so that they can gain professional experience in their field.  She serves as a resource for students interested in finding an internship and maintains a listserv with job postings and helpful tips for interns and those seeking an internship.

To Lisa Canivez on Apr 11, 2019 #

Shout out to Lisa Canivez for being an awesome academic advisor!  Students know that she cares and they trust that she will always provide advice with their best interests in mind.  Lisa works to help students get on track and stay on track through graduation.  EIU and the School of Business are lucky to have her on their team.

Jennifer Stringfellow
To Elizabeth Heldebrandt on Apr 10, 2019 #

Thank you, Beth, for introducing me to Jackie Spinner and beginning what was a wonderful presentation to our Special Education teacher candidates on Friday, April 5. It was a wonderful presentation that they're still talking about this week in their classes. 

To Christopher Cougill on Apr 09, 2019 #

A big thank you and appreciation to Chris Cougill for his continually going above and beyond to connect EIU people to Library resources. When I need something, Chris makes it happen yesterday. Thank you!

To Amanda Zucco on Apr 04, 2019 #

Big thanks to Amanda for helping me work through a complicated retirement variable. Amanda took time out of her day to make sure this issue was sorted out and was totally committed to helping me through it. Her service oriented attitude is really inspiring and is the kind of value that makes EIU a great place to work!

Anita Shelton
To Angie Rhoads on Mar 28, 2019 #

I want to forward the recent Shout Out that I received to Angie Rhoads, who actually did the work - quickly, well, and cheerfully - as always!  Thank you, Angie! 

John Bickford
To Anita Shelton on Mar 28, 2019 #

Dr. Shelton is busy with a million tasks as Dean of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. However, I contacted her with a request for MSED Curriculum & Instruction program. It was an intense request that I knew going in would take up a lot of her time (or one of her assistant's time). She went above and beyond to assist and did so in a timely manner. Super helpful and much appreciated!

Jana Johnson
To Mac White on Mar 28, 2019 #

I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Mac White for all of his hard work choosing programming for WEIU TV!  He works so hard at keeping the best programming for our viewers!  Thanks Mac!!

To Benjamin Druffel on Mar 06, 2019 #

The recent collaboration among the Concert Band, Eastern Symphonic Band, and Booth Library produced a really unique and enjoyable concert. The crowd loved every bit of the performance! Bravo, Dr. Druffel and the rest of the musicians!

To Andrew Cougill on Mar 06, 2019 #

Andy and the rest of the Booth Library team have done a fantastic job with the On the Shoulders of Giants: The Moon and Beyond exhibit. They have showcased fascinating speakers, incorporated other departments at EIU through wonderful programming partnerships, and have creatively educated the public about all things NASA. They reached for the Moon and are soaring toward the stars. Way to go, Booth family!

Kiersten Klekner-Alt
To Kyle Callender on Mar 06, 2019 #

Kyle, thanks for your help with the AASP grant! Glad to have you on our team.

Mary Mattingly
To Valerie Lesko on Mar 05, 2019 #

Shout out to Valerie for all you do for EIU!  I'm so glad you're here!

To Josh Koontz on Mar 05, 2019 #

Josh is a coworker is willing to go above and beyond to help out not only his workers but anyone on campus. He is super knowledgeable and we all can learn a lot from him. Thanks Josh and keep up the great work!

Marschelle McCoy
To Emily Won on Feb 26, 2019 #

Emily Won ROCKED OUT several flyers, mailers and other media for our 2019 FebFest Biology Open House and Science Festival Showcase. She even created a FebFest logo for the program!!! We are so glad to have you in BIO this year!

Marschelle McCoy
To Leta Chesser on Feb 26, 2019 #

Leta, thank you for running our FebFest Science Festival Showcase and all of the prep work leading up to it. You were a great addition to the team and I appreciate all that you did!  ~mm

Marschelle McCoy
To Derrick Douros on Feb 26, 2019 #

Many thanks to Derrick for being a jack-of-all-trades while preparing for and running the 2019 FebFest Biology Open House and Science Festival Showcase. From creating TP shooters, to setting up stations and testing elephant toothpaste, Derrick was a key player in carrying out our event!