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EIU List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 940 Spring 2022 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.
Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

Name Program
Alshehri, Suha A.Master of Science
Ariza, Alejandro C.Master of Business Admin
Brawn, Michael P.Bachelor of Arts
Lasik, Jennifer M.Master of Science in Education
Scheufele, Sarah G.Master of Science


Name City Program
Miller, McKinlee J.AlexandriaBachelor of Science
Jones, Allie E.AlgonquinMaster of Science
Nebergall, Harper M.AllentonBachelor of Science
Guy, Karlyn D.AlpharettaBachelor of Arts
Crum, Morgan E.AltamontBachelor of Arts
Wright, Vanessa E.AltamontMaster of Science
Wrausmann, Dorothy L.AltonBachelor of Fine Arts
Foster, Anthony D.AlvinMaster of Science in Education
Fino, Hannah L.AntiochMaster of Science
Skym, Tanner J.AntiochMaster of Arts
Despain, Julianne R.AppletonBachelor of Arts
Gonzalez, Alicia J.ArcolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Hutton, Cole R.ArcolaBachelor of Fine Arts
Lopez, Daniela A.ArcolaBachelor of Arts
McClain, Summer M.ArcolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Reel, Adam G.ArcolaMaster of Arts
Vega Anguiano, Ixcell V.ArcolaBachelor of Fine Arts
Link, Abigail C.ArenzvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Anderson, Jessica N.ArgentaBachelor of Science
Baumgartner, Forrest C.ArgosBachelor of Science
Schaps, Lisa M.Arlington HeightsBachelor of Arts
Briseno, Eusebio N.ArthurBachelor of Science in Bus
Worthey, Kayli M.ArthurMaster of Science
Connaway, Jessica R.AshleyMaster of Science in Education
Coffey, Davis E.AshmoreBachelor of Science
McKinney, Priscilla K.AshmoreBachelor of Arts
Abdallah, NadiaAtlantaMaster of Arts
MacKenzie, Karlie J.AuburnBachelor of Science in Ed
Thompson, Megan C.AuburnBachelor of Fine Arts
Hannigan, Kelsie E.AuroraBachelor of Science
Kilgallen, Taylor J.AuroraMaster of Business Admin
McAnelly, Dakota M.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Mitchell, Shawn W.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Williams, Percy N.AuroraBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Galeski, Kathryn A.BataviaMaster of Science in Education
Gregorek, Devin J.BataviaBachelor of Arts
Wiggers de Otte, Kimberly A.BeasonMaster of Science in Education
Rich, Jenna L.Beecher CityMaster of Science in Education
Rich, Jenna L.Beecher CityCertificate
Cruse, Stephen A.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Duco, Gabrielle N.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Elmore, Stephen P.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Harrison, Haley M.BellevilleBachelor of Music
King, Chermaine M.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Escobedo, Jennifer A.BellwoodBachelor of Science
Young, Constance L.BellwoodBachelor of Arts
Buntin, Coleen D.BelvidereMaster of Science
Calcaterra, Brooklynn D.BentonBachelor of Science in Ed
Hagerman, Lacey J.BentonMaster of Arts
Johnson, Cassandra S.BentonMaster of Science
Castilla, Carlos A.BerkeleyBachelor of Arts
Castilla, Courtney M.BerkeleyBachelor of Arts
Shoemake, Nicole F.BerkleyBachelor of Arts
Kozikowski, Kelsey A.BerlinMaster of Science
Contreras, Julia M.BerwynBachelor of Science
Caulfield, Haley M.BethanyBachelor of Science in Ed
Ruppert, Hope L.BethanyBachelor of Arts
Arthofer, Kira M.BettendorfBachelor of Science
Driskell, Jordan C.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Fong, Jonathan L.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Kemp, Jeda B.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Lichauer, Jason T.BloomingtonMaster of Science
Logue, Derek M.BloomingtonMaster of Science in Education
Robinson, Shataria N.Blue IslandBachelor of Science
Shaw, Lydia M.Blue IslandMaster of Arts
Girgis, Hany S.BolingbrookBachelor of Science
Madlock, Amber C.BolingbrookBachelor of Arts
Melendez, Mia M.BolingbrookBachelor of Science in Bus
Myers, Rege'nte D.BolingbrookBachelor of Arts
Ginjupalli, Bharath C.BothellMaster of Science
Ginjupalli, Bharath C.BothellCertificate
LaMore, Morgan A.BourbonnaisMaster of Science
Nystroem, Niondina M.Br?mhultBachelor of Science
Schwartz, Austin L.BradleyBachelor of Science in Ed
Gonski, Karen M.BraidwoodBachelor of Arts
Ailshire, Lyric N.BreeseBachelor of Science
Clark, Kristen M.BristolBachelor of Arts
Williams, Jarrett N.BroadviewBachelor of Science
Celestin, BreAnna J.BrookfieldBachelor of Arts
Bisaillon, Alaina B.BuckinghamBachelor of Science
Codell, SoniaBuffalo GroveMaster of Science in Education
Hennegan, Samantha A.BurlingtonBachelor of Arts
Kim, So JeongBusanBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Branson, Christopher M.CahokiaBachelor of Science
Eholo, Oluwakunmi D.Calumet CityMaster of Business Admin
Kendall, GabrielleCalumet CityBachelor of Arts
Kauzlarich, Lani M.CantonBachelor of Science in Ed
Milleson, Meredith K.CantonBachelor of Science
Johnson, Naudia N.CarbondaleBachelor of Arts
Koonce, Erica L.CarbondaleBachelor of Arts
Henson, Breeanna S.CarlinvilleMaster of Science
Blankenberger, Carrie A.CarmiBachelor of Science in Ed
Mitchell, Jara L.CarmiSpecialist in Education
Newell, Jarrod M.CarmiSpecialist in Education
Hall, Joshua R.CartervilleMaster of Arts
Bostick, Ralph S.CaryBachelor of Science
Zellner, KaileeCascoMaster of Science
Birchfield, Taylor J.CaseyMaster of Science in Education
Carr, William S.CaseyBachelor of Science
Cox, Chelsea L.CaseyBachelor of Science in Ed
Cunningham, Chelsy C.CaseyBachelor of Science
Hickox, Stacey L.CaseyBachelor of Arts
Lewis, Morgan J.Cedar RapidsBachelor of Arts
Jackson, Bruce A.CentraliaBachelor of Arts
Wardlow, Jill N.CentraliaMaster of Science in Education
Shook, StephanieCerro GordoMaster of Science in Education
Vogel, Nicholas B.Cerro GordoBachelor of Science in Bus
Atchley, Christen E.ChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Ballew, Emily J.ChampaignMaster of Science
Clark, Joshua D.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Collins-Young, Kim C.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Denzer, Haylie R.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Gilbert-Mohler, Amanda J.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Hill, Alex M.ChampaignMaster of Business Admin
Hoerner, Melissa A.ChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Holder, Alexis R.ChampaignMaster of Science
Holzner, David K.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Logan L.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Jones, Ayanna C.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Kington, Alyssa M.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Maclin, Kristen J.ChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Maclin, Kristen J.ChampaignCertificate
Mercer, Jacob F.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Morenz, Kimberly A.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Przytulski, Ashley E.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Reinhold, Sara L.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Shelmadine, Heather M.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Shirley, Kelly J.ChampaignMaster of Arts
Shoemaker, Debra A.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Slotnick, Austin C.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Walker, Micki K.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Wendler, Marilyn A.ChampaignBachelor of Fine Arts
Yonce, Lynn M.ChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Yu, GinaChampaignMaster of Science
Binkowski, Ireland K.ChannahonBachelor of Science
Zalewski, Victoria A.ChannahonMaster of Science
Abburi, Asha LathaCharlestonMaster of Science
Abburi, Asha LathaCharlestonCertificate
Abou Zaid, Reham H.CharlestonMaster of Science
Abou Zaid, Reham H.CharlestonCertificate
Adelegan, Tijesuni A.CharlestonCertificate
Adelegan, Tijesuni A.CharlestonMaster of Science
Anderson, Joshua A.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Ankireddy, Sai Pranay ReddyCharlestonMaster of Science
Ankireddy, Sai Pranay ReddyCharlestonCertificate
Bartosz, Brianna M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Bayer, Jackson C.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Blackwell, Krystine R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Bonnstetter, Blake A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Brandon, LeightonCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Brickey, Haylee A.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Bruce Tagoe, Carol O.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Bush, Abigail S.CharlestonMaster of Science
Cherry, Cleveland J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Chintha, Ravi PrasadCharlestonCertificate
Chintha, Ravi PrasadCharlestonMaster of Science
Coffey, Karly B.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Coit, Jonathan S.CharlestonMaster of Science
Cole, Dylan T.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Crowder, Aleigh M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Crowder, Aleigh M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Crum, Alexander G.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Deremiah, McKenzie E.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Dhulipudi, LekhanaCharlestonMaster of Science
Dhulipudi, LekhanaCharlestonCertificate
Doghudje, Ighovwerha J.CharlestonMaster of Science
Doppalapudi, ShashikanthCharlestonCertificate
Doppalapudi, ShashikanthCharlestonMaster of Science
Duhamell, Jason B.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Durant, Tarvea T.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Eydt-Beebe, Anwyn M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Farrow, Jarod A.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Fishbein, AnnaCharlestonMaster of Science
Fisher, Megan E.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Garcia, KassandraCharlestonBachelor of Science
Gibson, Brooke M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Gong, HyeonjeongCharlestonMaster of Arts
Goodwin, Stephanie D.CharlestonMaster of Science in Education
Gray, Tanner W.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Grube, Joshua S.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Gullett, Keli C.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Gumma, HarikrishnaCharlestonMaster of Science
Gumma, HarikrishnaCharlestonCertificate
Gunti, SrinivasCharlestonMaster of Science
Gunti, SrinivasCharlestonCertificate
Harris, Jessica M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Haythorne, Aisley S.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Heddell, Annabelle L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Herberger, Maddin S.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Hess, Julia E.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Homeyer, Ethan M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Hoskins, Cameron J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Hutson, Aysha C.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Ibrahim, Arwa M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Jeripothula, PrathyushCharlestonCertificate
Jeripothula, PrathyushCharlestonMaster of Science
Johnson, Collin R.CharlestonBachelor of Music
Jones, Tyler M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Karri, Hemanth Venkat SaiCharlestonCertificate
Karri, Hemanth Venkat SaiCharlestonMaster of Science
Katta, VamshiCharlestonCertificate
Katta, VamshiCharlestonMaster of Science
Kavuri, PoojithaCharlestonMaster of Science
Kavuri, PoojithaCharlestonCertificate
Keerthi, Raj K.CharlestonMaster of Science
Keerthi, Raj K.CharlestonCertificate
Kennedy, Grace M.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Kodali, NishanthCharlestonCertificate
Kodali, NishanthCharlestonMaster of Science
Koonce, Makiah N.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Laribee, Flor Anne C.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Lassiter, Shaunice M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Loisch, Sarah E.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Magee, Rebekah H.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Manne, ManasaCharlestonCertificate
Manne, ManasaCharlestonMaster of Science
Martinez Garcia, HectorCharlestonMaster of Arts
Martinez Montes de Oca, YesicaCharlestonMaster of Science
Martinez Montes de Oca, YesicaCharlestonCertificate
Mayda, AdityaCharlestonCertificate
Mayda, AdityaCharlestonMaster of Science
Mayobre, Luis A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Mays, Monique S.CharlestonMaster of Science
McHenry, Laura L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Mims, Mariah L.CharlestonMaster of Science
Mitchell, Haley D.CharlestonMaster of Science
Moody, Travis L.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Moore, Ryan A.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Moore, Travon D.CharlestonMaster of Science
Moore, Travon D.CharlestonCertificate
Morgan, Leanna R.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Mothkuri, Likhith GoudCharlestonMaster of Science
Mothkuri, Likhith GoudCharlestonCertificate
Muruato, YeseniaCharlestonMaster of Science
Nakka, Kiran KumarCharlestonCertificate
Nakka, Kiran KumarCharlestonMaster of Science
O'Connor, Emmerson E.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Oberfeldt, Catrina M.CharlestonBachelor of Fine Arts
Ochs, Makenna R.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Okokon, Joy M.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Osei, MartinCharlestonMaster of Science
Panakanti, BinduCharlestonMaster of Science
Panakanti, BinduCharlestonCertificate
Pick, Hailey M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Pina, Cesar Y.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Poladi, SaikrishnaCharlestonMaster of Science
Poladi, SaikrishnaCharlestonCertificate
Ramanyam, Murali K.CharlestonMaster of Science
Ramanyam, Murali K.CharlestonCertificate
Rea, Keaton A.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Reeks, Jacob G.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Roberts, Ambrosia E.CharlestonMaster of Science
Roberts, Colin L.CharlestonMaster of Science
Schneider, Madison L.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Shaheen, Tareq S.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Sharp, Spencer W.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Silveru, VennelaCharlestonCertificate
Silveru, VennelaCharlestonMaster of Science
Singh, KanikaCharlestonMaster of Arts
Skowronski, Ryan A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Talley, Joel C.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Thomas, Chavionne D.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Tozer, Kennedy C.CharlestonBachelor of Music
Tuala, Eric S.CharlestonMaster of Science
Ulberg, Kessler J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Urie, Lauren R.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Valliyil, SaisharanCharlestonMaster of Science
Valliyil, SaisharanCharlestonCertificate
Vaupel, Heather N.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Washburn, Dillon J.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Wilhelm, Ashtyn B.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Xiapukaite, AlimujiangCharlestonMaster of Science
Yeluri, Prasanna K.CharlestonCertificate
Yeluri, Prasanna K.CharlestonMaster of Science
Young, Stevie L.CharlestonMaster of Science
Zoch, Abigail M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Bettenhausen, Alyssa J.ChatsworthBachelor of Science
Anderson, SymoneChicagoBachelor of Arts
Bekkouche, Jeremy A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Berk, Zoe E.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Bobbitt, Nicholas V.ChicagoMaster of Science
Brody, Jennifer S.ChicagoMaster of Arts
Cajuste, QuintinChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Calabrese, Mary E.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Carrasquillo, EstebanChicagoBachelor of Science
Castillo, IvonChicagoBachelor of Science
Doerflein, Elizabeth N.ChicagoMaster of Arts
Dotson, Charles L.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Easterling, Dominique M.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Fleming, Jareem J.ChicagoMaster of Science
Fleming, Jareem J.ChicagoCertificate
Gonzalez, Matthew R.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Granat, Kayla J.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Hawkins, Brian T.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Hayes, K'Vaughna M.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Henry, Monika D.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Jackson - Gladney, Amani T.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Jackson, Veronica D.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
Knifong, Kathleen E.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Long, Jalyn N.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Marrero, Richard R.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Martinez, Alexia J.ChicagoBachelor of Science
McClendon, Javari J.ChicagoBachelor of Science
McGee, Michael L.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Nolen, Zarek O.ChicagoCertificate
Nolen, Zarek O.ChicagoMaster of Science in Education
Palacios, Veronica C.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Ramsey, RavenChicagoBachelor of Science
Rivera, Jasmine K.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Rogers, Rhonda l.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Rooks, Eric N.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Rosado, Jaida V.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Sammon, Daniel F.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Shorter, Jada L.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Smith, Dilaundra M.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Smith, Le'Anna L.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Smith, Mariah A.ChicagoMaster of Arts
Smith, Shilah S.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Stevens, Khristopher S.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Ta'keyaChicagoBachelor of Arts
Thurman, Darriona D.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Tillis, Phoebe K.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
White, Jessie J.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Williams, Jacqueline R.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Wilson, D'Mico D.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Woodville, VivianChicagoMaster of Arts
Johnson, Deronte L.Chicago HeightsMaster of Science
Norman, Madisyn M.ChrismanBachelor of Arts
Melvin, Jackson R.ChristopherBachelor of Arts
Towers, Jacob R.ChristopherMaster of Science in Education
Chu, Sabrina K.CincinnatiBachelor of Science
Jezik, Ashley H.Coal CityMaster of Science
Philip, Joan M.CochinBachelor of Science
Perry-Wetzel, Anne E.CollinsvilleMaster of Arts
Philpott, Paige N.CollinsvilleMaster of Science
Adams, Jeffery A.CorneliusBachelor of Science in Bus
Easter, Alicia S.Country Club HillsBachelor of Arts
Owens, CameronCountry Club HillsBachelor of Arts
West, Grace M.CowdenBachelor of Fine Arts
Koch, MarieCrailsheimBachelor of Science in Bus
Hahnstadt, Crystal R.CrawfordsvilleBachelor of Arts
Gemmell, Jennafer E.CrestwoodBachelor of Science
Clark, Colleen E.CreteBachelor of Arts
Craig, Caitlyn M.Crystal LakeBachelor of Arts
Jermyn, JustineCrystal LakeMaster of Science
Jankowski, Lisa I.CummingBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Cross, Adam J.DahlgrenSpecialist in Education
Lentz, Jay B.DahlgrenSpecialist in Education
Wahl, Abby N.DaleBachelor of Science in Ed
Castaneda, AlexDallasMaster of Science
Burton, Megan K.DanvilleMaster of Science in Education
Cooper, Orlando J.DanvilleMaster of Arts
Dowell, Shanae C.DanvilleMaster of Arts
Lappin, Lauren D.DanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Schendel, Madyson N.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Spangler, Rylan K.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Sprouls, Shannon E.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Torres, Juli A.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Turner, Michael A.DaytonMaster of Science
Felter, Bailey M.DecaturBachelor of Science in Ed
Flournoy, Jason M.DecaturMaster of Science in Education
Harrison, Melissa E.DecaturBachelor of Science in Ed
Keeling, Aubrey L.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Morthland, Madeline L.DecaturMaster of Science in Education
Smith-Williams, Brenten L.DecaturBachelor of Science
Arps, Desiree R.DefianceMaster of Arts
Knapik, David P.DelavanCertificate
Pineda, Macie K.DelavanMaster of Science
Holthoff, Jacob A.DeweyMaster of Science
Flood, Nicole L.DieterichBachelor of Science in Ed
Garbe, Lauren N.DieterichBachelor of Science
Michels, Jordan A.DieterichMaster of Science in Education
Sandschafer, Amy F.DieterichMaster of Science in Education
Sandschafer, Amy F.DieterichCertificate
Schmidt, Briar S.DieterichBachelor of Science
Veach, Haley R.DieterichBachelor of Arts
Webb, Kyle W.DieterichBachelor of Science
Phelps, Abigail C.DixonBachelor of Arts
Rozek, Cristen J.DixonMaster of Science
Tira, Ashleigh K.DixonMaster of Science
Jones, Garin T.Downers GroveBachelor of Arts
Leslie, Rebecca M.Downers GroveMaster of Arts
Testin, Abigail R.Downers GroveMaster of Science
Winowiecki, Ashley N.DownsBachelor of Science
File, Delainey M.Du QuoinBachelor of Arts
Smith, Jessica T.Du QuoinMaster of Science in Education
Lane, KellyDublinMaster of Science
O'Brien, Holly M.DundasMaster of Science in Education
Shively, Caroline E.DunlapBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Omar, Shady S.East LansingBachelor of Science in Bus
Ludolph, Shelby V.EdwardsMaster of Science
Campbell, James R.EdwardsvilleMaster of Arts
Oglesby, Leah L.EdwardsvilleSpecialist in School Psych
Roberts, Craig W.EdwardsvilleBachelor of Arts
Romano, Francesco W.EdwardsvilleBachelor of Arts
Romano, Francesco W.EdwardsvilleBachelor of Science
Avery, Kory M.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Avery, Kory M.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Crowell, McKenzie G.EffinghamMaster of Science
Daugherty, Daniel L.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Deadmond, Brian T.EffinghamSpecialist in Education
Hanfland, Crosby J.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Hansen, Andrew M.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Hutchison, Heidi L.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Lemar, Sarah F.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Schumacher, Bailey R.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Smith, Callaway J.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Spillman, Austin G.EffinghamBachelor of Music
Prechtel, Payton R.ElberfeldMaster of Science
Berg, MagenElginMaster of Science in Education
Hernandez, Isabella L.ElginBachelor of Arts
Morawski, Dylan J.ElginBachelor of Science
Kizziah, Lora R.ElizabethtownCertificate
Smola, Bailey C.Elk Grove VillageBachelor of Science in Ed
Wysopal, Bryan A.ElmhurstMaster of Arts
Claerhout, Kimi A.ElmwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, EricEvergreen PkBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Berger, Shari L.FairfieldSpecialist in Education
Hodges, JameyFairfieldSpecialist in Education
Pope, Britany D.FairfieldSpecialist in Education
Zurliene, Jeffrey C.FairfieldBachelor of Arts
Seder, Ashtyn J.FairmountBachelor of Science
Tabit, Jason D.FairportBachelor of Science in Bus
Schwarm, Brandi S.FarinaBachelor of Science
Ryan, Hannah M.Farmer CityBachelor of Science
Strutner, Emily N.Farmer CityBachelor of Science
Hansen, Mikayla A.FayettevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Dial, Ashley M.FindlayBachelor of Science in Ed
Newman, Evila M.FisherMaster of Science
Loschen, Darren L.FithianSpecialist in Education
Weise, Morgan E.FithianMaster of Science
Blanchard, Tisha M.FloraMaster of Science in Education
Cammon, Sydney L.FloraBachelor of Science in Bus
Cammon, Sydney L.FloraBachelor of Science in Bus
Powless, Jaycee B.FloraBachelor of Arts
Steffen, Lynsey D.FlorenceBachelor of Science
Diala, Precious C.FlossmoorBachelor of Science
London, Leah C.FlossmoorBachelor of Science in Ed
Stortzum, Caitlin G.FordlandBachelor of Science in Ed
Wisner, Jennifer L.ForsythBachelor of Science in Bus
Lowery, Hailey A.FrankfortBachelor of Science in Ed
Aide, Nathan J.FranklinBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Peck, Sean M.GalesburgMaster of Science
Schultz, Sarah E.GardnerBachelor of Science in Ed
Howard, Hunter R.GeorgetownBachelor of Science in Ed
Kollross, Molly R.Gibson CityBachelor of Arts
Billings, Haley M.GiffordBachelor of Science in Ed
Graybill, Bradley M.GiffordBachelor of Science in Bus
Berns, Abigail M.GilmanBachelor of Science in Ed
Shulman, Adrian A.Glen EllynBachelor of Science
Randhawa, Navreen K.Gold RiverMaster of Arts
Tapley, Morgan A.GoshenBachelor of Science in Bus
Boushard, Lynsey N.Granite CityBachelor of Science in Bus
Wagner, Camden M.Grant ParkBachelor of Science
Sandora, Jasmine M.GrayslakeBachelor of Arts
Sego, Morgan M.Green ValleyBachelor of Science
Green, Mya E.GreenupBachelor of Science
Warfel, Sarah M.GreenupBachelor of Arts
Kamerer, Emma L.GreenvilleMaster of Arts
Santini, Denaed M.GreenvilleBachelor of Science
Thota, Sai KrishnaGunturCertificate
Thota, Sai KrishnaGunturMaster of Science
Hughes, Jordyn C.GurneeBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Bellie, MarisaHampshireMaster of Arts
Bush, Amanda J.HarrisburgMaster of Arts
Pederson, Taylor G.HartsvilleMaster of Science
Bauer, Robyn R.HastingsMaster of Science
Burns, Annegaelle A.HelenaMaster of Arts
Mays, Patrick T.HerrickBachelor of Science
Morris, Jennifer L.HerrickBachelor of Arts
Roggenkamp, Michael R.HighlandMaster of Science
Wascher, Kiersten C.HighlandBachelor of Science in Bus
Shapiro, Jonathan P.Highland ParkBachelor of Arts
Eastin, Duncan B.HindsboroBachelor of Science
Eastin, Jordan T.HindsboroBachelor of Arts
Kindred, Arielle G.Hoffman EstatesBachelor of Arts
Kenny, Alexander P.HometownBachelor of Science
Banks, Matthew R.HomewoodBachelor of Science in Bus
Wheeler, Chad K.HomewoodBachelor of Arts
Wernert, Amanda R.HoopestonMaster of Arts
Gieskes, Rebecca L.HoustonMaster of Arts
Wingate, Ashlyn K.HudsonSpecialist in School Psych
Sommer, Kaylin K.Hudson OaksMaster of Science
Edwards, Chyna F.HumboldtBachelor of Science
Nichols, Katelyn A.HuntleyMaster of Science
Wilson, Mandy L.HutsonvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Kanagala, SravaniHyderabad Master of Science
Kanagala, SravaniHyderabad Certificate
Nagaram, Rajashekar ReddyHyderabadMaster of Science
Nagaram, Rajashekar ReddyHyderabadCertificate
Shaik, ShoaibHyderabadMaster of Science
Shaik, ShoaibHyderabadCertificate
Thota, TejaswiniHyderabadCertificate
Thota, TejaswiniHyderabadMaster of Science


Name City Program
Coe, Krystal A.IndianapolisBachelor of Arts
Garcia, Maria E.IndianapolisMaster of Science
Solomon, BenjaminIndianapolisMaster of Business Admin
Tinajero Alvarez, AlexandraInglesideBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Scropos, Lee J.JacksonvilleMaster of Science in Education
Buechlein, Danielle A.JasperMaster of Science
Lindsey, Hannah L.Jefferson CityBachelor of Science
Friday, Samuel A.Jersey CityCertificate
Friday, Samuel A.Jersey CityMaster of Science
Jones, Emily C.JolietBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Schumann, Blake W.KampsvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Cottle, Ashtyn J.KansasBachelor of Science in Ed
Kompalli, HarikaKarimnagar Sub-DistrMaster of Science
Kompalli, HarikaKarimnagar Sub-DistrCertificate
Patterson, Tess M.KentlandBachelor of Science
Hall, Kyla Y.KinmundyMaster of Science in Education
Fazio, Megan E.KirklandBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
McPhedran, Makayla E.La SalleBachelor of Music
Krausen, Reid C.Lake in the HillsBachelor of Arts
Hidrogo Chairez, MarioLake VillaBachelor of Science
Wright, Amanda R.Lake VillaBachelor of Arts
Mwalongo, Sihile P.LakewoodBachelor of Arts
Frick, Lauren M.LancasterBachelor of Arts
Winters, Hadassah G.LancasterMaster of Arts
Belcher, Carisa M.LansingBachelor of Arts
Ruth, Kayla D.LansingBachelor of Science in Ed
Brumley, Muriel K.LawrencevilleMaster of Science
Hill, Lucy R.LawrencevilleBachelor of Music
Hubbard, Ainsli B.LawrencevilleBachelor of Arts
Miles, Aeshia A.LawrencevilleMaster of Business Admin
Rosenblum, Chad E.LemontBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Justice A.LenexaBachelor of Science
Mattingly, Mary A.LernaMaster of Arts
Barnes, Nicole A.LexingtonBachelor of Music
Barnes, Nicole A.LexingtonBachelor of Music
Higgins, Jayme N.LexingtonMaster of Arts
Lauret, Jessica L.LibertyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Conrady, Claire E.LincolnMaster of Science
Kennedy, Jennifer A.LincolnBachelor of Arts
Rahn, Shannon S.LincolnBachelor of Arts
Roberts, Mya L.LincolnBachelor of Arts
Monatelli, Katherine S.LincolnshireBachelor of Arts
Geske, Courtney N.LindenhurstBachelor of Science
Pearce, TheresaLoamiMaster of Science in Education
Plebanek, Bethany R.LockportMaster of Business Admin
Robertson, Amy L.LockportMaster of Science in Education
Salutric, Amber L.LockportMaster of Science
Koch, Logan R.LongmontMaster of Science
Guest, Amy J.LongviewBachelor of Arts
Workman, Clare A.LouisvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Rafferty, Janelle A.LovingtonMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Dye, Austin J.Machesney ParkMaster of Science
Herbert, Abby D.MaconBachelor of Science in Ed
Berry, Jacob L.MahometBachelor of Science in Bus
Cogswell, Sylvia A.MahometBachelor of Science
Coleman, Matthew R.MahometBachelor of Arts
Jeffers, Jenna A.MahometBachelor of Science
Ramirez, Carolyn J.MahometMaster of Arts
Scott, Gregory D.MahometBachelor of Science
Thomas, Tristan D.MahometBachelor of Arts
Williard, Karly M.MakandaMaster of Science
Ballard, Renae M.ManitoBachelor of Science in Bus
Bullock, Willard T.MariettaBachelor of Arts
Eichhorn, Austin L.MarionMaster of Science
Shick, David R.MarionMaster of Science in Education
Lehman, Ashley E.MarissaMaster of Science in Education
Howard, Dunn E.MarkhamBachelor of Science in Bus
Warner, Myriah K.MarshallBachelor of Science
Branson, Garrett W.MartinsvilleBachelor of Arts
Chandler, Bailey O.MartinsvilleBachelor of Arts
Norton, Jordan M.MartinsvilleMaster of Science
Talam, NishmaMaryland HeightsCertificate
Talam, NishmaMaryland HeightsMaster of Science
Smith, Gerald L.MattesonBachelor of Science
Ard, Rylan A.MattoonBachelor of Science
Arnold, Chad E.MattoonSpecialist in Education
Brewer, Savana J.MattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Butler, Trenton L.MattoonBachelor of Science
Carey, Emily M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Clark, Jeremy W.MattoonMaster of Science
Cothern, Kelly M.MattoonMaster of Arts
Curry, Sarah E.MattoonBachelor of Science
Douglas, Lindzie E.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Elmendorf, Gerald L.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Ghere, Lori A.MattoonMaster of Science in Education
Ghere, Lori A.MattoonCertificate
Hampton, Kaylee A.MattoonSpecialist in School Psych
Jordan, Danielle M.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Katz, Nicole M.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Kinnett, Amy L.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Morrison, Remington G.MattoonMaster of Science
Muhr, Conlon J.MattoonMaster of Arts
Murphy, Jacob D.MattoonMaster of Science
Nichols, Jessica L.MattoonBachelor of Science
Pedigo, Logan D.MattoonBachelor of Science
Pruitt, David R.MattoonMaster of Arts
Ramsey, Elizabeth N.MattoonMaster of Science in Education
Roy, Jaycie M.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Skocy, David R.MattoonMaster of Science
Smith, Brandy R.MattoonBachelor of Science
Tariq, Faisal M.MattoonMaster of Science
Tate-Bierman, Mercedes A.MattoonMaster of Science
Voss, Ashley M.MattoonMaster of Science
Watson, Jacob B.MattoonBachelor of Science
Watson, Jacob B.MattoonBachelor of Science
White, Zoey B.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Winn, Dalton J.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Wofford, Lane M.MattoonBachelor of Science
Rubenacker, Nicole S.Mc LeansboroMaster of Science in Education
Pilat, Andrew D.McHenryBachelor of Science
Jeske, Jillian G.Melrose ParkBachelor of Science
Williams, Olan J.MelvinBachelor of Arts
Kelly, Sheridan A.MernaMaster of Arts
Feldmann, Meghan M.MetamoraMaster of Science
Richardson, Cody L.MetcalfBachelor of Science in Bus
Schofield, Savannah R.MidlothianMaster of Science
Turner, ChristopherMineolaBachelor of Science
Alexander, Ryan L.MinookaBachelor of Science in Bus
Pospishil, Brittany R.MokenaMaster of Science
Braddy, Steven M.MolineMaster of Arts
Del Toro, JessicaMontgomeryBachelor of Arts
Tyl, Jennifer M.MontgomeryBachelor of Science in Ed
Hunt, Kathryn M.MonticelloBachelor of Science
Britton, Maggie C.MontroseBachelor of Arts
Bamonte, JenniferMorrisMaster of Arts
VanOudt, Macarthur R.MorrisBachelor of Science
Weston, Anakin M.MorrisonBachelor of Arts
Chlanda, Jolanta A.Morton GroveBachelor of Science
Malasig, Jayson C.Morton GroveBachelor of Science
Mann, Abigail K.Mount AuburnBachelor of Science
Beck, Mikayla M.Mount CarmelMaster of Arts
Johnson, Levi J.Mount CarmelSpecialist in Education
Martin, Brady L.Mount CarmelMaster of Science
Waggoner, Taylor F.Mount CarmelBachelor of Science in Ed
Wilson, Samuel G.Mount CarmelBachelor of Fine Arts
McAndrews, James M.Mount PleasantBachelor of Science in Bus
Incardone, Marguerite R.Mount ProspectBachelor of Arts
Volheim, Benjamin J.Mount ProspectMaster of Science in Education
Maurer, Ryan S.Mount VernonMaster of Science in Education
Rivera, Jose J.Mount VernonBachelor of Arts
Humes, Rachel G.Mt SterlingMaster of Arts
Adams, Angelina J.Mt ZionMaster of Science in Education
Jones, Mason D.Mt ZionBachelor of Arts
Cunningham, NicoletteMt. ProspectBachelor of Arts
Diaz, DoelMundeleinMaster of Science
Gonzalez, Jacob B.MundeleinBachelor of Science
McMahan, Jillian E.MundeleinSpecialist in School Psych
Tagtmeier, Daniel W.MundeleinBachelor of Arts
Vicari, Kailee P.MundeleinBachelor of Arts
McDunn, Steven P.MunsterBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Blanchard, DestinyNapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Codo, Mark D.NapervilleBachelor of Arts
Codo, Mark D.NapervilleBachelor of Arts
Ferrarelli, Katherine M.NapervilleCertificate
Ferrarelli, Katherine M.NapervilleMaster of Science
Kowalski, James G.NapervilleMaster of Arts
Teteak, Sara L.NapervilleMaster of Science
Nelson, Elaina M.NashotahBachelor of Music
Linville, Joshua R.NashvilleMaster of Science in Education
James, Samara M.NeogaMaster of Science in Education
Kistner, Heather L.NeogaBachelor of Science in Ed
Sintim-Aboagye, Akua A.NeogaBachelor of Science
Moore, Lacey M.New HavenSpecialist in Education
Polowinczak, Andrea E.New LenoxBachelor of Arts
Vaca, JudithNew LenoxMaster of Science
White, JessicaNew LenoxSpecialist in School Psych
Wood, Morgan M.NewmanMaster of Science in Education
Bayles, Dakota D.NewtonBachelor of Arts
Earnest, Mariah K.NewtonBachelor of Science
Haarman, Mikaela D.NewtonBachelor of Science
Hemrich, Anna J.NewtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hemrich, Samuel N.NewtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hyatt, Josey D.NewtonBachelor of Arts
Zumbahlen, Sydney A.NewtonBachelor of Music
Crawford, Kacie R.NobleBachelor of Arts
Russo, Amanda J.NoblesvilleMaster of Arts
Dahler, Ashlyn T.NokomisBachelor of Arts
Chaulagain, NawarajNormalMaster of Science
Chaulagain, NawarajNormalCertificate
McCreary, Zandrea S.NormalBachelor of Science
Sieg, Hannah K.NormalBachelor of Arts
Granberg, Alice M.NorrköpingBachelor of Arts
Ayar, Alexis N.North AuroraBachelor of Arts
Donavalli, GamyaNorth GraftonCertificate
Donavalli, GamyaNorth GraftonMaster of Science
Halle, ChristopherNorth RoyaltonMaster of Science


Name City Program
Jones, AdamO FallonMaster of Science
Mann, Alexandra E.O FallonBachelor of Arts
McDaniel, Rebecca L.O FallonBachelor of Science in Ed
Solis, Amanda R.Oak ForestMaster of Arts
Bitner, Alyssa K.Oak LawnBachelor of Science
Fadden, Natalie A.Oak LawnMaster of Science
Hicks, Elizabeth C.Oak LawnBachelor of Arts
Starling, Dominique M.Oak LawnSpecialist in School Psych
Hemrich, Brandi J.OaklandBachelor of Fine Arts
Barnes, Michael A.OakleyBachelor of Science in Bus
Craig, Olivia E.OakwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Henk, Kathryn J.OakwoodMaster of Science
Adams, Allyssa B.OblongBachelor of Arts
Black, Kathryn E.Ocean Isle BeachBachelor of Science in Bus
Wood, Elizabeth H.OconeeBachelor of Arts
Weber, Amber M.OhioBachelor of Arts
Wienstroer, Macey R.OkawvilleMaster of Science
Clark, Ashtyn R.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Hildreth, Jayla M.OlneyBachelor of Arts
McCorvey, Madison G.OlneyBachelor of Arts
McDowell, Coen S.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Piercefield, Macy I.OlneyBachelor of Science
Rudolphi, Kara R.OlneyBachelor of Science in Bus
Yamato, Mari G.OlneyMaster of Arts
Abalos, MarielleOnargaBachelor of Fine Arts
Dudley, Alexandra S.OnawaMaster of Science
Patrick, Jessica S.OreanaMaster of Science in Education
Armbruster, Jessica A.OregonBachelor of Science
Hummel, Shelby R.OregonMaster of Arts
Kingery, Richard B.Orland ParkBachelor of Science
Frank, Steven J.OswegoBachelor of Science in Bus
Murgas, Aspen-Johanna X.OswegoBachelor of Arts
Treadway, Michal J.OswegoBachelor of Arts
Colson, Forreste A.Owings MillsMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Allord, Pierce B.PalatineBachelor of Science in Bus
May, Cynthia S.PalatineBachelor of Science in Ed
Meyer, Ryan A.PalatineBachelor of Arts
Catt, MaryAnn E.PalestineBachelor of Science
Lanham, Rachel M.PalestineBachelor of Science in Ed
Coffey, Nichole D.PalmerMaster of Science
Clark, Breana L.PanaBachelor of Science
Klein, Haley D.PanaBachelor of Arts
Strom, Taylor N.PanaMaster of Science
Cook, Karen E.ParisMaster of Arts
Farley, Christina L.ParisMaster of Arts
Sanchez, Johnna M.ParisBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Katherine M.ParisBachelor of Music
Usikalu, Oluwafemi B.Park ForestBachelor of Science
McDaniels, Jaymie K.PekinBachelor of Science
Daniels, Tyanna O.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Wilson, Ashley J.PeoriaMaster of Science
Wiedeman, Madison R.Peoria HeightsBachelor of Science in Ed
Backes, Hailey A.PeruMaster of Science
Keltz, Heather D.PesotumBachelor of Science in Bus
Kelton, Samantha M.PetersburgMaster of Science
Lawson, Leila N.PetersburgBachelor of Science
Loomis, Peter T.PetoskeyMaster of Science
Beaugureau, Julia R.Pingree GroveMaster of Arts
Hockman, Arielle E.PlainfieldMaster of Arts
Korhorn, McKenzie L.PlainfieldMaster of Science
Panozzo, Zachary J.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Powers, NicolePlainfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
Templin, Nikita M.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Elias-Cadena, Jose A.PlanoBachelor of Arts
Hiller, Gabrielle E.PolkMaster of Science
Ricketts, Caitlyn J.PontiacBachelor of Music
Weinmann, BriannaPoplar GroveBachelor of Arts
Turek, Justin T.Port BarringtonBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Arseneau, Jordan M.RamseyBachelor of Arts
Lay, Emily S.RamseyBachelor of Arts
Coons, Tiffany R.RantoulBachelor of Arts
Padilla, Aaron J.RantoulBachelor of Arts
Baldwin, Nathaniel T.RICHMONDBachelor of Science in Ed
Elemah, Paul O.Richton ParkMaster of Business Admin
Hurd, Samantha M.Richton ParkBachelor of Science
Mayes, Cameron W.Richton ParkBachelor of Science
Shults, Nathan W.RidgwayBachelor of Science
Amuda, Sodiq O.RIVERDALEBachelor of Science
Boyd-Johnson, Jerimiah A.RiverdaleBachelor of Arts
Axthelm, Reed M.RivertonBachelor of Arts
Grove, Jenna N.RobinsonBachelor of Arts
Logan, Jaiden R.RobinsonBachelor of Science
McCullough, Benjamin T.RobinsonBachelor of Music
Murillo, EsperanzaRobinsonBachelor of Science
Rice, Derek R.RobinsonBachelor of Science
Tye, Taffie L.RobinsonMaster of Arts
Taylor, Aimee J.Rock CityMaster of Science in Education
Ady, Samantha K.RockfordMaster of Arts
Hannel, Jonathan R.RockfordMaster of Arts
Matthews, Brandy R.RockfordMaster of Science
Ruthe, Raina I.RockfordBachelor of Science
Daniels, TaylorRocktonMaster of Science
Novak, Emily R.RomeovilleMaster of Science
Sintim-Aboagye, FrimpongRomeovilleMaster of Science
Bushnell, Samantha M.RoodhouseMaster of Science
Werner, John R.RoscoeBachelor of Science
Pendowski, Zula M.RoselleMaster of Arts
Alcozer, Brandon C.Round Lake BeachBachelor of Arts
Birch, Hunter L.Round Lake BeachBachelor of Arts
Pallock, Hayley A.Round Lake BeachBachelor of Arts
Marshall, Kendria M.Round Lake HeightsBachelor of Arts
Coakley, Jessica L.RoyalBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Peterson, Monique J.SacramentoBachelor of Arts
Fiely, Nicole L.Saint BernardMaster of Arts
Meyer, Nickole S.Saint CloudBachelor of Arts
Carlson, David J.Saint JosephMaster of Science in Education
Elliott, Trevor B.Saint JosephBachelor of Arts
Mabry, Samantha G.Saint JosephBachelor of Arts
McCall, Stephanie L.Saint JosephMaster of Science in Education
Buchanan, Christy L.Saint LouisBachelor of Arts
Durbin, Amanda J.Saint LouisBachelor of Fine Arts
Ferguson, Kristen A.Saint LouisBachelor of Science
Jacobs, Summer A.Saint LouisBachelor of Arts
Proctor, Kennay L.Saint PetersMaster of Science
Smith, Keely S.SalemBachelor of Science
Lu, Pascal Y.San DiegoBachelor of Science in Bus
Joginipelly, Abhinav K.San RamonCertificate
Joginipelly, Abhinav K.San RamonMaster of Science
Cenzano, Daniel V.SavoyBachelor of Science in Bus
Hansen, Julie A.SavoyMaster of Science in Education
Su, ShengzhangSavoyBachelor of Science
Treakle, Norma J.SavoyBachelor of Arts
Thomas, Jaclyn M.ScherervilleBachelor of Arts
Callahan, SuzanneScottsburgMaster of Science
Sanburg, Rain E.SenecaBachelor of Science
Stacey, Alecia B.SesserBachelor of Science in Ed
Neuberg, Miranda R.ShabbonaBachelor of Arts
Beck, Emma L.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Carswell, Elizabeth A.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Darnell, Shayla C.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Durbin, Seth M.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Marchio, Colin R.ShorewoodBachelor of Science
Jenkins, Laura D.SidellMaster of Science in Education
Catron, Mark A.SidneyBachelor of Arts
Bueker, Jolene J.SigelBachelor of Science in Ed
Niebrugge, Shanna K.SigelBachelor of Science in Ed
Vogt, Jenelle R.SigelBachelor of Arts
Altenberger, Kevin D.South BarringtonBachelor of Arts
Toppel, Dane M.South ElginMaster of Science
Lesley, Keonee R.South HollandBachelor of Science in Bus
Quinn, Richard M.SouthwickMaster of Arts
McClure, Megan E.SpauldingMaster of Science
Ahuka, Brigitte H.SpringfieldCertificate
Ahuka, Brigitte H.SpringfieldMaster of Science
Cunningham, Bridget A.SpringfieldMaster of Science
Hamrick, Grace E.SpringfieldBachelor of Arts
Ratliff, Samuel D.SpringfieldBachelor of Science
Rimal, AsanaSpringfieldMaster of Science
Smothers, Rebecca M.SpringfieldMaster of Science
Wirsing, MarinaSpringfieldMaster of Science
McCoy, Laura K.St JosephBachelor of Arts
McCann, Madison L.StanfordBachelor of Arts
Robinson-McAfee, Marcus L.StegerBachelor of Science
Brushaber, Ashton L.SterlingBachelor of Science
Chromek, Hanneh R.SterlingBachelor of Arts
Mancera, Gisella O.SterlingBachelor of Arts
Curtin, Emma J.StoningtonBachelor of Arts
Evans, Shyann H.StrasburgBachelor of Science in Ed
Hadley, Hannah L.StreatorBachelor of Arts
DeVore, Sara J.SullivanMaster of Science in Education
Fultz, Lauren E.SullivanMaster of Science in Education
Fultz, Tate N.SullivanBachelor of Science in Bus
Goss, Kylie M.SullivanBachelor of Science
McFadden, Melissa L.SullivanMaster of Science
McFadden, Melissa L.SullivanCertificate
Merryman, Jarod D.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Tarr, Tanner L.SullivanBachelor of Science in Bus
Rubio, Nathan E.SummitBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Hammers, Deeshawn Z.TaylorvilleMaster of Business Admin
Crispin, Eliot T.Terre HauteBachelor of Music
Ornduff, Elizabeth A.Terre HauteMaster of Arts
Sandschafer, Jamie A.TeutopolisBachelor of Science in Bus
Schabbing, Sarah J.TeutopolisMaster of Science in Education
Westjohn, Ashley L.TeutopolisMaster of Science
Wilson, Kaylie A.ThomasboroBachelor of Science
Wheaton, Janet E.TiltonBachelor of Arts
Cuti, LinseyTinley ParkCertificate
Sauerman, David W.Tinley ParkBachelor of Science
Alrashdi, Essa F.ToledoMaster of Science
Dillingham, Sarah K.ToledoMaster of Science in Education
Scott, Leona R.ToledoBachelor of Science
Wilson, Victoria R.ToledoMaster of Science
Buffo, Vicki L.TolonoBachelor of Science
Carleton, Jennifer L.TolonoMaster of Science
Lamendola, Joseph H.TolonoBachelor of Arts
Loschen, Haleigh J.TolonoBachelor of Science in Ed
Siuts, Hayley R.TolonoBachelor of Science
Striegel, Patrick C.TolonoMaster of Science in Education
Ukens, Drew D.TulsaMaster of Arts
Alexander, Carson M.TuscolaMaster of Science
Cleland, Madison P.TuscolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Koester, Alexis L.TuscolaBachelor of Science
Middleton, Joel H.TuscolaBachelor of Arts
Spillman, Bridget M.TuscolaBachelor of Arts
Williams, Makaela A.TuscolaMaster of Science
Wilson, Lynn J.Twin FallsBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Stewart, Khierra S.University ParkBachelor of Arts
Becker, Trevor A.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Christman, Justin R.UrbanaBachelor of Science in Bus
Dlamini, Mothusi T.UrbanaBachelor of Science in Bus
Duncan, Rebecca A.UrbanaMaster of Arts
Knight, Jason B.UrbanaCertificate
Knight, Jason B.UrbanaMaster of Science
Malkovich, Claire M.UrbanaMaster of Science
Oldham, Emily J.UrbanaMaster of Arts
Silva dos Santos, Vitor HugoUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Swaney, Melissa K.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Thapa, AnkitaUrbanaMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Ruot, Mikayla C.VandaliaBachelor of Music
Watterson, Vanessa N.VandaliaBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Alyssa S.VergennesBachelor of Science in Ed
Randall, Andrew S.Vernon HillsBachelor of Science in Bus
Johnson, Sterlisa J.VicksburgBachelor of Arts
Olson, Holly J.Villa GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Vandeventer, Meredith G.Villa GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Rouse, Christopher J.VirdenBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Monier, Joshua W.WalnutBachelor of Science in Bus
English, Mehgan L.Walnut HillMaster of Science in Education
Schroeder, Brandon N.WanatahBachelor of Science
Wallace, Kaitlin C.WarrenvilleBachelor of Arts
Adediran, Adeboye O.WashingtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Birkey, Katie R.WashingtonMaster of Science in Education
Blicharz, Emily G.WashingtonMaster of Science
Brasher, Pamela S.WashingtonMaster of Science in Education
Began, Maria N.WatsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Robertson, Abby P.WatsonMaster of Science
Wallace, Katherine M.WaucondaBachelor of Arts
Amaya, Kassandra G.WaukeganBachelor of Arts
Rodriguez, Claudia C.WaukeganBachelor of Arts
Stephens, Kaitlyn M.WeldonBachelor of Science in Ed
Casto, AmandaWellsburgMaster of Science
Yadlapalli, Hari P.West ChesterCertificate
Yadlapalli, Hari P.West ChesterMaster of Science
Cruz, Maria T.West ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Khan, SaimaWest DundeeBachelor of Science
Uteg, Gary F.West FrankfortMaster of Business Admin
Baker, Cayla K.WestfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
Evans, Jurnee J.WestfieldBachelor of Arts
O'Donnell, Kaeli M.WestminsterSpecialist in School Psych
Elliott, Santasia S.WestvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Humblet, Patience K.WestvilleBachelor of Arts
Myers, Megan S.WestvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Staley, Alexa D.WestvilleBachelor of Arts
Shorr, Jasper A.WheatonBachelor of Science
Austin, Mercedez K.WindsorBachelor of Arts
Beck, Joel R.WindsorBachelor of Arts
Burdick, Emma L.WindsorMaster of Science
Gilbert, Luke B.WindsorBachelor of Science in Bus
Berley, Elizabeth A.Wood DaleMaster of Arts
Humes, Heather R.WoodlawnMaster of Science in Education
Blum, Megan E.WoodridgeMaster of Science in Education
Pirtle, LarryWoodridgeMaster of Arts
Arava, PremkumarWorcesterMaster of Science
Arava, PremkumarWorcesterCertificate
Charles, Kashawn B.WyandanchBachelor of Arts
Berger, Sarah E.WyanetBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Doody, Madeline M.YorkvilleBachelor of Arts

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