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EIU List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 530 Fall 2019 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.
Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

Name Program
Wang, KaiyuanMaster of Science


Name City Program
Thurman, Loren S.AbingdonBachelor of Arts
Corrado, Suhela M.AddisonBachelor of Arts
Pallerla, Sai KumarAdilabadMaster of Science
Pallerla, Sai KumarAdilabadCertificate
Mehta, Rohan B.AhmedabadCertificate
Mehta, Rohan B.AhmedabadMaster of Science
Grimes, Taylor E.AlbionBachelor of Science in Ed
Jendro, David A.AlgonquinBachelor of Arts
Hine, Eric C.AltonMaster of Science
Mudalla, Manas Sai KrishnaAndhra PradeshCertificate
Mudalla, Manas Sai KrishnaAndhra PradeshMaster of Science
Bennett, AmandaAntiochBachelor of Arts
Conrad, Angela D.AntiochMaster of Science
Fulton, Bailey W.ArcolaBachelor of Science in Bus
Clearwater, Serena L.Arlington HeightsBachelor of Arts
Speedy, Catherine M.Arlington HeightsBachelor of Music
Barr, Lauren V.Arlington HtsBachelor of Arts
Uphoff Nees, Christina L.AshmoreCertificate
Uphoff Nees, Christina L.AshmoreMaster of Science
Shugars, Xzavier F.AtlantaBachelor of Science
Schmitt, Troy D.AuroraBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Groh, Jennifer E.BarringtonBachelor of Arts
Flint, Jordan D.BartlettBachelor of Science
McCoy, Sarah E.BataviaBachelor of Science in Bus
Zabka, Kristi N.BataviaBachelor of Science
Bankston, Juaniki J.BellevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Reinhardt, Alana L.BellevilleBachelor of Arts
Sutherland, Erin M.BellevilleMaster of Science
Taylor, Samuel H.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Aceves, Lauren K.BementMaster of Science
Aceves, Lauren K.BementCertificate
Billman, Ethan D.BementBachelor of Science in Bus
Bear, Kayla M.BentonBachelor of Science
Kolodziej, Amy L.BentonMaster of Science in Education
Martin, Mallory E.BentonMaster of Science in Education
Williams, AlyssaBentonMaster of Science in Education
Castellanos, Francisco J.BerwynBachelor of Science in Bus
Franklin, DeniseBerwynBachelor of Arts
Gusewelle, Timothy R.BethaltoMaster of Arts
King, Olivia R.BethanyBachelor of Arts
Ruppert, Hallel G.BethanyMaster of Science
McGregor, Kylie R.BonfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Kolluri, Nandini PriyankaBothellMaster of Science
Kolluri, Nandini PriyankaBothellCertificate
Meents, Olivia N.BourbonnaisBachelor of Arts
Garrett, Rylee M.BradleyBachelor of Science in Bus
Wunder, Aleah C.BradleyBachelor of Fine Arts
Gonski, Laura M.BraidwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Diss, Rachael A.BreeseCertificate
Diss, Rachael A.BreeseMaster of Science in Education
Diss, Rachael A.BreeseCertificate
Kissen, JoshuaBridgeportMaster of Science in Education
Billingsley, Ashley M.BroadviewBachelor of Arts
Gray, Aniyah R.BroadviewBachelor of Science
Walker, Raven C.BroadviewBachelor of Science in Bus
Bush, Abigail S.BroctonBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Williams, Cshane J.Calumet CityCertificate
Williams, Cshane J.Calumet CityMaster of Science
Polk, Jamila L.Calumet ParkBachelor of Science
Floyd-Jenks, Bethany L.CamargoBachelor of Arts
Andrews, JakeCambridgeBachelor of Science
Andrews, TobyCambridgeBachelor of Science
Dannaman, Matthew W.CarlyleSpecialist in Education
Cross, Adam J.CarmiMaster of Science in Education
Deig, Logan D.CarmiBachelor of Science in Bus
Bhardwaj, Justin S.Carol StreamBachelor of Science in Bus
Gehrs, Jordan L.Carol StreamBachelor of Science in Ed
Spathies, Jacquelyn M.Carol StreamBachelor of Science
Cohen, Zachary D.CaryBachelor of Science in Bus
Engle, Sierra M.CaryBachelor of Arts
Ahuka, Brigitte H.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Allen, RasheeChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Burnett, DaNeya M.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Craig, William L.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Davis, Lawrence J.ChampaignMaster of Business Admin
Nelligan, Melody J.ChampaignMaster of Science
Oulhaj, OumaimaChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Ransom, Elisa C.ChampaignMaster of Science
Rusk, Melanie J.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Sherod, Derrick M.ChampaignMaster of Science
Tennill, Chad A.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Wax, Kathleen A.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Webb, Tiana I.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Yusuf, Ahmed A.ChampaignMaster of Science
Zhang, YueChampaignMaster of Arts
O'Connell, Molly M.ChannahonBachelor of Arts
Viano, Lacey A.ChannahonMaster of Science
Abernathy, Millicent M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Allen, Jordan D.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Bluhm, Matthew A.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Crowder, Courtney M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Dereszkiewicz, VictoriaCharlestonBachelor of Science
Dodoo, Sarah N.CharlestonMaster of Science
Ebbert, Laine E.CharlestonMaster of Science
Eggleston, Blake L.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Eggleston, Blake L.CharlestonCertificate
Farris, Skylar T.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Fischer, Trevor H.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Ford, Marissa N.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Ford, Rick L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Gingerich, AndrewCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Goodwin, Madison C.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Harris, Christiana M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Heitman, Robyn O.CharlestonBachelor of Music
Hilbert, Alyssa L.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hill, Domonique D.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Huddlestun, Sydnee M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Jewell, Michaelena G.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Beck M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Karim, Mohsin Md AbdulCharlestonMaster of Arts
Lawson, Devanne R.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Liu, BeibeiCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Lynn, Noah R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Miller, Quinn K.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Montgomery, Jade W.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Morgan, Tracy L.CharlestonMaster of Science in Education
Muruato, YeseniaCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Ncib, JihedCharlestonMaster of Arts
Ngoc, Tran B.CharlestonMaster of Arts
O'Connor, Caitrionagh M.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Orlow, Christopher W.CharlestonMaster of Science
Parish, Julia R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Pfeiffer, Douglas L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Redfern, Kimberly A.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Rubin, Valerie K.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Schmidt, Logan J.CharlestonBachelor of Music
Smith, Rebekah C.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Tandoh, DoraCharlestonMaster of Science
Tang, HaowenCharlestonMaster of Science
Tang, HaowenCharlestonCertificate
Vail, Matthew R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Vanneste, Elizabeth J.CharlestonMaster of Science
Watson, Janessa N.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
White, Joy A.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
White, Kirkland J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Adams, Joshua R.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Alexander, Edquitta S.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Boyer, WilkinsChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Brown, Dominique B.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Eggert, Jonathan M.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Gorman, Bridget K.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Hampton, Jazzmine M.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Handler, Connor P.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Harbor, AloraChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Hinton, Alex R.ChicagoMaster of Science
Horgan, Matthew R.ChicagoMaster of Science
Howard, Jessica M.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
Jackson, Kytyra M.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Lopez, Lina N.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Martin, Michael J.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
McCants, Mona Lisa J.ChicagoMaster of Science
Morris, Jameonne L.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Ragsdale, Darielle J.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
Ramos, Nicholas A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Romero, SergioChicagoBachelor of Arts
Stallworth, Jessica E.ChicagoMaster of Science
Woods, Kashawn C.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Woodville, VivianChicagoBachelor of Arts
Draper, Cami A.ChrismanBachelor of Science in Ed
Furlow, Lindsey N.ChristopherBachelor of Science
Allen, Alexis K.CiceroBachelor of Science
Roth, Corben R.Clay CityBachelor of Arts
Williams, Rebecca J.Clay CityMaster of Science
Wilson, SarahColfaxBachelor of Arts
Holmes, Megan R.CollinsvilleCertificate
Holmes, Megan R.CollinsvilleMaster of Science in Education
Youngs, Dillon J.Colorado SpringsBachelor of Arts
Solmon, EmmaCompiegne, OiseMaster of Arts
Jones, Brad A.Coon ValleyBachelor of Arts
Hawkins, Haley A.CordovaMaster of Science in Education
Serafin, Kimberly R.CortlandBachelor of Science
Adams, ShanellCountry Club HillsBachelor of Arts
Gilhooly, Samantha L.CountrysideBachelor of Science
Dolehide, Morgan J.CrestwoodBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Cunningham, Carlos E.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Grimes, Samantha J.DanvilleMaster of Business Admin
Grimes, Samantha J.DanvilleMaster of Science
Jackson, Evony L.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Maguire, Gage M.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
McMillan, Dustin M.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Parish, Jennifer A.DanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Petkus, Michael W.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Thomas, Chelsea A.DanvilleMaster of Science
Tian, ZiheDaqingMaster of Science
Tian, ZiheDaqingCertificate
Jones, Sarah H.DecaturMaster of Science in Education
Kasper, Amanda A.DecaturMaster of Science
Kupferschmid, Audrey M.DecaturBachelor of Science in Ed
Traylor, Bryce A.DecaturBachelor of Science in Bus
Turner, Makiya L.DecaturMaster of Arts
Villalpando, Audrey D.DeKalbBachelor of Science in Bus
Lies, Victoria M.Downers GroveBachelor of Science in Ed
Youngdahl, Megan N.Downers GroveBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Stanley, Karri M.EarlvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Kelci J.East Saint LouisBachelor of Science
Linton, Lillian A.EdinburgMaster of Science in Education
Bourgeois, Kyle L.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Ed
Flach, Ashley M.EffinghamMaster of Arts
Gebben, Tyler P.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Hartke, Christin R.EffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Hoss, Melinda J.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Jones, Charity E.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Jones, Tanner C.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Vail, Nathan A.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Morgan R.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Ed
Vasquez-Serrano, MiguelElginMaster of Arts
Deo, Ronell A.Elk GroveBachelor of Arts
Small, Amy L.ElmhurstMaster of Science in Education
Vasilopoulos, Christine O.ElmhurstBachelor of Arts
Garrett, Chad A.EnfieldMaster of Science in Education
Augusmat, Emmanuel J.EvanstonBachelor of Science
Minard, Thomas R.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Slagel, Kelli J.FairburyBachelor of Science in Ed
Peyton, Ryan D.Farmer CitySpecialist in Education
Weisman, Rebbecca L.Farmer CityBachelor of Science
Dietz, Elizabeth A.FisherCertificate
Stanford, Alyssa N.FloraBachelor of Science
Horvatic, Rikki L.FlorenceBachelor of Arts
Greaney, Erica F.FlossmoorBachelor of Science in Ed
Herder, Jesselyn R.FrankfortBachelor of Science in Bus
O'Connor, Thomas R.FrankfortBachelor of Arts
Martinez, AnalysiaFranklin ParkBachelor of Arts
Sosnowski, Christian M.Franklin ParkBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Tompkins, Holly A.Gibson CityMaster of Science
Wilkinson, Shelby L.GirardBachelor of Arts
Wilkinson, Danielle R.Glen CarbonCertificate
Wilkinson, Danielle R.Glen CarbonMaster of Science in Education
Yurik, David R.GlenviewBachelor of Science
Goodson, LeLonna W.GlenwoodMaster of Arts
Bogert, McKenzie R.GodfreyBachelor of Science in Ed
Blade, Marnie L.GreenupMaster of Science in Education
Alderman, Ryan J.GreenvilleMaster of Science
Aare, Sri Lakshmi ShaliniGunturCertificate
Aare, Sri Lakshmi ShaliniGunturMaster of Science
Chilakala, Lakshmi Mani Sravan KumarGUNTURMaster of Science
Chilakala, Lakshmi Mani Sravan KumarGUNTURCertificate
Dronadula, BrahmeswariGUNTURMaster of Science
Dronadula, BrahmeswariGUNTURCertificate
Pathakamuri, Bhargava SaiGUNTURMaster of Science
Pathakamuri, Bhargava SaiGUNTURCertificate
Pikula, Emma M.GurneeBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Bui, Viet H.HanoiMaster of Science
Richmond, RamiaHazel CrestMaster of Science in Education
Richmond, RamiaHazel CrestCertificate
Leman, Benjamin H.HighlandBachelor of Arts
Litzenburg, Claire E.HighlandBachelor of Science in Ed
Mueller, Bret J.HighlandBachelor of Science in Bus
Kramer, Chase A.Highland ParkBachelor of Arts
West, Benjamin I.HomerBachelor of Music
Skapinok, Lindsey M.HonoluluBachelor of Science in Ed
Bella, Venkata Durga PrasadHoustonCertificate
Bella, Venkata Durga PrasadHoustonMaster of Science
Kondaipally, NikhithaHoustonCertificate
Kondaipally, NikhithaHoustonMaster of Science
Kottur, Uma PriyaHyderabad Certificate
Kottur, Uma PriyaHyderabad Master of Science
Kulkarni, Aishwarya DarshanHyderabadMaster of Science
Kulkarni, Aishwarya DarshanHyderabadCertificate
Lingapaga, Ramya RajHyderabadCertificate
Lingapaga, Ramya RajHyderabadMaster of Science
Mallem, Sai RakeshHyderabadCertificate
Mallem, Sai RakeshHyderabadMaster of Science
Munukuntla, Manmitha ReddyHyderabadCertificate
Munukuntla, Manmitha ReddyHyderabadMaster of Science
Yagateela, Subha ChandrasekharHyderabadMaster of Science
Yagateela, Subha ChandrasekharHyderabadCertificate


Name City Program
Balogun, Damilare A.IbadanProfessional Science Masters
Kilanko, Oluwaseun O.ILESHAMaster of Arts
Acree, Paxton E.IlliopolisMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Butler, Nia A.JolietBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Garrett, Allison A.KankakeeBachelor of Science
Flesner, Maddie D.KansasBachelor of Science in Bus
Flesner, Maddie D.KansasBachelor of Science in Bus
Saeed, Muhammad RehanKarachiCertificate
Saeed, Muhammad RehanKarachiMaster of Science
Saria, Sarrah S.karachiBachelor of Science
Pottlapelly, AbhinavKarimnagarMaster of Science
Pottlapelly, AbhinavKarimnagarCertificate
Medarametla, Vennela PriyaKOTHAGUDEMCertificate
Medarametla, Vennela PriyaKOTHAGUDEMMaster of Science
Bikkina, PradeepKOVVURCertificate
Bikkina, PradeepKOVVURMaster of Science


Name City Program
Leonatti, Jane A.La SalleBachelor of Science
Powers, Lindsey M.LafayetteBachelor of Science in Bus
Adesina, Abisoye O.LAGOSMaster of Science
Adesina, Abisoye O.LAGOSCertificate
Adeyemo, Oluwaseun D.LagosMaster of Arts
Laguda, Halimat A.LagosMaster of Arts
Werling, Steven T.Lake In The HillBachelor of Science in Ed
Djus, MatthewLake VillaBachelor of Arts
Parks, Douglas M.LakevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Amill, Maria R.LakewoodBachelor of Arts
Smith, Jalisha D.LansingMaster of Science
Shelton, KyleLawrencevilleMaster of Science in Education
Youngs, Andrea L.LawrencevilleMaster of Science in Education
Hackett, Angela C.LernaBachelor of Science
Sharp, Sarah J.Lewis CenterMaster of Science
Scurlock, Cullen M.LexingtonBachelor of Science
Allen, Christopher T.LincolnSpecialist in Education
Rule, Austin M.LincolnBachelor of Science
Sack, Courtney T.LincolnshireBachelor of Science in Ed
Barker, Sarah A.LockportBachelor of Science
Chrzanowska, CarolineLockportBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Sidney L.LouisvilleBachelor of Arts
Nass, Evan C.Loves ParkBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Fogle, Regina E.MackinawMaster of Science in Education
McArthy, Tess E.MackinawBachelor of Science
Holsapple, Alyssa K.MaconMaster of Science in Education
Rowe, Noel E.MahometBachelor of Science
Uppu, Sai SumanMANCHERIALCertificate
Uppu, Sai SumanMANCHERIALMaster of Science
Harner, Joshua B.MarionSpecialist in Education
Haines, Amie S.MarshallMaster of Science in Education
Haines, Amie S.MarshallCertificate
Crutchfield, Blade W.MartinsvilleBachelor of Science
Maddrill, Maria A.MartintonBachelor of Science in Bus
Fleming, Mary E.MattesonBachelor of Science
Anderson, Stephanie D.MattoonBachelor of Science
Banks, Brittany N.MattoonBachelor of Science
Bayless, Chelsey I.MattoonBachelor of Science
Bolin, Kelsey L.MattoonCertificate
Carpenter, Nathan J.MattoonBachelor of Science
Donner, Alisha M.MattoonMaster of Science in Education
Easton, Breanna M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Ferris, Sara E.MattoonBachelor of Science
Gordon, Melissa K.MattoonCertificate
Gordon, Melissa K.MattoonMaster of Science
Harmon, Tommy L.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hawkins, Blake A.MattoonBachelor of Science
Henness, Kristen H.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Patel, Palak M.MattoonBachelor of Science
Rowley, Sage Z.MattoonMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Taylor S.MattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Snow, Dominique P.MattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Spidle, Marlo A.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Warrem, Austin F.MattoonBachelor of Science
Zimmer, Natalie D.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Loretha R.MaywoodBachelor of Arts
Dewberry, Bradley J.McDonoughMaster of Science
Goldstein, Andrew M.MechanicsburgMaster of Arts
Manning, Grant W.MetamoraBachelor of Arts
Quinn, Jonathan D.MetamoraBachelor of Arts
Pines, Mikqual D.MidlothianBachelor of Science
Sylvester, Allie M.MidlothianBachelor of Science in Bus
Zens, Lauren P.MilwaukeeMaster of Arts
Ott, Kevin T.MolineBachelor of Arts
German, Sean E.MonticelloSpecialist in Education
Ryder, Amanda K.MonticelloSpecialist in Education
Joiner, Sunny B.MortonBachelor of Science
Yuhas, Katelynn C.MortonBachelor of Science in Bus
Maxwell, Carlos E.Morton GroveBachelor of Music
Caputo, JosephMount ProspectBachelor of Science in Bus
Caputo, JosephMount ProspectBachelor of Science in Bus
Estrada, JessicaMount ProspectBachelor of Science
Temesvari, Ivan G.Mount ProspectMaster of Science
Graven, Lesley N.MoweaquaBachelor of Science
Smith, Alexandra R.MoweaquaBachelor of Science in Ed
Seitz, Jenny L.Mt ZionSpecialist in Education
Koontz, Robert W.Mulberry GroveSpecialist in Education
Acosta, Jocelyn Y.MundeleinBachelor of Arts
Constantinescu, Hanna G.MundeleinBachelor of Science
Karaze, JordanMwanzaMaster of Science


Name City Program
Hu, ManNanjing, JiangsuMaster of Business Admin
Berglind, Madeline T.NapervilleBachelor of Science
Kline, Shannon M.NapervilleMaster of Science in Education
Wurst, Meghan L.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Dye, Joshua J.NashvilleBachelor of Science
Suram, Jagjit ReddyNELLORECertificate
Suram, Jagjit ReddyNELLOREMaster of Science
Herring, Brandi K.NeogaBachelor of Arts
Amann, Clare E.New AthensMaster of Business Admin
Austin, Morgan C.New LenoxBachelor of Arts
Foley, Erin M.New LenoxBachelor of Science
Chareewan, SukanyaNongjokCertificate
Chareewan, SukanyaNongjokMaster of Science
Wilson, Madelyn K.NormalBachelor of Arts
O'Neal, DiannaNorth CharlestonMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Campnell, Justin T.Oak ForestBachelor of Science
Jones, Tiffany M.Oak LawnBachelor of Science
Coleman, Patrick D.Oak ParkBachelor of Arts
Drake, Trisha L.OaklandBachelor of Arts
Carson, Emily K.OakwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Smothers, Connor E.OblongBachelor of Science in Ed
Barkau, BeauOkawvilleMaster of Science in Education
Gosnell, James D.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Runyon, Trystin A.OlneyMaster of Business Admin
Seaman, Michelle M.OlneyMaster of Science in Education
Summers, Lindsey F.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Volk, Robin M.OlneyBachelor of Science in Bus
Mansfield, Gabriel L.OnargaBachelor of Arts
Pool, Kyle J.OnargaBachelor of Arts
Poole, Caleb W.Onarga Bachelor of Arts
Eifrid, Matthew T.Orland ParkBachelor of Arts
Hamdan, Omar N.Orland ParkMaster of Science
Hartman, Alex I.OswegoBachelor of Science
Munkvold, Jason M.OswegoBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Carro, Cynthia L.PalatineCertificate
Epley, Meredith A.PanaMaster of Science
Barrett, Taylor N.ParisBachelor of Science in Ed
Gard, Brandi M.ParisMaster of Arts
Groves, Samuel D.ParisBachelor of Science in Bus
Roberts, Summer N.ParisBachelor of Arts
Tegeler, Amber D.ParisBachelor of Arts
Wallace, Ernest T.ParisMaster of Business Admin
Yantis, Jessica A.ParisBachelor of Science in Ed
Pflugmacher, Lori D.PenfieldBachelor of Science
Nysewander, Amanda D.PensacolaBachelor of Science
Foster, Chakira J.PeoriaBachelor of Arts
Hinds, Jeremy R.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Jackson, Kieran E.PeotoneBachelor of Science
Sheehan, Daniel J.PhiloSpecialist in Education
Berglund, Danial F.PlainfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Gonzalez, Anthony N.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Morris, Jenelle L.PlainfieldMaster of Arts
Moore, Alyssa M.PocahontasBachelor of Arts
Larsen, Eryn M.PontiacBachelor of Arts
Bishop, Taylor C.PotomacBachelor of Arts
Biethman, Cole J.Prairie du RocherBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Lay, Sydney D.RamseyBachelor of Science in Ed
Blakley, Gabriella C.RantoulBachelor of Fine Arts
Sanders, Kasey L.RantoulMaster of Science in Education
Stewart, Alexander I.RantoulBachelor of Arts
Augustyn, Kevin A.RhinelanderBachelor of Arts
Elemah, Paul O.Richton ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Geddis, Sharon Z.RiversideBachelor of Arts
Daubs, Kyle G.RoanokeMaster of Science in Education
Keigher, Jordan M.RoanokeMaster of Science in Education
McDaniel, David L.RobinsonBachelor of Arts
Mikeworth, Jaymie J.RobinsonMaster of Science in Education
Mullins, Candace M.RobinsonBachelor of Science in Ed
Osborn, Nycole L.RobinsonBachelor of Science in Ed
Roth, Lucas D.RobinsonBachelor of Science
Holzmacher, Alec G.RochesterBachelor of Arts
Sillanpaa, Elizabeth M.RocktonBachelor of Arts
Burke, Renee C.Rolling MeadowsBachelor of Arts
Urbieta, JovanyRomeovilleBachelor of Science
Rojek, Anna E.RoselleBachelor of Arts
Garza, Isabella R.Round Lake BeachBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Gross, Ingrid A.Saint CharlesBachelor of Music
Portz, Travis D.Saint ElmoSpecialist in Education
Patton, Chase P.Saint JosephBachelor of Science
Brockshus, Shanise L.SanbornMaster of Arts
Bhattarai, KaushalSarlahiMaster of Arts
Baker, Ryan D.SavoyBachelor of Arts
Kowalski, Mikolaj R.Schiller ParkBachelor of Science
Mamidi, Nikhila ReddySecunderabadCertificate
Mamidi, Nikhila ReddySecunderabadMaster of Science
Jia, YifanShaanxi, Xing PingMaster of Science
Jia, YifanShaanxi, Xing PingCertificate
Patton, David A.ShawneetownBachelor of Arts
Eigsti, Lindsey E.ShelbyvilleMaster of Science
Foor, Dallas C.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Khan-Crowe, Aisha Y.ShelbyvilleMaster of Science
Morrison, Jensyn T.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Workman, Michael T.ShermanSpecialist in Education
Koss, Richard V.SidellMaster of Arts
Henderson, Sydney N.SidneyBachelor of Arts
Pruitt, Amanda I.SidneyBachelor of Science
West, Yvonne M.SigelMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Julie A.Siloam SpringsMaster of Arts
Mayberry, Jimmy C.SimsBachelor of Arts
Mayberry, Jimmy C.SimsBachelor of Science in Bus
Wright, Ashley E.South ElginBachelor of Science
Wright, Ashley E.South ElginBachelor of Science
Boarman, Claire M.SpringfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Brooks, Lucas R.SpringfieldSpecialist in Education
Faires, Austin M.SpringfieldBachelor of Arts
Oxby, Katie C.SpringfieldBachelor of Science
Ghimire, SamyuktaSterlingMaster of Arts
Deters, Justin L.StrasburgSpecialist in Education
Orozco, AndresStreatorBachelor of Science in Bus
Dickens, Lisa A.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Guyot, Leslie R.SullivanMaster of Science in Education
Louden, Chad E.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Schell, Kristen D.SwanseaBachelor of Science in Bus
Sweeney, James P.SycamoreMaster of Business Admin
Monni, Swity S.SylhetMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Garrett, Michael L.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Robertson, Anna G.TaylorvilleBachelor of Arts
Ambati, BhargaviTelanganaMaster of Science
Ambati, BhargaviTelanganaCertificate
Fosu, Grace A.TEMAMaster of Arts
Brenson, Justin T.ThomasboroBachelor of Science in Bus
Eppenstein, Samantha M.Tinley ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
O'Boyle, Jennifer D.Tinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Palanca, Krisha A.Tinley ParkBachelor of Science in Ed
Carleton, Jennifer L.TolonoBachelor of Arts
Walker, Brianna M.TrentonBachelor of Arts
Hartman, Grace E.TroyBachelor of Science in Ed
Purnell, James M.TroyBachelor of Science in Bus
Ludwig, Jamie L.TuscolaBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Corson, Ashleigh L.UrbanaMaster of Science
Darin, Lara E.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Fuller, Karlye P.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Jessee, April A.UrbanaBachelor of Science in Bus
Jones, James D.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Place, Andy L.UrbanaMaster of Science in Education
Pope, KaidenUrbanaBachelor of Science
Roby, RocheleUrbanaMaster of Arts
Smith, Shalini A.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Swedberg, Jinny M.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Ucar Cifci, KezbanUrbanaMaster of Science
Wilken, Phyllis G.UrbanaMaster of Business Admin


Name City Program
Murray, Joleen E.VandaliaMaster of Science
Hur, Daniel S.Vernon HillsBachelor of Arts
Wisniewski, Rebecca E.Vernon HillsMaster of Science in Education
Wisniewski, Rebecca E.Vernon HillsCertificate
Vallurupalli, PhanikanthVijayawadaMaster of Science
Vallurupalli, PhanikanthVijayawadaCertificate
Athey, IsabelaVilla GroveBachelor of Science
Wells, Lindsay E.Villa GroveBachelor of Science in Ed
Jones, Lindsey R.VirginiaMaster of Business Admin


Name City Program
Uhles, Molly E.WaltonvilleMaster of Science in Education
Doggett, Katherine E.WatsekaMaster of Science in Education
Martin, Delia B.WatsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Percival, John E.WATSONBachelor of Science
Meade, Camden R.West ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Hochmuth, Caroline E.WheatonBachelor of Arts
Scordato, Olivia R.WheatonBachelor of Arts
Arredondo, Leslie L.WheelingBachelor of Arts
Eilers, Penny J.White HallBachelor of Arts
Grubaugh, Brandy S.White HeathBachelor of Science in Bus
Hudson, Allison L.WindsorProfessional Science Masters
Woolard, Paige K.WindsorBachelor of Arts
Johnston, Kailey M.Wonder LakeMaster of Arts
Tedder, Adam L.WoodstockBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Price, Keith A.XeniaSpecialist in Education


Name City Program
Roos, KellynYorkvilleBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Fletcher, Heather E.ZeiglerMaster of Science in Education

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