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EIU List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 1220 Spring 2023 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.
Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

Name Program
Carter, Isaiah JBachelor of Science
Green, Lawrence PBachelor of Arts
Hosey, Alexandrea MMaster of Science
Jones, Maurice MBachelor of Arts
Lemus, Mynor Bachelor of Arts
Palm, Ronald DBachelor of Arts
Talluri, Sivapavani Certificate
Talluri, Sivapavani Master of Science
Willis, Terrence LBachelor of Arts
Zarate, Jaime Bachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Potts, Shayla EAlbionBachelor of Science
Pakkir, Vishnuvardhan Reddy AlexanderMaster of Science
Pakkir, Vishnuvardhan Reddy AlexanderCertificate
Beyer, Marie SAlgonquinBachelor of Music
Bray, Zach TAlgonquinBachelor of Science
Becker, Emily MAltamontMaster of Science
Hall, Allison JAltamontBachelor of Science
Miller, Caden WAltamontCertificate
Miller, Caden WAltamontCertificate
Miller, Caden WAltamontMaster of Science
Tappendorf, Ashley MAltamontBachelor of Science in Ed
Hord, Jacob RAltoonaMaster of Science
DeVore, Tanner MAntiochBachelor of Arts
Behrends, Amber NArcolaSpecialist in Education
Fishel, Ryann CArcolaMaster of Science
Freeze, Carrie LArcolaBachelor of Science
Gaona, Patty FArcolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Herschberger, Marissa AArcolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Thrush, Golene MArcolaMaster of Science in Education
Torres Cantu, Luis MArcolaBachelor of Science
Antonson, April LArlington HeightsMaster of Arts
Benz, Katja KArlington HeightsBachelor of Arts
Caplin, Carrie PArlington HeightsMaster of Science in Education
Collins, Aidan PArlington HeightsBachelor of Arts
Lintner, Kendra GArlington HeightsBachelor of Science
Frederick, Shelby KArthurBachelor of Arts
Trussell, Hunter PArthurBachelor of Arts
Gough, Gage WAshmoreBachelor of Arts
Sawyer, Bea EAshmoreMaster of Science
Hunter, Alyssa MAssumptionBachelor of Science in Ed
Cieplinski, Amber MAtwaterBachelor of Arts
Schlabach, Waylon DAtwoodBachelor of Science
Imperio, Anthony MAuburnBachelor of Arts
Crowder, Kayla CAuroraBachelor of Arts
Maurice, Josh MAuroraMaster of Arts
McEuen, Chloe AuroraBachelor of Science
McEuen, Chloe AuroraBachelor of Science
Watts, Jakeb NAustinMaster of Science
Froemling, Elizabeth CAvaBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Manda Purushothama, PVSD Reddy Manda BalabhadrapuramCertificate
Manda Purushothama, PVSD Reddy Manda BalabhadrapuramMaster of Science
Kotte, Harshith Rao BallwinMaster of Science
Kotte, Harshith Rao BallwinCertificate
Lullo, Jim MBartlettBachelor of Arts
Marino, Alyssa BartlettBachelor of Arts
Nawrocki, Kathryn NBartlettMaster of Science
Lauria, Madeline BataviaMaster of Science in Education
Buennemeyer, Matthew JBeecher CityBachelor of Science
McCumsey, Samantha ABeecher CityBachelor of Science
Dompke, Peter JBellevilleBachelor of Music
Hoover, Quin SBellevilleBachelor of Science
McNeely, Alana JBellevilleBachelor of Science
Wettig, Dylan CBellevilleBachelor of Arts
Wilburn, Jamya MBellevilleBachelor of Science
Buchanan, Harley IBellflowerBachelor of Fine Arts
Hoadley, Rob ABelvidereMaster of Arts
Gates, Amanda LBentonMaster of Science in Education
Robbins, Zane RBentonBachelor of Science in Bus
Rutland, Reece BentonMaster of Arts
Arias, Grace VBerwynBachelor of Science
Martinez, Aries RBerwynBachelor of Science
Anderson, Nolan KBloomingtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Bushue, Matt RBloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Colgrove, Rex OBloomingtonMaster of Arts
Gibson, Christopher JBloomingtonMaster of Science
Harris, Tyra EBloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Paige, Theresa DBloomingtonBachelor of Science
Roth, Kenede GBloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Waugaman, Stephen MBloomingtonBachelor of Science
Scaduto, Danielle NBonner SpringsBachelor of Arts
Cox, Lauren EBourbonnaisBachelor of Science in Bus
Uphoff, Anna EBrandonBachelor of Arts
Huelskamp, Zachary PBreeseBachelor of Arts
Riggs, Gabrielle KBreeseBachelor of Science
Martinez, Jessy BridgeviewBachelor of Arts
Suciu, Nicole ABridgeviewBachelor of Science
Harbison, Mya JBrightonBachelor of Fine Arts
Harbison, Mya JBrightonBachelor of Science
Martin, Taylor MBroadviewBachelor of Science
Brown, Brooke BBrookfieldMaster of Arts
Wheat, Tea EBrookfieldMaster of Science
Cuevas, Teresa BrooklynMaster of Arts
Raef, Ryan ABuffalo GroveBachelor of Science
Forsythe, Victoria JBurbankBachelor of Arts
Munoz Flores, Kathya BurbankBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Sheared, Alyssa MCalumet CityBachelor of Science
Vandeventer, Alexis LCamargoBachelor of Science
Douglas, Jake JCantonBachelor of Science
Weaver, Kasi LCantonBachelor of Science in Bus
Salopek, Niko VCape CoralBachelor of Science in Bus
Atluri, Sri Lohith Phani Vignesh CarmelMaster of Science
Atluri, Sri Lohith Phani Vignesh CarmelCertificate
Knight, Will ACarmiMaster of Science in Education
Callahan, Noah RCarol StreamBachelor of Science
Nava, Nancy CarpentersvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Reinhart, Kyle LCarpentersvilleCertificate
Erickson, Amanda ACartervilleBachelor of Science
Grotts, Brianna MCarthageMaster of Science
Rietz, Lucas WCaryBachelor of Science in Bus
Cox, Victoria KCaseyMaster of Science in Education
Craig, Devin WCaseyBachelor of Science
Gordon, Jenna MCaseyBachelor of Science
Wallace, Ellie NCaseyMaster of Science
Muhlena, Henry Cedar RapidsMaster of Arts
Riley, Lincoln DCedar RapidsBachelor of Arts
Burmester, Nicole LCentraliaMaster of Science in Education
Lund, Jacob RCentraliaMaster of Science in Education
Gower, Vanessa ECerro GordoBachelor of Science in Ed
Amacher, Kyle SChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Barr, Kassidy CChampaignMaster of Science
Barton, George DChampaignBachelor of Science
Bien, John CChampaignBachelor of Arts
Dharmavarapu, Pardhu ChampaignMaster of Science
Dharmavarapu, Pardhu ChampaignCertificate
Gardner, Liam CChampaignBachelor of Arts
Guider, Shanice PChampaignBachelor of Arts
Katari, Keerthana ChampaignCertificate
Katari, Keerthana ChampaignMaster of Science
Koppula, Viswanath Reddy ChampaignCertificate
Koppula, Viswanath Reddy ChampaignMaster of Science
Larsen, Harry LChampaignBachelor of Arts
Meka, Abhimanyu Reddy ChampaignMaster of Science
Meka, Abhimanyu Reddy ChampaignCertificate
Miller, Alexa MChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Pearson, Gina ChampaignMaster of Science
Phillips, Jonas TChampaignBachelor of Arts
Ruff, Karee KChampaignBachelor of Arts
Simmons, Will WChampaignBachelor of Arts
Spinner, Kaylee DChampaignBachelor of Science
Spinner, Kaylee DChampaignBachelor of Arts
Summers, Sarah EChampaignBachelor of Science
West, Kyle JChampaignBachelor of Science
Wrasse, Mikayla CChampaignBachelor of Arts
Adapala, Praveen CharlestonMaster of Science
Adapala, Praveen CharlestonCertificate
Adudhodla, Sandeep Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Adudhodla, Sandeep Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Akkaladevi, Shiva Teja CharlestonMaster of Science
Akkaladevi, Shiva Teja CharlestonCertificate
Akunuri, Mohan Chakravarthy CharlestonMaster of Science
Akunuri, Mohan Chakravarthy CharlestonCertificate
Alves Zandona, Ana Paula CharlestonMaster of Science
Ames, Lilly LCharlestonMaster of Arts
Angel, Maria GCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Angel, Maria GCharlestonBachelor of Science
Angel, Maria GCharlestonBachelor of Science
Applegate, Brenden KCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Bachu, Sai Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Bachu, Sai Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Bachupally, Saikiran CharlestonCertificate
Bachupally, Saikiran CharlestonMaster of Science
Bange, Brianna NCharlestonBachelor of Science
Banothu, Yamini CharlestonMaster of Science
Banothu, Yamini CharlestonCertificate
Bantu, Saketh CharlestonMaster of Science
Barbieri, Jules MCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Barrio Sanchez, Pilar CharlestonMaster of Arts
Basva, Rohan Raja CharlestonMaster of Science
Basva, Rohan Raja CharlestonCertificate
Bobbilla, Yasaswini CharlestonMaster of Science
Bobbilla, Yasaswini CharlestonCertificate
Bodapati, Sivalinga Murthy CharlestonMaster of Science
Bodapati, Sivalinga Murthy CharlestonCertificate
Bodapati, Vijay CharlestonCertificate
Bodapati, Vijay CharlestonMaster of Science
Boinapally, Saketh RCharlestonMaster of Science
Boinapally, Saketh RCharlestonCertificate
Bravo, Kevin LCharlestonMaster of Science
Bushue, Kate NCharlestonMaster of Science
Butler, Brandon CCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Chakka, Kshithija CharlestonMaster of Science
Chakka, Kshithija CharlestonCertificate
Chekka, Kesava Prajwal CharlestonCertificate
Chekka, Kesava Prajwal CharlestonMaster of Science
Cherukuri, Pavan KCharlestonMaster of Science
Cherukuri, Pavan KCharlestonCertificate
Chindam, Sampreeth CharlestonCertificate
Chindam, Sampreeth CharlestonMaster of Science
Chinthapally, Rakshitha CharlestonCertificate
Chinthapally, Rakshitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Clarke, Katherine RCharlestonBachelor of Science
Coffey, Karly BCharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Corray, Aidan JCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Czerlanis, Dylan JCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Damarla, Sowmya CharlestonCertificate
Damarla, Sowmya CharlestonMaster of Science
Dara, Azaniah Charles CharlestonCertificate
Dara, Azaniah Charles CharlestonMaster of Science
Decker, Laura SCharlestonMaster of Science in Education
Degenhardt, Samantha DCharlestonBachelor of Arts
DeMent, Amanda LCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Devisetty, Venkata Sai Siva Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Devisetty, Venkata Sai Siva Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Dinkelmann, Dylan KCharlestonBachelor of Science
Dobbs, Michael PCharlestonBachelor of Science
Doddupati, Koteshwara RCharlestonCertificate
Doddupati, Koteshwara RCharlestonMaster of Science
Donovan, Claudia ICharlestonBachelor of Science
Doppalapudi, Sai Siva Venkata Prashanth CharlestonCertificate
Doppalapudi, Sai Siva Venkata Prashanth CharlestonMaster of Science
Dudigam, Radha Krishna CharlestonCertificate
Dudigam, Radha Krishna CharlestonMaster of Science
Eckford, Jarisha SCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Eckford, Jatrisha TCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Eddinger, Samuel CharlestonCertificate
Eddinger, Samuel CharlestonMaster of Science
Eggleston, Katie ECharlestonMaster of Arts
Feder, Amina KCharlestonMaster of Science
Gaddam, Ajith Rohan CharlestonCertificate
Gaddam, Ajith Rohan CharlestonMaster of Science
Gaddam, Arnold Shenoy CharlestonCertificate
Gaddam, Arnold Shenoy CharlestonMaster of Science
Gaddam, Goutham Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Gaddam, Goutham Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Gaddam, Supriya CharlestonMaster of Science
Gaddam, Supriya CharlestonCertificate
Gaddam, Vamsheedhar Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Gaddam, Vamsheedhar Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Gadipudi, Pavan CharlestonMaster of Science
Gadipudi, Pavan CharlestonCertificate
Gandham, Samson Shine Moses CharlestonCertificate
Gandham, Samson Shine Moses CharlestonMaster of Science
Gangula, Thriven KCharlestonMaster of Science
Gardas, Harika CharlestonMaster of Science
Gardas, Harika CharlestonCertificate
Gharst, Emily PCharlestonBachelor of Science
Ghere, Jacob HCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Gollapelly, Vinay Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Gollapelly, Vinay Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Goluguri, Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Goluguri, Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Gonuguntla, Sravani CharlestonCertificate
Gonuguntla, Sravani CharlestonMaster of Science
Gopidi, Sainath CharlestonCertificate
Gopidi, Sainath CharlestonMaster of Science
Gorantla, Purnananda CharlestonMaster of Science
Gorantla, Purnananda CharlestonCertificate
Gowin, Keegan MCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Gray, Tanner WCharlestonMaster of Science
Green, Sova ACharlestonBachelor of Arts
Green, Sova ACharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Haworth, Kristyn JCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hayward, Chase BCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Hickman, Mac LCharlestonBachelor of Science
Higgins, Holly CCharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Hill, Zachary DCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Holison, Joel ECharlestonCertificate
Holison, Joel ECharlestonMaster of Science
Holison, Joel ECharlestonMaster of Science
Ignalaga, Kyle KCharlestonMaster of Science
Ignalaga, Kyle KCharlestonCertificate
Inti, Ravi Kiran CharlestonCertificate
Inti, Ravi Kiran CharlestonMaster of Science
Ireddy, Swapneel Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Ireddy, Swapneel Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Janke, Revanth Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Janke, Revanth Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Judd, Matthew JCharlestonBachelor of Science
Kammari, Hari Krishna Mohan CharlestonMaster of Science
Kammari, Hari Krishna Mohan CharlestonCertificate
Kancharla, Raja Sekhar Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Kancharla, Raja Sekhar Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Kandibanda, Venkata Lakshmi Sravya CharlestonCertificate
Kandibanda, Venkata Lakshmi Sravya CharlestonMaster of Science
Karkonda, Kranthi KCharlestonCertificate
Karkonda, Kranthi KCharlestonMaster of Science
Karumudi, Sri Devi CharlestonCertificate
Karumudi, Sri Devi CharlestonMaster of Science
Kasineedi, Pardha Saradhi CharlestonCertificate
Kasineedi, Pardha Saradhi CharlestonMaster of Science
Kathula, Karthik CharlestonMaster of Science
Kathula, Karthik CharlestonCertificate
Katta, Rajeswari CharlestonMaster of Science
Katta, Rajeswari CharlestonCertificate
Katta, Venkateswarlu CharlestonCertificate
Katta, Venkateswarlu CharlestonMaster of Science
Katta, Vinod Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Katta, Vinod Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Kauzlarich, Jaren NCharlestonBachelor of Science
Khanal, Subodh CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Kiesse, Julien BCharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Kim, Minsoo CharlestonMaster of Arts
Kim, Yoonjin CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
King, Jenn NCharlestonMaster of Science
Kirschner Iglesias, Lenni CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Konda, Raja Jaya Chandra Goud CharlestonCertificate
Konda, Raja Jaya Chandra Goud CharlestonMaster of Science
Koppula, Rakesh Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Koppula, Rakesh Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Korla, Uday Kumar Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Korla, Uday Kumar Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Kotha, Tejaswini CharlestonMaster of Science
Kotha, Tejaswini CharlestonCertificate
Kristipati, Narasimhareddy CharlestonCertificate
Kristipati, Narasimhareddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Li, Lucy YCharlestonMaster of Arts
Li, Lucy YCharlestonCertificate
Lipscomb, Dionne SCharlestonMaster of Science
Lorton, Rylee RCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Madala, Ganesh CharlestonCertificate
Madala, Ganesh CharlestonMaster of Science
Maggdi, Sowmya CharlestonCertificate
Maggdi, Sowmya CharlestonMaster of Science
Mars, Raina ECharlestonBachelor of Arts
McPherson, Grant LCharlestonBachelor of Science
Meadows, Jessica ACharlestonMaster of Science
Mekala, Devendra Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Mekala, Devendra Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Mohammad, Ahamed CharlestonMaster of Science
Mohammad, Ahamed CharlestonCertificate
Mohammad, Siraj CharlestonCertificate
Mohammad, Siraj CharlestonMaster of Science
Mohammed, Shafi CharlestonCertificate
Mohammed, Shafi CharlestonMaster of Science
Moore, Raven ECharlestonBachelor of Arts
Morecraft, Alicia RCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Morecraft, Megan ACharlestonBachelor of Science
Mugata, Sandeep CharlestonMaster of Science
Mugata, Sandeep CharlestonCertificate
Myers, Kevin ACharlestonBachelor of Arts
Nalluri, Sreekanth CharlestonCertificate
Nalluri, Sreekanth CharlestonMaster of Science
Narukulla, Naresh CharlestonMaster of Science
Narukulla, Naresh CharlestonCertificate
Neerudu, Mamatha CharlestonMaster of Science
Neerudu, Mamatha CharlestonCertificate
Nethi, Mukesh CharlestonMaster of Science
Nethi, Mukesh CharlestonCertificate
Niedfeldt, Mackenzie JCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Nuthi, Naresh CharlestonCertificate
Nuthi, Naresh CharlestonMaster of Science
Nwaozuru, Elizabeth CCharlestonMaster of Science
Nwaozuru, Elizabeth CCharlestonMaster of Science
Oberfeldt, Catrina MCharlestonMaster of Arts
Oboro Offerie, Ruby Amanda ACharlestonMaster of Science
Ogbe, Eric ICharlestonMaster of Science
Ogbe, Eric ICharlestonMaster of Science
Ogbonna, George ICharlestonCertificate
Ogbonna, George ICharlestonMaster of Science
Okobah Dike, VALERIE VCharlestonCertificate
Okobah Dike, VALERIE VCharlestonMaster of Science
Oliveira Martins, David CharlestonMaster of Arts
Onyina, Kingsford CharlestonMaster of Arts
Palangthod, Kiranmai Suryavamshi CharlestonMaster of Science
Palangthod, Kiranmai Suryavamshi CharlestonCertificate
Pasham, Purushotham Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Pasham, Purushotham Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Pasupulati, Vikas CharlestonMaster of Science
Pasupulati, Vikas CharlestonCertificate
Patel, Chirayu JCharlestonMaster of Science
Patlolla, Rakshitha CharlestonCertificate
Patlolla, Rakshitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Paul, Anurag CharlestonMaster of Science
Pendela, Prashanth CharlestonCertificate
Pendela, Prashanth CharlestonMaster of Science
Pentala, Bhanu Prakash CharlestonCertificate
Pentala, Bhanu Prakash CharlestonMaster of Science
Pingili, Rohith Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Pingili, Rohith Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Pinnu, Gowhitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Pinnu, Gowhitha CharlestonCertificate
Ponugoti, Bharadwaj CharlestonMaster of Science
Ponugoti, Bharadwaj CharlestonCertificate
Pulivarthi, Sowjanya CharlestonMaster of Science
Pulivarthi, Sowjanya CharlestonCertificate
Rangineni, Sri Pooja CharlestonMaster of Science
Rangineni, Sri Pooja CharlestonCertificate
Ravuri, Pranay CharlestonMaster of Science
Ravuri, Pranay CharlestonCertificate
Reed, Jakob DCharlestonBachelor of Science
Roper, Melissa VCharlestonMaster of Science
Ross, Kim RCharlestonMaster of Science
Rudrangi, Samyuktha CharlestonCertificate
Rudrangi, Samyuktha CharlestonMaster of Science
Sadam, Chandra Sekhar CharlestonMaster of Science
Sadam, Chandra Sekhar CharlestonCertificate
Sapkota, Sriyas CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Schable, Kalyn RCharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Schmidt, Adam CCharlestonBachelor of Science
Schubert, Matt MCharlestonMaster of Science in Education
Shaik, Noor Basha CharlestonMaster of Science
Shaik, Noor Basha CharlestonCertificate
Singapuram, Sajani Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Singapuram, Sajani Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Smith, Oluwasola YCharlestonMaster of Science
Smith, Oluwasola YCharlestonCertificate
Sodabathula, Shridhanhsaii CharlestonMaster of Science
Sodabathula, Shridhanhsaii CharlestonCertificate
Stewart, Aaron WCharlestonBachelor of Science
Stewart, Aaron WCharlestonBachelor of Science
Sundra, Nell KCharlestonMaster of Science
Sure, Sudhamudu CharlestonMaster of Science
Sure, Sudhamudu CharlestonCertificate
Sweeney, Alexander CCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Syed, Azhar CharlestonMaster of Science
Syed, Azhar CharlestonCertificate
Talluri, Ramakrishna CharlestonMaster of Science
Talluri, Ramakrishna CharlestonCertificate
Thanda, Sai Chaithanya CharlestonMaster of Science
Thanda, Sai Chaithanya CharlestonCertificate
Thumallapally, Goutham Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Thumallapally, Goutham Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Thummalapally, Venkat Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Thummalapally, Venkat Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Tumoju, Sahruday CharlestonMaster of Science
Tumoju, Sahruday CharlestonCertificate
Tupurani, Chiranjeevi Rangachary CharlestonCertificate
Tupurani, Chiranjeevi Rangachary CharlestonMaster of Science
Twum, Isaac MCharlestonMaster of Arts
Ulberg, Kessler JCharlestonMaster of Arts
Vadlapudi, Sandeep CharlestonCertificate
Vadlapudi, Sandeep CharlestonMaster of Science
Vazquez, Nayeli ICharlestonBachelor of Arts
Velamuri, Vagdevi Iyengar CharlestonCertificate
Velamuri, Vagdevi Iyengar CharlestonMaster of Science
Vemula, Srividya CharlestonCertificate
Vemula, Srividya CharlestonMaster of Science
Voleti, Nishitha CharlestonCertificate
Voleti, Nishitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Vosburgh, Heather MCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Vuruputuri, Praneeth CharlestonCertificate
Vuruputuri, Praneeth CharlestonMaster of Science
Walters, Micah ACharlestonBachelor of Science
West, Grace MCharlestonMaster of Arts
Westerhof, Kendal ECharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
White, Carson ACharlestonBachelor of Science
Whitfield, James ECharlestonBachelor of Arts
Williams, Deonte TCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Winnett, Koltin SCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Carlson, Lindsey RCharlotteMaster of Science
Manansala, Cass CChathamBachelor of Arts
Schable, Drake EChathamBachelor of Science in Ed
Spencer, Kobe LChathamBachelor of Arts
Abraham, Meryam ChicagoBachelor of Science
Allen, Tasima TChicagoBachelor of Arts
Anifa Noorjahan, Fnu ChicagoMaster of Science
Anifa Noorjahan, Fnu ChicagoCertificate
Brown, Ron MChicagoBachelor of Arts
Chavolla, Jasmin AChicagoBachelor of Arts
Cozzie, Sean KChicagoBachelor of Arts
Cunningham, Jalyn SChicagoMaster of Arts
Davis, Frederick AChicagoBachelor of Science
Estrada, Fatima ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Hall, Keneddi KChicagoBachelor of Arts
Ham, Patrick MChicagoMaster of Arts
Huizar, Melissa ChicagoBachelor of Science
James, Sierra DChicagoBachelor of Arts
Jenkins-Truitt, Trishawn DChicagoBachelor of Science
Jones, Dewayne AChicagoBachelor of Science
Kurczak, Andrew JChicagoBachelor of Arts
Lara Solis, Yakelin ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Mabini, Nicolette AChicagoBachelor of Science
Mann, Amauryana ChicagoBachelor of Arts
McCottrell, Damien MChicagoBachelor of Arts
Mendez, Marlena AChicagoMaster of Science
Mendez, Marlena AChicagoCertificate
Mohammed, Irshad Ali ChicagoCertificate
Mohammed, Irshad Ali ChicagoMaster of Science
Nelson, Emmanuel LChicagoBachelor of Science
Nelson, Keith PChicagoBachelor of Arts
Ngo Ngimbous, Georgia ChicagoBachelor of Science
Nichols, Lorissa BChicagoBachelor of Arts
O'Rourke, Colleen ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Pihlstrom, Kate NChicagoBachelor of Fine Arts
Rivera, Giselle ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Rivera, Jasmine KChicagoMaster of Arts
Roberson, Avian LChicagoBachelor of Arts
Rogers, Destiny RChicagoBachelor of Arts
Rutherford, Jael DChicagoBachelor of Arts
Serrano, Regina RChicagoBachelor of Arts
Smith, Jamiya DChicagoBachelor of Science
Sopoci, McKenzie KChicagoSpecialist in School Psych
Stinson, Shanisa SChicagoBachelor of Arts
Thomas, Cheryn CChicagoBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Megan EChicagoBachelor of Arts
Tolbert, Mariyah NChicagoBachelor of Arts
Vilella, Blanca EChicagoBachelor of Arts
Walker, Daekwon LChicagoBachelor of Science
Walker, Donnell ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Weber, Shailee GChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Beyonce PChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Derria AChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Bravo, Michelle SChicago HeightsBachelor of Arts
Judeh, Jannah AChicago RidgeBachelor of Science
Ledbetter, Hailee JChillicotheBachelor of Science in Ed
Kottenaga, Lokesh Chandra CHITTOORCertificate
Kottenaga, Lokesh Chandra CHITTOORMaster of Science
Mandala, Chitra Bhanu ChittoorCertificate
Mandala, Chitra Bhanu ChittoorMaster of Science
Napier, Avoree JChrismanBachelor of Science in Bus
Walker, Harrison GCisneBachelor of Science
Page, Carly RClaremontBachelor of Arts
Cailteux, Shelby LClay CityBachelor of Science in Bus
Mogiligidda, Pooja Reddy ClevelandCertificate
Mogiligidda, Pooja Reddy ClevelandMaster of Science
Rachabattuni, Sri Ritvik ClevelandMaster of Science
Rachabattuni, Sri Ritvik ClevelandCertificate
Cunningham, Caleb JClintonBachelor of Arts
Hicks, Sarah VClintonBachelor of Science
Wright, Roxanna MClintonBachelor of Arts
Santha, Sarayu Reddy ColleyvilleMaster of Science
Santha, Sarayu Reddy ColleyvilleCertificate
Enlow, Jordan ACollinsvilleBachelor of Arts
Rueter, Jacob AColumbiaMaster of Science
Carter, Destinee SCountry Club HillsBachelor of Arts
Quagliano, Kaitlyn TCountrysideBachelor of Science in Ed
Montanaro, Rachel ECoventryMaster of Arts
Jones, Kristina KCowdenBachelor of Science
Rucks, Bradley JCreteBachelor of Science
Bonin, Bryce ECrown PointMaster of Science
Spanburg, Isabel GCrown PointBachelor of Science
Dalzell, Lex RCrystal LakeBachelor of Science in Ed
Dean, Alexia LCrystal LakeBachelor of Science in Ed
Fetzner, Jessica LCrystal LakeCertificate
Flanagan, Avani MCrystal LakeCertificate
Flanagan, Avani MCrystal LakeMaster of Science
Flanagan, Avani MCrystal LakeMaster of Science
Ignoffo, Ryan PCrystal LakeBachelor of Science
Rafford, Kailey ACrystal LakeMaster of Science in Education
Schroeder, Shannon Crystal LakeCertificate
Vasquez, Pedro Crystal LakeBachelor of Science
Baur, Daniel CumberlandMaster of Science
McMorris, Aimee MCypressMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Harrison, Madison EDanaBachelor of Science
Adams, Lisa ADanvilleSpecialist in Education
Anderson, Kathryn SDanvilleBachelor of Science
Dye, Destiny CDanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Ellis, Lauren KDanvilleBachelor of Science
Hile, Noah PDanvilleBachelor of Arts
Key, Mary KDanvilleMaster of Science in Education
Lareau, Kelsey DDanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Lawson, Tarron KDanvilleBachelor of Science
McFarland, Precious LDanvilleBachelor of Science
Murdock, Michael ADanvilleBachelor of Science
Neil, Brianne DDanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Schak, Megan KDanvilleMaster of Science in Education
Smiley, Ashley KDanvilleSpecialist in Education
Brinkoetter, Allison MDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Burgener, Allie TDecaturBachelor of Arts
Fletcher, Lindsey JDecaturBachelor of Arts
Harding, Christelle GDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Hargrove, Erin DDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Kelly, Sara JDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Lee, Quan JDecaturBachelor of Science
Lyons, Hannah NDecaturBachelor of Fine Arts
Mann, Cassie NDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Moran, Brittney RDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Outzen, Emily RDecaturBachelor of Science in Ed
Stock, Kassey JDecaturMaster of Science
Wilson, Kristina MDecaturBachelor of Science
Pearson, Jacob TDeKalbMaster of Science
Thomas, Shandall LDeKalbMaster of Science
Springer, Katie ADelavanBachelor of Science in Ed
Patel, Meet PDes PlainesMaster of Science
Zaima, Zahin DhakaMaster of Arts
Karki, Prabin DhankutaBachelor of Arts
Deters, Allison LDieterichMaster of Science in Education
Shadle, Anna MDieterichBachelor of Science in Ed
Boll, Kelsey ADixonMaster of Science
Hastings, Cory DongolaMaster of Science in Education
Huffman, Trevor JDonovanBachelor of Music
Prescott, Robby CDowners GroveMaster of Science
Hickman, Clara EDownsBachelor of Science in Ed
Chabuksavar Shaik, Asfia Anjum DuluthMaster of Science
Chabuksavar Shaik, Asfia Anjum DuluthCertificate
Burton, Kyle RDundeeBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Sherali, Munir OEast LansingBachelor of Science
Wetherill, Ryan REdwardsBachelor of Arts
Knebel, Sam JEdwardsvilleMaster of Science
Roberts, Keri EdwardsvilleMaster of Science in Education
Berry, Anthony CEffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Bierman, Kendra PEffinghamMaster of Science
Buening, Rachel AEffinghamBachelor of Science in Ed
Buscher, Madison MEffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Guy, Dylan MEffinghamBachelor of Arts
Hemrich, Broc MEffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Kabbes, Will AEffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Lopez, Jazmin EffinghamBachelor of Science
Meyer, Sean MEffinghamBachelor of Arts
Parker, Bethany NEffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Quast, Jayci LEffinghamBachelor of Arts
Schumacher, Bailey REffinghamMaster of Science
Tipton, Sydney AEffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Kelly, Breanna LEl PasoMaster of Science
Schug, Nathaniel AEl PasoMaster of Science
Carbajal, Lizbet ElginBachelor of Science
Epps, Matthew AElginBachelor of Arts
Antonacci, John REllis GroveSpecialist in Education
Allen, Claudia JElmhurstBachelor of Arts
Lange, Mikayla MElwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Greene, Keaton JEurekaMaster of Science
Brown, Sheriel JEvanstonBachelor of Science
Guerra, Thomas JEvergreen ParkMaster of Arts
Hawkshaw, Caroline MEvergreen ParkBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Samman, Yaser SFairfaxMaster of Science
Ballard, Sophia GFairfieldBachelor of Arts
Kwon, Katra MFairfieldMaster of Arts
McKibben, Rachael AFairfieldBachelor of Science
Miller, Robert WFairmountBachelor of Science in Bus
Frimpong, Candy FFallonMaster of Arts
Welch, Tabitha KFarinaBachelor of Arts
Grider, Sarah NFarmer CityBachelor of Arts
Sutton, Casey NFayettevilleMaster of Arts
Freyling, Nathan DFentonMaster of Science
Sirbaugh, Sami EFindlayMaster of Science
Totten, Heather DFindlayBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Abby LFishersBachelor of Science
Cole, Gabrielle HFloraBachelor of Science
Kirkpatrick, Tylyn RFloraBachelor of Science
Roth, Corben RFloraMaster of Science
Holmes, Jordan TFlorissantBachelor of Arts
Brown, Lillian BFlossmoorBachelor of Science
Johnson, Faith NForest ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Wisner, Jennifer LForsythMaster of Business Admin
Davis, Madissen KFort WorthMaster of Science
Pavone, Emily RFountain HillsMaster of Science in Education
Buchanan, Michael AFrankfortBachelor of Science
Cooke, Braeden CFrankfortBachelor of Science
Dilger, Clare RFrankfortMaster of Science
Fushi, Skylar RFrankfortMaster of Arts
Neylon, Abby EFrankfortMaster of Arts
Pascual, Ambrosia KFrankfortBachelor of Science
Wright, Taylor AFrankfortBachelor of Science in Bus
Weber, Eva PFreeburgBachelor of Fine Arts
Frautschy, Isabelle DFreeportMaster of Science
Stevens, Kate EFreeportBachelor of Arts
Chinthapalli, Sriharsha FriscoCertificate
Chinthapalli, Sriharsha FriscoMaster of Science
Smith, Preston RFt Myers BchBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Hankes, Brianne LGalesburgCertificate
Downen, Jake BGaysBachelor of Science
Downen, Tyler MGaysBachelor of Science
Hortenstine, James DGaysMaster of Science
Terwilliger, Mitchell JGenevaBachelor of Arts
Corley, Austin JGeorgetownBachelor of Arts
Dean, Elena RGeorgetownBachelor of Arts
Poeschl, Brooke LGeorgetownMaster of Science in Education
Siddens, Shelby RGeorgetownBachelor of Science in Ed
Carpenter, Daniel BGibson CityBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Katie MGibson CityBachelor of Arts
Freeman, Candace MGiffordSpecialist in Education
Robinson, Kristina LGlen CarbonBachelor of Science
Bergman, Faith AGlenviewBachelor of Arts
Bunse, Claire EGodfreyBachelor of Science in Bus
Croxford, Madeline RGodfreyMaster of Science
Litwiller, Morgan NGoshenBachelor of Science
Geilear, Brittany NGrayslakeMaster of Science
Kerbs, William RGrayslakeBachelor of Science
Carlen, Breanna FGreenupBachelor of Science
Hollensbe, Cody JGreenupMaster of Science
Manuel, Alex AGreenupBachelor of Science
Talley, Alex MGreenupBachelor of Science in Bus
Waller, Morgan RGreenupMaster of Science in Education
Oakley, Evan GGreenvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Sanders, Dylan CGreenvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Campbell, Shae NGrovelandBachelor of Science in Ed
Aleti, Divya Sai Naga Mounika GunturMaster of Science
Aleti, Divya Sai Naga Mounika GunturCertificate
Nallamothu, Anusha GUNTURMaster of Science
Nallamothu, Anusha GUNTURCertificate


Name City Program
Wallace, Thomas JHalifaxBachelor of Arts
Magnuson, Kaylee NHanna CityBachelor of Arts
Balderas, Raegan AHartlandBachelor of Arts
Trimuel, Terrence EHarveyBachelor of Science in Bus
Boynton, Christina AHermantownMaster of Arts
Nohren, Andy THerrickMaster of Arts
Butler, David DHerrinMaster of Science in Education
Preston, Corbin RHerrinBachelor of Science
Reed, Clayton JHerrinBachelor of Science in Ed
Smith, Kaitlyn NHerrinBachelor of Science
Sieg, Haley BHeyworthMaster of Science
Neidhardt, Logen THicksvilleMaster of Science
Dunavan, Emily SHighlandMaster of Science in Education
Gibbons, Lexi AHighlandBachelor of Science in Ed
Kielbania, Ryan VHighlandBachelor of Science in Bus
Ripperda, Allyson MHighlandMaster of Science in Education
Torre, Stephen JHighlandBachelor of Science in Bus
Napoleoni, Caitlin AHinesburgBachelor of Arts
Napoleoni, Caitlin AHinesburgBachelor of Science
Dandy, Russell MHinesvilleBachelor of Arts
Marshall, Alexis DHolly SpringsBachelor of Arts
Uher, Dustin GHomer GlenCertificate
Klaber, John DHoopestonSpecialist in Education
Smith, Ethan GHoopestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Zayas, Hanna Marie THoopestonBachelor of Science
Luu, Tammy HoustonMaster of Science
Laxner, Nick HHuntleyBachelor of Science
Yendeti, Sai supraja HuttoCertificate
Yendeti, Sai supraja HuttoMaster of Science
Dharmaram, Saideep HyderabadMaster of Science
Dharmaram, Saideep HyderabadCertificate
Kongara, Rakshith HYDERABADCertificate
Kongara, Rakshith HYDERABADMaster of Science
Mettu, Rohith Reddy HyderabadCertificate
Mettu, Rohith Reddy HyderabadMaster of Science
Naalla, Nikhil Kumar HyderabadMaster of Science
Naalla, Nikhil Kumar HyderabadCertificate
Pabathi, Youshita Goud HyderabadMaster of Science
Pabathi, Youshita Goud HyderabadCertificate
Padala, Prameela Reddy HyderabadMaster of Science
Sangisetty, Sai Kumar HyderabadMaster of Science
Sangisetty, Sai Kumar HyderabadCertificate
Vallabhaneni, Shriya HYDERABADCertificate
Vallabhaneni, Shriya HYDERABADMaster of Science
Vanam, Maneesh Kumar HyderabadMaster of Science
Vanam, Maneesh Kumar HyderabadCertificate


Name City Program
Swick, Jeanette AIlliopolisMaster of Science
Gribble, Kyleigh LIndianapolisMaster of Arts
Huddleston, Kyle LIndianapolisMaster of Arts
Konduru, Varun Krishna IrvingMaster of Science
Konduru, Varun Krishna IrvingCertificate
Garcia, Kenny Island LakeBachelor of Arts
Weber, Emily LIsland LakeBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Berlin, Alexis AJanesvilleBachelor of Arts
Buechlein, Danielle AJasperSpecialist in School Psych
Gouws, Christine JohannnesburgBachelor of Science
Kruczkowski, Cecilia VJolietBachelor of Arts
Lacy, Anthony WJolietBachelor of Science
Miles, Amber TJolietBachelor of Science
Carlson, Ethan TJonesboroMaster of Science


Name City Program
Daniels, Parys KankakeeBachelor of Arts
Hopper, Audrey RKankakeeBachelor of Arts
Johnston, Brooke RKankakeeBachelor of Science
Harris, Denise EKansasBachelor of Arts
Erwin, Justin TKathleenBachelor of Arts
O'Brien, Jonah RKaukaunaBachelor of Arts
Green, Katelyn MKellBachelor of Science
Ulloa, Diego JKentwoodMaster of Science
Anuci, Nicoletta MKetteringBachelor of Arts
Keel, Meaghan LKewaneeBachelor of Arts
Elwood, Christy DKinmundySpecialist in Education
Nimmagadda, Shantan Mukesh KRISHNACertificate
Nimmagadda, Shantan Mukesh KRISHNAMaster of Science


Name City Program
Dolezal, Laura LLa Grange HighlandsMaster of Science
Voss, Anders CLa VerneMaster of Science
Mazzocco, Sam NLake In The HillsBachelor of Science
Malinowski, Sara ALake VillaBachelor of Science
Kirshenbaum, Gina Lake ZurichBachelor of Science in Ed
Holland, Dennis LakewoodBachelor of Arts
Owens, Nicole RLakewoodBachelor of Science in Bus
Gaddis, Nicole Le RoyMaster of Science in Education
Depatla, Harshitha LeanderMaster of Science
Depatla, Harshitha LeanderCertificate
Beals, Haley CLernaBachelor of Science
Liang, Qiuping LernaBachelor of Arts
Redmon, Jayme NLexingtonMaster of Science
Callen, Jenna CLibertyvilleMaster of Science
Erausquin Bayona, Carla LimaMaster of Arts
Brassfield, Michael BLincolnBachelor of Fine Arts
Burton, Eric DLincolnMaster of Arts
Steiner, Madeline LincolnBachelor of Arts
O'Malley, Austin JLindenhurstBachelor of Arts
Zurek, Erin ELisleMaster of Science
Siddall, Teri ELodaBachelor of Arts
Crimmins, Chris JLombardBachelor of Science in Bus
Davies, Faith MLombardBachelor of Science
Hatfield, Dustin JLone RockMaster of Science
Makianich, Ivo Long BeachMaster of Arts
Akbar, Ja'Lil RLouisvilleBachelor of Science
Allen, Keisha ALouisvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Buzzutto, Brittany CLouisvilleMaster of Arts
Fleener, Audrey NLouisvilleBachelor of Science
Frye, Raigan ALouisvilleBachelor of Science
Newby, Sarah LLouisvilleMaster of Science in Education
Phelps, DaCosta DLouisvilleMaster of Arts
Rinehart, Mackenzie ALouisvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Rucker, Nick LLouisvilleBachelor of Arts
Hanson, Heidi JLudlowBachelor of Arts
Doody, Olivia GLyonsBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Hamson, Brenna GMacedoniaBachelor of Science
Dye, Austin JMachesney ParkSpecialist in School Psych
Wojcicki, Mckenna RMacombBachelor of Arts
Fries, Mia VMadisonBachelor of Science
Sego, Kathy SMadisonMaster of Arts
Kodumuru, Varun mahabubnagarCertificate
Kodumuru, Varun mahabubnagarMaster of Science
Beasley, Courtney LMahometBachelor of Science in Bus
Kilar, Lauren MMahometMaster of Business Admin
Schulze, Heather AMahometBachelor of Arts
Stacey, Angie KMahometBachelor of Science
Mohammad, Azeez ManchesterMaster of Science
Mohammad, Azeez ManchesterCertificate
Blatti, Samantha LManhattanBachelor of Arts
Khamisani, Noor Ul Haash ManhattanCertificate
Khamisani, Noor Ul Haash ManhattanMaster of Business Admin
Khamisani, Noor Ul Haash ManhattanMaster of Science
Nau, Carly NManhattanBachelor of Arts
Kuruppu, Rushini LMantenoBachelor of Science
Mallaney, Patrick JMantenoBachelor of Science
Mistrata, Jeff TMantenoBachelor of Science in Bus
Martynowicz, Peter LMarengoBachelor of Science
Spengler, Haley AMarengoMaster of Science
Gleeson, Jake OMariettaBachelor of Science
Mattox, Cam JMarkhamBachelor of Arts
Vance, Amber NMaroaMaster of Science in Education
Bubeck, Samantha JMarshallMaster of Science
Clark, Macy NMarshallBachelor of Science
Floyd, Jacinda JMarshallBachelor of Science
O'Rourke, Kelsie JMarshallMaster of Science
Pulliam, Bryan SMarshallMaster of Business Admin
Woods, Gracie LMarshallBachelor of Fine Arts
Jacobs, Kiley JMartinsvilleBachelor of Science
Svika, Orrin EMartinsvilleBachelor of Arts
Wiley, Curtis JMartinsvilleBachelor of Science
Wooten, Savanna GMaryland HeightsBachelor of Music
Lowry, David CMasonBachelor of Science in Bus
Zimdars, Kylie LMasonBachelor of Science in Bus
Haley, Jeanice NMatteson Bachelor of Science in Bus
Anderson, Chloe LMattoonMaster of Science
Anello, Vincent JMattoonBachelor of Arts
Annis, Jordan NMattoonBachelor of Fine Arts
Basham, Kyliegh RMattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Budde, Ethan LMattoonBachelor of Science
Coleman, Caleb DMattoonBachelor of Science
Cox, James BMattoonMaster of Science in Education
Donnelly, Erin CMattoonBachelor of Science
Dow, Gracie MMattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Ferris, Lindsay RMattoonBachelor of Arts
Freeman, Madison MMattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Freeman, Madison MMattoonBachelor of Science
French, Ian DMattoonBachelor of Science
Gardner, Silvey PMattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Graham, Mack LMattoonBachelor of Arts
Heuerman, Jason WMattoonMaster of Business Admin
Jones, Cheyenne RMattoonBachelor of Arts
Lane, Regina KMattoonBachelor of Science
Miller, Joy MattoonMaster of Arts
Miller, Macayle MMattoonBachelor of Arts
Nichols, Jackson DMattoonBachelor of Science
O'Brien, Lauren VMattoonBachelor of Science
Osborn, Jolie PMattoonBachelor of Fine Arts
Overton, Saige OMattoonBachelor of Arts
Rasmussen, William JMattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Spidle, Taylor PMattoonBachelor of Science
Spitz, Jacob TMattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Harrison, Jessica AMcHenryBachelor of Arts
Todd, Emily EMcHenryBachelor of Arts
Rivera, Izcaly Melrose ParkBachelor of Science in Ed
Keigher, Estelle EMelvinBachelor of Science
Aman, Ashley JMetamoraMaster of Science in Education
Miller, Megan EMetamoraMaster of Science in Education
Toft, Andrea JMetamoraMaster of Science in Education
Voleti, Venkata Sravan MiamiMaster of Science
Voleti, Venkata Sravan MiamiCertificate
Millwood, Katy NMiddletownMaster of Science
Shields, Lexi LMilwaukeeMaster of Arts
Constanzo, Aaron CMinookaBachelor of Arts
Ross, Sereniti GMinookaBachelor of Science
Fox, Keagan JMokenaBachelor of Science
Tooke, Austin TMokenaBachelor of Science in Bus
Daly, Maura EMoneeBachelor of Music
Klotz, Allison LMontgomeryMaster of Science
Bergfeld, Daniel JMonticelloMaster of Science in Education
Edmondson, Emily DMonticelloBachelor of Science
Elston, Abigail AMonticelloBachelor of Science
Lieske, Robert FMorrisBachelor of Science in Bus
Schneider, Anne MMorrisMaster of Arts
VanOudt, Mac RMorrisMaster of Science
Wasko, Heather LMorrisBachelor of Arts
Weston, Anakin MMorrisonMaster of Arts
Magnuson, Elly MMortonBachelor of Science
Baker, Logan DMount CarmelBachelor of Arts
Guard, Teagan GMount CarmelBachelor of Science
Hillyard, Andrew JMount CarmelBachelor of Music
Walker, Presley MMount CarmelBachelor of Music
Wilson, Samuel GMount CarmelMaster of Arts
Mellott, Sarah MMount VernonSpecialist in Education
Reynolds, Savannah Mount VernonMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Sarah EMt ZionMaster of Science in Education
Balcerak, Mackenzie KMuskegoBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Mencke, Shereen JN RiversideBachelor of Science
Patel, Aniket KNairobiBachelor of Science in Bus
Bommireddy, Akhila NALGONDAMaster of Science
Bommireddy, Akhila NALGONDACertificate
Maram, Shashank NalgondaCertificate
Maram, Shashank NalgondaMaster of Science
Morris, Christopher JNapervilleBachelor of Science
Bandaru, Praneeth Reddy NELLORECertificate
Bandaru, Praneeth Reddy NELLOREMaster of Science
Somavarapu, Vaishnavi NELLOREMaster of Science
Somavarapu, Vaishnavi NELLORECertificate
Yeturu, Venkata Sai Ram NelloreMaster of Science
Yeturu, Venkata Sai Ram NelloreCertificate
Bear, Jordan CNeogaSpecialist in Education
Cleeton, McKenna ANeogaBachelor of Science
Easton, Aly DNeogaBachelor of Science in Bus
Hill, Robert CNeogaBachelor of Science in Bus
Kidd, Madelyn ENeogaBachelor of Arts
Vaughn, Kolby LNeogaBachelor of Arts
Wilkinson, Jordon TNeogaBachelor of Science
Auchstetter, Kara JNew LenoxMaster of Science
Brennan, Alaina MNew LenoxMaster of Science
Mueller, Jacob MNew MemphisMaster of Science
Barry, Harley NNewmanBachelor of Science in Ed
Goode, Colton JNewtonMaster of Science
Klier, Kyle GNewtonSpecialist in Education
Russell, Renae NNewtonBachelor of Science
Stoops, Noelle JNewtonBachelor of Fine Arts
Louie, Christina TNilesBachelor of Science in Ed
Hess, Lily DNoblesvilleMaster of Science
Chumley, Emily ENokomisBachelor of Science in Ed
Boomgarden, Jason DNormalBachelor of Arts
Boomgarden, Meagan MNormalBachelor of Fine Arts
Estabrook, Tj JNormalMaster of Science
Klingler, Benjamin JNormalBachelor of Science
Price, Torie NormalBachelor of Science
Ruiz, Abriana JNormalBachelor of Science
Landolt, Erica CNorris CityMaster of Science in Education
Santiago, Kaitlin SNorth AuroraBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Gudmundson, Maddie JO FallonMaster of Science
Hays, Austin MO FallonBachelor of Science
Bearden, Jason Oak ForestBachelor of Science
Marban, Michelle MOak ForestMaster of Science in Education
Alejandro, Mary Beth Oak LawnBachelor of Science
Moore, Abby LOak LawnBachelor of Science
Palacios, Ian MOak LawnBachelor of Arts
Spillane, Hannah NOak LawnMaster of Science
Ard, Caleb AOaklandBachelor of Science
Hemrich, Tammy SOaklandBachelor of Arts
Veach, Taylor AOaklandBachelor of Arts
Miller, Taylor AOakleyMaster of Science in Education
Allen, Hallie DOblongMaster of Science
Heidt, Drew MOdessaMaster of Science
Logan, Nathan JOgdenBachelor of Science
Wienstroer, Macey ROkawvilleSpecialist in School Psych
Doyle, Dalton DOlatheMaster of Business Admin
Adams, Connor MOlneyBachelor of Arts
Blake, Stephanie LOlneyBachelor of Science in Bus
Holdrieth, Abby ROlneyMaster of Arts
Kinkade, Rachel LOlneyMaster of Science in Education
Seiler, Anita JOlneyMaster of Science in Education
Shryock, Delaney ROlneyBachelor of Science in Ed
Stubbe, Mackenzie MOlneyBachelor of Science in Ed
Zuber, Madison EOlneyMaster of Science
Montas, Jennifer EOlympia FieldsBachelor of Arts
Kenny, Megan NOmahaBachelor of Arts
Pool, Marissa FOnargaBachelor of Science in Bus
Brookman, Zach SOpdykeMaster of Science in Education
York, Ian ROpelikaBachelor of Science
Anderson, Noah COreanaBachelor of Science
Hedgpeth, Forrest DOreanaBachelor of Science
Aqel, Ameer MOrland HillsBachelor of Science in Bus
Ibarra, Scott MOrland ParkMaster of Arts
Karp, Jacob NOrland ParkBachelor of Arts
Oliver, Rashad ROrland ParkBachelor of Science
Picman, Kathleen MOrland ParkMaster of Science in Education
Lane, C.J. COrlandoBachelor of Arts
Wynn, Tyne GOronocoMaster of Arts
Cruz, Bryan OOswegoBachelor of Science in Bus
Milholland, Elise EOttawaBachelor of Science
Wagner, Patricia AOttawaCertificate
Wagner, Patricia AOttawaMaster of Arts
Warrick, Alex LOwensboroBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Hightshoe, Grayce LPalestineBachelor of Arts
McCord, Abbey RPalestineBachelor of Science
Wilson, Isaac TPalestineBachelor of Arts
Guthrie, Katelyn RPalmyraBachelor of Science in Ed
Curry-Smith, Asia MPalos HillsMaster of Science
McCombe, Jacob PPanaBachelor of Science
Van Uytven, Jodi APanaMaster of Science in Education
Gill, Amanda RParisBachelor of Science in Ed
Taylor, Luke RParisBachelor of Arts
Travioli, Cloe LParisBachelor of Arts
Henderson, Joshua SPark ForestBachelor of Science
Usikalu, Femi BPark ForestMaster of Science
Usikalu, Femi BPark ForestCertificate
Sullens, Dawson PPatokaBachelor of Arts
Fouse, Brooke LPaxtonBachelor of Science
Kennedy, Molly APaxtonBachelor of Arts
Marty, Jessica DPaxtonBachelor of Science
Phillips, Harlee EPaxtonBachelor of Science
Carter, Taylor PPearlBachelor of Science in Ed
Belcher, Cole JPekinMaster of Arts
Howard, Kiley RPekinBachelor of Science in Bus
Kowalski Barth, Mary Anna CPekinBachelor of Science in Bus
Kowalski Barth, Mary Anna CPekinBachelor of Arts
Irvin, Grace CPenfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Jenkins-Spiegel, Lexszi NPeoriaBachelor of Arts
Neal, Josiah APeoriaBachelor of Arts
Kmety, Cynthia EPeotoneMaster of Arts
Rufino, Karen RPhiladelphiaMaster of Arts
Aleti, Venkata Siva Sai Hanuma Subba Rao PidugurallaMaster of Science
Aleti, Venkata Siva Sai Hanuma Subba Rao PidugurallaCertificate
Leach, Cameron XPlainfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
Michalski, Hannah FPlainfieldBachelor of Science
Revish, Nathaniel SPlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Tobin, Alexandra LPlainfieldBachelor of Science
Morris, Macey CPlantationBachelor of Arts
Jenkins, Anthony TPleasant PlainsBachelor of Arts
Howse, Jessica PPocahontasMaster of Science in Education
Webb, Brady RPoloBachelor of Science in Bus
Weaver, Brayden MPontiacBachelor of Science
Trout, Chaney CPoplar BluffBachelor of Arts
Haye, Brandon TPort BarringtonBachelor of Science
Turek, Sofia MPort BarringtonBachelor of Arts
Braun, Kirsten RPrairie Du RocherBachelor of Science
Kunamneni, Venkata Sai Kumar PrakasamCertificate
Kunamneni, Venkata Sai Kumar PrakasamMaster of Science
Kolling, Hannah KProphetstownBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Griffard, Megan AQuincyMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Vanga, Srujan Rajanna SircillaMaster of Science
Vanga, Srujan Rajanna SircillaCertificate
Moreland, Leah GRamseyBachelor of Science in Ed
Wellbaum, Finn HRamseyMaster of Arts
Eaton, Missy MRankinMaster of Science
Hein, Hannah JRankinBachelor of Arts
Larson, Emma LRantoulBachelor of Science in Ed
Morrow, Marysa MRantoulBachelor of Science
Parott, Raymond LRantoulBachelor of Arts
Krager, Cameron DRaymondBachelor of Science in Bus
Utz, Christina RichmondMaster of Science
Abrams, Sidney MRichton ParkMaster of Business Admin
Walker, Tiffany CRichton ParkBachelor of Arts
Shults, Nathan WRidgwayCertificate
Shults, Nathan WRidgwayMaster of Science
Moore, Donovan NRiverdaleBachelor of Science
Allen, Pj BRoanokeBachelor of Science
Abazi, Julia RobinsonMaster of Arts
Beals, Katie JRobinsonBachelor of Arts
Jones, Elisha IRobinsonBachelor of Arts
Monti, Tailar RRobinsonMaster of Business Admin
Voorheis, Rebecca JRobinsonBachelor of Science
Wolf, Mykala BRobinsonMaster of Science
Easter, Kiara DRockfordBachelor of Arts
Jessen, Genesis ARockfordBachelor of Science in Ed
Lovgren, Tyler JRockfordMaster of Science in Education
Moline, Angela LRockfordBachelor of Science
Roberson, Natalie MRockfordMaster of Science
Daniels, Taylor RocktonSpecialist in School Psych
Ludington, Rico LRolling MeadowsBachelor of Arts
Dreschler, Brendan RRound LakeMaster of Science
Friesz, Matti JRound RockBachelor of Science
Barnes, Jarad LRoxanaBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Wells, Katie CSadorusBachelor of Arts
Norris, Noah RSailor SpringsBachelor of Science
Gartin, Marissa JSaint CharlesBachelor of Science in Bus
Williams, Daniel WSaint CharlesBachelor of Arts
Monts, Sharon ESaint FrancisvilleMaster of Science in Education
Siegle, Emily ASaint FrancisvilleBachelor of Science
Charters, Rachel ESaint JosephMaster of Science
Cummins, Darren TSaint JosephBachelor of Arts
Kneer, Courtney MSaint JosephBachelor of Arts
Mabry, Samantha GSaint JosephMaster of Arts
McElroy, Shelby ESaint JosephBachelor of Science
Meyer, Aiden BSaint JosephBachelor of Science in Bus
Hahn, Macy JSaint LouisMaster of Science in Education
Suber, Jekeel CSaint LouisBachelor of Arts
Gallaher, Ben JSaint PaulBachelor of Science in Bus
Anderson, Brittany JSalemBachelor of Arts
Billings, Mia KSalemMaster of Science
Foppe, Vince XSalemBachelor of Science
Littrell, McKenna NSalemBachelor of Science in Ed
Bergeson, Benjamin CSalt Lake CityBachelor of Science
Lok, Kristen NSan GabrielMaster of Science
Heilemeier, Deb LSandwichCertificate
Kothakapu, Praneeth Reddy SangareddyMaster of Science
Kothakapu, Praneeth Reddy SangareddyCertificate
Bukraba-Ulanova, Elizaveta LSarasotaBachelor of Science in Bus
Washington, Lariah MSartellBachelor of Science in Bus
Etuk, Destiny USauk VillageBachelor of Science
Hoffman, Alexa GSavoyMaster of Science
Johnston, Heather RSavoyBachelor of Arts
Vavrik, Maggie JSavoyBachelor of Science in Ed
Feder, Angelique CSchaumburgBachelor of Science
Fong, Cynthia ScherervilleBachelor of Science
Kowalski, Miki RSchiller ParkMaster of Science in Education
Kaufman, Rachel LSeymourBachelor of Science in Bus
Priest, Michele DSeymourBachelor of Science
Kleiboeker, Jenna SShattucBachelor of Science
Cowen, Amanda JShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Barrett, Brian JShermanBachelor of Science
Bartlett, Alexa LShermanBachelor of Science
Beaver, Caitlin RShermanMaster of Science
Olysav, Brad PShermanBachelor of Science
Paape, Kirsten MShilohBachelor of Fine Arts
Tessereau, Carleigh NShilohBachelor of Arts
Gathoni, Serah WShorewoodBachelor of Science
Goli, Tharun Reddy ShrewsburyMaster of Science
Goli, Tharun Reddy ShrewsburyCertificate
Prunkard-Merritt, Hanna JSidellMaster of Science in Education
Nasser, Alejandro ASidneyBachelor of Science in Ed
Krampe, Brittany ASigelBachelor of Science
Emmons, Ja'wan JSouth HollandMaster of Arts
Milner, Dontae JSouth HollandBachelor of Science
Black, Annika ASouth JacksonvilleBachelor of Arts
Killebrew, Jerelyn ESouth JacksonvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Schmidt, Molly ESouth JacksonvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Barnett, Jayci RSpartaMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Jack LSpartaMaster of Science in Education
Edwards, Grant RSpringfieldBachelor of Arts
Fisher, Nicole RSpringfieldMaster of Science
Taylor, Chauntria RSpringfieldBachelor of Science
Dhareddy, Udayini Reddy St LouisMaster of Science
Dhareddy, Udayini Reddy St LouisCertificate
Buskirk, Makayla NSt. JosephBachelor of Science in Ed
Kollore, Akiya St.LouisBachelor of Arts
Smith, Jackie RStamfordMaster of Arts
Jones, Anna LStegerBachelor of Arts
Schultz, Jocelyn RStewardsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Atchison, Madison NSullivanBachelor of Science in Ed
Badman, Cami JSullivanCertificate
Freeman, Shelby ASullivanMaster of Science
Matlock, Andrew JSullivanBachelor of Arts
McReynolds, Taylor RSullivanBachelor of Arts
Niebrugge, Tyler RSullivanMaster of Science in Education
Polley, Trenton JSullivanBachelor of Science in Bus
Robinson, Jazlyn NSumnerBachelor of Arts
Supidi, Srinivas Sun PrairieMaster of Science
Supidi, Srinivas Sun PrairieCertificate
DeClercq, Mary FSunnyvaleMaster of Arts
Gaddam, Sricharan SuryapetMaster of Science
Gaddam, Sricharan SuryapetCertificate
Young-Perez, Christian KSwanseaBachelor of Science
Knapp, Grace MSycamoreBachelor of Arts
Schneeman, Derek MSycamoreMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Moreland, Dariess ATaylorvilleBachelor of Science
Noller, Holly ATaylorvilleMaster of Science in Education
Richardson, Molly JTaylorvilleMaster of Science in Education
Smith, Abigail ETaylorvilleMaster of Science
Gebben, Savanna ATeutopolisBachelor of Science in Ed
Kreke, Audrey RTeutopolisBachelor of Science in Ed
McMahon, Callie RTeutopolisBachelor of Fine Arts
Runde, Lindsey JTeutopolisBachelor of Science
Nigh, Penny MThomasboroMaster of Arts
Budrick, Rebekka NTinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Kee, Joshua LTinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Singleton, Ceili MTinley ParkBachelor of Arts
White, Maria RToledoMaster of Science in Education
Hottman, Amy RTolonoBachelor of Science
Jones, Amy KTolonoSpecialist in Education
Lutz, Hallie ETolonoBachelor of Science
Pyle, Evyenia DTolonoBachelor of Science
Wheeler, JT TTolonoBachelor of Science
Bane, Stephanie NTolucaBachelor of Science
Klekamp, Benjamin RTowandaMaster of Science in Education
Countryman, Raine MTroyBachelor of Arts
Cooks, DeWayne MTulsaBachelor of Science
Jackson, Victoria DTuscaloosaBachelor of Science
Bates, Guy RTuscolaMaster of Arts
Bloomer, Phoebe DTuscolaBachelor of Fine Arts
Gream-Sevigny, Zane RTuscolaBachelor of Science
Jones, Sophie NTuscolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Kwiatkowski, Audra ETuscolaBachelor of Science in Bus
Nau, Paul LTuscolaBachelor of Arts
Neal, Katherine ATuscolaBachelor of Science
Pettry, Gemini ATuscolaBachelor of Science in Ed
Pettry, Samantha JTuscolaMaster of Science in Education
Snider, Grace ETuscolaMaster of Science


Name City Program
Dixon, Chanel MUniversity ParkBachelor of Science in Ed
Burke, Janell LUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Bussa, Sai Charan Reddy UrbanaCertificate
Bussa, Sai Charan Reddy UrbanaMaster of Science
Gaddam, Ajay Kumar UrbanaMaster of Science
Gaddam, Ajay Kumar UrbanaCertificate
Harrison, Spring CUrbanaMaster of Arts
Jenkins, Jennifer NUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Matta, Jignas Reddy UrbanaCertificate
Matta, Jignas Reddy UrbanaMaster of Science
Murray, Tara MUrbanaMaster of Science
Rogers, Juanita NUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Vemavaram, Srinath UrbanaMaster of Science
Vemavaram, Srinath UrbanaCertificate
Williford, Konnor MUrbanaBachelor of Science
Wills, Keegan VUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Winston, Tanitra MUrbanaBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Wild, Courtney LValparaisoMaster of Science
Earl, Allison GVeronaMaster of Science
Moturu, Sai Sree VijayawadaMaster of Science
Moturu, Sai Sree VijayawadaCertificate
Palau, Vicenc Vilanova i la GeltrBachelor of Arts
Orwick, Huntur WVilla GroveMaster of Science
Terry, Ciera AVilla RidgeBachelor of Science
Terry, Ciera AVilla RidgeBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Monier, Joshua WWalnutMaster of Business Admin
Deshabattula, Sai Varma Warangal UrbanMaster of Science
Deshabattula, Sai Varma Warangal UrbanCertificate
Muchu, Hrushith Kumar Warangal UrbanMaster of Science
Muchu, Hrushith Kumar Warangal UrbanCertificate
Whiting, Samantha RWashingtonMaster of Arts
Oswald, Liz CWatertownMaster of Science
Galindo, Kevin AWaukeganBachelor of Science
Nelson, Jemmiley LWaukeganBachelor of Arts
Paniagua, Luis FWaukeganBachelor of Fine Arts
Ruiz, Sarah CWaukeganBachelor of Arts
Jackson, Reese NWaverlyBachelor of Science in Bus
Stewart, Jayci NWaverlyBachelor of Science
Perkins, Lindsey BWeldonBachelor of Science in Ed
Jude, Hannah EWest FrankfortBachelor of Science
Demonbreun, Carol CWestchesterBachelor of Science
Price, Shanell LWestchesterBachelor of Arts
Edwards, Bayley MWestfieldMaster of Science
Young, Clayton LWestfieldBachelor of Arts
Vadyala, Mounika Reddy WestmontMaster of Science
Vadyala, Mounika Reddy WestmontCertificate
Drake, Benjamin RWestvilleBachelor of Arts
Swart, Maddie IWheatfieldBachelor of Arts
Hedman, Lauren EWheatonBachelor of Arts
Vock, Andrew CWheatonMaster of Arts
Klingler, Paige NWheelerBachelor of Arts
Zumbahlen, Wyatt KWheelerBachelor of Arts
Canchola, Sherri LWheelingBachelor of Arts
Yusef, Jasmine WheelingBachelor of Arts
Thaxton, Michelle LWilliamsonMaster of Arts
Geltz, Carly EWillow HillMaster of Science
Singleton, Elena MWilmingtonBachelor of Fine Arts
Cox, Isabella GWinchesterMaster of Science
Wilson, Tyler CWinter HavenMaster of Arts
Jackson, Shelby RWoodlawnBachelor of Science
Serna-Sanchez, Elizabeth WoodridgeBachelor of Science
Bowman, Emilie JWorthBachelor of Arts
Peralta, Gisselle WorthBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Harmon, Madi DXeniaBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Edelman, Olivia AYorkvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Morales, Francis AYorkvilleBachelor of Arts
Ogilvie, Matthew CYorkvilleBachelor of Science
Spencer, Ashley MYumaBachelor of Fine Arts


Name City Program
Cervantes, Ady ZionBachelor of Arts
Malatestinic, Blake DZionsvilleMaster of Science in Education

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