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EIU List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 1110 Spring 2018 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.
Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

Name Program
Abiodun, Kehinde A.Master of Arts
Johnson, Lanita A.Master of Arts
Mamidi, Narmada ReddyMaster of Science
Shrestha, RachanaMaster of Science


Name City Program
Wiseman, Katelyn M.AbingdonBachelor of Science in Ed
Grzegorzewski, Jessica L.AddisonMaster of Science
Flores, Jessica M.AlsipMaster of Science
Niehaus, Shelby C.AltamontBachelor of Arts
Niehaus, Shelby C.AltamontBachelor of Arts
Niemerg, Beth M.AltamontBachelor of Science
Bowman, Casie J.AltmaontMaster of Science in Education
Taylor, Abigail J.AltonBachelor of Arts
Dissanayake, Komadhie C.AmesMaster of Science
Burayzat, Basma M.AmmanMaster of Business Admin
Skym, Tanner J.AntiochBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Megan A.AntiochBachelor of Arts
Lindemann, Kasey K.AptosBachelor of Science
Poorman, Brett C.ArcolaBachelor of Science
Robinson, AlyanaArcolaBachelor of Science in Bus
Romine, Deborah K.ArcolaMaster of Business Admin
Tomson, Samantha L.ArcolaBachelor of Arts
Bunni, Dalia M.Arlington HeightsMaster of Science
Johnson, Hannah R.Arlington HeightsBachelor of Science
Morrison, William P.Arlington HeightsBachelor of Science in Bus
Papierek, IrenaArlington HeightsBachelor of Arts
Williams, Matthew S.Arlington HeightsBachelor of Science in Bus
Brinati, Jillian M.Arlington HtsBachelor of Science
Blackmore, Morgan M.ArthurBachelor of Arts
Miller, Natalie M.ArthurBachelor of Science in Bus
Stutzman, Ashley A.ArthurBachelor of Science in Ed
Gewirtz, Emily J.AshmoreBachelor of Science
Munson, Victoria L.AtticaBachelor of Arts
Welch, Stacy K.AtwoodBachelor of Arts
Lamb, Darren J.AuburnBachelor of Science
Bustard, Alexa N.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Dally, Kathleen M.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Sass, Katelyn M.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Sindac, Juan Rafael J.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Smith, Gregory C.AuroraBachelor of Arts
Rodriguez, NatalieAustinMaster of Science
Perkes, Lindsey E.AvistonBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Kuforiji, Daniel O.BarringtonBachelor of Arts
Fachie, Dana M.BartlettBachelor of Science in Bus
Johnson, Renae H.BartlettBachelor of Science
Moore, Jazmine P.BartlettMaster of Business Admin
Murray, Sierra S.Beach ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Lohman, Ciara M.BeckemeyerBachelor of Science
Anczer, Tia T.BeecherBachelor of Science
Hughes, Shaun D.BeecherBachelor of Science in Bus
West, Elizabeth A.Beecher CityBachelor of Science
Bass, LaMar Q.BellevilleBachelor of Arts
Kish, Nathan S.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Kraintz, Trevor W.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Lauf, Kinseyanne C.BellevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Martin-Giacalone, Bailey A.BellevilleBachelor of Science
Williams, JosephBelvidereBachelor of Science in Bus
Otoide, Oziegbe N.Benin CityMaster of Arts
Tiburzi, Derrek M.BenldBachelor of Science
Wilson, Madeline L.BensonBachelor of Science in Ed
Oxford, Emily A.BentonBachelor of Science in Ed
Ray, TimothyBethaltoBachelor of Arts
Myers, PyLynneBlacklickMaster of Arts
Aryal, PabitraBlacksburgMaster of Science
Kmetz, Leigh C.BlackstoneBachelor of Arts
Gospodarek, Alexander G.BloomingdaleBachelor of Arts
Schaffer, MonicaBloomingdaleBachelor of Arts
Barth, Emma F.BloomingtonBachelor of Science
Bogner, Makenzie E.BloomingtonMaster of Science
Fitzgerald, Patrick T.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Klinzing, Connor S.BloomingtonBachelor of Science
Mest, Michael A.Bloomington Bachelor of Science
Sykes, Ilynn K.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Alvarado, AlexisBlue IslandBachelor of Fine Arts
Burkiewicz, Samantha K.BolingbrookBachelor of Arts
Eberle, Megan N.BolingbrookBachelor of Science
Hanson, Rachel A.BolingbrookBachelor of Science in Bus
Somogyi, Craig L.BolingbrookBachelor of Science
Wheaton, Ashley N.BolingbrookBachelor of Science
Sutherland, Kortney I.BondvilleBachelor of Arts
Hartley, Logan S.BourbonnaisBachelor of Arts
Kirk, Jordin M.BracevilleBachelor of Arts
Estrada, Nicole J.BradleyBachelor of Arts
Fenton, Michael V.BradleyMaster of Arts
Wunder, Derek R.BradleyBachelor of Arts
Ramirez, Ryan B.BreaCertificate
Ramirez, Ryan B.BreaMaster of Science
Richardson, Megan E.BridgeviewBachelor of Science
Simmons, Malcolm J.BridgeviewBachelor of Arts
Greeling, Hannah K.BrightonBachelor of Science
Milligan, Chelsey M.BrightonBachelor of Science
Caulkins, Kathryn E.BrimfieldBachelor of Arts
Hixson, Jacob I.BroctonMaster of Science
Willis, Katherine A.BrookfieldBachelor of Arts
Jung, Tae S.Buffalo GroveBachelor of Arts
Robin, Daniel H.Buffalo GroveBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Hamaker, Stefanie L.CaledoniaMaster of Science
Jackson, Cassady J.Calumet CityBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Jamie L.CamargoBachelor of Science
Woolley, Eric R.CamargoBachelor of Science in Bus
Holthaus, Morgan G.CantonBachelor of Science in Ed
Awinsong, Moses A.Cape CoastMaster of Arts
Knapp, Haleigh S.Cape GirardeauBachelor of Science in Bus
Lever, RobertCardiffBachelor of Arts
Ratajski, Rachel M.CarlockBachelor of Arts
Abell, Jody W.CarmiBachelor of Arts
Browning, Jean C.CarmiMaster of Science in Education
Murphy, Alan M.CarmiBachelor of Science
Rogers, Kelsey L.CarmiBachelor of Arts
Watts, Ariana N.CarmiMaster of Science in Education
Beamon, Danielle A.Carol StreamBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Lane M.CartervilleMaster of Science in Education
Carlson, Devin M.CaryBachelor of Science in Ed
Dyring, Christopher A.CaseyBachelor of Fine Arts
Gibbs, Alanna M.CaseyBachelor of Science
Humel, Michelle L.CaseyMaster of Science
Oakley, Olivia M.CaseyBachelor of Science
McFadden, Garrett M.CatlinBachelor of Arts
Pierce, Allyson R.CatlinBachelor of Science
Richardson, Danielle N.CatlinBachelor of Science in Ed
Ball, Ashley M.CentraliaBachelor of Arts
Johnston, Andrew W.CentraliaBachelor of Science
Orr, Gabrielle E.CentraliaBachelor of Science
Phillips, Jade A.CentraliaMaster of Arts
Viernum, Michaela H.CentraliaBachelor of Science
Alvis, Hannah M.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Avery, Matthew D.ChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Brown, Lamar L.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Curtis, Daniel R.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Davis, Cheyanne T.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Dixon, RoShema D.ChampaignCertificate
Dixon, RoShema D.ChampaignCertificate
Dixon, RoShema D.ChampaignMaster of Science
Evans, Nneka L.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Felkner, Alayia R.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Hall, Meghan K.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Hendrix, Jessica A.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Hinote, Peighton E.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Jerkovitz, Justin J.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Julin, Tiffanie M.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Kristovich, ErinChampaignBachelor of Science
Madden, Christine M.ChampaignMaster of Science
McDowell, Marissa L.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Mockabee, Arian J.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Molly P.ChampaignMaster of Science
Nevarez, LilibethChampaignMaster of Science
Paet, Joanna L.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Pritchard, Katherine O.ChampaignMaster of Science
Schwartz, Ryan J.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Smith, Renata M.ChampaignBachelor of Science
Strole, Courtney N.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Sweat, Michelle L.ChampaignMaster of Science
Talavera, Gilliane Mae P.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Tennill, Mallory B.ChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Thai, Nguyen D.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Clarence D.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Whalen, John W.ChampaignBachelor of Fine Arts
Williams, Dorfredia A.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Yeakel, Margaret D.ChampaignMaster of Science
Viano, Lacey A.ChannahonBachelor of Science
Aiyash, EimanCharlestonMaster of Arts
Akenberger, Casey R.CharlestonMaster of Science
Almizal, Mahmoud R.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Alqahtani, Saif M.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Alwafi, YasserCharlestonMaster of Arts
Alzahrani, Amani A.charleston Master of Arts
Archer, Tabitha L.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Armstrong, Levi A.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Bailey, James C.CharlestonMaster of Science
Berger, Aaron J.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Bertrand, Caleb R.CharlestonCertificate
Bertrand, Caleb R.CharlestonMaster of Science
Bily, Danielle L.CharlestonMaster of Science in Education
Boghara, Gitaben N.CharlestonCertificate
Boghara, Gitaben N.CharlestonMaster of Science
Brandt, Donovan T.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Brown, Kaleb L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Bruflat, Benjamin A.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Burgett, Chad J.CharlestonSpecialist in Education
Burnett, Antonique R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Camden, Alexander M.CharlestonBachelor of Fine Arts
Carter, Andrew S.CharlestonCertificate
Carter, Andrew S.CharlestonMaster of Science
Cerminara, Annie M.CharlestonProfessional Science Masters
Cerminara, Annie M.CharlestonCertificate
Cole, Toya R.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Cutright, Katie E.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Dailey, Gage N.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Darnell, Paige V.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Dearing, Alexis D.CharlestonMaster of Science
Derrickson, JenniferCharlestonBachelor of Science
DeSantis, Michaela E.CharlestonMaster of Science
DiBennardi, Krista A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Dunahee, Beth A.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Dundee, Courtney E.CharlestonMaster of Science
Dunifer, Brittany M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Ebbert, Laine E.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Eggebrecht, Brianna N.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Farris, Anna M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Fisher, Donald J.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Fisher, Madison B.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Gisondi, Kristen L.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Goodall-Sardin, Annasha C.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Gowin, Alexander J.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Halfman, Kelli A.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Hellman, Ronnie D.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Holly, Kristen A.CharlestonSpecialist in Education
Huddlestun, Jada R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Hutchison, TerriCharlestonCertificate
Hutchison, TerriCharlestonMaster of Science
Jackson, John B.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Jenkins, Susan J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Jenkins, Susan J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Clinton W.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Jones, Jermaine L.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Kim, Yeon TakCharlestonBachelor of Science
Koroma-Stevens, Chrisford M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Lahouij, HamidCharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Lane, Khamyra A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Lennox, Grace M.charleston Bachelor of Science
Linder, Shelby M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Long, Justice W.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Mangialardi, BernadetteCharlestonMaster of Science
Mathon, Jessica A.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
McPherson, Bryan A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Miller, Jessica L.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Mooney, Joseph M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Moore, Travon D.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Morgan, Michelle L.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Morgan, Sydney N.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Norman, Luke P.CharlestonMaster of Science
Oakley, Sydney M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Orlow, Christopher W.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Penn, Alexander B.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Przygoda, Noah C.CharlestonMaster of Science
Przygoda, Noah C.CharlestonMaster of Science
Przygoda, Noah C.CharlestonCertificate
Przygoda, Samuel J.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Rodriguez, Brandon M.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Roper, Melissa V.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Rote, Rodney A.CharlestonBachelor of Music
Slabach, Corrine N.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Starkey, Arielle M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Steidl, Jason R.CharlestonCertificate
Steidl, Jason R.CharlestonMaster of Science
Teal, Alexandra B.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Thomas, KeshonnaCharlestonBachelor of Science
Tupper, Phoenix O.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Wagner, Benjamin L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Walk, Aaron J.CharlestonMaster of Science
Webb, Cassidy B.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Webb, Cassidy B.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Wherry, Shaporsha K.CharlestonBachelor of Science
White, Amanda K.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Wilhelm, Cailin E.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Williams, Miguel A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Wilson, Jacinda G.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Winkler, Joseph A.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Winnett, Kaitlyn M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Workman, Delaney L.ChathamBachelor of Science in Ed
Allen, Brittany L.ChicagoMaster of Science
Anderson, Dashawn M.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Appleby, Nicholas A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Barajas, Pedro E.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Berry, JamalChicagoBachelor of Science
Bodapati, PrathyushaChicagoMaster of Science
Bodapati, PrathyushaChicagoCertificate
Bretz, Joseph J.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Burke, Maeve E.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Bussell, Brianna A.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Chatman, Bradley C.ChicagoMaster of Arts
Collins, Destiny A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Conner, Aleah D.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Davis, Carolyn A.ChicagoMaster of Science
Dorsey, Christopher B.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Gaines, Tavea A.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Garcia, Chasidy K.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Garcia, Richard M.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Gilfillan, Gregory D.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Harbin, Kendall V.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Harris, Carmela A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Haywood, Asia P.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Henderson, Danyil E.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Hill, Alisa J.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Holmes, Keith D.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Howard, Cierra M.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Johnson, Aarika L.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Kodatt, Edward G.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Konduri, NeelimaChicagoCertificate
Konduri, NeelimaChicagoMaster of Science
Kostrubiec, DonnaChicagoBachelor of Arts
Lacina, Luke T.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Lawson, Jamel L.ChicagoMaster of Science
Lawson, Jamel L.ChicagoCertificate
McCall, Tywon J.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
McGary, TieraChicagoBachelor of Science
Natale, Renee C.ChicagoMaster of Science
Ortiz, KeilaChicagoBachelor of Arts
Panatera, Erika M.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Petty, Raya D.ChicagoMaster of Arts
Quinn, Taylor N.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Ragsdale, Darryl J.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Shellberg, Timothy B.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Smith, Uriah S.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Snyder, Grace R.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Sopoci, McKenzie K.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Speller, Vincent A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Taylor, Joshua A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Aliah J.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Valencia, AngelChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Wallace, Jessica T.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Wellbrook, Matthew J.ChicagoProfessional Science Masters
White, Amanda M.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Wiedeman, Emily A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Wojcik, Amanda G.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Young, Dymond D.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Boyde, TaneyaChicago HeightsBachelor of Science in Bus
Moore, Jarrett A.Chicago HeightsBachelor of Science
Ohira, ShinichiroChigasakiBachelor of Arts
Truelson, Shaela K.ChillicotheBachelor of Fine Arts
Symoom, TasniaChittagongMaster of Arts
Gardner, Baylor D.ChrismanMaster of Arts
Findlay, Jaymee M.Cissna ParkBachelor of Music
Hatfield, Taylor L.Citrus HeightsBachelor of Arts
Boehl, Emma R.ClaremontBachelor of Science in Ed
Davis, Elizabeth V.ClintonBachelor of Fine Arts
Johnson, Karly L.ClintonBachelor of Arts
Pitlock, Benjamin L.Clinton TownshipBachelor of Science in Bus
Halliday, Emily A.Coal CityBachelor of Science
Coleman, Darneshia N.CollinsvilleBachelor of Science
Numi, Gabrielle C.CollinsvilleBachelor of Science
Welk, Brianna S.CollinsvilleBachelor of Arts
Quintero, Rebecca A.ColonaBachelor of Science
Gerber, Brett C.Colorado SpringsBachelor of Arts
Murray, Erika L.ColumbiaMaster of Science
Murray, Erika L.ColumbiaMaster of Science
Murray, Erika L.ColumbiaCertificate
Adeyeye, Abisola A.ConleyMaster of Business Admin
Summers, Grace P.CordovaBachelor of Science
Triplett, Sara E.Council BluffsMaster of Science
Garrett, Cydne E.Country Club HillsBachelor of Science in Bus
DeLaurentis, Jamie F.CreteBachelor of Science
Hollings, Rachel L.Crown PointBachelor of Science
Kuemmeth, Caitlin M.Crown PointBachelor of Science
Stinnett, Chelsey M.Crown PointBachelor of Arts
Bambini, Kelly V.Crystal LakeMaster of Science
Bittenbender, Trevor L.Crystal LakeMaster of Science
Eberle, Lauren T.Crystal LakeBachelor of Arts
Ross, Ashley M.Crystal LakeMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Song, WonjinDaejeonBachelor of Arts
Song, WonjinDaejeonBachelor of Arts
Bell, Latisha M.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Clark, Lew Shawn C.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Ehlers, Francesca L.DanvilleMaster of Science
Goodhue, Taylor B.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Hightower, Derrius L.DanvilleMaster of Science in Education
Kizer, Stephanie N.DanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
March, Ta Ler R.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Patton, Morgan A.DanvilleBachelor of Science
Rangel, IselaDanvilleBachelor of Science
Graham, Patrick M.DarienBachelor of Arts
Gottschalk, Chloe J.DavenportBachelor of Arts
Pettit, Larry A.De SotoMaster of Science in Education
Bland, Taryn E.DecaturMaster of Science
Cook, Alicia B.DecaturMaster of Science
Donaldson, Richard R.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Duncan, Amy E.DecaturBachelor of Science
Flaugher, Derek R.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Gavin, Cassidy B.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Gibson, Katlyn N.DecaturBachelor of Science
Gillespie, Mary E.DecaturMaster of Science
Kasper, Amanda A.DecaturBachelor of Science
Manns, Teresa A.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Monroe, Jill E.DecaturMaster of Arts
Parks, Tyler B.DecaturMaster of Science
Pearson, Madeline R.DecaturBachelor of Fine Arts
Szajko, Anita A.DecaturMaster of Business Admin
Davis, Kristin M.DelavanBachelor of Science in Ed
Bounds, Addison W.DenverMaster of Science
Archie, Rishawnda L.DetroitMaster of Science
Danner, Claire M.Detroit LakesMaster of Arts
Nixon, Elizabeth J.DexterMaster of Science
Nixon, Elizabeth J.DexterMaster of Science
Einhorn, Dylan P.DieterichBachelor of Science in Bus
Lilly, Natasha I.DieterichBachelor of Science
Waldhoff, Julie K.DieterichBachelor of Science in Ed
Williams, Amy N.DieterichBachelor of Science
Burney, Monica L.DixMaster of Arts
Piercy, Christy R.DixBachelor of Arts
Cooper, Megan E.DixonBachelor of Science
Dawson, Zachary M.DixonBachelor of Science
Ayiku, EmmanuelDoltonBachelor of Arts
Davis, Stephen I.DoltonBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Adam J.DoltonBachelor of Arts
Einikis, MartynasDowners GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Savino, Vincent J.Downers GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Steinmetz, Stacie M.Downers GroveBachelor of Science
Snider, Alana R.DundasBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Pesik, Jordan J.EaganMaster of Science
Mayes, Shaniyah A.East St LouisBachelor of Arts
Medawattage, Zachary A.EdmondBachelor of Science in Bus
Cramer, Lauren R.EdwardsBachelor of Science
Burden, Danielle L.EdwardsvilleMaster of Science
Burner, Laura B.EffinghamMaster of Business Admin
Cordes, Kaitlin R.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Kabbes, Kolin C.EffinghamMaster of Science
Lipe, KristopherEffinghamBachelor of Arts
Moore, Holland J.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Niebrugge, Jennifer L.EffinghamBachelor of Science in Bus
Wall, Joshua P.EffinghamMaster of Business Admin
Willenborg, Kelly S.EffinghamMaster of Arts
Quam, Brian E.El PasoSpecialist in Education
Jorgensen, Shane D.ElburnBachelor of Science in Bus
Lapington, Kyle S.EldoradoMaster of Science in Education
Phelps, Brittany L.ElginBachelor of Arts
Spinnato, Tyler R.ElginBachelor of Arts
Obermaier, JasonElk Grove Village Bachelor of Science in Bus
Cox, AhneiseElmhurstBachelor of Arts
Delgado, Patrick N.ElmhurstBachelor of Arts
Rodriguez, YazminElmhurstMaster of Science
Bosonetta, James D.ElwoodBachelor of Science
Busler, Jeremy A.ElwoodBachelor of Science
Hoese, Alexander S.EurekaBachelor of Music
Kinder, Katie S.EurekaMaster of Arts
Ross, Kareen L.EvanstonBachelor of Arts
Spears, Tyrone R.EvanstonBachelor of Arts
Cotner, Natalie M.EvansvilleBachelor of Science
Zirkelbach, Katlyn M.EvansvilleMaster of Science
Smith, Molly E.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Bounds, Christina M.FairburySpecialist in School Psych
Blanton, Jarad L.FairfieldMaster of Science
Bradham, Melissa M.FairfieldMaster of Science in Education
Bridgeman, Rhiannon R.FairfieldMaster of Science in Education
Dickey, Janet L.FairfieldMaster of Science in Education
Hodges, JameyFairfieldMaster of Science in Education
Jett, Kaitlyn J.FairfieldBachelor of Science
Liston, Katie R.FairfieldBachelor of Science
Richardson, Kaci E.FairfieldMaster of Science in Education
Maskel, Balei S.FairmountBachelor of Fine Arts
Swanson, Tamara C.Fairview HeightsMaster of Science
Dadez, Jordan E.FargoMaster of Science
Hardy, Thomas A.Farmer CityBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Lane E.Farmer CityBachelor of Science
Cuellar, BrendaFennvilleMaster of Arts
Nave, Destinee B.FindlayBachelor of Science
Rohmann, Sydney L.FishersBachelor of Arts
Brown, Rebecca J.FloraBachelor of Science
Corry, Joshua P.FloraBachelor of Fine Arts
Smith, Maliya K.Forest ParkMaster of Science
Oakes, Sarah E.ForsythSpecialist in Education
Schnelker, Cecilia A.Fort WayneMaster of Science
Beringer, Nicole E.FrankfortBachelor of Science
Cebula, Meghan E.FrankfortBachelor of Arts
Coughlin, Kerrie L.FrankfortBachelor of Arts
Herder, Katherine M.FrankfortBachelor of Music
Hogan, Anna E.FrankfortBachelor of Arts
Linke, Taryn M.FrankfortBachelor of Science
Malkusak, Alexis M.FrankfortBachelor of Arts
Ostmann, Kayla L.FrankfortMaster of Science
Pierzchalski, Devin J.FranklinBachelor of Science in Bus
Dominguez, StephanieFranklin ParkBachelor of Arts
Ganta, AbhijithFremontCertificate
Ganta, AbhijithFremontMaster of Science
Nallaballe, Amarnath ReddyFREMONTMaster of Science
Nallaballe, Amarnath ReddyFREMONTCertificate


Name City Program
Higgerson, Paul R.GainesvilleMaster of Science
Foster, James J.GalatiaMaster of Science in Education
McGuire, Lori M.GalatiaMaster of Science in Education
Duke, Rebecca D.GenevaBachelor of Arts
Stone, Melissa A.GenevaBachelor of Arts
Winslow, Brent M.GeorgetownBachelor of Arts
Wetherell, Amanda L.Gibson CitySpecialist in Education
Young, Calvin R.Gibson CityBachelor of Science
Rogers, Wade A.GiffordBachelor of Science
Serrano, Ronald P.Glendale HeightsBachelor of Arts
Brown, Tiana S.GlenwoodBachelor of Science
Smith, Taylor D.GodfreyBachelor of Arts
Pointer, Asha B.Grand PrairieBachelor of Arts
Boyd, Shannon M.Granite CityMaster of Science
McLaren, Jordan E.Granite CityBachelor of Science
Proctor, Kaitlyn J.Grant ParkBachelor of Science
Duron, Norma A.GrayslakeMaster of Arts
Bongiorno, Ann M.Green BayMaster of Arts
Campbell, ChristopherGreen BayBachelor of Arts
Gutsmiedl, Carissa M.Green BayMaster of Arts
Huwe, Charity R.Green BayMaster of Science in Education
Starwalt, Carl R.GreenupMaster of Science
Caudill, Charlene J.GreenviewBachelor of Arts
Alderman, Ryan J.GreenvilleBachelor of Science
Brown, Steven R.GridleyBachelor of Science
Chinnam, Gopi KrishnaGunturMaster of Science
Chinnam, Gopi KrishnaGunturCertificate
Montgomery, Perry B.GurneeMaster of Arts
Wegrzynowicz, Nick A.GurneeBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Noah, Kaitlyn C.Hales CornersMaster of Science
Vodde, Heather J.HammondBachelor of Science
Zhu, SiyuHangzhou City, Zhejiang ProvinceBachelor of Fine Arts
Hanrahan, Laura K.HarrisburgBachelor of Music
Pierce, Jennifer L.HartlandBachelor of Science
Roberson, Vincent M.Hazel CrestBachelor of Science
Hallett, Trevor C.HenryMaster of Science
Schlosser, Clinton K.HenryMaster of Science
Lustig, Hannah M.Hickory HillsBachelor of Arts
Gibbons, Carrie L.HighlandBachelor of Science in Ed
Haberer, Jacob W.HighlandBachelor of Arts
McKee, Cierra D.HighlandBachelor of Arts
Randall, Kara L.HighlandBachelor of Science
Goodwin, Montell R.Highland HillsBachelor of Science
Ruffolo, BrittanyHighwoodMaster of Arts
Bozek, Erin M.HillsboroBachelor of Music
Lewis, Jade T.HillsideBachelor of Arts
Woodson, Jared C.Hilton Head IslandBachelor of Arts
Doelker, Allison L.Hoffman EstatesBachelor of Arts
Lnu, Shafiuddin MohammedHoffman EstatesMaster of Science
Lnu, Shafiuddin MohammedHoffman EstatesCertificate
Roth, Daniel R.HollandMaster of Science
Barth, Kristofor A.HomerMaster of Science in Education
White, Corey M.HomerMaster of Science in Education
Duzan, Eric A.Homer GlenBachelor of Science in Bus
Giroux, William J.Homer GlenBachelor of Science
Hartung, Michael P.Homer GlenBachelor of Science in Ed
Hebel, Hannah B.Homer GlenBachelor of Science in Ed
Janik, AdrianHomer GlenBachelor of Science
Wiemeyer, Bianca M.Homer GlenBachelor of Arts
Pazda, Daniel J.HometownMaster of Business Admin
Hamilton, Olivia R.HomewoodBachelor of Science
Van Heel, Alison H.HomewoodBachelor of Arts
Callahan, Michael C.HoopestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Gossett, Robert M.HoopestonBachelor of Science
Hayn, Sara E.HoopestonSpecialist in School Psych
Misner, Austin D.HoopestonBachelor of Arts
Lindsay, Schuyler T.HooverBachelor of Science
Bellephant, Jessica A.HoustonBachelor of Science
Gatti, Rohin KumarHumbleMaster of Science
Madala, Durga BhavaniHumbleMaster of Science
Madala, Durga BhavaniHumbleCertificate
Telagamsetti, SravaniHumbleCertificate
Telagamsetti, SravaniHumbleMaster of Science
D'Ambrosia, Holly D.HuntleyBachelor of Arts
Green, Colin E.HuntleyBachelor of Science in Bus
Walls, Stephen T.HutsonvilleBachelor of Science
Devulapally, MounicaHyderabadCertificate
Devulapally, MounicaHyderabadMaster of Science
Donthulapalli, Priyanka ReddyHyderabadMaster of Science
Golla, Hari ChaitanyahyderabadMaster of Science
Golla, Hari ChaitanyahyderabadCertificate
Gundlapally, PraveenkumarHyderabadCertificate
Gundlapally, PraveenkumarHyderabadMaster of Science
Komandur, ManjulaHyderabadCertificate
Komandur, ManjulaHyderabadMaster of Science
Meenavalli, ManideepHYDERABADCertificate
Meenavalli, ManideepHYDERABADMaster of Science
Patlolla, Indrasena ReddyhyderabadMaster of Science
Patlolla, Indrasena ReddyhyderabadCertificate
Udari, Neeta MaishayaHYDERABADMaster of Science
Udari, Neeta MaishayaHYDERABADCertificate
Veenem, Jaya ChandraHyderabad Master of Science
Veenem, Jaya ChandraHyderabad Certificate
Vemasani, ChandanaHyderabadCertificate
Vemasani, ChandanaHyderabadMaster of Science
Puram, SuchandraHyderabad, TSCertificate
Puram, SuchandraHyderabad, TSMaster of Science


Name City Program
Hill, Chandler A.IlliopolisBachelor of Science
Bullard, Maria L.ImperialBachelor of Science
Rogers, Michelle E.IndianapolisBachelor of Arts
Smith, Aramis C.IndianapolisBachelor of Science
Strattman, Emily N.IndianapolisMaster of Science
Wood, Sarah J.IndianolaMaster of Arts
Wood, Patrick M.IoniaBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Anderson, Robin S.JacksonBachelor of Arts
Rossi, Jenna M.JacksonvilleBachelor of Science
Park, Chun GiJanesvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Brown, Katelyn J.JerseyvilleBachelor of Science
Dart, Haley M.JewettBachelor of Fine Arts
Lohman, Kristen R.JewettMaster of Science
Adams, Kasey L.JohnsburgBachelor of Arts
Buckner, Craig R.JolietBachelor of Music
Frykholm, Autumn A.JolietBachelor of Arts
Small, Markeysha Z.JolietBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Waligo, Simon P.KampalaMaster of Science
Waligo, Simon P.KampalaCertificate
Allen-Labaume, Chelsea K.KansasBachelor of Science
Jakku, Praveen ChaitanyakarimnagarCertificate
Jakku, Praveen ChaitanyakarimnagarMaster of Science
Haile, Brendan B.KeenesBachelor of Arts
Strauss, Megan T.KennesawMaster of Business Admin
Khamisani, Ayaz A.Khair Pur, Sindh, PakistanMaster of Science
Khamisani, Ayaz A.Khair Pur, Sindh, PakistanMaster of Science
Gurijala, Naga RamyaKHAMMAMCertificate
Gurijala, Naga RamyaKHAMMAMMaster of Science
Yalla, Sai Deepthi PriyaKHAMMAMMaster of Science
Yalla, Sai Deepthi PriyaKHAMMAMCertificate
Ritter, Bailey L.KinmundyBachelor of Arts
Gogineni, ReshmakukatpallyMaster of Science
Gogineni, ReshmakukatpallyCertificate


Name City Program
Fatokun, Anuoluwapo O.LagosMaster of Science
Fatokun, Anuoluwapo O.LagosCertificate
Jones, Holly B.LaharpeBachelor of Science
Jones, Holly B.LaharpeBachelor of Science
Smith, DySaun M.Lake CormorantBachelor of Science in Bus
French, Jessica L.Lake in the HillsBachelor of Music
Pellegrino, Laura M.Lake in the HillsBachelor of Science in Ed
Crutcher, Rachel D.Lake VillaBachelor of Arts
Gorey, Jennifer M.Lake ZurichBachelor of Science
Hunt, Nikko R.LansingMaster of Business Admin
Metoyer, Brandon J.LansingBachelor of Arts
Smith, Jalisha D.LansingBachelor of Arts
Magda, Hannah J.LawrencevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Polston, Melanie E.LawrencevilleBachelor of Arts
Retter, Briana L.Le RoyBachelor of Arts
Robbins, Brandon M.Le RoyBachelor of Science in Bus
Derham, Jessica M.League CityBachelor of Science
Hawks, Stephen M.LebanonBachelor of Arts
Kapp, Laura K.LebanonMaster of Science in Education
Vilardo, McKenzie K.LebanonMaster of Business Admin
Grossi, Christina A.LemontBachelor of Science in Bus
Re, Samantha S.LemontBachelor of Arts
Baum, Jaclyn R.LenzburgBachelor of Fine Arts
Dick, Ashley N.LernaBachelor of Arts
Myers, Melissa B.LernaBachelor of Science in Bus
Ratliff, Diane M.LernaMaster of Arts
Austin, Cheyanne K.LibertyBachelor of Science
Dawson, Eric J.LincolnMaster of Arts
Adrahtas, Aristidis J.LincolnwoodMaster of Science
Vujovich, Riana R.LincolnwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Buchanan, Sara M.LindenhurstBachelor of Science in Ed
Cherry, Jeffrey S.LindenhurstBachelor of Science in Bus
Derrick, Chloe E.LindenhurstBachelor of Science
Gallegos, PorfirioLisleMaster of Science
Gao, XiaoyuLiupanshui, GuizhouMaster of Arts
Dahm, Philip C.LombardMaster of Business Admin
Domin, Olivia M.LombardBachelor of Science in Ed
Flint, Elizabeth J.LombardBachelor of Science
Romagnano, Rudolph C.LombardBachelor of Science in Bus
McNair, Adrian S.Los AngelesBachelor of Arts
Askin, Austin C.LouisvilleBachelor of Science
Rinehart, Boyd C.LouisvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Keen, Lance E.Loves ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Love, Devon D.LynwoodBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Wagner, Morgan S.MaconBachelor of Arts
Braukhoff, Mikayla M.MadisonMaster of Science
Whitney, Emily B.MagnoliaBachelor of Science in Ed
Bane, SarahMahometBachelor of Arts
Kilar, Amy M.MahometBachelor of Arts
Rosen, ValerieMahometBachelor of Arts
Whited, ChristinaMahometBachelor of Arts
Wisehart, Angela M.MahometBachelor of Science
Bennett, Kylie L.ManhattanMaster of Science
Foglia, Marisa J.ManhattanBachelor of Arts
McCoy, Logan S.ManitoBachelor of Science in Bus
McCreery, Troy A.MantenoMaster of Science
Thomas, MauriceMaricopaBachelor of Arts
Stroud, Emily C.MarionBachelor of Arts
Stoxstell, Earleesha D.MarkhamBachelor of Arts
Davies, Danielle N.MaroaBachelor of Arts
Cunico, Evee M.MarseillesBachelor of Arts
Davis, Belinda J.MarshallBachelor of Science
Leitch, Chad A.MarshallBachelor of Arts
Robertson, Alicia N.MarshallBachelor of Science in Ed
Scamihorn, Sydney L.MarshallMaster of Science
Smitley, Robert B.MarshallBachelor of Science
Crane, Hannah E.MartinsvilleMaster of Science
Dixon, Eric J.MattesonBachelor of Arts
Bell, Jon E.MattoonMaster of Arts
Bell, Jon E.MattoonCertificate
Bell, Nathaniel J.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Blood, Dina R.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Chitwood, Erica J.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Cloyd, Anthony A.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Forbes, Isaiah D.MattoonMaster of Science
Forbes, Isaiah D.MattoonCertificate
Gaines, Dillon L.MattoonBachelor of Science
Grzelak, Ian M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hendrickson, Briana L.MattoonMaster of Arts
Heuerman, Jason W.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Jenkins, Lacey E.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Kirkpatrick, Sara E.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Kline, Tailor L.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Kruger, Layne D.MattoonBachelor of Science
Lewis, Phillip L.MattoonBachelor of Science
Niemeyer, Lance M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Patterson, Jaden L.MattoonBachelor of Science
Pierce, Derek N.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Prevo, Hannah N.MattoonBachelor of Science
Quick, Kayla N.MattoonMaster of Science
Rawlings, Billie L.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Reid, Jennifer M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Sterling, Phillip T.MattoonMaster of Business Admin
Williamson, Derek L.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Young, Luke D.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Gorham, Samuel L.MazonBachelor of Arts
Dewberry, Bradley J.McDonoughBachelor of Science
Koscher, Kristin L.McHenryBachelor of Arts
Lunn, Gary I.McHenryBachelor of Arts
Bowzer, Aribi D.McLeansboroMaster of Science in Education
Goldstein, Andrew M.MechanicsburgBachelor of Arts
Jungjohann, Stefani L.MechanicsburgBachelor of Science in Ed
Valdivia, Nury S.Melrose ParkBachelor of Science
Fancher, Abby C.MendotaMaster of Science
O'Connell, Doriana J.MeredosiaBachelor of Science in Bus
Freeman, Alexis R.MerrillvilleBachelor of Science
Holsapple, Shelby L.MetamoraMaster of Science
Peck, Gregory R.Middleburg HeightsMaster of Arts
Hayward, Chad E.MiltonMaster of Arts
Brown, Olivia S.MinneapolisMaster of Science
Divello, Allison N.MinookaBachelor of Arts
Burke, Ryan C.MokenaBachelor of Arts
Saluski, Daniel P.MokenaBachelor of Science
Shields, Shamus C.MokenaBachelor of Science in Bus
Solem, Alexander J.MokenaBachelor of Science in Bus
Wagner, Jack N.MokenaBachelor of Arts
Duby, Nathan T.MomenceBachelor of Arts
Laurenzana, Joseph W.MontgomeryBachelor of Arts
Crowhurst, Casey C.MonticelloMaster of Arts
Ginalick, Angela K.MonticelloBachelor of Arts
Smith, Kia M.MonticelloBachelor of Fine Arts
Thompson, Melina H.MonticelloMaster of Science
Hall, Scott J.MontroseProfessional Science Masters
Kukman, Brock A.MorrisBachelor of Science in Ed
Fishel, Samuel F.MortonBachelor of Arts
Reiman, Grant M.MortonBachelor of Science in Bus
Reiman, Trent D.MortonBachelor of Science in Bus
Peter, Christina M.Morton GroveBachelor of Music
Allen, Brendon M.Moscow MillsBachelor of Science
Drucker, Lauren C.Mount ProspectBachelor of Science
Vaughn, Matthew B.Mount ProspectBachelor of Science
Winner, Brandon M.Mount SterlingBachelor of Arts
Hahn, Karson W.Mount VernonBachelor of Science
Phillips, Randy L.Mount VernonMaster of Science in Education
Roberson, Stevie D.Mount VernonBachelor of Fine Arts
Wagner, Felicia M.Mount VernonBachelor of Science in Bus
Conlin, Trent M.MoweaquaBachelor of Science
Handy, Ginger E.MoweaquaMaster of Science in Education
Handy, Ginger E.MoweaquaCertificate
Peck, Emily C.Mt ProspectBachelor of Arts
Robinson, Ronald W.Mt VernonMaster of Science in Education
Flasch, Kevin M.Mt. ProspectBachelor of Science in Bus
Kallio-Crotteau, Cole W.MukwonagoMaster of Science
Berns, Susan J.MundeleinMaster of Arts
Kim, JessicaMundeleinMaster of Science
Rehor, BreannaMundeleinMaster of Science
Flowers, Yanik G.MurrayMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Ankathi, JayasanthoshNalgondaMaster of Science
Ankathi, JayasanthoshNalgondaCertificate
Hill, Alexis J.NapervileMaster of Science
Dela Cruz, Kaitlyn Alyssa R.NapervilleBachelor of Science
DiMatteo, Danielle E.NapervilleBachelor of Arts
Harrison, Caroline E.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Kirk, Bryce E.NapervilleMaster of Science
Kittridge, Riley A.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Masouridis, Angela A.NapervilleMaster of Arts
Pezza, Courtney L.NapervilleBachelor of Arts
Wiese, Erika C.NapervilleMaster of Business Admin
Woodward, Tyler C.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Baker, Emma R.NeogaBachelor of Science in Ed
Baker, Molly M.NeogaBachelor of Science in Bus
Claybaugh, Ellise A.NeogaMaster of Science
Potter, Autumn D.NeogaBachelor of Science
Walk, Becky E.NeogaMaster of Science
Warfel, Rebecca D.NeogaBachelor of Music
Cayson-Roth, Samantha E.New BadenBachelor of Science in Ed
Batinich, Alena M.New LenoxBachelor of Science
Batinich, Paige A.New LenoxMaster of Science
Canales-Sinclair, Brittany K.New LenoxMaster of Science
Eckmayer, Nicholas S.New LenoxMaster of Arts
Hastings, Sean M.New LenoxBachelor of Arts
Rietveld, Rachel J.New LenoxBachelor of Science in Bus
Sterr, Nicole L.New LenoxBachelor of Arts
Castillo, Djante F.NewmanBachelor of Science in Bus
McGinness, Amy J.NewmanBachelor of Science
Young, Jessica E.NewmanMaster of Science
Eaton, Jennifer R.NewtonMaster of Science
Russell, Bridgett L.NewtonBachelor of Science
Woods, Kyle A.NewtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Zuber, Miranda P.NewtonBachelor of Arts
Koudap, Shushruth KumarnizamabadCertificate
Koudap, Shushruth KumarnizamabadMaster of Science
Nalubolu, SnigdhaNIZAMABADMaster of Science
Nalubolu, SnigdhaNIZAMABADCertificate
Bever, Natasha J.NormalBachelor of Arts
Blakney, Payton R.NormalBachelor of Arts
Fishman, Steven Z.NormalBachelor of Science
Nelson, Dawn E.NormalBachelor of Arts
Shain, Danielle K.Norris CityMaster of Science in Education
Bell, Micaela A.North AugustaMaster of Science
Boose, Otis B.North ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Stallworth, Ojhanae L.North ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Davidson, Angela D.NorwalkMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Enright, Tyler H.O FallonBachelor of Science
Gerros, Dean M.O FallonBachelor of Arts
Hardy, Jacob C.O FallonBachelor of Music
Jackson, Austin C.O FallonBachelor of Arts
Richardson, Hayley C.O'FallonBachelor of Arts
Jensen, Krista N.Oak ForestBachelor of Science in Bus
Marban, Michelle M.Oak ForestBachelor of Science in Ed
Toombs, Jeanne L.Oak LawnBachelor of Science
Mann, Lauren R.Oak RidgeMaster of Arts
Lorance, Chelsy M.OaklandBachelor of Science
Kappel, Danielle J.OaklawnBachelor of Science
Vercler, Ashlee M.OakwoodMaster of Business Admin
Yocum, Phillip R.OblongBachelor of Arts
Gregg, Emily R.OgdenBachelor of Science
Torchia, Marie A.OglesbyMaster of Science
Koch, Allison E.OkawvilleBachelor of Science
Brant, Megan A.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Egleston, Zachary A.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Julian, Brent A.OlneySpecialist in Education
Kauble, Alexandria P.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Shan, Jaclyn L.OlneyBachelor of Science in Bus
St.Pierre, Chloe J.OlneyBachelor of Science
Young, Jana E.OlneyMaster of Science
Bahr, Anne M.OlympiaBachelor of Science in Bus
Farison, Kylie E.OregonBachelor of Science
Hummel, Shelby R.OregonBachelor of Arts
Bialka, Stephanie C.Orland HillsBachelor of Science in Ed
Barileau-Zamora, Samantha M.Orland ParkBachelor of Arts
Kotulski, Natalie E.Orland ParkBachelor of Arts
LaPrairie, Candace M.Orland ParkMaster of Science
O'Shea, Brian T.Orland ParkBachelor of Arts
Pipitone, Gina R.Orland ParkBachelor of Science
Davis, Jordan P.OsceolaMaster of Science
Smith, Charles C.OswegoBachelor of Science in Bus
Denton, Brianna D.OttawaMaster of Science
Riedesel, Emma K.OttawaMaster of Science
Wireman, Jessica R.OwensboroBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Angelaccio, Katelyn M.PalatineBachelor of Science in Ed
Buchman, Cassandra J.PalatineBachelor of Arts
Cygnar, Julia K.PalatineBachelor of Science
Dawson, Erik J.PalatineBachelor of Arts
Haze, Jamie M.PalatineBachelor of Arts
Perez, Elisa M.PalatineBachelor of Science
Plesnicar, Emily N.PalatineBachelor of Arts
Williams, Nicole M.PalatineBachelor of Arts
English, Kathryn E.PalmyraMaster of Arts
Watson, Jessie M.Palos HillsBachelor of Arts
Tannebaum, Ryan A.Palos ParkBachelor of Science
Cloe, Natalie R.PanaBachelor of Arts
Drum, Melissa L.PanaBachelor of Arts
Schoonover, Alexandria N.PanaBachelor of Science
Sinclair, Katie A.PanaBachelor of Arts
Barnes, Cory M.ParisBachelor of Science
Bennett, Kristy C.ParisMaster of Arts
Breneman, Daisy M.ParisBachelor of Arts
Brown, Ashlee J.ParisMaster of Science in Education
Brown, Ashlee J.ParisCertificate
Brown, Gordon L.ParisBachelor of Arts
Burch, Brianna L.ParisBachelor of Science
Camp, Kaatje J.ParisMaster of Science in Education
Elmore, Alex C.ParisBachelor of Science in Bus
Holt, Xarles X.ParisBachelor of Science
Lovall, Timothy J.ParisCertificate
Lovall, Timothy J.ParisMaster of Science
Stone, Brandon T.ParisBachelor of Science
Strandberg, Chloe R.ParisBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Madeline R.ParisBachelor of Science
Young, Mallorie P.ParisBachelor of Science in Ed
Sanderson, Christopher S.Park ForestBachelor of Arts
Treichel, Austin K.Park ForestBachelor of Science in Bus
Hader, John A.Park RidgeBachelor of Science
Evans, KaitlynPatokaMaster of Science
Clark, Josie M.PawneeBachelor of Arts
Williams, Ramonna S.PaxtonBachelor of Arts
Sours, Presley C.PekinBachelor of Science in Bus
Weghorst, Mariah M.PekinBachelor of Science in Ed
Sparks, Brandon L.PenfieldBachelor of Science
Vinson, Meghan L.PenfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Allen, Shawn L.PeoriaBachelor of Arts
Garcia, NickPeoriaBachelor of Arts
McMillan, Jeffrey A.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Stutzman, Seth T.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Stutzman, Seth T.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Toner, Caroline A.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Hunt, Lucas R.Peoria HeightsBachelor of Science
Banaszak, Elaine D.PeotoneBachelor of Science
Studer, Logan V.PeotoneBachelor of Arts
DiRosa, Louis T.PeruBachelor of Science
Noble, Paul W.peterboroughMaster of Science
Pettit, Anne E.PetersburgBachelor of Arts
Yeoman, Amy M.PetersburgMaster of Science
Wilson, Bailey N.PhiloBachelor of Science
Kniepmann, Kelsey K.PierronMaster of Science
Schmidt, Emily R.PinckneyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Berglund, Brandon M.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Degen, Kieffer A.PlainfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
Evans, Thaija V.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Franzen, Paige E.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Gaudiano, Nicole L.PlainfieldBachelor of Science
Marmolejo, Marina T.PlainfieldMaster of Science
Giri, MonicaPokharaMaster of Business Admin
Kilgore, Austin R.PontiacBachelor of Science
Fioretto, Josey M.Poplar GroveBachelor of Science
Hanson, Jessica L.Prairie Du SacMaster of Science
Butler, Robbie N.PrincetonBachelor of Science in Ed
Moushon, Belle L.PrincevilleBachelor of Music


Name City Program
Standley, Natalie A.QuincyBachelor of Fine Arts
Standley, Natalie A.QuincyBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Croft, Erin L.RantoulBachelor of Science
Duden, Madison L.RantoulBachelor of Science
Kellup, Alicia A.RantoulBachelor of Science
Napolitano, Anthony D.RantoulBachelor of Music
Nickens, Timothy S.RantoulBachelor of Arts
Sangi, Ibrahim N.RawalpindiCertificate
Sangi, Ibrahim N.RawalpindiMaster of Science
Sangi, Ibrahim N.RawalpindiCertificate
Soccorso-McCoy, Jennings R.ReadingBachelor of Science
Hasenstab, Bree K.Red BudBachelor of Science
Homrighausen, Emily J.Red BudBachelor of Science
Scherle, Jordan C.Red BudBachelor of Science in Bus
Williams, Marcus A.Richton ParkBachelor of Arts
Altuaijri, Abdullah W.RidayhBachelor of Arts
Russell, Janay D.RiverdaleBachelor of Science
Harris, Charleigh K.RobinsonBachelor of Arts
Mendenhall, Kyndal M.RobinsonBachelor of Science in Ed
Miller, Brent A.RobinsonBachelor of Science
York, Connor A.RobinsonBachelor of Arts
Stockdale, Emily L.Rock IslandBachelor of Science
Jasso, ElenRockfordBachelor of Arts
Mehringer, Angela K.RockfordMaster of Science
Tauscher, Aurelia A.RockfordBachelor of Fine Arts
Watson, Bailey M.RockfordBachelor of Arts
Lindstrom, Chloe E.RocktonMaster of Science
Shay, Adam C.Rolling MeadowsBachelor of Arts
Presnell, Marissa R.RosamondMaster of Science
Lamb, Stephanie N.RoscoeBachelor of Science in Ed
Calabrese, Mackenzie R.RoselleBachelor of Arts
Stoka, AndrewRoselleBachelor of Arts
Francisco, Peyton O.RoyalBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Feezel, Savannah R.Saint ElmoBachelor of Science in Ed
Winkles, Chelsea M.Saint FrancisvilleBachelor of Science
Gherna, Christina L.Saint JosephCertificate
Gherna, Christina L.Saint JosephMaster of Science in Education
Musabyimana, Alleluia G.Saint PaulBachelor of Arts
Duncan, Carah M.SalemBachelor of Arts
Waller, Nicholas D.SalemMaster of Arts
Radatz, Ethan E.SanduskyMaster of Arts
Delrossi, Melinda K.SavoyBachelor of Science
Henry, Kaen J.SavoyMaster of Arts
Meagher, Jamie R.SavoyMaster of Science
Simmons, Nicole M.SchaumburgBachelor of Arts
Pelker, Kiley M.SchellerBachelor of Science
Kuyper, Nicole K.ScherervilleBachelor of Science
Ziemann, Jonathan P.SenecaBachelor of Science in Bus
Croft, Shannon J.SeymourBachelor of Science
Joy, Syed Rahmath UllahShariatpurMaster of Science
Aragon, Blanca C.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science
Bogart, Sarah K.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Dudley, Hannah J.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Finks, Taylor M.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science
Harkins, Eric D.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Hudson, Alissa N.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Mars, Mary J.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Martin, Cinnae A.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Miller, Hayden D.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science
Rothrock, Emily A.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science
Schwerman, Megan M.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Fine Arts
Xia, RongShenyangMaster of Arts
Weaver, Jennifer D.SidneyMaster of Science
Weaver, Jennifer D.SidneyCertificate
Deters, Rachel M.SigelBachelor of Arts
Meduri, Poornachandra RaoSingarayakondaMaster of Science
Meduri, Poornachandra RaoSingarayakondaCertificate
Stone, Benjamin T.Sleepy HollowBachelor of Science in Bus
Zenisek, Heidi J.SolonMaster of Arts
Junkins, Ashley N.Spring HillMaster of Business Admin
Charles, Kassandra J.SpringfieldSpecialist in School Psych
Cook, Te'lorr N.SpringfieldBachelor of Science
Flournoy, Taylor N.SpringfieldBachelor of Science
Green, Austin P.SpringfieldMaster of Business Admin
Haley, Megan C.SpringfieldMaster of Science
Kinkade, Taylor E.SpringfieldMaster of Science
Oliver, Alexander E.SpringfieldBachelor of Arts
Roemer, Jenna L.SpringfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Shudrowitz, Megan M.SpringfieldBachelor of Arts
Starling, TaraSpringfieldBachelor of Fine Arts
Stevens, Nicole C.SpringfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
De'Caneva, Justin R.St CharlesBachelor of Science
Novotny, Michael D.St CharlesBachelor of Science in Bus
Recca, Dominic I.St CharlesBachelor of Science in Bus
Lerette, Summer N.St JosephBachelor of Arts
Blauert, Samuel M.StegerBachelor of Science
Hall, Apiphani L.StegerMaster of Science
Sass, Kyle R.StegerBachelor of Science in Bus
Antrim, Madison L.StewardsonBachelor of Fine Arts
Cialkowski, Jeffrey M.Stillman ValleyMaster of Science
Walters, Courtland R.StockbridgeMaster of Arts
Kupersmith, Carly M.StocktonMaster of Science
Tommasi, Claudia S.StowMaster of Arts
Stremming, Morgan K.StrasburgBachelor of Arts
Thomas, Scott R.StreamwoodCertificate
Thomas, Scott R.StreamwoodMaster of Science
Benner, Madison L.StreatorBachelor of Science
Gillman, Madeleine M.StreatorBachelor of Arts
Jung-Herman, MacKenzie L.Sugar GroveBachelor of Arts
Mohsen, MohammadSugar LandMaster of Science
Mohsen, MohammadSugar LandCertificate
Clements, Anna R.SullivanMaster of Science
Cody, Kyle A.SullivanMaster of Arts
Love, Alex L.SullivanBachelor of Science
Nolen, Kennedy D.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Parrish, Clinton C.SullivanMaster of Business Admin
Taylor, Kirsten N.SullivanSpecialist in School Psych
Allen, Jacob M.SumnerBachelor of Science in Bus
Broussard, Kathleen M.SwanseaBachelor of Arts
Roberts, Andrea M.SwanseaBachelor of Science
Munro, Whitney L.SycamoreBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Price, DeVantae' S.TammsBachelor of Science
Abdul, SattarTANDURCertificate
Abdul, SattarTANDURMaster of Science
Barry, LaurenTaylorvilleBachelor of Arts
Brown, Macy A.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science
Nelson, Rebecca D.TaylorvilleBachelor of Arts
Weber, Sierra D.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Light, Karissa B.Terre HauteMaster of Science
Martinek, Payton A.Terre HauteBachelor of Science
Dust, Heather R.TeutopolisBachelor of Arts
Isley, Haley N.TeutopolisBachelor of Science in Bus
Koester, Paige M.TeutopolisMaster of Science
Vogt, Allison L.TeutopolisBachelor of Science in Ed
Parekh, Pritesh P.ThaneCertificate
Parekh, Pritesh P.ThaneMaster of Science
Hensley, Charles R.ThomasboroBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Ashley N.ThomasboroBachelor of Arts
Jones, Kaitlyn D.ThompsonvilleBachelor of Science
Zhang, MeiyingTianjinBachelor of Science
Antkiewicz, Alexandra M.Tinley ParkMaster of Science
Bastidas, Alicia N.Tinley ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Pawelko, KellyTinley ParkBachelor of Science in Ed
Romero, Ariana C.Tinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Rumbaugh, Elizabeth A.Tinley ParkMaster of Science
Tholl, August J.Tinley ParkBachelor of Science
Hoene, Jessica M.ToledoBachelor of Arts
Ingram, Tyler J.ToledoBachelor of Science in Bus
Kuhns, Dawn R.ToledoSpecialist in Education
Moran, Megan J.ToledoBachelor of Arts
Seiler, Laura A.TolonoBachelor of Arts
Baldwin, Maria J.TolucaBachelor of Arts
Gillespie, Ava I.TonicaBachelor of Arts
McCleary, Kelly L.TonicaBachelor of Science
Hellrigel, Abigail L.TremontBachelor of Science
Wallace, Stephanie M.TrentonMaster of Science
Day, Margaret C.TuscolaCertificate
Day, Margaret C.TuscolaCertificate
Day, Margaret C.TuscolaMaster of Science
Roberts, Jana M.TuscolaMaster of Science
Rominger, Ian S.TuscolaMaster of Science
Rominger, Ian S.TuscolaCertificate


Name City Program
Ashikyan, Jasmin J.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Blazier, Molly Y.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Bohn-O'Neil, EmmaUrbanaBachelor of Science
Boulbahaiem, SphoraUrbanaMaster of Arts
Bumba, Jeanine V.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Coleman, Anisha M.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Eskridge, Sharay M.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Kirkwood, Kirsten E.UrbanaMaster of Science
Markstahler, TamaraUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Miller, Dorinda K.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Roby, RocheleUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Swanson, Jon E.UrbanaBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Dixon, Brittany M.VandaliaMaster of Arts
Lay, John R.VandaliaBachelor of Arts
Leander, Kendall R.VandaliaBachelor of Science
Schilling, Jill M.VandaliaBachelor of Science
Robb, Matthew J.Vernon HillsBachelor of Arts
Collet, Caroline J.VeronaBachelor of Arts
Menigoz, Sydney M.VestalMaster of Science
Conroy, Alison F.ViennaBachelor of Arts
Vandeventer, Lucas A.Villa GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Doyle, Tricia A.Villa ParkBachelor of Arts
Johnson, Janine M.Villa ParkBachelor of Arts
Allen, Dalton S.VirdenBachelor of Science
Bompada, AnirudhvizaianagaramMaster of Science
Bompada, AnirudhvizaianagaramCertificate


Name City Program
Monier, Francis J.WalnutBachelor of Science in Bus
Monier, Francis J.WalnutBachelor of Arts
Kuthuru, DivyaWarangalCertificate
Kuthuru, DivyaWarangalMaster of Science
Conley, Morgan S.WatermanBachelor of Arts
Beaudoin, Melissa M.WatervlietMaster of Science
Meyer, Brittany N.WatsonBachelor of Science
Chavez, AlexWaukeganBachelor of Arts
Kilbane, Margaret C.WaukeganMaster of Arts
Moreno, Josie M.WaukeganBachelor of Science
Coxey, AndreaWaukeshaMaster of Science
Cline, Connor H.WellingtonBachelor of Arts
Lehman, Michael J.WentzvilleBachelor of Arts
Baker, Alison T.West ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Cotter, Megan R.West EndMaster of Science
Costidakis, Micaelah M.West LafayetteMaster of Science
Corbin, StephenWest New YorkMaster of Business Admin
Dietz, Luke A.WestfieldBachelor of Science
Gilbert, Hannah L.WestfieldBachelor of Science
Hearn, Leslie C.WestfieldBachelor of Science
Rienbolt, Benjamen C.WestfieldCertificate
Rienbolt, Benjamen C.WestfieldMaster of Science
Kalafut, Cecille H.WestmontMaster of Science
Myers, Robert A.WestvilleMaster of Business Admin
Adkins, Shanna D.WheelerBachelor of Science in Ed
Bower, Tim P.WheelerMaster of Arts
Fehrenbacher, Steven G.WheelerMaster of Science
Fehrenbacher, Steven G.WheelerCertificate
Carvalho, Morgan K.WilliamsburgMaster of Science
Warga, Rebecca C.WilmetteBachelor of Arts
Blackburn, Spencer A.WindsorBachelor of Science
Fallert, Courtney E.WindsorBachelor of Science in Bus
Martin-Mau, Haley R.WindsorBachelor of Science
McQueen, Bailey R.WindsorBachelor of Science
Palmer, Gabriel J.WindsorBachelor of Science in Ed
Tate, Courtney N.WinfieldMaster of Science
DeVlieger, MarissaWinnebagoMaster of Science
Kersten, Ashley M.WinnebagoBachelor of Science
Palumbo, Sommer A.Wood DaleBachelor of Science in Ed
Maharrey, Lori J.WoodlawnMaster of Science in Education
Pasieta, Elizabeth M.WoodridgeBachelor of Science
Pirtle, LarryWoodridgeBachelor of Arts
Benck, Samantha F.WorthBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Headley, Rhana M.XeniaBachelor of Fine Arts


Name City Program
Dickson, Kevin R.YonkersMaster of Science


Name City Program
Rosoho, Adam C.ZeiglerMaster of Science in Education

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