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EIU List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 960 Spring 2019 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.
Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

Name Program
Alotaibi, Lamia AyedMaster of Science
Caria, Nicole M.Bachelor of Science in Bus
English, SaraMaster of Arts
Ilochonwu, Ifeanyi A.Master of Science
Ilochonwu, Ifeanyi A.Certificate
Strange, Aubrey A.Bachelor of Science


Name City Program
Korankye, Lady D.AccraMaster of Science
Mensah, Shirley T.AccraBachelor of Science
West, Andrew E.AcworthMaster of Science
Padala, Kranthi K.AdilabadMaster of Science
Padala, Kranthi K.AdilabadCertificate
Nead, Laura M.AlbionMaster of Arts
Smith, Gabriel D.AlbionBachelor of Science
Boston, Cerys L.AlexanderBachelor of Science in Ed
Chuipek, Taylor L.AlgonquinBachelor of Arts
Goldby, Matthew F.AlgonquinBachelor of Science in Bus
Jankowski, DylanAlsipBachelor of Science
Lowry, Cassidy J.AltamontCertificate
Lowry, Cassidy J.AltamontMaster of Science in Education
Miller, Jacob C.AltamontBachelor of Science
Frosch, Jackson R.AltonBachelor of Music
Hueston, Allie A.AndersonBachelor of Science
Parrish, Tyler R.AndersonBachelor of Science
Parker, Colin D.AntiochBachelor of Science
Miller, Macie A.ArcolaBachelor of Arts
Smothers, Hannah R.ArcolaBachelor of Arts
Hoffman, Katherine A.ArgentaBachelor of Arts
Bunni, Dalia M.Arlington HeightsSpecialist in School Psych
Smith, Riley E.Arlington HtsBachelor of Arts
Gutierrez, Courtney N.ArthurBachelor of Science
Sickles, Adam T.ArthurBachelor of Science
Pinney, Ashlynn K.AshlandBachelor of Arts
Garner, Madisyn L.AssumptionBachelor of Science
Schuette, AllisonAtlantaBachelor of Science
Schuette, AllisonAtlantaBachelor of Science
DiPalma, Michael T.Atlantic MineMaster of Science
Herrera, JonathanAuroraBachelor of Science in Bus
Lee, Andrew M.AuroraBachelor of Science
Morgan, Kylie M.AuroraMaster of Science
Henrichs, Allison M.AvistonMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Rolfes, Laura B.BarringtonBachelor of Arts
O'Hern, Kaitlin M.BartlettBachelor of Science in Ed
Christianson, Colton A.BataviaBachelor of Fine Arts
Horan, Hannah K.BataviaBachelor of Science in Bus
Nichol, Jorie A.BataviaBachelor of Arts
Stolfa, Kayla L.BataviaBachelor of Science
Greenwood, Mason T.BaylisMaster of Science
Hoselton, Logan C.Beach ParkBachelor of Arts
Bell, Andrew N.BeaumontBachelor of Arts
Lentz, Colleen M.BeecherBachelor of Science
Xiao, KangqiBeijingMaster of Business Admin
Enzwiler, Brandi L.BellevilleBachelor of Arts
Harrison, William S.BellevilleBachelor of Arts
Kish, Nathan S.BellevilleMaster of Science
Kish, Nathan S.BellevilleCertificate
Kish, Nathan S.BellevilleCertificate
McGruder, Justice M.BellevilleBachelor of Arts
Morris, Willie J.BellevilleBachelor of Music
Rowan, Grace A.BellevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Greene, Zaria M.BellwoodBachelor of Arts
Hollingshed, Michael T.BellwoodBachelor of Science in Bus
Wirth, Hannah P.BementBachelor of Science
Brady, Patrick M.BensenvilleBachelor of Arts
Kennedy, Madeline A.BentonvilleMaster of Arts
Thomas, Shineda L.BerkeleyBachelor of Arts
Birch, Savannah N.BethanyBachelor of Science
Monroe, Amy E.BethanyBachelor of Science
Monroe, Blair K.BethanyBachelor of Science
Christensen, Hope M.BettendorfBachelor of Science in Ed
Foutch, Cory J.BettendorfBachelor of Science
Hahn, Jared R.BloomingdaleBachelor of Science in Ed
Bada, RaghuramBloomingtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Chubb, Noah C.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Cresci, Hanna M.BloomingtonMaster of Science
Duffy, Tristin E.BloomingtonMaster of Science in Education
Gibbens, Sarah M.BloomingtonMaster of Science
Hardman, Delaney E.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Horan, Rebecca A.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Klinzing, Connor S.BloomingtonMaster of Science
Olson, Kate L.BloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Ryan, Sara B.BloomingtonBachelor of Science in Bus
Stroik, Abigail M.BloomingtonMaster of Science in Education
Durham, Ambria J.BolingbrookBachelor of Arts
Kawash, Maher W.BolingbrookBachelor of Arts
Naranjo, Abigayl M.BourbonnaisBachelor of Science in Ed
Schuh, AubreyBourbonnaisBachelor of Science in Ed
White, Stephanie R.BourbonnaisBachelor of Fine Arts
Friend, Briana M.BradleyBachelor of Science in Bus
Lepore, Alyssa M.BreeseBachelor of Arts
O'Bryan, Antoinette V.BridgeviewBachelor of Arts
Baysingar, Hannah N.BrimfieldBachelor of Science
Greer, Delante L.BroadviewBachelor of Arts
Bange, Rebecca R.BroctonBachelor of Fine Arts
McGinness, Bethany G.BroctonMaster of Science
Mustari, Daniel A.BrookfieldBachelor of Arts
Pant, TanmayBrooklynMaster of Science
Pant, TanmayBrooklynMaster of Science
Yildiz, Furkan B.BryanMaster of Arts
Kuester, Tamra R.Buckley Bachelor of Science
Pawelski, Leonard A.Buffalo GroveBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Rayna A.Burr RidgeMaster of Science
Jurasek, JacobByronBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Stull, Halle A.CaledoniaBachelor of Science
Byrd, Nicole G.Calumet CityBachelor of Science
Watts, Terrus B.Calumet CityBachelor of Science in Bus
Lacine, Elizabeth A.CamargoBachelor of Arts
Payne, Kathryn S.CambriaMaster of Science in Education
Givens, Haleigh C.Cape GirardeauMaster of Arts
Clutts, Ashton N.CarbondaleMaster of Science in Education
Clutts, Jared M.CarbondaleMaster of Science in Education
Flannigan, CaleiaCarbondaleMaster of Science
Johnson, Zachary A.CarbondaleMaster of Science
Reiher, Madeline M.CarlinvilleBachelor of Science
Weitzel, Morgan E.CarlisleMaster of Science
Dominguez, Ryan P.Carol StreamBachelor of Science in Bus
Laleian, Alexander G.Carol StreamBachelor of Science in Bus
Guevara, Joel R.CarpentersvilleBachelor of Arts
Krumwiede, Tanner P.CarrolltonMaster of Science
Lovvorn-Gerhardt, April R.CarrolltonMaster of Arts
Church, Kaitlin R.CartervilleMaster of Science in Education
Wilson, Jacob G.CartervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Janis, Scott V.CaryMaster of Science
Jones, Jacqueline M.CaryMaster of Science
Birchfield, Taylor J.CaseyBachelor of Science
McFadden, Kaylee J.CatlinBachelor of Arts
Maynard, LynsieCedar FallsMaster of Arts
Starcevich, Michael J.CentervilleBachelor of Science
Awayda, Adam C.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Burnett, DaNaya M.ChampaignMaster of Science
Chatman, Essence J.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Cooper, Jamiia K.ChampaignMaster of Arts
Covert, Anne Marie J.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Davis, Jeffrey E.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Davis, Morgan L.ChampaignMaster of Science
Heinlein, Lindsay A.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Lemley, Erin A.ChampaignMaster of Business Admin
Leslie, Jerome T.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Maxwell, Kayla M.ChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
McKay, TateChampaignMaster of Business Admin
Monroe, Jacquelyn R.ChampaignMaster of Science
Ritten, Kyle M.ChampaignMaster of Science
Robinson, SkyeChampaignMaster of Science
Storm, Brooke D.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Thompson, Kendrell M.ChampaignBachelor of Arts
Unlu, MervechampaignBachelor of Arts
Yeakel, Margaret D.ChampaignSpecialist in School Psych
Zhou, QiuyanChangchun, Jilin Master of Arts
Zalewski, Victoria A.ChannahonBachelor of Science
Ashby, Emily E.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Barker, Adam B.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Barnett, Corinne G.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Bayer, Jackson C.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Becker, Alexandra V.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Bertrand, Allison N.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Bishop, Shannon L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Bollan, Melissa A.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Boyer, William W.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Bragg, Crystal L.CharlestonBachelor of Music
Burton, Ashlee M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Butterfield, Sydney L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Cabage, John V.CharlestonMaster of Science
Cabage, John V.CharlestonCertificate
Callender, Kyle J.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Clark, Kent D.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Conrad, Leeann R.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Cowan, Karrigan E.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Cranstoun, Jeffrey S.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Davidson, Nicole R.CharlestonMaster of Science
Dillon, Jacey R.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Durant, Tarvea T.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Fitzpatrick, Kelly R.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Flores, Cheyenne F.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Friese, Joshua S.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Frye, Abigail L.CharlestonMaster of Science
Fugate, Trysten B.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Fuller, Caleb J.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Gann, Adam M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Gao, Nathan C.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Golladay, Jamie L.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Guy, Ashonti L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Guymon, Kaleb J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Harris, DesiraeCharlestonMaster of Science
Harrison, Tori L.CharlestonMaster of Science
Hart, Ted A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Hildebrandt, Daniel J.CharlestonMaster of Science
Hollinshead, Justin T.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Johnson, Sharvon J.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Khafsha, Abdulssalam H.CharlestonMaster of Science
Land, Conner W.CharlestonBachelor of Fine Arts
Lane, Nyjah U.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Larson, Tyler J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Lawless, Chase M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Leslie, Jordan D.CharlestonMaster of Science
Limbachiya, Mihir M.charlestonCertificate
Limbachiya, Mihir M.charlestonMaster of Science
Love, Tyshawn J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Lustig, Sarah A.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Martin, Veronica J.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
McInerney, Colin R.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Mead, Amanda M.CharlestonMaster of Science
Miller, Miranda L.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Molitor, Michelle M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Neese, Mikayla A.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Njoh, GermaineCHARLESTONMaster of Science
Pankey, Sydney E.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Phipps, Andrew J.CharlestonMaster of Science
Post, Alicia M.CharlestonBachelor of Fine Arts
Przygoda, Malina M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Roberson, Stevie D.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Schnarr, Cassie R.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Schulte, Alexandra M.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Scott, Sara A.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Scroggins, MacKenzie F.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Shamim, ShafaCharlestonMaster of Science
Shamim, ShafaCharlestonCertificate
Shamim, ShafaCharlestonCertificate
Shamim, ShafaCharlestonCertificate
Shepard, Taylon A.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Sievert, Samuel J.CharlestonMaster of Business Admin
Toledo, AbigailCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Valdery, Brittany L.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Veach, Lynnsey M.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Waddell, Melinda K.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Walton, Courtney B.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Wheat, Tyler N.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Wilson, Dallas M.CharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Wilson, Nicholas P.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Winton, Carl G.CharlestonBachelor of Science
Wright, Westley N.CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Xiong, BowenCharlestonBachelor of Science
Zabka, Luz O.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Zabka, Marshall B.CharlestonMaster of Arts
Habib, AarajCharlotteBachelor of Science
Ward, Catherine M.ChathamBachelor of Science
Claycomb, Scott M.ChathamnBachelor of Fine Arts
Evans, Matthew J.Cherry ValleyBachelor of Science
Abramovitz, Lawson M.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Alahmadi, Rahaf A.ChicagoMaster of Science
Alharbi, Rana M.ChicagoMaster of Science
Amos, Parrish P.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Asama, CaitlynChicagoBachelor of Science
Baker, MichaelChicagoBachelor of Science
Binbek, Najah L.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Bracy, Keisha L.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Coleman, Shona M.ChicagoMaster of Arts
Collay, Jalynn T.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Collins, Carlos D.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Daniels, Lazarus M.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Demus, LamarChicagoBachelor of Science
Dodd, Diamond A.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Dorsey, Dymine S.CHICAGOBachelor of Arts
Emanuel, Carmen C.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Frye, Amani M.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Haghighi, ParisaChicagoBachelor of Science
Hendrix, Eric M.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Hodorowicz, Carole D.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Jones, ChevousiaChicagoBachelor of Arts
Kennedy, Ryan T.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Key, ElaziaChicagoBachelor of Arts
Little, Shanice D.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
McIntosh, Emily R.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Mckinley-Walker, Demetris Y.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Mendoza, JocelyneChicagoBachelor of Science
Moore, Kaylan D.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Olowo, Lookman O.ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Simmons, Kemari L.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Stahl, David R.ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Vincente, Camille P.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Williams, Allecia L.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Williams, Ariel A.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Williams, Deja C.ChicagoBachelor of Science
Bianchi, Tonya M.Chicago HeightsBachelor of Arts
Meister, Rachel J.ChillicotheMaster of Science
Puterbaugh, Tara A.ChillicotheBachelor of Science in Bus
Alexander, Joshua J.ChrismanBachelor of Science
Bierly, Emily E.ChrismanBachelor of Arts
Potter, Kelsey A.ChrismanBachelor of Science in Bus
Dunn, Madelyn E.ClaremontBachelor of Science
Guthrie, Madalyn I.Coal CityBachelor of Science in Bus
Jakubowski, Olivia J.Coal CityMaster of Arts
Matusiak, Alicia E.Coal CityBachelor of Science in Bus
Ducay, Jerald P.ColleyvilleMaster of Arts
Buettner, Samantha D.CollinsvilleBachelor of Science
Karsteter, Mason R.CollinsvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Smith, Rachel N.CollinsvilleBachelor of Arts
Fletcher, Kelly L.ColumbiaBachelor of Science in Ed
Patel, DipenConcordMaster of Science
Haugh, Briana M.CrestwoodBachelor of Science in Bus
Kalebich, Courtney A.CrestwoodMaster of Science
Peterson, Kayla J.Crystal LakeMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Scrivner, Jordan T.DahlgrenBachelor of Science
Black, Grace M.DanvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Kilgore, Kalie A.DanvilleMaster of Business Admin
Kitchens, Fallon R.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Poeschl, Brooke L.DanvilleBachelor of Arts
Kull, Bailey M.DarienBachelor of Science
Busey, Jacob R.DecaturBachelor of Science
Davenport, Corey L.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Duncan, Ann F.DecaturMaster of Science
Gentry, Clair E.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Koehler, Jerry E.DecaturBachelor of Fine Arts
Munos, Bradley R.DecaturBachelor of Science
Nance, Shelby L.DecaturBachelor of Arts
Rapson, Deborah A.DecaturMaster of Science in Education
Riley, Alyssa B.DecaturMaster of Science in Education
Tyus, MarkeithDecaturBachelor of Arts
Wall, Jacob D.DecaturBachelor of Science in Bus
Dambek, Emma L.DecorahBachelor of Arts
Coughlin, Michelle L.DeKalbMaster of Science
Ehrlich, Dayton L.DeMotteMaster of Science
Grainger, Martee M.DenverBachelor of Science in Bus
Castro, Myrtle L.Des PlainesMaster of Arts
Szczepaniak, KrystianDes PlainesBachelor of Arts
Islam, Md K.DhakaMaster of Arts
Robson, Keegan T.DiamondBachelor of Science in Bus
Dust, Holly L.DieterichMaster of Science
Willenborg, Abbi R.DieterichBachelor of Arts
Sanford, Marissa L.DixonBachelor of Science
Thurman, Jazmin G.DoltonBachelor of Science
Yu, YueDongguanMaster of Business Admin
Smith, Jeff W.DouglasvilleBachelor of Arts
Doggett, Dylan T.Downers GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Gill, Jeremy S.Downers GroveBachelor of Arts
Juzas, Tomas L.Downers GroveBachelor of Science
Lestina, Catherine T.Downers GroveBachelor of Science in Ed
Mellen, Jade N.Downers GroveBachelor of Science
Mellen, Jade N.Downers GroveBachelor of Arts
Suh, JaneDowners GroveMaster of Science
Tovar, Rene N.Downers GroveMaster of Arts
Roark, Emma J.DundasBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Proctor, James M.East DundeeBachelor of Science
Sandoval, Adam D.East MolineBachelor of Arts
Althoff, Sasha A.EffinghamMaster of Arts
Bierman, Cathleen A.EffinghamBachelor of Science
Bowman, Kristyn L.EffinghamCertificate
Bowman, Kristyn L.EffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Carie, Alex D.EffinghamMaster of Science
Conley, Kristen N.EffinghamBachelor of Fine Arts
Deweese, ValerieEffinghamBachelor of Science
Durbin, Gabriella N.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Feldkamp, Sydney M.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
Hartke, Jordyn L.EffinghamMaster of Science
Liss, Avery J.EffinghamBachelor of Arts
McCollum, Cody M.EffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Unkraut, Claire V.EffinghamMaster of Science in Education
Torres, BeleniceEl PasoMaster of Arts
Gemein, Paige R.ElginBachelor of Arts
Koeckritz, Jack J.ElginBachelor of Arts
Newman, Samuel N.ElginBachelor of Fine Arts
Spinnato, Jake A.ElginBachelor of Arts
Zipoy, Hannah N.ElginBachelor of Science in Ed
McGinn, Alyssa R.ElmhurstBachelor of Arts
Dwyer, Emma C.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Arts
Egan, Caroline N.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Arts
Farmer, Kevin K.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Science
Garcia, Isabel D.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
O'Toole, Ronald N.Evergreen ParkBachelor of Science
Wazio, John J.EvergreenparkBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Deweese, Desiree A.FairburyBachelor of Fine Arts
Fullriede, Ashley F.FairburyBachelor of Arts
Young, Dakota C.FairfieldBachelor of Science
Plotner, Toria M.FairmountMaster of Science
Schonert, Jared W.FairmountBachelor of Arts
Wagle, Kayce L.FairmountBachelor of Arts
Waltz, Laken A.FairmountBachelor of Science
Harris, Ericka C.Fairview HeightsBachelor of Science in Bus
Shanaa, LailaFaminghamMaster of Science
Peck, Nicole L.FarmingtonCertificate
Peck, Nicole L.FarmingtonMaster of Science in Education
Hantak, Anthony J.FentonMaster of Science
Furlin, Gina R.FishersBachelor of Arts
Winka, Brooke T.FloraBachelor of Fine Arts
Greiner, Brooke R.FlorissantBachelor of Science
Miller, Michael D.FlorissantBachelor of Arts
Wade, Kamaria A.FlossmoorMaster of Arts
Ebert, Kaitlyn M.FoleyBachelor of Arts
Ebert, Kaitlyn M.FoleyBachelor of Arts
Caldwell, Nicholas J.Forest CityMaster of Science
Fombelle, Maya M.ForsythMaster of Science
Edwards, ClaytonFort MyersMaster of Science
Dickerson, Ronald C.Fort WorthMaster of Arts
Dean, Carmen R.Fox River GroveBachelor of Arts
Lane, NimaFox River GroveMaster of Arts
Mulholland, Emma M.Fox River GroveBachelor of Fine Arts
Bennett, Hannah E.FrankfortBachelor of Science
Mangia, Erica V.FrankfortBachelor of Arts
Rascop, Rachael M.FrankfortBachelor of Science
Toosley, AubreyFrankfortMaster of Science
Nevarez, Juan M.Franklin ParkMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Fredrickson, Wendy L.GalvaMaster of Science
Wetzel, Haleigh M.GaysBachelor of Science in Ed
Stern, Alison M.GeneseoMaster of Science
Burke, John T.GenevaBachelor of Arts
Hughes, Anne E.GenevaBachelor of Science in Bus
Kliros, Alexis N.GenevaBachelor of Science in Ed
Harkins, Nicholas W.GilbertBachelor of Science
Lyday, Emily A.GilbertsBachelor of Arts
Heideman, Kaylea H.GilmanBachelor of Science
Howell, Jessica L.Glen CarbonMaster of Science in Education
Richard, Teresa E.Glen CarbonMaster of Arts
Kramer, Joseph R.Glen EllynBachelor of Arts
Schwartz, Rebecca S.GlenbeulahMaster of Science
Sherrod, T'amber L.GlenwoodBachelor of Arts
Garvey, Clayton D.GodfreyBachelor of Arts
Clark, Hunter E.GrangerBachelor of Science in Bus
Suess, CatherineGranite CityBachelor of Science
Chesser, Lisa A.GrayslakeBachelor of Arts
McDonald, DoloressGrayslakeBachelor of Arts
Moreno, Emily D.GrayslakeMaster of Arts
Pharis, Ashleigh E.Green ForestMaster of Science
Kobleska, Janelle M.GreendaleBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Brian D.GreenupMaster of Science
Alderman, Kassidy L.GreenvilleBachelor of Science
Fletcher, Brady P.GreenvilleBachelor of Arts
Henderson, Emily T.GreenvilleBachelor of Science
Coriell, Brittany C.GurneeBachelor of Science in Bus
Hill, Richard A.GurneeBachelor of Science in Bus
Waala, Aaron R.GurneeBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Burback, Shannon M.HainesvilleMaster of Science
Bost, Joshua T.Hanover ParkBachelor of Arts
Sagez, Susanna L.HardinBachelor of Science in Ed
Hickerson, Lori M.HartfordBachelor of Arts
Ungetheim, Lauren M.HaubstadtMaster of Science
Hadley, Alicia L.HerrickBachelor of Science in Bus
Hudson, Alexandrea N.HindsboroBachelor of Science in Ed
Johnson, Yunek M.HinsdaleBachelor of Arts
Hart, Hayley A.HoffmanBachelor of Arts
Tufenkjian, Michelle R.Hoffman EstatesBachelor of Arts
Markham, Haley N.Homer GlenBachelor of Arts
Kropfl, Ryan M.HomerglenBachelor of Science in Bus
Dixon, Haley S.HoopestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Baldwin, Melanie L.HowellMaster of Arts
Deng, JiaxinHuaian CityMaster of Science
Oostman, Lauren L.HudsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Kaminski, Jack R.HuntleyBachelor of Science in Bus
Boorla, ShirishaHyderabadMaster of Science
Chilkamarri, Sowmya ReddyHYDERABADMaster of Science
Chilkamarri, Sowmya ReddyHYDERABADCertificate
Gujja, DeepthiHYDERABADCertificate
Gujja, DeepthiHYDERABADMaster of Science
Nandikanti, SirishaHyderabadMaster of Science
Nandikanti, SirishaHyderabadCertificate
Neelam, MounikaHyderabadMaster of Science
Neelam, MounikaHyderabadCertificate
Ramasahayam, Nikhil ReddyHyderabadCertificate
Ramasahayam, Nikhil ReddyHyderabadMaster of Science


Name City Program
Adewusi, Adeniran A.IbadanCertificate
Adewusi, Adeniran A.IbadanMaster of Science
Adebayo, Kehinde O.IKEJAMaster of Arts
Henning, Alicia M.ImperialBachelor of Science in Ed
Alafe, Abiola O.IndianapolisCertificate
Alafe, Abiola O.IndianapolisMaster of Science
Beaman, Logan T.IndianapolisBachelor of Science
Lancenese, Dallas V.IndianapolisBachelor of Science in Bus
Moya, Cristian S.InqelsideBachelor of Science in Bus
Breen, Beverly M.InvernessBachelor of Arts
Krause, Elliott W.ItascaBachelor of Science


Name City Program
White, Ashlee R.JanesvilleBachelor of Fine Arts
Bryden, Sarah S.JerseyvilleBachelor of Science
Bryden, Sarah S.JerseyvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Lidy, Katelyn G.JewettMaster of Science in Education
Lay, Matthew J.JohnsburgBachelor of Arts
Rodriguez, Ryan R.JohnsburgMaster of Arts
Ames, Jennifer P.JolietBachelor of Science
Arteaga, Laramie L.JolietBachelor of Science in Bus
Nguyen, Ly T.JonesboroBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Vidana Gamage, Hashni EpaKadawathaMaster of Science
Subasinghe Arachchige, Tulana AriyaratneKaduwela,Master of Science
Kress, Alannah J.KankakeeBachelor of Science
O'Leary, Austin J.kankakeeBachelor of Arts
Boys, James M.KansasMaster of Science
Boys, James M.KansasCertificate
Marion, Erika L.Kansas CityBachelor of Science
Kazmi, Syed A.KarachiMaster of Arts
Aerram, Santhosh ReddyKARIMNAGARCertificate
Aerram, Santhosh ReddyKARIMNAGARMaster of Science
Bisunke, BijayKathmanduMaster of Science
Roka, PrinsaKathmanduBachelor of Science in Bus
Wilbern, De'Sha M.KenoshaMaster of Science
Ponagandla, SanjunaKHAMMAMMaster of Science
Ponagandla, SanjunaKHAMMAMCertificate
Dwomoh, Razak K.KUMASIMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Apanisile, Kunle T.LagosMaster of Arts
Ojo, Oluwafunmilola O.LagosMaster of Science
Daniel, Pamela J.LaGrangeMaster of Arts
Molloy, Allison P.Lake ForestMaster of Arts
Schneider, Claire L.Lake ForestMaster of Science
Andrea, Alyssa C.Lake in the HillsBachelor of Science in Ed
Krausen, Rachelle A.Lake In The HillsMaster of Science
Wasserman, Jessica R.Lake in the HillsBachelor of Arts
Smith, Jakira D.LansingBachelor of Arts
Jones, Lucas S.LeawoodBachelor of Science
Sousley, Slater R.LeawoodMaster of Arts
Lamarque, Caro J.LeclaireBachelor of Science
Rex, Audrey N.LemontBachelor of Science
Rex, Audrey N.LemontBachelor of Science
Scarlati, Jacob M.LemontBachelor of Science
Vesconte, Abriana N.LemontMaster of Arts
Deters, Paul T.LexingtonSpecialist in Education
Mackey, Samantha A.LibertyvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Hasprey, Katlyn V.LincolnBachelor of Science
Tice, Merrian E.LincolnBachelor of Science in Ed
Wikoff, Paul R.LincolnMaster of Business Admin
Torres, KarenLincolnwoodMaster of Science
Brooks, Colby K.LindenhurstBachelor of Arts
Ulrichs, Erika S.LindenhurstBachelor of Arts
Guo, YiweiLinfenMaster of Science
Guo, YiweiLinfenCertificate
Brown, Garrett M.LitchfieldMaster of Arts
Rogers, Brianna M.LitchfieldMaster of Science
Manzello, ThomasLittle NeckMaster of Arts
Fitzpatrick, Emily N.LittletonBachelor of Science in Ed
Pilipovich, Ashlee N.LockportBachelor of Arts
Swanson, Austin J.LockportBachelor of Science in Bus
Valley, Morgan T.LockportBachelor of Science in Bus
Stein, Derek J.LortonMaster of Science
Schrock, Leah D.LouisvilleBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Webb, Nolan J.MackinawBachelor of Science in Ed
McKire, Ashlyne N.MadisonBachelor of Science in Bus
Berry, Alexander W.MahometBachelor of Science in Bus
Sears, Dustin A.MahometBachelor of Arts
Shelmadine, Mandi K.MahometMaster of Business Admin
Silvey, Ted D.MahometBachelor of Science
Walwer, Jacob D.MahometBachelor of Arts
Wieber, SaraMahometMaster of Arts
Alharby, Mazzi S.ManchesterCertificate
Alharby, Mazzi S.ManchesterMaster of Science
Alharby, Mazzi S.ManchesterCertificate
Christiansen, Cobi J.ManhattanCertificate
Christiansen, Cobi J.ManhattanCertificate
Christiansen, Cobi J.ManhattanMaster of Science in Education
Armstrong-Benson, Naomi P.MansfieldBachelor of Science
Chambers, Nicole M.MansfieldMaster of Arts
Moxley, Emily E.MansfieldBachelor of Science
Bunting, Scott A.MarionSpecialist in Education
Zachreus, Michaela L.MarseillesBachelor of Science
Peterson, Gavin W.MarshallBachelor of Science
Winkler, Penny E.MarshallBachelor of Science
McClard, Megan V.MaryvilleBachelor of Arts
Dams, Katherine L.MascoutahBachelor of Science
Phillips, Maxie N.MATTESONBachelor of Arts
Robinson, Michael S.MattesonBachelor of Science in Bus
Adams, Melanie M.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Black, Suzanne R.MattoonMaster of Science
Brand, Kara C.MattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Browning, David K.MattoonBachelor of Science
Clapp, Nathanael A.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Conlin, Kaylee A.MattoonMaster of Science
Cox, Brooke N.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Cox, Tiana R.MattoonBachelor of Science
Drum, Macie B.MattoonBachelor of Science
Dyer, Christopher A.MattoonBachelor of Science
Ervin, Kathryn M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Hampton, Kaylee A.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Hayward, EthanMattoonMaster of Arts
Kaiser, Rachel A.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Levingston, Hunter E.MattoonBachelor of Science
Marston, Aryanna R.MattoonBachelor of Science
Miller, Zane Q.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Napier, Ashley L.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Nichols, Alyssa N.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Orr, Ashley N.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Osborne, Leah M.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Pierce, Kelly M.MattoonMaster of Arts
Quick, Kayla N.MattoonSpecialist in School Psych
Rienbolt, Tanner G.MattoonBachelor of Science in Bus
Schaefer, Austin M.MattoonMaster of Science
Smith, Whitney S.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Welch, Talia J.MattoonBachelor of Arts
Welsh, Mikayla L.MattoonBachelor of Science
Zachow, Dawn M.MattoonCertificate
Zachow, Dawn M.MattoonMaster of Science
Carodine, KennediMaywoodMaster of Arts
Castillo, Selena N.MAYWOODMaster of Business Admin
Fancher, Teonikka S.MaywoodBachelor of Science
Leibert, Heather W.McHenryMaster of Business Admin
Kelly, Sheridan A.MernaBachelor of Music
Malekadeli, Leila M.MIDLANDMaster of Arts
Musser, Kalie N.MilfordBachelor of Arts
Baltz, Conor L.MillstadtBachelor of Arts
Mooney, Joseph M.MinongSpecialist in School Psych
Boyer, Jordan T.MokenaBachelor of Arts
Gray, Daniel A.MokenaBachelor of Science in Bus
Sutton, Devlon S.MomenceBachelor of Science
Walters, Ashley N.MoneeBachelor of Science
Friedlein, Lucas S.MontgomeryBachelor of Science in Bus
Naugle, Dailyn D.MontgomeryBachelor of Science
Cothren, Kristin N.MonticelloMaster of Science in Education
Mohr, Joshua J.MonticelloBachelor of Arts
Olsen, Bailey O.MonticelloBachelor of Fine Arts
Flach, Courtney M.MontroseBachelor of Arts
Tague, James T.MontroseBachelor of Arts
Cash, Rebecca F.MorrisBachelor of Arts
Hudson, Anne M.MorrisBachelor of Fine Arts
Meyer, Kristina M.Morton GroveBachelor of Science in Bus
Grubb, Mark M.Mount CarmelBachelor of Arts
Simpson, Shea A.Mount CarmelBachelor of Science
Fouch, Amanda H.Mount ProspectBachelor of Arts
Burns, Pamela M.Mount VernonMaster of Science in Education
Kulinski, Kayla A.Mount VernonBachelor of Science
Steiling, Holly A.MoweaquaMaster of Science in Education
Weakly, Carissa A.MoweaquaMaster of Science in Education
Beck, Mikayla M.Mt CarmelBachelor of Music
Birkla, Jacob A.Mt CarmelBachelor of Arts
Jones, Whitney D.Mt VernonBachelor of Arts
East, Hannah E.Mt ZionMaster of Science
Hauge, Laura J.Mt ZionBachelor of Science in Ed
Watson, Jacob D.Mt ZionBachelor of Science
DeVito, Maria T.MundeleinBachelor of Arts
Parola, Ashley A.MundeleinBachelor of Science
Vargas, ValentinaMundeleinBachelor of Arts
Wierzgacz, Sarah J.MundeleinBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Wahane, InaliNagpur, State- MaharashtraMaster of Science
Aakula, AjayNalgondaCertificate
Aakula, AjayNalgondaMaster of Science
Bolles, Justin M.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Bonomo, Christina J.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Burke, Patrick W.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Carlin, Abigail L.NapervilleBachelor of Arts
Kirk, Bryce E.NapervilleSpecialist in School Psych
Lewin, Lauren E.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
McPherson, Elizabeth A.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Neville, Alexandra L.NapervilleMaster of Science
Tesmond, Tyler J.NapervilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Thompson, Bradley M.NapervilleMaster of Arts
Szopinski, Carley M.NashvilleBachelor of Arts
Thalacheeru, KalyanNELLOREMaster of Science
Thalacheeru, KalyanNELLORECertificate
Beard, Kelsey D.NeogaBachelor of Arts
Effner, Kieran L.NeogaBachelor of Music
Gresens, Taylor L.NeogaBachelor of Science in Bus
Watson, Jessica L.NeogaBachelor of Science in Bus
Washburn, Rachel E.New BadenBachelor of Science in Ed
Bergee, Brandon K.New BerlinBachelor of Science
Batinich, Alena M.New LenoxMaster of Science
Brown, Maria M.New LenoxMaster of Arts
Carlson, Lars T.New LenoxBachelor of Science
Kilmartin, Corey C.New LenoxBachelor of Science
Millsaps, Kaitlyn R.New LenoxMaster of Science
Pedziwiatr, Scott J.New LenoxBachelor of Science
Rogge, Kayla M.New LenoxBachelor of Arts
Fegett, Samuel L.NewmanBachelor of Science
Painter, Baylie K.NewmanBachelor of Science in Bus
Cartright, Andrea L.NewtonMaster of Science
Geier, Brianne N.NewtonBachelor of Arts
Ghast, Landon C.NewtonBachelor of Arts
Ghast, Landon C.NewtonBachelor of Arts
Martin, Jamie N.NewtonMaster of Science in Education
Shamhart, Ashley N.NewtonBachelor of Music
Shamhart, Ashley N.NewtonBachelor of Arts
White, Miranda R.NewtonMaster of Science
Calkins, Terrence W.NilesBachelor of Science in Ed
Wengerski, John C.NilesBachelor of Music
Akola, RanadheerNizamabadMaster of Science
Akola, RanadheerNizamabadCertificate
Boomgarden, Samantha A.NormalBachelor of Arts
Havens, James L.NormalBachelor of Science
Jordan, Maresa J.NormalBachelor of Arts
Sturm, Kiley J.NormalMaster of Science
Boysen, Regan J.North BendMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Kimutis, Nicole T.O'FallonMaster of Science
Hanalla, Mina A.Oak ForestBachelor of Science
Ledger, Jacqueline F.Oak forestBachelor of Arts
Jedry, Madison P.Oak LawnBachelor of Science in Ed
Mendez, Brandon A.Oak LawnMaster of Business Admin
Salazar, Nicole M.Oak LawnBachelor of Science in Ed
Riseman, Alexandra B.Oak ParkBachelor of Arts
Walsh, Liliana J.Oak ParkBachelor of Science
Miller, Shannon L.OaklandBachelor of Science
Morton, Alexa L.OakwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Tellier, Hailey N.OakwoodMaster of Science
Griswell, Emily A.OgdenMaster of Science in Education
Helbig, Eric S.OkawvilleSpecialist in Education
Kraus, Jonathan R.OkawvilleMaster of Science in Education
Yehling, Zachary R.OkawvilleMaster of Science
Nielsen, Robert J.OKLAHOMA CITYBachelor of Arts
Atkins, Leslie T.OlneyMaster of Science
Carie, John D.OlneyBachelor of Science
Davis, Brianna M.OlneyBachelor of Science
Givens, Lauren N.OlneyBachelor of Science
McDowell, Darrell E.OlneyMaster of Business Admin
Melcom, Shane H.OlneyBachelor of Arts
Snyder, Rachel L.OlneyBachelor of Science in Ed
Zwilling, Rachel L.OlneyBachelor of Science in Ed
Cain, Alexander J.OregonMaster of Science
DeZutter, Angel L.Orland HillsBachelor of Arts
Blair, Alicia M.Orland ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Karras, Katerina A.Orland ParkBachelor of Arts
Manning, Jason T.Orland ParkBachelor of Science
O'Donnell, Hannah K.Orland ParkBachelor of Science
Ellam, Nicolette K.OSWEGOBachelor of Science
Griglione, Hannah L.OttawaBachelor of Science
Riedesel, Emma K.OttawaSpecialist in School Psych
Long, Logan A.Overland ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Omar, Mays M.OxfordBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Radovanovitch, Sophia L.PalatineBachelor of Science
Williams, Jonathan M.PalestineMaster of Arts
Williams, Jonathan M.PalestineMaster of Arts
Temple, Colton R.Palos HeightsBachelor of Arts
Holloway, Mary M.ParisBachelor of Science
Jones, Johnathan D.ParisBachelor of Science
Korte, Kaitlin M.ParisMaster of Science
McFatridge, Molly E.ParisMaster of Business Admin
Myers, MirandaParisBachelor of Science
Meyers, Morgan P.Park ForestBachelor of Arts
Sheehan, James M.Park ForestBachelor of Science in Bus
Williams, Tatjana N.Park ForestBachelor of Arts
Hans, Neiv S.Park RidgeBachelor of Science in Bus
Perrone, Anthony L.Park RidgeBachelor of Science
Braddock, Logan C.ParkersburgMaster of Arts
Slaria, SrishtiPATHANKOTBachelor of Arts
Bailey, Morgan P.PatokaBachelor of Arts
Kidd, Kersten M.Paw PawMaster of Science
Mullins, Mary C.PaxtonBachelor of Science
Wagner, Brittany N.PecatonicaBachelor of Science in Ed
Israel, Chiba J.Pembroke TownshipBachelor of Arts
Branscumb, Monique N.PeoriaMaster of Arts
Dennis, Abigail E.PeoriaBachelor of Arts
Ghighi, Amanda L.PeoriaMaster of Science
McManis, Davion R.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Riley, Brandon A.PeoriaBachelor of Science
Dillow, Bethany L.Peoria HeightsBachelor of Science
Kannenberg, StacyPeoria HeightsMaster of Arts
Bratkovich, Katelyn E.PeruBachelor of Arts
Ed, Brianne M.PetersburgBachelor of Science
Ed, Kristen M.PetersburgBachelor of Arts
Mahaffey, Montana J.PhiloBachelor of Science
Kelley-Morton, Khayla T.PhoenixBachelor of Science
Anokwa, Brigette M.PlainfieldMaster of Science
Berlin, Cassandra M.PlainfieldBachelor of Science
Crawford, TaylerPlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Crowne, Abigail M.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Griffin, Megan H.PlainfieldBachelor of Science in Ed
Laskey, Edwin L.PlainfieldBachelor of Arts
Machmouchi, Ahmad B.PlainfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
O'Rourke, Bradi M.PlainfieldBachelor of Science
Valenzio, Daniel A.PlainfieldBachelor of Science
Turner, Dennis M.PlantationBachelor of Arts
Borrett, Ricky J.Poplar GroveBachelor of Science
Milosch, Joseph J.PortlandBachelor of Arts
Chapman, Samara J.PORTSMOUTHMaster of Science
Young, Kayla J.Prairie Du RochBachelor of Science
Hanson, Jessica L.Prairie Du SacSpecialist in School Psych
Barajas, Brianna J.PrincetonBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Lyon, Madeline C.RacineBachelor of Science
Defenbaugh, Paul C.RankinBachelor of Arts
Hundley, Wendy M.RantoulBachelor of Arts
Kinder, Tina M.RantoulBachelor of Science
Cable, Ashleigh B.RichmondMaster of Science
Cable, Ashleigh B.RichmondCertificate
Gooch, Aaron C.Richton ParkBachelor of Arts
Gray, Dimarcko R.Richton ParkCertificate
Whitaker, Rashod A.Richton ParkBachelor of Arts
West, Shakeinah J.RiverdaleBachelor of Arts
Munch, Maria M.RiversideBachelor of Arts
Carter, Caleb R.RobinsonMaster of Science
Cox, Darin A.RobinsonBachelor of Science
Hose, Ethan J.RobinsonBachelor of Science
Jones, Kendra B.RobinsonCertificate
Jones, Kendra B.RobinsonMaster of Science in Education
Martin, Shay N.RobinsonBachelor of Fine Arts
Meese, Michelle L.RobinsonSpecialist in Education
Rariden, Toni L.RobinsonBachelor of Arts
Pillen, Kathleen D.RochelleMaster of Science
Shank, Benjamin K.RochelleBachelor of Science in Ed
Hall, Sarah C.RockfordMaster of Science in Education
Tauscher, Aurelia A.RockfordMaster of Arts
Lindstrom, Chloe E.RocktonSpecialist in School Psych
Ozcelik, SeyhmusRolling MdwsCertificate
Cleary, James T.RomeovilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Kazun, Lissette A.RomeovilleBachelor of Science
Lee, Brandon S.RomeovilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Herbord, Ariel M.RosamondBachelor of Fine Arts
Calabrese, Morgan L.RoselleBachelor of Fine Arts
Donaldson, Daniel M.RoselleBachelor of Science
Streicher, IanRound Lake BeachCertificate
Streicher, IanRound Lake BeachMaster of Science
Taylor, Kimmie E.RushvilleBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Pareek, NiveditasadriMaster of Science
Beres, Alexandra S.Saint CharlesMaster of Science
Callaway, Aaron C.Saint CharlesBachelor of Arts
Lash, Lindsay J.Saint ElmoMaster of Science
Berry, Cole P.Saint JosephBachelor of Science in Bus
Campbell, William D.Saint JosephBachelor of Arts
DeWeese, Logan E.Saint JosephBachelor of Science in Bus
Fisher, Abby N.Saint JosephBachelor of Arts
Poulter, Madylin J.Saint JosephBachelor of Science
Slifer, Clayton E.Saint JosephBachelor of Science in Bus
Johnson, Brooke N.Saint PetersBachelor of Science in Bus
Pothuraju, NandeeshSan AntonioMaster of Science
Pothuraju, NandeeshSan AntonioCertificate
Dennis, Ashley E.SandwichBachelor of Science
Gilbert, Samantha R.SandwichBachelor of Arts
Bradley, Sarah A.SavoyBachelor of Science
Coddington, Samuel C.SavoyBachelor of Science
Summers, Jennifer L.SavoyBachelor of Arts
Van Pelt, Austin P.SavoyBachelor of Arts
Knell, Jessica H.SaybrookBachelor of Arts
Briski, Scott T.SchaumburgBachelor of Science
Cavazos, CharlesSchaumburgCertificate
Draper, Maxwell A.SchaumburgBachelor of Science in Bus
Kluzek, James T.SenecaBachelor of Science in Bus
Brodowski, Brittany E.SharpsburgMaster of Arts
Gault, Heidi S.SharpsburgMaster of Arts
Hill, Ali E.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Schanks, Tayler R.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Schanks, Tyler R.ShelbyvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Scott, Ryan D.ShelbyvilleSpecialist in Education
Sims, Tra'Mya L.ShilohBachelor of Science
Prunkard-Merritt, Hanna J.SidellMaster of Science in Education
Trafford, Jenny L.SidellBachelor of Science
Hansen, NicoleSidneyMaster of Science
Kidd, Amber R.SigelSpecialist in Education
Meyer, Clayton J.SigelMaster of Science
Hanger, Hayley E.SIlver SpringsMaster of Science
Mendez, Italia N.SkokieBachelor of Science
Matchett, Amber R.SmithtonBachelor of Science
Degler, Abigail J.SorentoBachelor of Science
Fritzsche, Megan R.SorentoMaster of Science in Education
Baumgartner, AlecsandreSouth BendMaster of Science
Baumgartner, AlecsandreSouth BendCertificate
Anderson, Samantha L.South ElginBachelor of Science in Ed
Grove, Kailey N.South ElginBachelor of Science
Ward, Samantha G.South HollandBachelor of Arts
Cuffle, Carlie E.SpauldingBachelor of Science in Bus
Pantier, Leanna K.SpauldingMaster of Arts
Wermuth, Anders-James O.Spring GreenBachelor of Arts
Desai, Giavanna E.SpringfieldBachelor of Science
Eilers, Colton T.SpringfieldBachelor of Science
Sitton, Terri M.SPRINGFIELDBachelor of Arts
Tudor, Morgan T.SpringfieldMaster of Science
Alzahrani, Baderst charlesMaster of Science
Alzahrani, Baderst charlesCertificate
Harms, Emily B.St JosephMaster of Science
Wagner, Christopher T.St LouisMaster of Arts
Reposh, Kaitlyn R.St PetersburgBachelor of Science
Luttman, Callie K.StauntonBachelor of Arts
Campuzano, Tyler J.StegerBachelor of Science in Bus
Schultz, Jonathan H.StewardsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Curtin, Andrea J.StoningtonBachelor of Science
Higgins, Taylor K.StrasburgBachelor of Science in Bus
Pfeiffer, Claire M.StrasburgBachelor of Science
Highland, JenniferStreamwoodBachelor of Arts
Varela, YasminStreamwoodBachelor of Arts
Kestner, Anthony D.StreatorBachelor of Arts
Martinez, JasmineStreatorBachelor of Arts
Quick, Melissa H.StreatorMaster of Science
Saltijeral, Vanessa R.Sugar GroveBachelor of Arts
Bales, Brock A.SullivanCertificate
Bales, Brock A.SullivanMaster of Science
Forcum, Matt D.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Harris, Carlton D.SullivanBachelor of Science
Harris, NinaSullivanBachelor of Arts
Isbell, Jennifer D.SullivanBachelor of Science
Kruckeberg, Keegan W.SullivanBachelor of Science
McDowell, SarahSullivanMaster of Science in Education
Piper, Jacob C.SullivanBachelor of Science in Bus
Rose, Nicholas A.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Shumard, Keaton A.SullivanBachelor of Music
Thomas, Lisa V.SullivanMaster of Science
Whitaker, Kirk A.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Wiley, Torie H.SullivanBachelor of Arts
Collins, Amijah A.SwanseaBachelor of Science
Adare, Charles J.SydneyBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Chang, Daphne T.Tainan CityBachelor of Arts
Black, Taylor R.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science
Champley, Kord P.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science
Deavers, Ashley N.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science
Havard, Brandi M.TaylorvilleBachelor of Science
Weber, Sierra D.TaylorvilleMaster of Business Admin
Clendenen, Reanna I.Terre HauteBachelor of Arts
Lewis, Natalie P.Terre HauteMaster of Science
Pickens, Alexandra M.Terre HauteMaster of Science
White, Barbara J.Terre HauteMaster of Science
White, Barbara J.Terre HauteCertificate
Holman, Jennifer R.TeutopolisMaster of Science
Hutmacher, Chelsey R.TeutopolisMaster of Arts
Pruemer, Maci K.TeutopolisBachelor of Science
Webb, Amber J.TeutopolisMaster of Science
Aghaei, A C.ThomasvilleBachelor of Arts
Knippen, Alexis M.Tinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Mosley, Tyshon M.Tinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Overland, ClaireTinley ParkBachelor of Science
Overland, Katherine A.Tinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Paulsen, Kyle E.Tinley ParkBachelor of Science
Porzio, James P.Tinley ParkBachelor of Arts
Hills, Mally L.ToledoBachelor of Arts
Venatta, Jacob W.ToledoBachelor of Arts
Bagwell, HollyTolonoBachelor of Arts
Barnes, Amy C.TolonoBachelor of Science in Ed
Butler, Raymond K.TolonoBachelor of Arts
Carter, Kaitlyn J.TolonoBachelor of Arts
Shumard, Deanna R.TolonoBachelor of Arts
Smith, Patricia J.TolonoBachelor of Science
Marlar, Mariah E.TrentonBachelor of Arts
Murphy, Erin M.TroyBachelor of Arts
Pandey, SunilTrujillo AltoMaster of Science
Crist, Eric A.TuscolaMaster of Science
Flora, Madison C.TuscolaBachelor of Arts
Giuliani, AlexisTuscolaBachelor of Science in Bus
Hausmann, Jessie N.TuscolaBachelor of Arts
Hennis, Kendra E.TuscolaBachelor of Arts
Reed, Amber D.TuscolaMaster of Arts
Smith, Mackenzie R.TuscolaBachelor of Science in Bus
Stuart, Sidney K.TuscolaBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Folami, OlorunjuedaloUniversity ParkBachelor of Science
Folami, OlorunjuedaloUniversity ParkBachelor of Arts
Baine, Emily E.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Firmand, Jessica M.UrbanaMaster of Science
Greifenkamp, Mary E.UrbanaBachelor of Science in Ed
Herbert, Logan M.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Kusnerick, Brian D.URBANAMaster of Science in Education
Leunig, SandraUrbanaBachelor of Fine Arts
McEwen, JonathanUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Metcalf, Eric P.UrbanaBachelor of Science in Bus
Molenhour, Athena C.UrbanaBachelor of Science
Odeh, Mustafa M.UrbanaBachelor of Science in Bus
Oldham, Emily J.UrbanaBachelor of Arts
Robot, NadjaUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Sawhill, Roxanne R.UrbanaBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Wilhelm, KaylaVandaliaCertificate
Singh, DevanshVaranasiMaster of Science
Vemulapalli, Veda SaranyaVIJAYAWADACertificate
Vemulapalli, Veda SaranyaVIJAYAWADAMaster of Science
Kanchi, Sandeep KumarvishakapatnamMaster of Science
Kanchi, Sandeep KumarvishakapatnamCertificate


Name City Program
Hutchens, Crystalyn L.WadsworthMaster of Arts
Balasooriya, Balasooriya Appuhamilage Dinesh M.WanaluwewaMaster of Science
Arigela, DeekshithWarangalCertificate
Arigela, DeekshithWarangalMaster of Science
Basani, Ranadeep ReddyWarangalMaster of Science
Basani, Ranadeep ReddyWarangalCertificate
Thippareddy, Suswetha ReddyWarangalMaster of Science
Thippareddy, Suswetha ReddyWarangalCertificate
Herr, Sadie R.WarrenMaster of Science
Beaudoin, Melissa M.WatervlietSpecialist in School Psych
Meyer, Brittany N.WatsonMaster of Science
Cunningham, Ethan M.WeldonBachelor of Science
McDonough, Brendan R.Weldon SpringBachelor of Science in Bus
Held, Elisabeth J.West BendBachelor of Arts
Dennison, Kylie A.West DundeeBachelor of Arts
Rabideau, Amanda M.West LibertyBachelor of Arts
Gladu, Robbie P.WestfieldBachelor of Fine Arts
Horton, Zachary W.WestfieldBachelor of Arts
Young, Michelle L.WestfieldMaster of Science in Education
Bibbs, Kayla T.WheatonBachelor of Arts
Lentz, Jared E.WheatonBachelor of Arts
Carpenter, Abigail C.WildwoodBachelor of Science in Bus
Jones, Kelsey A.WilliamsvilleBachelor of Science
Cox, Cheyenne C.WilmetteBachelor of Arts
Miller, Richele N.WilmingtonBachelor of Science
Switzer, Kearsten L.WilmingtonBachelor of Arts
Tilford, Anson J.WindsorMaster of Business Admin
Rosenberger, Alex E.WinnebagoBachelor of Arts
Jones, Ashley E.Wonder LakeBachelor of Arts
Pattison, Emily B.Wood DaleBachelor of Science
Carter, Joseph R.WoodridgeBachelor of Science in Bus
Surles, Michael A.WoodridgeBachelor of Arts
Hu, YifengWuhanMaster of Business Admin


Name City Program
Xing, XuanXianyangMaster of Business Admin


Name City Program
Bai, BingYang Quan, ShanxiCertificate
Bai, BingYang Quan, ShanxiMaster of Science

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