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EIU List of Graduates

Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 760 Fall 2023 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.
Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees.

Name Program
Alonso, Ernesto Bachelor of Arts
Arroya, Pedro Bachelor of Arts
Atterberry, Damien Bachelor of Arts
Crockett, Lexi CBachelor of Science
Davis, Bret MBachelor of Arts
Lopez, Francisco Bachelor of Arts
Marais, Nick CBachelor of Arts
Norbut, Brian MBachelor of Arts
Pierce, William MBachelor of Arts
Richards, Joshua Bachelor of Arts
Sessler, Justin Bachelor of Arts
Vazza, Varun Reddy Certificate
Vazza, Varun Reddy Master of Science


Name City Program
Lutterodt, Fredrick TAccraCertificate
Lutterodt, Fredrick TAccraMaster of Science
Brown, Nicole MAledoMaster of Science in Education
Roberts, Kacie AAllertonBachelor of Science in Ed
Korso, Daniel GAlsipBachelor of Science
Orth, Will DAmesBachelor of Science
Akonu Atta, Albert ApamMaster of Arts
Voss, Nicole FAppletonBachelor of Science
Beres, Colin JArcolaCertificate
Beres, Colin JArcolaMaster of Science
Klopfleisch, Camille EArcolaMaster of Science
Mora, Vanessa ArcolaBachelor of Fine Arts
Torres, Daniel AArcolaMaster of Business Admin
Crozier, Holley NArmstrongBachelor of Science
Abercrombie, Abby DArthurBachelor of Science
Humphreys, Phillip AAshmoreBachelor of Science
Strader, Wade SAshmoreMaster of Business Admin
Manuel, Jessica LAssumptionMaster of Science in Education
Velapati, Rajashekar Reddy AtlantaMaster of Science
Velapati, Rajashekar Reddy AtlantaCertificate
Romine, Austin AAtwoodBachelor of Science in Ed
Nelson, Winnifer RAugustaBachelor of Arts
Solis, Martin AuroraBachelor of Science
Williams, Greta CAuroraCertificate


Name City Program
Ryndak, Arlene MBarringtonBachelor of Science
Schulz, Autumn CBarryBachelor of Arts
Hartke, Elizabeth CBeecher CityBachelor of Arts
Stell, Allie LBeecher CityBachelor of Science in Bus
Higgins, Megan EBellevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Higgins, Megan EBellevilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Robertson, Amanda RBellevilleBachelor of Science
Whisenhunt, Katherine EBellevilleMaster of Arts
Williams, Eryka MBellevilleBachelor of Science
James, Aaliyah JBellwoodBachelor of Science in Bus
Krizmanich, Katelin RBeloitMaster of Arts
Schum, Tia LBementBachelor of Science
Krapf, Kayla RBentonMaster of Arts
Mitchell, Heather NBentonSpecialist in Education
Poland, Josh CBentonvilleMaster of Science
Gause, Serenity TBerwynBachelor of Science
Reincke, Melanie LBethaltoMaster of Science in Education
Taylor, Kaylee MBethanyBachelor of Science in Ed
Harden, Lashonna NBloomingtonMaster of Science in Education
Rappe, Zachary RBloomingtonBachelor of Arts
Seyfert, Stephan BloomingtonCertificate
Seyfert, Stephan BloomingtonMaster of Science
Oliva, April Blue IslandBachelor of Science in Ed
Flexter, April JBlufordMaster of Science in Education
Nolan, Jessica MBolingbrookBachelor of Science
Lewis, Cordelia SBroadviewBachelor of Arts
Williams, Jarrett NBroadviewCertificate
Williams, Jarrett NBroadviewMaster of Science
Barnes, Zenaya JBuffalo GroveBachelor of Science
Magid, Angie RBuffalo GroveMaster of Business Admin
Reiman, Raegan ABurlingtonBachelor of Arts
Markham, Kennedy GByronBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Douglas, Nyla RCahokiaBachelor of Arts
Trimble, Nick DCahokiaBachelor of Arts
Simmons, Kendall MCalumet CityBachelor of Arts
Smith, Mario KCalumet CityBachelor of Arts
Barrows, Joel JCalumet ParkBachelor of Science in Bus
Parsley, Caleigh JCamargoBachelor of Science
Yerges, Sandra JCambridgeMaster of Arts
Pampel, Lilly CantonBachelor of Arts
Fitchett, Antonia ACape CharlesMaster of Science
Vargas, Carolina CaprentersvilleBachelor of Arts
Palan, Cassidy ACarrolltonMaster of Science in Education
Carr, Spencer SCaseyMaster of Science
Decker, Alyssa MCaseyBachelor of Science
Gelb, Sydney MCaseyBachelor of Arts
Repp, Amanda BCaseyBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Tannor LCaseyBachelor of Arts
Burton, Mason SCatlinBachelor of Arts
Flood, Michael RCedar LakeMaster of Science in Education
Lewis, Morgan JCedar RapidsMaster of Science
Marcum, Quinton SCentraliaSpecialist in Education
Trumbo, Kristin LCentraliaSpecialist in Education
Ames, Austin TChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Ames, Austin TChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Bayer, Ashlyn HChampaignBachelor of Science
Bright, Yvonne MChampaignBachelor of Science
Butts, Jessica DChampaignMaster of Science in Education
Charney, David NChampaignCertificate
Charney, David NChampaignMaster of Science
Cohen, Luke MChampaignBachelor of Science in Bus
Devulapalli, Chinnimadhava ChampaignCertificate
Devulapalli, Chinnimadhava ChampaignMaster of Science
Eduarte, Mj BChampaignBachelor of Science
Graves-Liggett, Jennifer CChampaignBachelor of Science
Hugo, Nichole ChampaignMaster of Business Admin
Jones, David NChampaignBachelor of Arts
Jones, David WChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Li, Rebecca ChampaignMaster of Science
McGuire, Amanda MChampaignBachelor of Arts
Mosley, Tyeisha TChampaignBachelor of Arts
Pearson, Nichole SChampaignBachelor of Arts
Pence, Chloe MChampaignBachelor of Science in Ed
Roddy, Danisha SChampaignBachelor of Arts
Sarol, Benjamin BChampaignBachelor of Science
Spence, Teresa CChampaignBachelor of Arts
Wilson, Tracy JChampaignMaster of Business Admin
Yempada, Teja Kumar RChampaignMaster of Science
Delos Reyes, Patricia Zyri ChandlerBachelor of Science in Bus
Aldana, Barbara AChannahonBachelor of Arts
Abbina, Bala Suresh CharlestonCertificate
Abbina, Bala Suresh CharlestonMaster of Science
Adebayo, Olajide CharlestonMaster of Science
Adedokun, Adeyemi ACharlestonMaster of Science
Adu, Benjamin CharlestonMaster of Science
Adu, Benjamin CharlestonCertificate
Allam, Uday Kiran CharlestonCertificate
Allam, Uday Kiran CharlestonMaster of Science
Allen, Karyne KCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Alshammari, Yazeed MCharlestonMaster of Science
Arroju, Saidheeraj CharlestonCertificate
Arroju, Saidheeraj CharlestonMaster of Science
Aviti, Sarvesh CharlestonMaster of Science
Aviti, Sarvesh CharlestonCertificate
Awobeku, Tolulope CharlestonMaster of Science
Bala, Sumanth CharlestonCertificate
Bala, Sumanth CharlestonMaster of Science
Banswada, Rohit RCharlestonCertificate
Banswada, Rohit RCharlestonMaster of Science
Basnet, Aarya CharlestonCertificate
Basnet, Aarya CharlestonMaster of Science
Bennett, Miranda JCharlestonMaster of Science
Bheemineedi, Sowmya CharlestonCertificate
Bheemineedi, Sowmya CharlestonMaster of Science
Bhukya, Venkatesh CharlestonCertificate
Bhukya, Venkatesh CharlestonMaster of Science
Bitti, Laxmiprasanna CharlestonMaster of Science
Bitti, Laxmiprasanna CharlestonCertificate
Bonthu, Venkata Sai Ram Chowdary CharlestonMaster of Science
Bonthu, Venkata Sai Ram Chowdary CharlestonCertificate
Brown, Ann JCharlestonBachelor of Science
Burdett, Nolan WCharlestonBachelor of Science
Burkley, Simeon BCharlestonBachelor of Science
Bussa, Bhanuprathap CharlestonCertificate
Bussa, Bhanuprathap CharlestonMaster of Science
Centers, Ian JCharlestonBachelor of Science
Chennamshetty, Mahesh CharlestonMaster of Science
Chennamshetty, Mahesh CharlestonCertificate
Cherukuri, Neeraja Naidu CharlestonMaster of Science
Cherukuri, Neeraja Naidu CharlestonCertificate
Chukkametta, Niharika CharlestonCertificate
Chukkametta, Niharika CharlestonMaster of Science
Chunduri, Sri Rajini CharlestonMaster of Science
Chunduri, Sri Rajini CharlestonCertificate
Dawson, Jay GCharlestonBachelor of Music
Dicken, Andi MCharlestonBachelor of Science
Dipto, Swarup DCharlestonMaster of Arts
Dodla, Dattathreya CharlestonMaster of Science
Dodla, Dattathreya CharlestonCertificate
Donepudi, Sai Kiran CharlestonMaster of Science
Donepudi, Sai Kiran CharlestonCertificate
Drake Paul, Ashton WCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Drake, Blaine MCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Ernst, Addy GCharlestonBachelor of Science
Fanale, Natalie NCharlestonBachelor of Science
Gangadhari, Sowmya CharlestonCertificate
Gangadhari, Sowmya CharlestonMaster of Science
Ganji, Bala Show Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Ganji, Bala Show Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Gantam, Chaitanya CharlestonCertificate
Gantam, Chaitanya CharlestonMaster of Science
Gantam, Uday Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Gantam, Uday Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Garcia, Kassandra CharlestonMaster of Science
Goriparthi, Venkata Sai Lakshmi CharlestonCertificate
Goriparthi, Venkata Sai Lakshmi CharlestonMaster of Science
Gummitha, Jayanth Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Gummitha, Jayanth Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Hellman, Jordan LCharlestonBachelor of Science
Hutton, Chava MCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Jangili, Manasa CharlestonCertificate
Jangili, Manasa CharlestonMaster of Science
Jarupula, Vinod Nayak CharlestonCertificate
Jarupula, Vinod Nayak CharlestonMaster of Science
Johnson, Bayley RCharlestonBachelor of Science
Joseph, Yolanda CharlestonMaster of Science
Kairamkonda, Sandeep Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Kairamkonda, Sandeep Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Kale, Pranitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Kale, Pranitha CharlestonCertificate
Kalusani, Aravind Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Kalusani, Aravind Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Kamballapally, Chidvilas CharlestonMaster of Science
Kamballapally, Chidvilas CharlestonCertificate
Kang, Bri CharlestonBachelor of Science
Katta, Yogesh CharlestonCertificate
Katta, Yogesh CharlestonMaster of Science
Kerr, Noire KCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Klys, Ela ZCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Kola, Prashanth CharlestonCertificate
Kola, Prashanth CharlestonMaster of Science
Konda, Sharath Chandra CharlestonMaster of Science
Konda, Sharath Chandra CharlestonCertificate
Koppula, Narendar CharlestonMaster of Science
Koppula, Narendar CharlestonCertificate
Kurakula, Harshavardhan Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Kurakula, Harshavardhan Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Lanman, Benjamin MCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Laws, Jada JCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Littleford, Sydnie KCharlestonBachelor of Science
Luoma, Daniel BCharlestonBachelor of Science
Madasu, Vijaya LCharlestonCertificate
Madasu, Vijaya LCharlestonMaster of Science
Maddikuntla, Prasanth CharlestonMaster of Science
Maddikuntla, Prasanth CharlestonCertificate
Magee, Caleb ICharlestonBachelor of Science
Mahat, Sunita CharlestonCertificate
Mahat, Sunita CharlestonMaster of Science
Malipeddi, Rohan CharlestonCertificate
Malipeddi, Rohan CharlestonMaster of Science
Malledi, Harika CCharlestonMaster of Science
Malledi, Harika CCharlestonCertificate
Manaves, Anthony VCharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Matthews-Hampton, Ky JCharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Mayobre, Luis ACharlestonMaster of Science
McCullough, Chase ACharlestonBachelor of Science in Bus
Mergoju, Sharath CCharlestonMaster of Science
Mergoju, Sharath CCharlestonCertificate
Mohammad, Yakub Pasha CharlestonMaster of Science
Mohammad, Yakub Pasha CharlestonCertificate
Mohammed Waseem, Fnu CharlestonMaster of Science
Monan, Madison MCharlestonBachelor of Science
Motamarri, Gunendra Sri Krishna Saiteja CharlestonCertificate
Motamarri, Gunendra Sri Krishna Saiteja CharlestonMaster of Science
Mtigwe, Kimberley TCharlestonBachelor of Science
Muktaparapu, Ashok CharlestonMaster of Science
Muktaparapu, Ashok CharlestonCertificate
Murugan, Susmitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Murugan, Susmitha CharlestonCertificate
Nadipelly, Sandeep Rao CharlestonCertificate
Nadipelly, Sandeep Rao CharlestonMaster of Science
Nafee, Zarif JCharlestonBachelor of Science
Nallamothu, SaiKrishna CharlestonMaster of Science
Nallamothu, SaiKrishna CharlestonCertificate
Neela, Sai Teja CharlestonMaster of Science
Neela, Sai Teja CharlestonCertificate
Neitzel, Spencer RCharlestonBachelor of Science
Netter-Bailey, Shanovia SCharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Nguyen, Annie CharlestonCertificate
Nguyen, Annie CharlestonCertificate
Nguyen, Annie CharlestonMaster of Science
Nwaojei, Ken CCharlestonMaster of Science
Pakalapati, Pavani CharlestonCertificate
Pakalapati, Pavani CharlestonMaster of Science
Palle, Vishal CharlestonCertificate
Palle, Vishal CharlestonMaster of Science
Parsons, Joshua RCharlestonBachelor of Arts
Patel, Unnati CharlestonCertificate
Patel, Unnati CharlestonMaster of Science
Pavushetty, Anoop KCharlestonCertificate
Pavushetty, Anoop KCharlestonMaster of Science
Pettugani, Venkata Arun Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Pettugani, Venkata Arun Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Pinnu, Vishnu Priya CharlestonCertificate
Pinnu, Vishnu Priya CharlestonMaster of Science
Pisati, Laharika Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Pisati, Laharika Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Pope, Alexis ACharlestonBachelor of Science
Pope, Alexis ACharlestonBachelor of Science
Popuri, Venu CharlestonCertificate
Popuri, Venu CharlestonMaster of Science
Putireddy, Vamsi CharlestonCertificate
Putireddy, Vamsi CharlestonMaster of Science
Putlur, Sai Bharath Reddy CharlestonCertificate
Putlur, Sai Bharath Reddy CharlestonMaster of Science
Ramesh, Adithiyaa CharlestonMaster of Science
Ramesh, Adithiyaa CharlestonCertificate
Ramisetty, Pranaya Sree CharlestonMaster of Science
Ramisetty, Pranaya Sree CharlestonCertificate
Rangineni, Harshitha CharlestonCertificate
Rangineni, Harshitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Rhoads, Dawson MCharlestonMaster of Science
Richards, Justin LCharlestonMaster of Arts
Richter, Jay MCharlestonMaster of Arts
Rivas Zepeda, Nathalia ACharlestonMaster of Science
Sabiha Khanam, Fnu CharlestonCertificate
Sabiha Khanam, Fnu CharlestonMaster of Science
Samuels, Jordan ACharlestonBachelor of Science
Sapkota, Sriyas CharlestonCertificate
Sapkota, Sriyas CharlestonMaster of Science
Schmitz, Abigail JCharlestonSpecialist in Education
Sherwood, Emmalee DCharlestonBachelor of Science in Ed
Siddi, Supriya CharlestonMaster of Science
Siddi, Supriya CharlestonCertificate
Simpson, Dayton BCharlestonBachelor of Science
Sirigadde, Srinath CharlestonCertificate
Sirigadde, Srinath CharlestonMaster of Science
Sirisanagandla, Sai Rathan CharlestonMaster of Science
Sirisanagandla, Sai Rathan CharlestonCertificate
Sohail, Shaik CharlestonCertificate
Sohail, Shaik CharlestonMaster of Science
Sommer, Rachel ECharlestonBachelor of Science
Spencer, Hannah FCharlestonBachelor of Fine Arts
Sure, Vamsi CharlestonMaster of Science
Sure, Vamsi CharlestonCertificate
Sweeney, Nick DCharlestonBachelor of Science
Syed, Farooq CharlestonMaster of Science
Thenepalli, Lakshmi Prasad CharlestonCertificate
Thenepalli, Lakshmi Prasad CharlestonMaster of Science
Thota, Sai Priya CharlestonMaster of Science
Thota, Sai Priya CharlestonCertificate
Tikayyolla, Sai Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Tikayyolla, Sai Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Turlapati, Gnana Prasanna Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Turlapati, Gnana Prasanna Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Unnam, Vinay Chowdary CharlestonCertificate
Unnam, Vinay Chowdary CharlestonMaster of Science
Uppuluri, Jayasri CharlestonBachelor of Science
Vaddeboina, Sandeep Kumar CharlestonCertificate
Vaddeboina, Sandeep Kumar CharlestonMaster of Science
Veluvolu, Yasaswini CharlestonMaster of Science
Veluvolu, Yasaswini CharlestonCertificate
Vodnala, Thrishul Raj CharlestonMaster of Science
Vodnala, Thrishul Raj CharlestonCertificate
Willis, Kierra CharlestonBachelor of Arts
Yenuganti, Pranav Goud CharlestonCertificate
Yenuganti, Pranav Goud CharlestonMaster of Science
Yenugula, Sai Kalyan CharlestonCertificate
Yenugula, Sai Kalyan CharlestonMaster of Science
Yerragunta, Akshitha CharlestonMaster of Science
Yerragunta, Akshitha CharlestonCertificate
Youngblood, Reese ACharlestonBachelor of Science
Aitken, Deuce AChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Arguello, Joshua LChicagoBachelor of Arts
Arnold, Jordan MChicagoMaster of Arts
Catching, Anthony LChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Catching, Anthony LChicagoBachelor of Arts
Collins, Deandria DChicagoBachelor of Science
Dillon, Mark DChicagoBachelor of Arts
Druien, Kelsey DChicagoBachelor of Arts
Ferguson, Myrna LChicagoBachelor of Arts
Forberg, Michael LChicagoBachelor of Arts
Gardner, Tyrese TChicagoBachelor of Science
Greene, Keisha NChicagoBachelor of Science
Hernandez, Jayleen ChicagoBachelor of Arts
Hicks, Ashley NChicagoBachelor of Arts
Jones, Diamond BChicagoBachelor of Arts
Jones, Nero JChicagoBachelor of Arts
Kukutlapally, Pavanraj ChicagoCertificate
Kukutlapally, Pavanraj ChicagoMaster of Science
Luna, Tiana MChicagoBachelor of Science in Ed
Mankalya Padmashali, Sainath ChicagoMaster of Science
Medina, Andres ChicagoBachelor of Science in Bus
Meka, Sravya ChicagoCertificate
Meka, Sravya ChicagoMaster of Science
Pasula, Shiva Reddy ChicagoMaster of Science
Pasula, Shiva Reddy ChicagoCertificate
Raavi, Bhavish ChicagoMaster of Science
Reed, Rachel LChicagoBachelor of Arts
Rios Cotto, Christian RChicagoBachelor of Science
Suraneni, Gauttam ChicagoMaster of Science
Topps, Valencia ChicagoMaster of Science
Williams, Malyn AChicagoBachelor of Science
Whiting, Sean RChillicotheMaster of Science
Whiting, Sean RChillicotheCertificate
Faruky, Fatin Chittagong Master of Business Admin
Dilli, Narendhar Reddy CHOUTUPPALCertificate
Dilli, Narendhar Reddy CHOUTUPPALMaster of Science
Steber, Ethan PClaremontBachelor of Music
Rodriguez, Jason ECliftonBachelor of Arts
Galloway, Stone MCollinsvilleBachelor of Science
Yee-Izon, Celina SConcordMaster of Science
Ferren, Noah KCovingtonBachelor of Arts
Fox, Kayla ACreteBachelor of Science
Becker, Angela KCrystal LakeBachelor of Arts
Jensen, Caleb DCrystal LakeBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Barnes, Ethan LDanvilleBachelor of Arts
Dotson, Emyle MDanvilleBachelor of Arts
Love, Kenya SDanvilleBachelor of Arts
Webb, Josh WDanvilleBachelor of Science
Youhas, Kimberlyn KDanvilleMaster of Science in Education
Bird, Alyssa DDecaturBachelor of Science
Bohm, Morgan PDecaturBachelor of Science
Hilliard, Miranda RDecaturBachelor of Science
Lanker, Merry DecaturMaster of Science in Education
Mikola, Eula RDecaturBachelor of Arts
Newbon, Eric LDecaturMaster of Science in Education
Shouse, Amanda LDecaturMaster of Arts
Still, Emily GDecaturBachelor of Arts
Alteus, Alex ADeLandMaster of Business Admin
Dixon, Christopher MDumfriesMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Selsor, Jacob AEast LynnBachelor of Arts
Neisen, Dakota JEast PeoriaMaster of Business Admin
Embery-Taylor, Dayne TEast Saint LouisBachelor of Science
Hester, Sam DEdgewoodBachelor of Arts
Francis, Ashley AEdinburgSpecialist in Education
Burton, Rebecca AEffinghamMaster of Business Admin
Fedrigon, Jordan DEffinghamBachelor of Arts
Goings, Stacia MEffinghamMaster of Science
Henderson, Julia JEffinghamMaster of Business Admin
Volling, Calvin RElburnBachelor of Science
Lewis, Tre'Jon WElginBachelor of Arts
Briggs, Jim WElk Grove VillageBachelor of Science in Bus
Ledbetter, Brianna YEllis GroveBachelor of Arts
Tellis, Madisen DElmwood ParkBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Wenger, Emily JFairburyMaster of Science in Education
Hill, Ellie SFairfieldBachelor of Arts
Shreve, Matt RFairfieldSpecialist in Education
Decker-McCarney, Patricia LFayettevilleBachelor of Arts
Gish, Liz FayettevilleMaster of Arts
Zimmerman, Sidney DFindlayBachelor of Science
Ward, Haley JFithianBachelor of Science
Ryan, Lindsay BFlat RockBachelor of Science
Harrell, Madison LFloraBachelor of Science
Hudson, Sara EFloraMaster of Arts
Harris, Branden CFlossmoorBachelor of Arts
Myrwold, Jennifer RFox LakeBachelor of Arts
Carollo, Jacob LFrankfortBachelor of Arts
Novak, Victoria JFranklin ParkBachelor of Science in Ed
Friedmann, Kim AFriedrichsdorfMaster of Science


Name City Program
Hortenstine, Liam DGaysBachelor of Science
Hinz, Stephanie CGenoaBachelor of Science
Roca, Gary VGenoaBachelor of Arts
Smith, Matthew WGeorgetownBachelor of Arts
Ehler, Jessy EGibson CityBachelor of Science
Hari, Brittany RGibson CityMaster of Science in Education
Leake, Taylor MGibson CityMaster of Science in Education
Rubin, Joshua EGlen EllynCertificate
Cellini, Mark AGlen MillsMaster of Arts
Taul, Robert WGodfreyBachelor of Science
Caldwell, Kris DGrayslakeBachelor of Arts
Carlen, Kyle AGreenupBachelor of Science in Bus
Hampsten, Sara KGreenupBachelor of Science in Bus
Hayden, Anita JGREENUPBachelor of Arts
Alokam, Revanth GunturMaster of Science
Alokam, Revanth GunturCertificate
Nallagonda, Veda Praneeth GunturMaster of Science
Nallagonda, Veda Praneeth GunturCertificate
Taylor, Maggie OGurneeBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Gara, Ryan WHampshireBachelor of Science
Khan, Shahryar AHanover ParkBachelor of Science
Nassar, Fatima Hanover ParkMaster of Science
Nassar, Fatima Hanover ParkCertificate
Hurd, Brian KHarrisburgMaster of Science in Education
Drakeford, Kaelin JHarrodsburgBachelor of Arts
DeRamus, Nia SHazel CrestBachelor of Arts
Leben, Kristen NHendersonBachelor of Arts
Gill, Kayla MHickory HillsBachelor of Arts
Barth, Michael DHighlandBachelor of Science
Litzenburg, Claire EHighlandMaster of Science in Education
Becerra, Gaby VHindsboroBachelor of Science
Bero, Andrew CHoffman EstatesCertificate
Bheemreddy, Janardhan Reddy HYDERABADMaster of Science
Bheemreddy, Janardhan Reddy HYDERABADCertificate
Konakanchi, Jyothi Swaroop HYDERABADMaster of Science
Madasu, Sai Yeshwanth HyderabadMaster of Science
Madasu, Sai Yeshwanth HyderabadCertificate
Malayala, Dheeraj HyderabadMaster of Science
Malayala, Dheeraj HyderabadCertificate
Mamilla, Kalyan Yadav HyderabadMaster of Science
Musku, Shravan Kumar Reddy HyderabadMaster of Science
Musku, Shravan Kumar Reddy HyderabadCertificate
Tudugani, Sai Phani HyderabadCertificate
Tudugani, Sai Phani HyderabadMaster of Science


Name City Program
Ginjipalli, Ramarao IrvingCertificate
Ginjipalli, Ramarao IrvingMaster of Science
Gutta, Jayanth Chowdary IrvingMaster of Science
Gutta, Jayanth Chowdary IrvingCertificate
Krajefska, Anthony WIukaMaster of Business Admin


Name City Program
Crivilare, Heather GJacksonvilleCertificate
Bethi, Avinash Reddy JAGITYALCertificate
Bethi, Avinash Reddy JAGITYALMaster of Science
Peruka, Nithish Jayashankar BhupalpallyCertificate
Peruka, Nithish Jayashankar BhupalpallyMaster of Science
Sims, Kaylynn JenningsMaster of Arts
Koester, Jordyn EJewettBachelor of Science in Ed
Moreno, Angela IJolietBachelor of Arts
Pinnick, Janaya FJolietBachelor of Arts
Tapley, Imani SJolietBachelor of Arts
Vazquez, Angela GJolietBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Hammond, Grace GKansasBachelor of Science
Deeney, Derek Kansas CityMaster of Science
Johnson, Kendall LKeyesportMaster of Science in Education
Anumolu, Sai Jaswanth KhammamMaster of Science
Anumolu, Sai Jaswanth KhammamCertificate
Dirisala, Anil khammamCertificate
Dirisala, Anil khammamMaster of Science
Nageswara Rao, Nannaka khammamMaster of Science
Nageswara Rao, Nannaka khammamCertificate
Gadaboina, Adithya KODADMaster of Science
Gadaboina, Adithya KODADCertificate
Potaraju, Satyavathi kunchanapalliCertificate
Potaraju, Satyavathi kunchanapalliMaster of Science
Poreddy, Nanda Kishore Reddy KURNOOLMaster of Science
Poreddy, Nanda Kishore Reddy KURNOOLCertificate


Name City Program
Denten, Diana ELa GrangeBachelor of Science
Adeyeye, Adewumi OLagosMaster of Science
Adeyeye, Adewumi OLagosCertificate
Hidrogo Chairez, Mario Lake VillaMaster of Science
Bagg, Katie ELake ZurichMaster of Science in Education
Laboy, Jill KLansingBachelor of Science
Shick, Chase CLawrencevilleBachelor of Arts
Naidu, Parikshit Lewis CenterCertificate
Naidu, Parikshit Lewis CenterMaster of Science
Hamlin, Jermaine CLincolnBachelor of Arts
Turley, Aleaya LLincolnBachelor of Arts
Marin-Bunting, Micki MLombardCertificate
McNicholas, Mike ALombardBachelor of Science in Bus
Jahn, Ry DLouisvilleMaster of Arts
McDaniel, Dalton WLovingtonBachelor of Science
Morgan, Aaliyah NLynwoodBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Rupal, Fnu MadisonMaster of Science
Rupal, Fnu MadisonCertificate
Chithaluri, Yashwanth MahabubabadMaster of Science
Chithaluri, Yashwanth MahabubabadCertificate
Beard, Haley NMahometBachelor of Science in Ed
Kilar, Sara MMahometBachelor of Science
Rosen, Ellen MahometBachelor of Science
Lambu, Vishal RManthani Certificate
Lambu, Vishal RManthani Master of Science
Murphy, Madison LMarionBachelor of Arts
Rush, Sabrina JMarionBachelor of Science in Ed
Jones, Dajon MarkhamBachelor of Science
Porter, Hope VMarkhamBachelor of Science
Everetts, Jason MMarshallBachelor of Science
Guy, Yazmin MarshallBachelor of Science
Smitley, Jenn RMarshallMaster of Science in Education
DuPree, Kenneth DMattesonBachelor of Arts
Daniell, Chelsea MMattoonBachelor of Science
Davee, McKenzee RMattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Donnelly, Jason HMattoonBachelor of Science
Ferris, Sara EMattoonMaster of Science
Focht, Sarah AMattoonBachelor of Science
Gentry, Jonathan HMattoonMaster of Business Admin
Hamilton, Raymond TMattoonMaster of Business Admin
Henness, Kristen HMattoonMaster of Business Admin
McDaniel, Regina CMattoonBachelor of Science
Pitts, Chloe RMattoonBachelor of Science in Ed
Winograd, Ben AMattoonBachelor of Science
Barnes, Alicia RMaywoodBachelor of Arts
Chapman, Christina JMc CallaBachelor of Science
Dewberry, Bryce JMcDonoughMaster of Science
Flynn, Amanda RMcHenryBachelor of Science
Hackett, Arianna SMetamoraMaster of Science
Blades, Ryan AMiltonMaster of Arts
Boini, Vishnuvardhan MIRZAPUR(B)Certificate
Boini, Vishnuvardhan MIRZAPUR(B)Master of Science
Rowell, Destiny DMoneeBachelor of Arts
Bogard, Melissa AMonticelloBachelor of Science
Houston, Susan MMonticelloMaster of Science
Kurth, Maya RMonticelloBachelor of Arts
Nowak, Abbi LMonticelloBachelor of Science
Henrichs, Megan FMoroMaster of Science in Education
Risinger, Angela MMortonBachelor of Fine Arts
Stump, Anna MMortonBachelor of Science in Ed
Mann, Abby KMount AuburnMaster of Science
Welker, Chantel RMount CarmelBachelor of Arts
Markham, Eden LMount ProspectBachelor of Science in Bus
Perez-Rivera, Xavier Mount ProspectBachelor of Science
Coleman, Amanda SMount VernonSpecialist in Education
Hammond, Kerry JMount VernonMaster of Science in Education
Harpole, Haleigh JMount VernonBachelor of Science in Ed
Jackson, James BMount VernonMaster of Science in Education
Keitel, Lyndsay Mount VernonMaster of Science


Name City Program
Chintala, Swetha NalgondaCertificate
Chintala, Swetha NalgondaMaster of Science
Maram, Dinesh NalgondaMaster of Science
Maram, Dinesh NalgondaCertificate
Nallabolu, Dileep Kumar Reddy NalgondaMaster of Science
Nallabolu, Dileep Kumar Reddy NalgondaCertificate
Pasala, Divya Jyothi Nalgonda Certificate
Pasala, Divya Jyothi Nalgonda Master of Science
Donovan, Kerri ANapervilleMaster of Science in Education
Hardin, Heather LNapervilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Spenner, Jessica JNashvilleCertificate
Pulambeti, Siva Naveen NelloreCertificate
Pulambeti, Siva Naveen NelloreMaster of Science
Gentry, Amanda ENeogaMaster of Science in Education
Hill, Mary KNeogaBachelor of Arts
Layton, Joshua SNeogaBachelor of Science in Bus
Kelly, Kendra MNew BadenBachelor of Arts
Washburn, Rachel ENew BadenMaster of Science in Education
Haarman, Mikaela DNewtonMaster of Science
Manchiryala, Shashi Kumar NizamabadCertificate
Manchiryala, Shashi Kumar NizamabadMaster of Science
Miller, Jack DNoblesvilleBachelor of Science in Bus
Keller, Sophia RNokomisBachelor of Arts
van Efferink, Anton NoordwijkBachelor of Science in Bus
Woodson, Jen SNormalBachelor of Science
Ramsey, Brittany LNorris CityMaster of Arts


Name City Program
Yoch, Kiyeon KO FallonMaster of Arts
Hicks, Ej COak LawnMaster of Arts
Hardig, Branda MOblongBachelor of Science
Sharkus, Ashley MOconomowocBachelor of Science
Smith, Hannah ROdellBachelor of Science in Ed
Berry, Kacie LOlneyBachelor of Science
Blackford, Maddison LOlneyBachelor of Arts
Grove, Monica NOlneyMaster of Science in Education
Machavarapu, Deepchand OngoleCertificate
Machavarapu, Deepchand OngoleMaster of Science
Tumu, Bhanu Prakash OngoleCertificate
Tumu, Bhanu Prakash OngoleMaster of Science
Dominguez, Sydney MOrland ParkBachelor of Arts


Name City Program
Allord, Pierce BPalatineMaster of Business Admin
Carrillo, Jessica PalatineBachelor of Arts
Drews, Robert APalatineBachelor of Arts
Kattekola, Sriya PalatineMaster of Science
Kattekola, Sriya PalatineCertificate
Patlolla, Arvind Reddy PalatineMaster of Science
Patlolla, Arvind Reddy PalatineCertificate
Schum, Rebecca RPalos Verdes EstatesBachelor of Arts
Pastor, Nathan MPanaBachelor of Science
Collins, Jessica LParisBachelor of Arts
Stephens, Danielle MPark RidgeBachelor of Arts
Howard, Leah RPearlandMaster of Arts
Neelam, Shanmukhi PEDDAPALLIMaster of Science
Neelam, Shanmukhi PEDDAPALLICertificate
Pendry, Sai Mohan Reddy PEDDAPALLIMaster of Science
Pendry, Sai Mohan Reddy PEDDAPALLICertificate
Bennie, Jeni EPeoriaBachelor of Science
Hunding, Kristina EPeotoneBachelor of Science
Gregory, Layne MPittsfieldMaster of Arts
Becker, Shannon RPlainfieldBachelor of Science
Metzger, Kathleen EPlainfieldCertificate
Ochoa, Madi APontiacBachelor of Arts
Corso, Caitlin RPoplar GroveBachelor of Arts
Glesing, Ashley DPort OrangeBachelor of Science
Ganapa, Vivek SPortageBachelor of Science
King, Kendra PosenMaster of Arts
Meedivemula, Sai Chenna Reddy PrakasamMaster of Science
Meedivemula, Sai Chenna Reddy PrakasamCertificate


Name City Program
Krovvidi, Uma Sai Kumar Rajahmundry UrbanMaster of Science
Krovvidi, Uma Sai Kumar Rajahmundry UrbanCertificate
Dulla, Saipavan RangareddyMaster of Science
Dulla, Saipavan RangareddyCertificate
Gangula, Sai Sreeya Rao RANGAREDDYMaster of Science
Gangula, Sai Sreeya Rao RANGAREDDYCertificate
Perumandla, Sairam Reddy RANGAREDDYCertificate
Perumandla, Sairam Reddy RANGAREDDYMaster of Science
Mihaly, Emma ARantoulBachelor of Science
Jones, Tanner SRaymondBachelor of Science
Vaughn, Kayla MRichton ParkBachelor of Arts
Squire, Hannah MRiversideMaster of Science
Conner, Anthony MRobinsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Land, Mattie RRobinsonBachelor of Science
Mosby, Rachel ARobinsonBachelor of Science
Thompson, Brady LRobinsonMaster of Science in Education
Zuniga-Morales, Fernando RobinsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Patterson, Kristen MRochesterBachelor of Arts
Reed, Bailey ARockfordBachelor of Science
Donaldson, Caleb CRocktonBachelor of Arts
Judy, Taylor JRossvilleBachelor of Science in Ed
Thompkins, Khari KRound LakeBachelor of Arts
Tovar, Manny ARound LakeBachelor of Science in Bus


Name City Program
Crum, Candace RSaint ElmoBachelor of Science
DeWeese, Alissa JSaint JosephBachelor of Science
Jeffries, Aryanna MSaint JosephBachelor of Science in Ed
Lappin, Amanda NSaint JosephMaster of Science in Education
Alex, Ariana JSaint LouisMaster of Arts
Dhareddy, Naresh Kumar Reddy Saint LouisCertificate
Dhareddy, Naresh Kumar Reddy Saint LouisMaster of Science
Kalakonda, Srinath Reddy Saint LouisCertificate
Kalakonda, Srinath Reddy Saint LouisMaster of Science
Marri, Shekhar Yadav Saint LouisMaster of Science
Marri, Shekhar Yadav Saint LouisCertificate
Spangler, Erica CSaint LouisMaster of Arts
Mercado, Megan SandwichMaster of Science in Education
Phillips, Michael ASavoyBachelor of Arts
Doherty, Cameron CScottsdaleMaster of Business Admin
Wollerman, Hope MSheffieldBachelor of Arts
Blackwell, Jamie LShelbyvilleMaster of Science in Education
Brown, Ryan DShelbyvilleMaster of Arts
Hill, Danielle NShelbyvilleBachelor of Arts
Oldham, Elly RShelbyvilleBachelor of Science
Chenna Reddy, Venkat Ramana Reddy SiddipetMaster of Science
Chenna Reddy, Venkat Ramana Reddy SiddipetCertificate
Perry, Sarah BSidneyBachelor of Science
Vansickle, Kyle ESidneyBachelor of Science
Lee, Isabel RSigelBachelor of Science in Ed
Heisinger, James SSioux FallsMaster of Arts
Fakher, Hasan SkokieMaster of Science
Jones, Cindy LSkokieMaster of Arts
Alderson, Corey SSouth HollandBachelor of Science
Breen, Myra SpringfieldMaster of Science in Education
Pappala, Ajay Kumar SrikakulamMaster of Science
Pappala, Ajay Kumar SrikakulamCertificate
Duvall, Mackenzie PSt LouisBachelor of Science
Allen, Jacob AStewardsonBachelor of Science in Bus
Pruemer, Kelley NStewardsonMaster of Business Admin
Budz, Kierstyn RStickneyBachelor of Arts
Keen, Taylee CStreatorBachelor of Science
Mascal, Grant TStreatorMaster of Business Admin
Brown, Jessie DSullivanBachelor of Science in Bus
Trussell, Brandy RSullivanMaster of Science in Education
Wall, Madison ASullivanBachelor of Science
Havill, Parker ASumnerBachelor of Science
Kakkireni, Akhil SuryapetCertificate
Kakkireni, Akhil SuryapetMaster of Science
Lenkala, Venkateshwar Reddy SuwaneeMaster of Science
Lenkala, Venkateshwar Reddy SuwaneeCertificate
Tarczynski, Katie ESycamoreMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Urso, Marissa NTalbottBachelor of Arts
Bandla, Vamsi Krishna Terre HauteMaster of Science
Bandla, Vamsi Krishna Terre HauteCertificate
Mosley, Tyshon MTinley ParkMaster of Business Admin
Kingery, Allison EToledoBachelor of Science in Ed
Wilson, Spencer AToledoBachelor of Arts
Crawford-Britt, Hanah MTolonoBachelor of Arts
Perry, Emily JTower HillMaster of Science in Education
Hayes, Taylor LTroyCertificate
Hayes, Taylor LTroyMaster of Science
Goode, Christina MTuscolaBachelor of Science
Madden, Ashley RTuscolaBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Johnson, Ricky EUniversity ParkBachelor of Science
Pulliam, Ryan AUniversity PkBachelor of Science
Akins, Brittani FUrbanaMaster of Science
Campos, Christine UrbanaMaster of Arts
Depuri, Sai Prudhvi UrbanaCertificate
Depuri, Sai Prudhvi UrbanaMaster of Science
Ferraro, Bailey NUrbanaBachelor of Science
Goner, Shavon LUrbanaBachelor of Science
Kuchana, Rohith UrbanaCertificate
Kuchana, Rohith UrbanaMaster of Science
Luckett, Jasmine MUrbanaBachelor of Arts
Patel, Kareena PUrbanaBachelor of Science in Ed
Ponnam, Ranadeer UrbanaCertificate
Ponnam, Ranadeer UrbanaMaster of Science
Rachamalla Shyam Raj, Sharath Chandra Raj UrbanaMaster of Science
Rachamalla Shyam Raj, Sharath Chandra Raj UrbanaCertificate
Rearden, Summer RUrbanaBachelor of Science in Ed


Name City Program
Jackson, J'Amy NVandaliaBachelor of Science in Ed
Vengala, Shivaram VEMULAWADAMaster of Science
Vengala, Shivaram VEMULAWADACertificate
Lee, Sandra KVernon HillsMaster of Arts
Tackitt, Baylee LVilla GroveBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Farrell, Avery SWalnutBachelor of Arts
Gomez, Julian AWaukeganBachelor of Science
Marcano, Phoebe AWaukeganBachelor of Science
Perez, Tamara WaukeganBachelor of Science
Henson, Nicole DWayne CitySpecialist in Education
Annan, Bailey EWentzvilleBachelor of Arts
Rice, Jozie RWest SalemBachelor of Science in Ed
Minor, Jenna EWest Terre HauteBachelor of Arts
Potts, Dara LWest YorkBachelor of Science
Uzairue, Idiake SWestervilleMaster of Science
Shrader, Drew DWestfieldBachelor of Science in Bus
Cromer, Alina TWestminsterMaster of Arts
Escudero, Ryan NWestmontBachelor of Science in Bus
Carson, Emily KWestvilleMaster of Science in Education
Ferguson, Samantha LWheatonMaster of Arts
Jarosz, Michael JWheatonBachelor of Arts
Wheeler, Gunnar JWheatonBachelor of Science
Armoor, Mahendhar Reddy WheelingCertificate
Armoor, Mahendhar Reddy WheelingMaster of Science
Conlon, Stephen PWheelingBachelor of Arts
Fountain, Shayla DWhite HeathMaster of Science in Education
Cole, Carson EWindsorBachelor of Science in Bus
Tilford, Cole WWindsorMaster of Science
Stelmar, Alexia KWinfieldMaster of Science in Education
Hatcher, Jenny AWoodstockMaster of Science in Education


Name City Program
Finizio, Sarah EYaphankBachelor of Science


Name City Program
Ghannam, Sharifeh BZionBachelor of Arts

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