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EIU Department of Music

Music Courses and Scheduling

Spring 2018 Course Schedule (updated 10/10/18)

  • The attached pdf illistrates the music major courses scheduled for the spring 2018 schedule. This schedule is provided to assist student and faculty. In the case of any inconsistencies, please note that the schedule as presented on PAWS indicates the official course meeting time.
  • Courses are highlighted according to the following pattern.
    • Typical courses for freshmen - yellow
    • Typical courses for sophomores - orange
    • Typical courses for juniors - green/brown
    • Ensembles - purple
    • Jazz - blue

Music Course Listing - This link presents a list, including the course description, of all music courses approved in the EIU catalog.

Music Course Rotation: In progress

MUS 1560 - Introduction to Music Composition - Offered Spring of "Odd" Years

MUS 2141 - Vocal Diction I - Offered Fall of "Even" Years

MUS 2142 - Vocal Diction II - Offered Spring of "Odd" Years

MUS 2070 - Electronic Music - Offered Spring of "Even" Years

MUS 2442 - Introuction to Instrumental Music Methods - Offered in Spring of "Even" Years

Music Education Advising:

MUS 3400 or MUS 3440: This class should be taken before Practicum. Beginning with spring 2017 semester, this class will alwasy be offered in the spring.  Please note the new pre-requisite for MUS 3400 and 3440:  Prerequisites & Notes Admission to Teacher Education; "C" or better in MUS 2155; and passing score on the TAP, SAT, or ACT as determined by current state requirements.

Practicum: Practicum (SED 3330 and SED 4330) must be taken the semester right before student teaching. Students should not plan on taking an extra fall or spring semester between Practicum and Student Teaching.

SPE 3500: This class should be taken after MUS 3400/3440. Since this class is typically offered in the evening during the academic year, it is possible to take SPE 3500 at the same time as Practicum (SED 3330/4330). Additionally, SPE 3500 is often offered in the summer. If you choose to take this class during the summer, please do so after taking MUS 3400/3440.

MUS 4840:  Band Arranging will be offered in spring 2018.  Junior Music Education instrumental students should take this.  This course will become a spring-only course.

MUS 2442:  Introuction to Instrumental Music Methods:  This course will be offered in Spring 2018 and will then be offered in Spring of "even" years.  All sophomore and junior Music Education Vocal Concentration students should take this during the spring 2018 semester.

Music History Sequence Changes:

Beginning with the Spring 2018 semester, the music history will change from the current sequence of:

  • MUS 3584/94; MUS 3585/95; MUS 3586/96
  • MUS 3553/93G; MUS 3584/94; MUS 3585/95

The MUS 3553/93G class will provide a broad overview of music history, while the two courses that follow will provide a more in-depth survey of music history. MUS 3553/93G is also approved for the Fine Arts Segment of General Education. This course will also be offered online during the 2017 summer session.

Students who started the Music History Sequence in Spring 2017 should complete the sequence during the 2017-18 academic year.

Students who will begin the Music History Sequence in Spring 2018 will take the "new" sequence.

All current Freshmen and Sophomores should take MUS 3553G in the spring 2018 semester.

Ensemble Course Numbering

  • Beginning with the fall 2017 semester, ensemble courses will no longer have A, B, D, E, or F sections.
  • Instead, for each ensemble, there will be just two numbers; each of them will end with an “R”.
    • Undergraduate Students – take the 02_ _R course number
    • Graduate Wtudents – take the 56_ _R course number
  • The "R" indicates that the course may be repeated without negatively impacting financial aid.

Jazz Courses:

Spring 2018
MUS 1530 - Jazz Improvisation I
MUS 4850 - Jazz Band Arranging
MUS 2070 - Electronic Music
MUS 2581 - Jazz History
Fall 2018
MUS 3530 - Jazz Improvisation III
MUS 3800 - Jazz Theory I


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