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EIU Department of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music:
Audio and Recording Technology

(beginning Fall 2020)

The Audio and Recording Technology (ART) concentration allows students to specialize in the growing field of music technology and recording arts. Students in this field have interests in learning more about how music technology intersects with the field of music. Those accepted will enjoy working with professional music studios, software, and equipment, learn from nationally recognized audio engineers and composers, and explore concepts associated with acoustics, music business, and recording technology. The degree culminates with an internship program to place students in studios for real-world experience.  

As a Bachelor of Arts degree, it can be a stand alone major for practicing musicians. This degree also can be paired with another music degree.  The program is balanced between required coursework in music technology, but also contains 31 credits of free electives to allow students to combine interests with other fields of study at EIU, such as Digital Media, Television and Video production, to name a few. Click here to view a check list of courses and a suggested four-year course sequence.

Students applying for this concentration will need to complete an audition for admission, similar to that of students applying to all other music degree programs.  Guidelines for auditions are contained on the Department of Music website at:

For additional information contact Music Technology and Composition faculty member Dr. Brad Decker.


Required Courses:

Music Core Courses Audio and Recording Technology Courses:
  • MUS 1501 - Comprehensive Musicianship I  (4 credits)
  • MUS 1502 - Comprehensive Musicianship II  (4 credits)
  • MUS 3553G/MUS 3593 - Survey of Western Musical Masterworks/Honors (3 credits)
  • Ensemble Participation  (4 credits over four semesters)
  • Instrumental or Vocal Applied Study  (4 credits)
  • MUS 2203 - Functional Skills in Piano (2 credits)
  • MUS 2204 - Functional Skills in Piano (2 credits)
  • MUS 1103 - Recital Attendance  (audit:  five semesters)
  • MUS 2557G – The Evolution of Jazz and Rock (3 credits)






  • MUS 1070 – Introduction to Music Technology (2 credits)
  • MUS 1560 - Introduction to Music Composition (2 credits)
  • MUS 2070 - Electronic Music I – Synthesis and Digital Processing (2 credits)
  • MUS 2071 - Audio and Recording Techniques I (3 credits)
  • MUS 3070 – Electronic Music II – Live Electronics and Interactivity (3 credits)
  • MUS 3071 - Audio and Recording Techniques II (3 credits)
  • MUS 3072 - Live Sound Reinforcement (2 credits)
  • MUS 3571 - Music Business  (3 credits)
  • MUS 4275 - Internship in Music Tech. & Recording  (6 credits)
  • PHY 1071 - Physics of Sound and Music  (3 credits)
  • PHY 1072 - Physics of Sound and Music Lab (1 credit)


EIU Recording Studio Control RoomEIU Recording Studio Control Room


EIU Electronic Music Studio

The EIU Electronic Music Studio

EIU Electronic Music Studio

The above information is designed for advising purposes only and is not intended to serve as the final or official determination of program requirements.  Please consult the EIU undergraduate catalog for additional program information and/or requirements.

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Music Department

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