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EIU Department of Music

Music Department Honors Program

Departmental Honors Application Form

The Music Departmental Honors Program provides the opportunity for students to delve more deeply and independently into their studies. Students creatively research, explore, investigate and analyze various aspects of music at an advanced level while completing their core curriculum requirements in Music. Honors faculty members work with students individually and in small groups. Coursework advances progressively and culminates in a senior thesis written under the supervision of Honors faculty.

Requirements for Departmental Honors in Music

  1. At least a 3.5 GPA
  2. Permission of the Music Honors Coordinator
  3. Permission of the Dean of the Honors College
  4. A completed Departmental Honors Program Application 

Note: though the application can be completed at any time, the official acceptance into the program cannot happen until 60 credit hours are earned. Honors courses can certainly be started prior to that time. 

Complete at least 12 credit hours of honors courses:

Six (6) credit hours from the following:

  • MUS 3591 - Music Analysis, Honors. Credits: 3
  • MUS 3592G - Non-Western Music, Honors. Credits: 3
  • MUS 3593G - Survey of Western Musical Masterworks, Honors. Credits: 3
  • MUS 3594 - Music History and Literature I, Honors. Credits: 3
  • MUS 3595 - Music History and Literature II, Honors. Credits: 3

Three (3) credit hours of the following

  • MUS 4444 - Honors Independent Study.  Credits:  3
  • MUS 4555 - Honors Research. Credits.  Credits:  3
    • Students may choose between MUS 4444 or MUS 4555, whichever fits their proposed project better.

Three (3) credit hours of the following:

  •  MUS 4644 - Honors Thesis.  Credits:  3

The Honors Thesis (MUS 4644) will be approved by the departmental honors advisor and proposed thesis advisor, and may involve projects such as:

  1. A full recital with accompanying analysis of the works performed.
  2. An original composition with accompanying analysis.
  3. Intensive research of a music topic culminating in a scholarly paper.

For further information about the Departmental Honors Program in Music, please contact Dr. Rebecca Johnson.


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