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EIU Office of the Registrar

Undergraduate Readmission FAQ

What does it mean to be re-admitted to EIU?

If you have already attended classes at EIU and wish to return after a long absence (an absence, two semesters or more: spring/fall, does not include summer), then you will need to be re-admitted to EIU.

You do NOT need to be re-admitted to EIU if:

  • The only classes you took at EIU were as a dual credit student or a guest student.
  • You were only absent for a single semester (Fall or Spring, not including Summer) and you are in Good Academic Standing.

Do I need to be readmitted if I was only gone for a semester?

If you were only absent for a single semester, Fall or Spring, you don’t need to be re-admitted as long as you haven’t been academically dismissed.

What does it mean to be academically dismissed?

Please view this page to see the university's policies on academical dismissal, probation, and warnings:

How do I get readmitted?

For returning undergraduate students (those looking to complete a bachelor’s degree), fill out the Returning Undergraduate Student Form.

For returning graduate students (those looking to complete a master’s degree), fill out the Returning Graduate Student Form.

What are the requirements to be readmitted to EIU?

The requirements vary depending on your academic standing. See this page for full details:

What is the Fresh Start program?

This program gives students returning to EIU with below a 2.0 GPA to get back on the path toward completing their degree. You can find more information about the Fresh Start program here:

If you qualify, you will be sent an application to enroll in the Fresh StartProgram.

What do I do if I have a hold on my record?

There may be different actions required based on the type of hold on your record. View this page to see what needs to be done:

What are the deadlines to be readmitted?

In most programs, class registration for Fall and Spring classes closes one week after classes start. Notable exceptions to this deadline are the Interdisciplinary Studies program, RN to BSN program, and some online programs. Summer semester registration deadlines vary by course; your academic advisor will guide you on these deadlines.

Depending on your individual situation, it may take 2-3 weeks to clear any holds on your record, so we encourage you to complete your Readmission form well in advance of classes.

For students who have been dismissed more than once, the petition for reinstatement must be completed, signed, and received (not just postmarked) by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester – Third Monday in June at 4 p.m.
  • Spring Semester – Third Monday in October at 4 p.m.

(Only Gateway & Dean of Students can block readmission; all others block registration.)

How long will it take to get a re-admission decision?

It will take 3-5 business days to complete the review process for your re-admission, as long as you don’t have any holds on your record. If you do have a hold on your record, it may take longer. After that point, you’ll need to contact your department to register for classes. Please be patient during this time.

When can I start registering for classes?

If you have been re-admitted, you will need to meet with an advisor and re-activate your PAWS account in order to get registered for classes. If your PAWS account is not active or your password has expired, you will need to use the Password Management Tool or contact Campus Technology Support at (217) 581-4357 to get it reactivated.

Can I change my major when I get readmitted, or add a second major or minor?

Yes, you can change your major when you get re-admitted. You will need to use this form:

Can I be readmitted even if I was academically dismissed from EIU or another university?

Yes, you could potentially still be re-admitted to EIU.

  • You must remain out of the university at least one fall or spring semester
  • You may not return during a summer term
  • Complete the Returning Undergraduate Student Form
  • Enroll in EIU 2919 during the return semester
  • You will be placed on Academic Probation and retain the same cumulative grade-point average as when you were dismissed
  • You will remain on Academic Probation as long as conditions stated in catalog are met

What if I attended another college or university since I was at EIU?

You will need to submit an official transcript from each college or university you’ve attended since attending EIU. To do so, contact that school’s Records office or Registrar and ask them to send an official transcript to EIU’s Office of the Registrar.

Do I need to apply for financial aid?

We recommend that all students apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), no matter their grades, income, or age. You can get started at

In addition, we recommend you explore EIU’s scholarships at

Do you offer online classes or other flexible options that fit with my work or family responsibilities?

Yes, EIU offers numerous fully online programs, which you can explore at In addition, programs like Interdisciplinary Studies and Organizational Development are designed specifically to be flexible for adults with work or family responsibilities.

Can I get readmitted as a graduate student?

Graduate students who have previously attended EIU and return after an absence of more than one semester (spring or fall) must complete the Returning Graduate Student Form.

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