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P.A.W.S. Proxy Access Information

An EIU student can grant individuals proxy access to their P.A.W.S. account.  The P.A.W.S. Proxy system will provide view access to a number of P.A.W.S. screens and an ability to make a payment to the student account.

Information Available through P.A.W.S. Proxy

  • General
    • View Address and phone
      • This will give access to the addresses and phone number on file for the student.
    • E-mail addresses
      • This will show the email addresses that are linked to the student's account.
    • Emergency contact
      • This will show the emergency contact information that is on file for the student
  • Registrar's Office
    • Schedule by date and time
      • This will show the student's course schedule by day and time.
    • Schedule with course detail
      • This page will show the student's course schedule with additional details about each course like the instructor's name, the location of each class, and the type of class.
    • Academic Holds
      • This will show holds that are on the student's account that will prevent registering, changing, adding or dropping courses from the student's schedule.
    • Final Grades
      • This page will show the student's final grades for each course that is taken.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
    • Status
      • This page informs the student if there are requirements that need to be fulfilled before the student can receive financial aid.
    • Award History
      • All financial aid history will be located on this page. This page will show the amount and type of the financial aid that has been awarded to the student.
    • Academic progress
      • This page shows the student's Satisfactory Academic Progress status as it relates to financial aid awards.
    • View Holds
      • Any items needed by Financial Aid will be shown on this page.
  • Student Accounts
    • Account Summary Totals
      • This page will show a summary of the student account with all tuition and fees that have been charged to the student's account. This is also where any payments on the account will be shown.

How to Add a Proxy

EIU students will access their P.A.W.S. account to establish a proxy. To add a Proxy you will need an e-mail address for the individual you are establishing as a Proxy.

  • Sign into P.A.W.S. select the Proxy Menu link
  • Select the Proxy Management link
  • Click the Add Proxy button and complete the information form
  • Complete the Profile tab and the Authorization tab

Once a proxy has been established the student and the proxy will receive an e-mail notification.

For a guide on how to add or edit PAWS Proxy access, click here.

If you have additional questions about P.A.W.S. Proxy review the Frequently Asked Question pages.

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