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P.A.W.S. Proxy FAQ: For the Student

These are frequently asked questions from students about setting up and maintaining a proxy in P.A.W.S. If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQ's, email or call New Student & Family Programs.

For a guide on how to grant or edit Proxy access, click here.

How do I grant Proxy Access?

Log into your P.A.W.S. account and select the Proxy Menu tab and click on the Proxy Management link.  When in the Proxy Management section, click on Add Proxy and complete the form to establish a proxy.  You will need to establish separate proxy access for each individual you want to authorize access.

Can I modify a proxy's access once I establish their authorizations?

Yes. You can modify access at any time.  Log into your P.A.W.S. account and click on the name of the proxy you want to modify access in the Proxy Management section.  Once you are in the proxy's profile, select the authorization tab to adjust the desired items. 

Can I remove a proxy from having access to my information?

Yes. You can change access or remove a proxy at any time. There are two ways to remove access:

1. Remove menu items: There are 17 items for which a proxy can "view access" on the menu.  You may add or remove access in the authorization screen in the Proxy Management section of P.A.W.S.

2. Permanently remove a proxy:  Log into your P.A.W.S. account and review the Proxy Profile page in the Proxy Management section.  On the Proxy Profile page, click the "delete proxy" button.  The proxy will receive an email stating their access has been revoked. 

Will my proxy be notified if I modify or remove authorization to my information?

The Proxy will not be notified if you modify items they can view. When the proxy logs into the system, after the modification, they will see the modification to their access.

If you delete a proxy's access, they will receive an email notification that access has been revoked.

Can I give access to more than one person?

Yes.  You can establish as many proxyies as needed.  Each individual will need to have a unique email account to be established as a proxy.

I am trying to add an individual as a proxy but it will not submit.

There may be two reasons this is occurring:

1. You may have mistyped information in the "verify email address" section that does not match the first email address entered. 

2. When attempting to establish the second proxy, you are using the same email address assigned to an individual you have already designated as a proxy.  Each proxy must have a unique email address.

What do I do if my proxy cannot log in?

There are two potential solutions to this issue:

1.  They have not logged into the P.A.W.S. Proxy System for the first time and are missing their initial password, sent in the first email they received.  If this is the case, you need to do the following: log into your P.A.W.S. account and go to Proxy Management, select the correct proxy individual, click the communication tab, and then resend the "Established EIU Proxy Identity" email.

2. If your proxy has previously logged into the system, they would have established a PIN utilized in conjunction with their email account to gain access.  If they have lost or forgotten the PIN, the proxy can reset it from the P.A.W.S. Proxy login page.

If I make someone a proxy, can they call EIU if they have questions about the information they see?

Individuals designated as a proxy are only provided access to student records through the P.A.W.S. Proxy system.  EIU departments will not discuss information with an individual with Proxy access over the phone.

If you want to allow your proxy to discuss specific information with an institutional representative, you will need to sign a FERPA release.  FERPA releases must be established with each specific department (i.e. Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid & Scholarships) and will need to be signed for each proxy.


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