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P.A.W.S. Proxy FAQ: For The Proxy

These are frequently asked questions for individuals given proxy access by an EIU student. If you still have questions after review the FAQ's, email or call New Student & Family Programs.

For a guide on how to access PAWS Proxy, click here.

How do I gain access to P.A.W.S.Proxy?

An EIU student must indicate that you are a proxy and determine appropriate access to their account through PAWS.

Where do I login to P.A.W.S.Proxy?

The PAWS Proxy system is accessed at this website.

How do I login to P.A.W.S.Proxy for the first time?

When a student authorizes you as a Proxy, an email will be sent to the designated email address providing an initial password. When you access the system for the first time you will be asked to update your personal profile and establish a PIN (6 digit numeric) for continual access.

I can't remember my initial password. What do I do?

An email with the subject line "Established EIU Proxy Identity" contains the initial password. If you are unable to locate the email, the student granting access will need to resend the password through their PAWS account.

I can't remember my PIN. What do I do?

Access the website and select the Proxy link. Then select the forgot PIN option during the login process and an e-mail will be sent with how to reset your PIN.

How can I find out what my student has authorized me to see?

When logged into PAWS Proxy, select the tab with the student's name to view the items the student has authorized access.

I used to be able to see my student's information, now I can't. What happened?

The student determines your access as a P.A.W.S. Proxy. When logged into the system, the student tab will show what access has been granted. If you are missing an option you previously had, your student has modified your access.

If you are trying to access P.A.W.S.Proxy and receive a message that you no longer have access to the system, the student has revoked your access. An email notifying you of the action would have been sent to you.

I am a proxy for more than one student. Why do I see different menu items for each student?

Each student authorizes their proxy designees access to menu items in the system. Therefore, if you are a proxy for more than one student, the menus may be different as determined by each student.

My email is changing. What do I do?

Log into P.A.W.S.Proxy and update the email account in your profile.

My student has made me a proxy, can I call EIU to ask about information that I can see?

Individuals designated as a proxy are only provided access to student records through the P.A.W.S.Proxy system. EIU departments will not discuss information with an individual with Proxy access over the phone.

If you want to discuss specific information with an institutional representative, your student will need to sign a FERPA release with the specific department you would like to speak with such as the Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid & Scholarships offices.


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