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EIU Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program

A 100% online program
you can tailor to meet
your unique needs as a student.

Since 1973, the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at EIU has been serving adult learners in Illinois, helping them meet their goal of earning a bachelor's degree.

  • Affordable: In-state tuition, textbook rental and opportunities for scholarships
  • Flexible and Transfer Friendly: Students may develop an individualized degree program to meet their professional and personal goals. We will accept up to 100 semester hours, including 78 from community colleges, from regionally accredited universities. 
  • Career-Focused: Our graduates are employed in numerous professions including business, non-profits, law enforcement, education and health care. 
  • Student-Focused: Small classes, quality instruction and personal advising
  • Credit for Life Experience: Students have the opportunity to be evaluated for the learning they have engaged in outside the traditional classroom, including on the job and in the military.

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I began the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program this summer and absolutley am in love with the program already. It has been a long journey for me to return to school and I knew the only way that I would be able to accomplish my goal of obtaining my Bachelors Degree would be through a program that offered flexibility, various forms of instruction, time compatibitly with a full time job and a full life outside of being a student. Until I began my research and had the Eastern Illinois Universty program recommended to me by the Community College where I completed my Associates Degree, the process and amount of time it would take to complete my degree kept me from returning to school beause it seemed hopeless and now I am on the path to be done by fall of 2022 for a total of one year to complete the program.

I am an extemely busy single, full-time working mother to 4 children, including a set of 10 year old triplets and a fresh 13 year old TEENAGER! Much like many, I was scared out of my mind to return to school and fail but this program really has exceeded all of my expectations and has given me a real sense of accomplishment in such a small amount of time, that I no longer am afraid of failing and has not added any additional changes or stress to my family. The counselors and teaching staff have been nothing short of amazing and helpful throughout the entire online learning experience. With the flexibility to choose from in person, online or special weekend classes and the ability to participate in the Prior Learning Assessment for course credit, it really allows for the adult learner to make completing their degree a reality.

Katie Kopecky

"My name is Tommy Thompson and I graduated in 2017 with my degree from this great program. I have found it most rewarding to be able to finish my degree which fit into my daily schedule. I started EIU back in 1974 and never complete my degree. I found this program and said ‘since I started at EIU, then let me finish my degree at EIU.’ The Professors and staff were very helpful with my journey. I then went on to get my master’s degree in Aging Studies in 2021.

Without this great program you provide for so many students like me, thank you for a job well done. If I would have not found this program, I would probably just be thinking about finishing my degree.

Thank you,

Tommy G. Thompson (BA 2017, MA 2021)

“The BGS Program at EIU surpassed my expectations for an adult degree completion program. The advisors and faculty were extremely professional, engaging, and understanding of the needs of a nontraditional adult student. As I ran into many obstacles along the way, I found the staff at EIU really cared about me and supported my goal to finish my degree. I met many wonderful hard working classmates at EIU, while completing my degree, and that made the experience very positive.”

Beverly Breen (2019)

"the BGS program is geared toward the non-traditional student which is exactly what I am. I do not have the luxury to be a full-time student as I work a full-time job as well as have other extracurricular activities I have to attend to. The degree AND University Center allowed me to continue my role as a professional working adult and attend school on nights and weekends to further my education.”

What I love most about the general studies program is how amazing every single one of my professors has been. They genuinely want each and every one of us to succeed and understand we have busy lives outside of school. The professors at EIU are encouraging, dedicated, passionate, and inspiring!

Jordyn Rizzio

"Thank you, Jackie! It really did fly by. Last year at this time I was considering going back but extremely intimidated. I always remembered hearing: “The time is going to pass anyway so you might as well be working towards something” and this really motivated me. You are so approachable and easy to work with and encouraged me to take Dr. E’s course. He's amazing and I met some really great classmates and we all encouraged each other to push harder. I had such a great experience!!!”

Amanda Fouch (2019)

"After completing an Associate’s Degree I was looking for a school and program that would allow me to flourish as a student and a young adult. I sort of stumbled upon Eastern Illinois University and I am so glad I did. The support I’ve felt from the many staff I interacted with helped me feel like I was well integrated into the school even though I was a completely online student. Each professor I had the privilege to work with was extremely knowledgeable and worked so well interacting with me. The other students I worked with as well were motivated and when we would work on group projects, we all wanted each other to succeed. The beauty of the BGS program is the ability to take multiple courses that I’ll be able to apply practically in my profession and for hobbies.”

Silvana Alverez (2020)

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