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PantherTech Support

Collaboration and Communication

Having trouble? Use our self-help articles below to find answers to your technology questions and issues. If you cannot find your answer, please fill out a support request here. If you have any suggestions for content to add, feel free to email us at


General Email

What is PantherMail?
How much email storage do I have?
Should I be concerned about the security or privacy of my email in Office 365, stored in the cloud?
Should I backup my Office 365 email or is Microsoft's cloud reliable?
What are phishing emails and what should I do if I get one?
How do I know if my PantherMail account has been compromised?
How I disable the Clutter feature in Office 365?
How do I setup my email on my mobile device?
How do I access shared mailboxes from my mobile device?
How do I access OneDrive?
What are the restrictions to attachments in PantherMail?
What is phishing?
What is spam?

PantherMail Web Access

What browsers work with Office 365?
How do I access my Office 365 email through my browser?
I get '403 - Forbidden' when logging into PantherMail. How do I access my email?
How do I recover deleted items or email in Outlook Web App?
What's the best way to print from PantherMail/Office 365?
Where is spell check in PantherMail/Office 365?
How do I show the From or BCC fields when composing a new email in the Outlook Web App?
How do I set my signature, out of office, filters, and forwarding using PantherMail Web?
How do I access a shared mailbox in the Outlook Web App?

PantherMail Email Client

How do I setup Outlook for Office 365?
How do I restore deleted items in Outlook?
Can I sort the Global Address List as last name, first name or is there a better way to search contacts in Outlook?
Why can't I populate a Contact Group with members in Outlook 2013?
How do I set my signature, out of office, and filters using Outlook?
How do I access a shared mailbox in Outlook (2013)?

Email Collaboration and Communications

Email Collaboration and Communications Policy
Email Collaboration and Communications Policy FAQ

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat software that is part of the Office 365 suite available to all EIU students and staff. More info!

Email Verification

Unsure if that email you got is legit? Click Here

Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate is a web-based video conferencing system allowing participants to engage in two-way audio, multi-point video, interactive whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, breakout rooms, polling and session recording. Using the recording feature, Collaborate Ultra can also be used to create video recordings and narrated PowerPoint presentations that can be easily linked within a course in D2L Brightspace.


Zoom is a user-friendly video conferencing platform accessible via your computer desktop or mobile device. More info!