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PantherTech Services

Enterprise Services

At Eastern Illinois University there are a variety of enterprise services provided to the faculty, staff, and students. These services provide the capability to access and utilize the applications and systems deployed around campus.


EIU utilizes a NetID as a username in the systems offered around campus. Utilizing your NetID and password give you the ability to log into and access these systems. If you are unable to log in to a system or do not have the need permissions please submit a request.

Application Management

A web-based scheduling system that integrates with Banner and allows academic scheduling and event scheduling to come together in one system. It coordinates rooms, resources, billing, notifications, timetables, and exams.
A web based java application used to schedule and run jobs against the Banner database.
Banner INB
A enterprise resource planning system used to record student, faculty and staff information.
Campus Loan Manager
Handles the student loans for the Bursar.
File system used to store information which is exported from Banner.
Global Site Manager
Global Site Manager allows users to access web-based tools including OmniUpdate, Menu Manager, Image Manager, Profile Manager and Machforms. OmniUpdate and the tools listed above are the web management tools used by EIU to create and maintain department web pages.
MLK Scheduling
Application used to schedule and rent rooms in the Union.
Web Application used to send non emergency notifications to faculty, students, and staff.
Accessed through Global Site Manager, OmniUpdate is the website content management system at EIU used to manage departmental websites.
The system which creates identification cards for students, faculty and staff.
Password Management Tool
This system provides users the ability to reset their own password 24/7. Users can enroll by selecting security questions and entering answers. Users also have the option to add an alternative email or mobile phone number to receive a verification code to reset passwords.
Service Desk Plus
Ticketing system used to request assistance or services provided by departments around campus.
UPD Ticketing
System used to pay tickets online.
VMware View is software that allows users to connect to full sessions of Windows Operating Systems. By connecting through the View client, EIU Students, Faculty, and Staff will have access to applications they need no matter where they are.
This system provides a wide range of custom applications which are accessible through the university’s website.
A module which integrates into Banner. It provides the ability to streamline specific business processes.


In the event that there is an issue with the hardware for a computer, laptop or tablet, our staff is trained to diagnose and replace the faulty component if necessary. If you feel there is an issue with you device, please request help by clicking the button below.
Devices connect to EIU's network in a variety of ways. At times they do not always connect and can cause an interruption in daily operations. If you needing assistance in connecting a device to the network please request help.
EIU offers a variety of software to its staff and faculty. If you need software installed or are having issues with a particular software application please request help.

Document Imaging

Banner Document Management System used to link scanned documents to records housed in Banner.
Electronic document storage, indexing and retrieval program that converts text records into images.
This service is provided to handle mass mailings for EIU. Jobs can be submitted to be printed and stuffed into envelopes. Mail services can then come and pickup the jobs to be mailed out.

Facilities Planning and Management

HVAC Control and monitoring system.
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Best Lock Basis
Electronic Lock management system.
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Brass Key Lock Inventory
Inventory of keys for campus.
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Federal Signal
Campus alarm and warning system.
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FPM File Server
File server for Facility Planning and Management.
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FPM Print Server
Print server for Facility Planning and Management.
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Fuel Pump management system.
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Planning and management system.
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Maintenance System.
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Mitchell1 – Garage management system.
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Pi Server
Power and HVAC trending system.
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Power control and monitoring system.
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Renewable Energy Scale Database
Database for scale.
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USPS mail billing system.
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Steam monitoring and control system.
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Power management and control for devices in FPM.
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Renovations and alterations billing and tracking system.
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Vicon Camera System
Security camera system.
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Steam monitoring and control system.


The primary connection for the University to the world wide web.
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The internal network utilized by the university’s computing systems.
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The system provides a secure computing environment by requiring devices to be updated and protected by an antivirus application.
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Test the network speed between your device and our Internet Provider. For best results choose the Illinois server.
IP Address=


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An encrypted connection which allows users to access internal university resources over eiuwifi or from off campus.
The wireless network (eiuwifi) allows mobile devices to gain internet access.


Enterprise Reporting tool used by report writers and Data Custodians to develop reports for campus.
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ODS Reporting Services
Database with historical information used to write reports.
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A web‐based report delivery tool used to distribute reports on campus.
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Report DB
A database used to write reports.
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Server Management

Active Directory
A central database which handles authentication for the campus.
Request Support web server
The main web server which provides the university website.
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System used by personnel and departments to store information in a central location. Generally, these files shares are labeled as the U or M drive.
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A secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. It includes forms and workflows which can automate certain business processes.
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Rec Center - Server
Athletic Recreation Center check in system.
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Textbook Rental

Application software used for Textbook inventory.
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Application for scanning and tracking textbook inventory.
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Database for Textbook inventory application
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