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Wireless access is available in all on-campus housing. Students also have the option to access the network by using ethernet connections. Entertainment includes basic cable and Movies-on-Demand.

Connecting to the Internet

To connect via Wi-Fi, simply choose EIUWIFI from the list of available networks on your device or simply plug one end of the ethernet cable into the orange (or red) data port in the "4x4” box on the wall of your residence and the other into the Ethernet port on your computer. See diagram below.

Ethernet Box


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EIU Residential Network User Agreement

By signing an on-campus housing contract you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the EIU Residential Network User agreement.

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Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication

Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of security to your online accounts for your protection.

Setup Up Your Duo

Register Your Smart Devices

All devices, including gaming systems, smart TVs, streaming devices, and smart assistants will need to be registered to EIU's network.


Self-Help Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Use our self-help articles to find answers to your technology questions and issues.

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Gregg Technology Center and Help Desk

If you are having computer issues, you can call the Help Desk at 217-581-HELP (4357) or go to the Gregg Technology Center (GTC). You will find the GTC between South 4th Street and Booth Library (east of McKinney Hall, if you are familiar with the housing buildings in the “Triad”). This also includes any device that requires an internet connection that you may be having trouble getting to connect through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

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Movies on Demand


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Movie Suggestions


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The on-campus cable network has gone all digital. The improved signal promises to deliver a crisper, clearer picture and better audio quality than analog broadcasts.

You must provide a digital TV with a built-in QAM tuner, 10’ coaxial cable, and a TV remote.  If your TV does not have QAM tuner, you can purchase digital QAM tuner (like the IView 3500STBII). Connect a coaxial cable to the “video-out” port on "4x4” box located on the wall in your residence. Connect the other end to the “video-in” port on your TV.

TV CHANNELS                      
3.1 CBS WCIA 10.2 FOX WTHI 12.4 World Channel 17.2 COZI 23.2 Dabl 51.2 FNX
3.2 WCIX My network 10.3 CW+ WTHI 15.1 ABC WCID 17.3 ION 23.3 Stadium 51.3 HITMIX
3.3 Bounce TV 10.4 ION WTHI 15.2 Comet 17.4 DEFY 27.1 FOX WCCU    
3.4 GRIT 12.1 PBS WILL 15.3 TBD 17.5 NEWSY 27.2 TrueCrimeTV    
7.1 Cheddar TV 12.2 PBS Kids 15.4 Charge! 17.6 MeTV 27.3 Atenna TV    
10.1 CBS WTHI 12.3 Create 17.1 NBC WAND 23.1 CW 51.1 PBS WEIU    


If you have missing channels, set the input source to cable (not antenna), and run the auto-programming feature as instructed in your TV’s user manual. It’s preferable to do an “all scan”, but be sure to complete a “digital scan”.  If your cable goes out or one of the channels isn't working, please contact the Housing office.



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