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Students who live on campus have a higher GPA than those who live off.


Freshman Housing Policy

Statistics show that students who live in residence halls on campus receive higher GPAs, have a more successful transition from high school to college, make friends quicker, become more involved on campus, and have higher overall satisfaction with their university experience.

Therefore, the university housing policy includes the requirement that, until all available residence hall space is exhausted, all Eastern Illinois University students with fewer than 30 semester college credit hours earned after high school graduation (dual credit courses do not apply) are required to live in university-operated residence halls. A Waiver Form must be submitted for approval if the student meets one or more of the following exceptions:

  1. The student has lived in a Residence Hall for 2 or more semesters (2 summer sessions are equal to one semester) as verified with a record of prior residency.

  2. The student is married, as verified with a certified copy of the marriage license.

  3. The student has attained their 21st birthday prior to the beginning of the semester for which enrollment is sought, as verified with EIU records.

  4. The student plans to live at home with a parent or legal guardian who resides within a 50-mile radius, as verified with a notarized statement.

  5. The student, by reason of medical necessity, requires special housing that cannot be provided by University Housing & Dining Services, as verified with a statement from their attending physician and approved by an EIU physician.

Waiver Form


Student-Athlete Expectations

Studies show that living on-campus promotes the success of students in multiple ways – academic, social, emotional, and physical. EIU Athletics and University Housing and Dining are committed to the success of our student-athletes, both on and off the field. EIU student-athletes are expected to live in the residence halls during their freshman and sophomore years. Rising sophomores may apply to live in University Court Apartments as space allows, and must purchase a meal plan. Living on-campus provides close access to well-rounded meals in our dining centers, campus security, in-hall support staff, a convenient location close to athletic fields, and much more. Exception requests must be submitted to the Assistant AD for Compliance and approved by the Director of Athletics and Executive Director of Housing and Dining Services. 


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