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The Panther Success Initiative (PSI) is designed to assist and develop students in their transition to Eastern Illinois University (EIU) through graduation.  The goal of PSI is to assist each student in reaching their full potential, regardless of where they are at in their college career, while also promoting their academic and personal development.

PSI is reached through Housing Staff, including Resident Assistants (RA); Senior Staff Assistants (SSA); Associate Resident Directors (ARD), and Complex Directors (CD), building intentional relationships with each of their residents, along with staying focused on the UHDS values at EIU.  Individual conversations between each student and RA are conducted at least monthly to assist the student in developing academically and personally.  Through these conversations, the RA, along with their professional staff member develop the best avenues to assist each student in reaching his/her/their goals (i.e. programs, bulletin boards, conversations, etc.).

Additionally, our Living Learning Communities have programming geared towards their respective topic areas, allowing students to connect with peers with similiar interests. 

The Values of Panther Success Initiative

Connections:  Each resident will be able to….

  1. Develop connections with the Eastern Illinois University community including relationships with faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Apply classroom experiences in their daily life.
  3. Identify and evaluate resources available to them on and off-campus.                 

Inclusivity:  Each resident will be able to….

  1. Become engaged citizens within the community.
  2. Demonstrate respect and take responsibility for their personal choices.
  3. Create a bond with the local Charleston community and the citizens within that community. 

Cultural Competence:  Each resident will be able to….

  1. Articulate and understand the importance of diversity within their floor community, as well as the global community.
  2. Examine their personal values and identities. 
  3. Gain a better understanding of the world around them and the different cultures, opinions, perspectives, and values of individuals. 

Personal Development:  Each resident will be able to….

  1. Demonstrate the ability to analyze and respond to academic, professional, and personal challenges using critical thinking skills.
  2. Develop the necessary skills to resolve conflicts and set expectations. 
  3. Develop realistic and measurable goals for yourself each academic semester.
  4. Create healthy living habits that amplify awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of one’s body.  


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