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Eastern Illinois University

EIU Department of Housing

Staff Listing

Mark A. Hudson Mark A. Hudson Executive Director, University Housing & Dining Services 217-581-7711
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Jeremy D. Alexander Jeremy D. Alexander Senior Associate Director of Residence Life 217-581-7692
1405 Martin Luther King Jr University Union
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Mark Bluhm Mark Bluhm Associate Director, Business Operations View Profile
Brian E. Gough Brian E. Gough Associate Director, Facilities 217-581-7717
1430 MLK Jr University Union West
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Lindsay N. Partlow Lindsay N. Partlow Assistant Director for Administration 217-581-5111
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Julia R. Awalt Julia R. Awalt Facilities and Residential Life 217-581-7715
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Lindsey S. Hunter Lindsey S. Hunter Housing Officer/Reception/Greek Court/University Apartments 217-581-5111
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Marlaina K. Harper Marlaina K. Harper Housing Representative/Reception View Profile
Marqeita C. Morris Marqeita C. Morris Marketing Manager, University Housing & Dining Services 217-512-0665
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Catie Witt-Danner Catie Witt-Danner Assistant Director of Living Learning Communities & Leadership Development

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Denise Adducci Denise Adducci Office Administrator- Housing & Dining 217-581-5634
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Shari  McKinney Shari McKinney Dining Invoices & Purchases/Summer Camp Meal Cards/Deposits

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Mackenzie J. Walker Mackenzie J. Walker Office Manager, Dean of Students Office, Housing & Dining Services, Student Legal Services View Profile
Westley N. Wright Westley N. Wright Coordinator of User Services 217-581-7709
1420 Martin Luther King Jr University Union
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Tony S. Spivey Tony S. Spivey LAN Support Specialist II and Camera System 217-581-7686
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James Brummer James Brummer Building Service Manager 217-581-7071
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Brandon M. Skinner Brandon M. Skinner BSW Foreman – North Quad 217-581-7071
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Lori A. Hardwick Lori A. Hardwick BSW Foreman – South Quad 217-581-7071
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Dustin B. Strader Dustin B. Strader BSW Foreman – Greek Court/University Court/Movers 217-581-7071
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David L. Titus David L. Titus Building Foreman-University Apartments and University Court 217-581-3228
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Sid J. Acord Sid J. Acord Building Mechanic-University Apartments and University Court 217-581-3228
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Matthew Boyer Matthew Boyer Assistant Director, Residential Life and Conference Services 217-581-7482
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Sarah J. Jacobs Sarah J. Jacobs Assistant Director, Residential Life 217-581-7832
Housing Office Martin Luther King Jr University Union
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Gary Uteg Gary Uteg Complex Director - Ford, Weller, and Mckinney Hall & University Court View Profile
Brad Sandefer Brad Sandefer Complex Director - Andrews and Thomas Hall Housing Office MLK Student Union
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Arielle Kindred Arielle Kindred Complex Director - Lincoln, Stevenson, and Powell-Norton Hall View Profile
Jarrett Williams Jarrett Williams Complex Director - Taylor and Lawson Hall View Profile
Regénte Myers Regénte Myers Associate Resident Director - Andrews Hall View Profile
Faith Holison Faith Holison Associate Resident Director - Andrews Hall View Profile
Camden M. Webb Camden M. Webb Assistant Resident Director – Thomas Hall View Profile
Dyjerlynn T. Peter Dyjerlynn T. Peter Associate Resident Director – Lawson Hall View Profile
Kiersten Wascher Kiersten Wascher Associate Resident Director- Lincoln Hall View Profile
Amanda Durbin Amanda Durbin Associate Resident Director- Stevenson Hall View Profile
Joe Smith Joe Smith Associate Resident Director - Powell-Norton Hall View Profile
Amberlyn H. Holman Amberlyn H. Holman Associate Resident Director- McKinney Hall View Profile
Paige M. Thing Paige M. Thing Assistant Resident Director - Ford Hall View Profile
Donovan N. Moore Donovan N. Moore Associate Resident Director – Weller Hall View Profile
Bryan Charles Bryan Charles Associate Resident Director - Greek Court View Profile
Will M. Hinz Will M. Hinz Associate Resident Director – Greek Court View Profile
Elian Mackey Elian Mackey Associate Resident Director - University Court/Web & Social Media View Profile
Isaiah A. Adegoke Isaiah A. Adegoke Associate Resident Director - University Court/Marketing Research View Profile
Ngozi A. Orji Ngozi A. Orji Associate Resident Director - Safety and Special Events Coordinator View Profile


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