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Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication

Help protect your personal information and College data using Duo!

Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. By verifying your identity using a second factor such as your smartphone, it prevents anyone but you from signing in—even if the person knows your password.

How It Works

  • PASSWORD: Enter username and password as usual
  • PROOF: Use your phone to verify your identity
  • ACCESS: Securely logged in
Getting Started: Download App and Enroll

Download the App

  • Downloading the Duo Security app is a good start as it will be needed in the enrollment process if you use a mobile device or tablet.
  • You can find the Duo app in either the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store on your device.
  • You may have received an email telling you that you are enrolled and prompting you to set up. Once enrolled, we suggest logging on to EIU's website on a computer and accessing Panthermail.
  • After entering in your NetID and password, you should see an enrollment setup prompt.
  • The process will begin by asking you to add a device for enrollment.
  • Any of the options shown will be acceptable; if you do not have a cell phone you may select another device option. We recommend a mobile phone or tablet as the best choice.
  • If you select the recommended mobile phone option, you will be asked to:
    • Verify your phone number
    • Select the type of phone you have (Apple, Android, Windows, etc)
  • To finish setup, you will be given a QR code; use the Duo application on your device to scan it.
  • Your EIU account and Duo are now synced up, allowing you additional security when using your account. When signing into Panthermail, for example, you will see a prompt now for receiving a Duo push notification on your cell phone, a phone call, or a text message to allow you to sign in to your EIU Panthermail.
  • Once activated, the app on your device will look similar to the screenshot below.

Still confused? Check out the Duo enrollment guide.
Authenticate with Duo Push
Duo Push is quicker than a text or a phone call.

Authenticating with a text message requires waiting to receive the text, reading a passcode, and then typing it in.

Phone calls require actually answering the phone, listening to the recording, and using the dial pad to approve the login.

Duo Push is as simple as approving a notification on your smartphone.  The app requires one step … simply choose "Approve" or "Deny" from your enrolled device.

  • Once enrolled, you will see this message after entering your NetID and password when logging in to Panthermail online.  Choose "Send Duo Push" for the easiest authentication method
New Duo Menu
  • This screen is similar to what you will see with a Duo push notification on your mobile device.

  • Duo Push
  • Simply press "Approve" or "Deny" on your enrolled device
  • If you are using your own computer, select “Yes, trust browser” for a more convenient experience. 
  • Trust this browser
New Phone & Managing Devices

Add or Manage Devices After Enrollment 

You can add additional verification methods, manage your existing devices, or reactivate Duo Mobile for Duo Push from the Duo Universal Prompt. 

When logging in to an application with the Universal Prompt, click the Other options link on the authentication page to view your list of available methods. Click that to enter the device management portal. 

Duo Image 1

Duo takes you through the steps of adding the new device, just like first-time enrollment. The difference between adding a new device from device management and during first-time enrollment is that when you have finished enrolling the new device you return to the device management page to view all your registered devices, including the new one, instead of continuing to log into an application. 

Duo device options  

New Phone

Reactivate Duo Mobile for an Existing Device 

If you have replaced the phone you activated for Duo Push, or if Duo Push stops working, you can get Duo Push working again without contacting your help desk. If a Duo Push authentication times out you'll see the I got a new phone link shown in the Universal Prompt. Click or tap that link to begin the reactivation process.

Duo Image 2

To see all of the options please visit the Duo Documentation page 
  • How does this keep my own account and EIU safe?
    With Duo and multi-factor authentication (MFA) you can help keep your EIU account more secure. MFA allows us to prevent unauthorized access to your email in the event someone steals your NetID and password. Without your input on your enrolled device, the attacker can never log in to your account. It can help us all keep EIU accounts secure and safe for everyone.
  • What if I forgot my phone at home?
    In the event you've left your enrollment device in another location you can call our EIU Help Desk at 217-581-4357 and they can do what is called a temporary bypass, allowing you access to your account if you can answer basic questions about yourself.
  • Does this app track me?
    We respect your privacy here at EIU. Duo only knows the city location of your phone and what type of device you have (Android, Apple, etc).
  • Why is the app warning me about security issues?
    Duo has the capability to warn you about potential security issues/threats with your device. For example, if you do not have a screen lock on your device then it is open to the public - anyone can pick it up and approve a Duo request. It is recommended to solve any issues that may come up. You can call the EIU Help Desk at 217-581-4357 for assistance or opinions on how to solve the security issues.
  • What do I do if I do not have a phone?
    Other devices can be used. You can use a tablet or a device called a YubiKey, which is a small USB device you can plug into your computer and just touch when prompted to grant you access. These devices are sold at major retailers and the EIU Bookstore. If you do not have the resources to purchase a YubiKey, please email


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