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Duo Security

EIU is transitioning to the use of Duo Security for multi-factor authentication (MFA). This system provides additional security and flexibility in order to help keep our EIU online accounts safe.




New Phone & Managing Devices



Quick Duo Introduction

Getting Started: Download the App

  • Downloading the Duo Security app is a good start as it will be needed in the enrollment process if you use a mobile device or tablet
  • You can find the Duo app in either the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store on your device.



  • The first step of the process is to have ITS enroll you as a Duo Mobile user in its system.
  • Once enrolled, we suggest logging on to EIU's website on a computer and accessing Panthermail.
  • After entering in your NetID and password, you should see an enrollment setup prompt.
  • The process will begin by asking you to add a device for enrollment.
  • Any of the options shown will be acceptable; if you do not have a cell phone you may select another device option. We recommend a mobile phone or tablet as the best choice.
  • If you select the recommended mobile phone option, you will be asked to:
    • Verify your phone number
    • Select the type of phone you have (Apple, Android, Windows, etc)
  • To finish setup, you will be given a QR code; use the Duo application on your device to scan it.
  • Your EIU account and Duo are now synced up, allowing you additional security when using your account. When signing into Panthermail, for example, you will see a prompt now for receiving a Duo push notification on your cell phone, a phone call, or a text message to allow you to sign in to your EIU Panthermail.
  • Once activated, the app on your device will look similar to the screenshot below:
  • Once enrolled, you will see this message after entering your NetID and password when logging in to Panthermail online.
  • This screen is similar to what you will see with a Duo push notification on your mobile device.



New Phone & Managing Devices

  • You have the abilty to add or change the devices you use for Duo
  • If you would like to change a device, begin by opening in a private window, such as Google Chrome Incognito Mode or FireFox Private Mode
  • After entering in your NetID and password, you should see the Duo screen, if it is attempting to send you a push notification or call you, select Cancel
Duo Cancel Image
  • Next, you can select the Settings button in the top right corner of the Duo screen
Duo Setting Add Device
  • Choose Add a new Device.
  • Duo will then need to confirm that it is you, by sending a push notification, calling your already enrolled device, or with a passcode. If you no longer have your old device, call the ITS Help Desk at 217-581-4357 to receive a temporary code to use for Duo.
Duo Confirm User
  • From there you will see the following image after authenticating with a push or phone call
Choosing a type of device
  • If you have the same phone number as before with Duo, but recently got a new device, click Mobile phone, and type in your existing phone number. When it asks you to replace the phone number if it already exists, checkmark the box
Enter Phone Number
  • On your device, open the Duo Mobile app, and select the small + icon the top right corner.
  • Use your device to scan the QR code on your computer, much like you did when first setting up your device
Duo QR
  • After scanning you should be able to get a push notification on your new device just like before on your old device
  • This screen is similar to what you will see with a Duo push notification on your mobile device.



How does this keep my own account and EIU safe?

  • With Duo and multi-factor authentication (MFA) you can help keep your EIU account more secure. MFA allows us to prevent unauthorized access to your email in the event someone steals your NetID and password. Without your input on your enrolled device, the attacker can never log in to your account. It can help us all keep EIU accounts secure and safe for everyone.

What if I forgot my phone at home?

  • In the event you've left your enrollment device in another location you can call our EIU Help Desk at 217-581-4357 and they can do what is called a temporary bypass, allowing you access to your account if you can answer basic questions about yourself.

Does this app track me?

  • We respect your privacy here at EIU. Duo only knows the city location of your phone and what type of device you have (Android, Apple, etc).

Why is the app warning me about security issues?

  • Duo has the capability to warn you about potential security issues/threats with your device. For example, if you do not have a screen lock on your device then it is open to the public - anyone can pick it up and approve a Duo request. It is recommended to solve any issues that may come up. You can call the EIU Help Desk at 217-581-4357 for assistance or opinions on how to solve the security issues.

What do I do if I do not have a phone?

  • Other devices can be used. You can use a tablet or a device called a YubiKey, which is a small USB device you can plug into your computer and just touch when prompted to grant you access. These devices are sold at major retailers.

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