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EIU Health Education Resource Center

Mental Health

mental health


My name is Cynthia Kmety. I am the Mental Health Promotion Coordinator here at the HERC. I am a graduate assistant currently pursuing my Masters degree in Interpersonal Communications with a focus in health studies. Here are some of the resources that I offer, feel free to reach out at

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Open Sessions for the 2022 Academic Spring Semester


Introduction to Mindfulness

  • September 14th @3 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)
Self Care

We must prioritize ourselves and continuously take care of our well-being throughout the school year! This fun session provides tips, tricks, and activities that allow us to find what's best for our personal self care.

Sex is Like Pizza

Sex is Like Pizza. Join us for a fun and interactive presentation about sexuality and consent. This is not your high school health class! Students can expect to have an actual conversation about sex: honestly, openly, and authentically.

  • October 5th @3 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)
Stress Management

Stress Management. Don't stop stressing! Stress is a part of our everyday lives. Come learn skills and strategies to help you manage your stress levels. We'll chat about time management, self-care, mindfulness, and much more!

  • September 21st  @2 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)
  • October 12th      @3 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)
  • October 24th      @5 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)
  • November 10th  @11 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)
  • December 5th    @2 located in the Effingham room (3rd floor of the union)


Request a Presentation!

If you are interested in a presentation/program in one of these topics:• Homesickness• Sex is Like Pizza• Stress Management• Self-care• Mindfulness University

Fill out a presentation request form:

ReST: Resiliency

ReST - Resiliency Training

ReST is a 4-week curriculum that offers a careful selection of evidence-based exercises to build coping skills and promote thriving. The ReST philosophy is that there are many routes to achieving greater resiliency. Expected benefits include improving physical and emotional health, strengthening relationships and social connection, increasing academic/work performance, managing challenges/difficulties, achieving goals, and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Fill out this form to sign up:       See you there!

             Classes                  Dates                            Time                      Location 

  • Resiliency 1     September 20th        @3          Effingham Room
  • Resiliency 2     September 27th        @3          Effingham Room
  • Resiliency 3     October 4th               @3          Effingham Room
  • Resiliency 4     October 11th             @3          Effingham Room

Learn How To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

With this 4-session class you will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. Mindfulness is simply learning to focus on the mind and awareness in the current moment's activity, and our lives are full of such activities. This class will cover mindfulness skills like dynamic breathing, walking meditation, and eating meditation while encouraging you along your journey to a more mindful you!

Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Be Present - YouTube

Mindfulness Classes Fall 2022

In our 4-week curriculum Mindfulness Classes you will learn mindful skills such as deep breathing, mindful eating, and labeling thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep, and other great benefits for college students!

Week 1: Intro to Mindfulness, belly breathing, chaotic breathing, body scan meditation

Week 2: Meditation for restless minds, walking meditation, meditation gathas               

Week 3: Guided imagery and labeling thoughts                                                              

Week 4: Eating meditation and labeling emotions                                                           

Sign up here: 

    Classes                  Dates                            Time                      Location 

Mindfulness 1          September 15th         @11             Martinsville Room

Mindfulness 2          September 22nd        @11             Martinsville Room     

Mindfulness 3          September 29th         @11             Martinsville Room   

Mindfulness 4          October 6th                @11             Martinsville Room         

Mindfulness 1          October 19th              @2             Martinsville Room   

Mindfulness 2          October 26th              @2             Martinsville Room   

Mindfulness 3          November 2nd           @2             Martinsville Room   

Mindfulness 4          November 9th            @2             Martinsville Room   

Out and About!

Throughout the semester I will also be around campus hosting tabling events and fun programs. Stop by and check out these exciting events!


  • August 19th: UB Up All Night Movie Event @7-10 Tarble Field- The HERC will hand out Mental health and stress information
  • September 9th: UB
  • September 15th: UB Wellness
  • September 19th: Yoga and Stress Relief Session in Pemberton Great Room @10am
  • October 20th: UB Wellness
  • October 27th: UB craft
  • November 11th: UB Wellness
  • November 29th: With UB Stress and Sleep event


  • August 30th: Pantherpalooza! Stop by the student involvement fair and learn a little more about what the HERC we do!
  • September 6th: Semi-colon project tabling event, Doudna Overhang @11-1. Come learn about suicide prevention and awareness.
  • September 8th: Semi-colon project tabling event, Union food court @10-12.
  • September 13th: Self-care corner tabling, Thomas breezeway @11-1. Stop by to learn about giving yourself a mindful break and grabbing some fun treats!
  • October 5th: Mental illness awareness tabling, Doudna Steps @11-1. Let's CHALK about it!
  • October 10th: Don't Stress, Ace That Test! Taylor Breezeway @10-12
  • October 13th: Don't Stress, Ace That Test! Library @11-1
  • October 18th: Ghosting and Healthy Relationships. Thomas Breezeway @11-1.
  • October 20th: Self-care corner tabling, Taylor breezeway @11-1.
  • October 24th: Ghosting and Healthy Relationships. Taylor Breezeway @10-12.
  • November 15th: Self-care corner tabling, Library entrance @1-3. 
  • December 6th: Don't Stress, Ace That Test! Thomas Breezeway @10-12
  • December 7th: Don't Stress, Ace That Test! Taylor Breezeway @1-3
  • December 8th: Don't Stress, Ace That Test! Stevenson Lobby @11-1

Help Yourself to Some Relaxation

Happiness Hacks -

Beginners Guide to Sun Salutations -

5 Stretches to "Un-desk" your Body -

10-minute AM Yoga Practice -

5 Bedtime Yoga Poses to Relax -

Available Resources

Want to learn more about your mental health? Check out these resources:

EIU Counseling Clinic

Find a variety of on and off campus resources, make an appointment with our counselors, and learn mental health info.

Project Semicolon: Your Life Matters!

Follow this link for information on suicide prevention, mental disorders, and ways to be a mental health advocate.  

Seize the Awkward

Celebrities talk about how to have hard conversations with friends.



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