Resiliency Series (Survive and Thrive) - Registration

Resiliency Series (Survive and Thrive) - Registration

Please complete the following form to register for a mental wellness class.

These are 4-week classes that meets once a week for one hour. By completing this form, you are committing to attending each class session to a series listed below:

Resiliency Series:
- Sept 20th, 27th, Oct 4th and 11th @ 5:00PM in the Martinsville Room on the top floor of the MLK Union.

ReST-Resiliency Training Classes Fall 2023
ReST is a 4-week curriculum that offers a careful selection of evidence-based exercises to build coping skills and promote thriving. The ReST philosophy is that there are many routes to achieving greater resiliency.
Expected benefits include:
improving physical and emotional health
strengthening relationships and social connection
reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
increase academic and work performance
manage challenges and difficulties
achieve goals

If none of these dates work, fill out your availability and indicate what class you're interested in. We will do our best to schedule a class with interested participants.

Attendance at these classes is required, so please double-check your schedule to make sure that these dates work for you. If something arises and you are unable to make this commitment, please send an email to