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Troubleshooting AlcoholEDU & Haven

If you are having trouble logging in please try the following tips. If you continue to have issue please call the Health Education Resource Center, 217-581-7786 or email (expect a response within 48 hours).

Please see additional tips below to complete AlcoholEdu & Haven!

  1. Use a standard computer (desktop or laptop). Notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devises are not encouraged.
  2. Do not have other windows/frames and other programs open when taking AlcoholEdu or Haven.
  3. Disable all pop-up blockers and uninstall any toolbars. These can cause problems with the media files and cause them to loop over and over.
  4. Do not play music or run other video clips on your computer (ITunes, YouTube, Other websites, etc.).
  5. Consider connecting directly to the internet, rather than using a wireless connection.
  6. Clear your computer's cache before beginning the program.
  7. When you open AlcoholEdu or Haven make sure it is in its own window and not within a frame of your school portal or email client.
  8. After completing registration, go to MyAlcoholEdu or Haven and choose “Audio Only” on the Course Settings page.
  9. Do not use the "BACK" button on your browser while you are taking the program.
  10. You may log in and out of the course at the end of each section. DO NOT log out until you click "next" button or your answers will not be saved.

Please note: Check to make sure your computer will accept cookies from AlcoholEdu and Haven.

Internet explorer users: Check your cookie permissions and settings:

  1. Click the Tools button in IE, and then click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Privacy tab, and then move the slider to a position between the top and bottom so you are not blocking or allowing all cookies.
  3. Click sites.
  4. In the Address of website box, type, and then click Allow.
  5. Move the slider back to the position it was originally in, and then click OK.

Firefox browser users: Check your cookie permissions and settings:

  1. Click the Options Panel, and then Click Select Privacy.
  2. Under Privacy, make sure the following boxes are checked.
  • Remember my browsing and download history
  • Remember my search and form history
  • Accept cookies from sites
  • Accept 3rd Party Cookies
  • Keep Until they Expire

Please attempt the following solutions before attempting to contact Technical Support

  1. Select “Audio Only” for the Media Option on the MEDIA SETTINGS page (Media Settings link is in the upper right hand corner of the AlcoholEdu screen).
  2. Do not play music or run video clips on your computer (CD, MP3s, other websites, etc.) while viewing the course.
  3. Try another browser. We support Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  4. Do not have any other programs or applications running on your computer while viewing the course (including applications such as Instant Messenger, or music file sharing – Kazaa, Audiogalaxy, etc).
  5. Log in at a campus lab or library as opposed to your residence hall for a faster Internet connection.
  6. Access the course at a different time of day (during non-peak hours, i.e. morning).
  7. Do not use your wireless connection. Connect directly to the Internet for a faster Internet connection.

Additionally, AlcoholEdu for College/Haven-Understanding Sexual Assault requires Flash 7.0 or higher, and either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for best results. If one does not have ready access to a computer that meets the minimum system technical requirements, we recommend using a computer at a local library, copy center, or community center. For more detailed technical information, use the Student Troubleshooting Guide (pdf) and scroll to Computer Requirements.

For further questions please contact the Health Education Resource Center at 217-581-7786 or

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