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EIU Office of the Registrar


To confirm you will be allowed to earn credit with these scores please see the Credit for National Standardized Tests page.

Criteria for Earning CLEP Credit at Eastern Illinois University Minimum Scores Required for Credit

General Tests Standard Score Percentile Credit Awarded EIU Equivalent Course
Humanities 452 or 50 50 6 semester hours Humanities Electives 3 semester hours Fine Arts 3 semester hours Literature (Elective Credit only.  May not be used for General Education Credit)


Subject Tests Standard Score Percentile Credit Awarded EIU Course Equivalent(s)
American Government 53 60 3 semester hours PLS 1153G
Biology (General) 51 55 3 semester hours or 4 semester hours BIO 1001G (non majors BIO 1500) (majors)
Calculus (with Elementary Functions) 53 60 7 semester hours MAT 1330 (2 semester hours) MAT 1441G (5 semester hours)
Chemistry (General) 50 52 4 semester hours CHM 1310G (3 semester hours) CHM 1315G (1 semester hour)
Financial Accounting 57 75 3 semester hours BUS 2101 (3 semester hours)
Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish) 50   4 semester hours (lower division) WLF or WLG or WLS 1102
Foreign Language (French) 62   8 semester hours (lower division) WLF 2201G and WLF 2202G
Foreign Language (German) 63   8 semester hours (lower division) WLG 2201G and WLG 2202G
Foreign Language (Spanish) 66   8 semester hours (lower division) WLS 2201G and WLS 2202G
Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish) 70   8 semester hours (lower division) 3 semester hours (upper division) WLF or WLG or WLS 2201G, WLF or WLG or WLS 2202G and 3 semester hours of WLF or WLG or WLS Elective
Macroeconomics (Introduction) 51 50 3 semester hours ECN 2801G
Microeconomics (Introduction) 51 50 3 semester hours ECN 2802G
Marketing (Principles) 50 47 3 semester hours BUS 3470
Psychology (Introduction) 51 50 3 semester hours PSY 1879G
Sociology (Introduction) 47 37 3 semester hours SOC 1838G



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