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Paul Sargent Database


The Paul Sargent database was created as part of the Digital Applications in Museums course of the Historical Administration program at Eastern Illinois University. The selections for the database were taken from two main Paul Sargent collections, the University Archives and the Tarble Arts Center, both located at the Eastern Illinois campus.

The Tarble Arts Center is an institution recognized for its unique service to the university and the region in encouraging an understanding of, appreciation for, and participation in the arts. The Tarble Arts center provides varied, high-quality, and innovative visual arts programming and publications, and while maintaining of the permanent collections.

The University Archives includes administrative records, faculty publications, photographs, and EIU memorabilia, all located in Booth Library.




The images above come from the University Archives Paul Sargent Collection.

Top Image: Detail of Letter from Paul Sargent to Samuel Sargent dated March 14, 1938.

Left: Detail of newspaper article: "Many See Exhibit of Sargent Paintings" from Daily Journal Gazette and Commercial Star, Mattoon, Illinois October 24, 1946.

Left Center: Detail of Paul Sargent lecture notes, page 13 of 19, No Date.

Right Center: Detail of Paul Turner Sargent Memorial Exhibition Catalogue by the Artists Guild of Eastern Illinois University dated October 20-27, 1946.

Right: Detail of letter from Paul Sargent to Samuel Sargent, No Date.


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