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Throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, newspaper buildings and post offices were prominent in small communities in Illinois and throughout the United States. The years 1900 to 1929, were times of great change in our country, as the ideals of modernity: technology, science and efficiency transformed the landscape. With the repeal of the Tarnsey act in 1913 the already expanding government transformed its building policy into a efficient and standardized machine. The map above shows the quickening rate of post office construction projects between 1900 and 1929. At the same time, the newspaper industry enjoyed growing prosperity and played a role in uniting community members and forming a community identity.

In towns such as Mattoon and Charleston, when a new Post Office was built, the newspaper relocated to a building adjacent to the post office. This project began as an effort to investigate  whether this pattern extended across the Illinois landscape. The results reveal that while post offices and newspaper buildings are near each other, their locations reflect the commercial values of each particular town, rather than an effort to be located near one another. 

Below is the table that our map pulls data from, showing the location of the towns' post offices and newspapers and other relevant information we pooled in our research. 




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Mount Carmel



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