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In 1997, members of The Eastern Illinois University History Department, in partnership with Consolidated Telephone Company (Lumpkin Foundation) and with the assistance of the Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD) and the Graduate School/Vice President of Academic Affairs office of Eastern Illinois University, established Localités/Localities, a project which sought:

  • To establish and expand a web-based center for local history, including interactive storage and retrieval of historical tools and documents.

  • To foster use of the Web as a teaching and research tool for history in academia, regional schools, and the local community.

  • To further local and worldwide discussion of local history.


Initially funded for five years, the project established a website where original materials were created and deposited regarding EIU, Charleston, Mattoon, Coles County, and Illinois history, as well as the Coles County Legal History Project database.

The project also comprised two conferences drawing international scholars on local history, and resulted in a collection of articles published in EIU’s Research and Review series. In 2014, the website was revamped and retitled Localities.

Past Localities Editorial Board:

  • Terry Barnhart, History, Eastern Illinois University (EIU)

  • Newton Key, History, EIU

  • Debra Reid, History, EIU, Past Tracker

  • Malgorzata J. Rymsza-Pawlowska, History, EIU, Digital Humanities

  • Nora Pat Small, EIU

Special thanks to past Technology in History and Presidential Graduate Assistants, including: Brock Stafford (2016-2017), Amy Ramsland (2015-2016), Daniel Hess (2014-2015), James Willaert (2013-14), Joshua Mason (2003-04), Nathan Kremler (2002-03), Sarah Johnson (2001), Michael Kröll (2000), Anna Pfeifer, Andreas Dür, and Laura Kent (1998-99), and past Historical Administration students, under the direction of Terry Barnhart, who create much of the Coles County and Illinois history materials. Further thanks to Christopher Waldrep, Michael Kröll, and Newton Key, who helped create the Coles County Legal History Project.