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The Journal April 2000

a special issue of Research and Review Series

"Introduction: Localités and Nationalism as the Vestigial and the Incipient?"

Newton E. Key

"Of Wholes and Parts: Local History and the American Experience"

Terry A. Barnhart

"National History in the Local Landscape: Industrial Revolution in Sutton, Massachusetts"

Nora Pat Small

"Locations of Black Identity: Community Canning Centers in Texas, 1915-1935"

Debra Ann Reid

"Small Groups and the Chimera of Consensus: Local Politics and National Politics in Modern Germany"

Daniel A. McMillan

"A Country Unlike Any Other: The History of Yucatán and Regional History in Mexico"

Ben Fallaw

"Localités and Early Modern Britain"

Newton E. Key

"Crime and Punishment in the Neighborhood"

Christopher Waldrep


Coles County for the Classroom: 

"A Chronicle of the Coles County Region"

Mark Voss-Hubbard and Newton E. Key

"Crisis and Conscience: Illinois Copperheads and the American Civil War"

Terry A. Barnhart