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Gerry B. Dudley- The Atlantic Voyage


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The Atlantic crossing could be treacherous and long, averaging more than a week. Despite Captain Dudley's strength and will, he succumbed to seasickness on each leg of the journey. Captain Dudley's April 19th diary entry described the voyage home as having "high winds...[and a] rough sea". The rest of the entry tells that when he "tried breakfast, [he] lost it at 3:00pm and [then] went to bed".

On board these ships, a deep camaraderie developed between the passengers, and entertainment remained greatly accepted. Newsletters, such as Sea Life, circulated these ships, offering insight into the amount and types of passengers and scheduled events. For example, an April 15, 1919 issue from the U.S.S. Harrisburg lists a total of 2,655 passengers, which includes the 1,900 soldiers of the 165th Infantry 42nd Rainbow Division. In addition, the newsletter also provides jokes and articles to entertain the passengers. Captain Dudley's voyages across the Atlantic remained an important part of his war experiences.



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