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Living quarters varied depending on the army's location. The American army occupied certain buildings in Europe and re-designated their use or constructed new shelters. Contrary to popular belief, not all soldiers occupied trenches during World War I or even tents. During Captain Dudley's first night of severe shell fire, he slept on the floor of a "freight house [composed] of light wood and tar paper...[that had been] established as an advance[d] dressing station". The pictures below offer an idea of what types of living quarters existed during World War I.


dudley group

Captain Dudley (on the left) lived in this type of housing during his military training at Fort Riley. He resided in the first room with the towel hanging out of the window.



This tent shows another type of living quarters during this period. Note the differences between these tents and the other type housing Captain Dudley occupied. The location of these tents remains unknown.












This building was probably used for military offices or as a recreational facility. Perhaps Captain Dudley frequently visited this area. The location of these barracks also remains unknown.



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