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Selections from the Coles County Historical Society's Photograph Collection


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Charleston, Illinois


Coles County



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                                                       two children 




Professional studio portrait of two children, early 19th century                                                         







northside charleston square 



North side of Charleston's square, 1907





         northside charleston square 1912 



North side of Charleston's square, 1912  






                                     crowd at railway station 1917



Crowd at railway station, 1917 





Mattoon class of girls 1920 



Mattoon class of fourteen girls, 1920 






two men in uniform 1914-1917






Two men on ship in uniform, c.1914-1917 











                                             studio portrait man in uniform 1914-1917                                                         





Professional studio portrait of man in uniform, c.1914-1917 




man working at rolltop desk





Man working at roll top desk, 1890 







four men sharpening blades 

Four men sharpening blades on cradles, late 19th c.  








woman in summer dress






Woman in summer dress, c.1925  









man in cast




Man in hospital clothing with splint, 1919 






                                   woman working in office 



Woman working in office, c.1920-1930







                            women and child in car 


Three women and one child sitting in decorated car, c.1920s







portrait of woman 




Professional studio portrait of woman, c. mid - late 19th century                                                              









boat going through lock



 Large boat going through lock, 1913




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