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EIU Pine Honors College

Pine Honors College Mentorship Program


We know that being a high-achieving college student is tough work. The good news is that it also can be exhilarating.

The Pine Honors College Mentorship Program brings together current experienced Honors students with new Honors students. 

The idea is to ensure a smooth transition into college life as well as provide ongoing mentorship in pursuing academic goals and engaging social activities. 

Our Honors Mentors will connect with their assigned mentees over the summer, meet mentees throughout the school year, provide a personal contact for questions, and help introduce new students to several social and academic events for the Pines Honors College and the university as a whole.

Look here for a calendar of upcoming events!



Megan Adams Adams Megan Mendon, IL What I love the most about Eastern Illinois University's Honors College is that it allows for a collaborative learning environment in the classroom and offers an enormous amount of help with things like scheduling and finding internships! Biological Science with a concentration in Pre-Med, Neuroscience, and Psychology Health Communications
Stephanie Beltran  Beltran  Waukegan, IL I love that Eastern has small class sizes that really gives students the opportunity to learn effectively with their 14:1 student to faculty ratio. I love that the Honors College prepares students academically and socially with their events throughout the year. Biological Sciences with Pre-Physician Assistant  
Katy Bridges Bridges  Wapella, IL  EIU feels like a home away from home. It has allowed me to make lifelong friends, most of whom I met through the Honors College. The Honors College provides classes that are small and allow the students to discuss topics rather than just sit and listen to someone lecture for an hour. Biochemistry and Clinical Lab Science  
Taylor Comer Comer Antioch, IL  I love Eastern because of the friendly environment and the homey vibes it gives off. One can definitely see this in the Honors College because the small class sizes help students become closer with their professors and have a more individualized learning experience, which I definitely appreciate! Accounting  Chain Operations Management 
Olivia Crank Crank Toluca, IL  I love Eastern because I felt at home here from day one. I remember touring EIU as a senior in high school, and I walked into the castle, and I knew I was home. I truly was, as all the math classes are in Old Main. I love all the opportunities Honors has given me, as that is how I met all of my friends my freshman year living on the Honors floor of Thomas Hall. Additionally, the Honors Forum and Honors classes in general led me to closer relationships with the girls on my floor. These friendships are still going strong, and I’m glad I could share college with such great people that I found through Honors.  Mathematics with Teacher Certification Music 
Katelynn Fuller-Svarz Fuller-Svarz Katelynn  Minooka, IL I love that I am able to feel so at home at EIU because the professors and students alike are very warm and welcoming. Also, I love how the small class size allows students to get more of a one on one experience with faculty. The Honors College gives incoming freshmen as well as upperclassmen a sense of community to be with students who often have similar academic goals and interests and many who become lifelong friends!  Biochemistry with a concentration in Pre-Med Spanish
Kaylee Fuller-Svarz    Minooka, IL    Chemistry with a concentration in Pre-Med Spanish 
McKenzie Funk Funk Nokomis, IL  What I love about Eastern is its sense of community. Everyone is welcome no matter their gender, sexuality, or race. I felt accepted from the moment I stepped foot on campus, and have noticed other people feel the same way. Eastern is my home, and I know it's where I belong. Honors especially has given me most of my new family. Without the Honors program I wouldn't have met my amazing group of friends. It's also a great way to challenge yourself, and to surround yourself with like-minded people. It has opened so many doors for me, and given me so many different opportunities I know I wouldn't have without it. 

Science Teacher Certification with a specialization in Chemistry


Ben Hahn Hahn Germantown Hills, IL 

I am a huge fan of Eastern because the faculty really wants to be on your side. The professors know you, can pick out your work from the work of others, and most faculty (including the President himself!) will stop to chat and give advice as they walk past you on campus. They want you to have experiences and work hard to share their knowledge. Some of the most difficult decisions I've seen professors struggle with is how to connect to every student in a diverse class, and this is because they go above and beyond to try and make every student engaged, even though we have different backgrounds, goals, and standards. It's completely a student-first university, and as a student, that helps my life come together so much easier!

Biological Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Med Chemistry and Community Health 
Annabelle Heddell Heddell  Belleville, IL 

I love the opportunities that EIU has given me to become a strong leader as a dining manager, hold an executive position in my sorority, and have academic success with Honors courses.

Community Health  Health & Medical Humanities 
Anna Hemrich Hemrich Newton, IL

I love how the Eastern community makes me feel like family, and the Honors College gives me the opportunity to connect more personally with professors and other students.

 Accounting Religious Studies 
Lois Karimu Karimu Antioch, IL (originally from Accra, Ghana)

What I like most about EIU is that the small size allows for one-on-one attention and this makes it easier to foster relationships with the professors.
I like being in the Honors College because I see it as a reward for my hard work that keeps on giving. I'm exposed to more opportunities than I would have had if I were not in Honors. It's a smaller group of people, which means we can have better relationships with faculty.

Sienna Mark Sienna Mark  Salmon, Idaho I love EIU and the Honors College because of the incredible people. I have received nothing but support and understanding from everyone at EIU. Their support has gotten me where I am today, and I cannot imagine my college experience without them.  Business Management and Health Administration Chemistry 
Shelby Martell Shelby Martell Galesburg, Michigan The Honors College is a great community that has connected me to similarly motivated people and through this program I have made some of my closest friends. I love the small class sizes and discussion-based classes; these have helped me build connections to professors and peers. Eastern is a very welcoming campus and everyone is always so friendly and open to have a conversation.  Neuroscience and Mathematics  
Kendyl McKeough McKeough Holland, Indiana My favorite part about Eastern is the tight-knit community the whole school provides and all the things Eastern has to offer. My favorite thing about the Honors College is the small Honors classes I have been able to take and the familiar faces i get to see in those classes.  Marketing Pre-Law
Alek McMath McMath Clinton, IL 

I love being at Eastern because it provides a great sense of community on campus. You are able to make close friends and gain new experiences through attending the variety of events put on. I have greatly enjoyed the time I spent in the residence halls, participating in clubs around campus, and playing on the Ultimate Frisbee team. Many fantastic opportunities are available at Eastern if you keep an open mind!

Marketing Communication Studies
Chrissy Miller Miller Ottawa, IL 

I love Eastern because it has truly become a home away from home for me. It has given me a chance to explore opportunities both inside and outside of my major. The Honors College has added to my experience by challenging me academically and introducing me to students with a similar passion for excellence whom I am honored to call my colleagues and friends.

Elementary Education with Early Childhood Certification  
Faith Morris Morris Metcalf, IL 

I love the community of students at Eastern Illinois University. EIU has become not only my home, but the students and faculty make up a second family providing me with endless encouragement, love, and support. Being in the Honors College has consistently motivated and challenged me inside and outside the classroom to always do my best. It has also brought many great friends into my life, who like me, value academics, strive for excellence, and have a love of learning. I cannot imagine my college experience without the Honors College!

Public Relations   

Christobel Nweke

Nweke  Huntsville, Alabama

I love Eastern because of its size. It is easy to have one-on-one time with your professors because of this. I love being in Honors for the same reason and the staff are always nice and willing to help you out in whatever way they can.

Maddie Plesnicar Plesnicar Palatine, IL

I love Eastern Illinois University for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is the class sizes. The class sizes at EIU are smaller than at most schools, which makes it easier for your professors to get to know you. You aren’t just a number in a class of 100+ students. The Honors College is great because you get to meet like-minded individuals who share the same values about education.

Science with Teacher Licensure (Secondary Education), with specialization in Chemistry; Psychology  
Jaclyn Thomas Thomas Schereville, Indiana I love that Eastern is so welcoming and accepting of everyone. I love the Honors College here because it allows you to make connections to your peers and professors in a way you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Early Childhood Education Enhancement in Elementary Education 
Alyssa Tripod Tripod Hopedale, IL The thing I love about Eastern and the Honors College is that there are so many people and resources that are available to help me achieve my goals and be successful.  Psychology and Criminology   
Katie Webb Katie Webb Sullivan, IL I love the sense of community. I've made so many great friends at Eastern through the Honors College! English Language Arts and Secondary Education  
Anakin Weston Weston  Rochelle, IL I love how Eastern Illinois University has a variety of activities available. The programs range from academic events, tea with the dean, and even road tripping to St. Louis. There is always something to do in between classes.   English  
Madison Wiedeman Wiedeman Peoria, IL  

I really love how friendly the campus environment is; the students are very welcoming. Living on the Honors floor is similar. The community is so tight-knit and the friendships I have formed are irreplaceable.

Elementary Education  
Jennifer Wisner Wisner Forsyth, IL

I love EIU and the Honors College because they have given me many opportunities to meet some awesome people!

Amanda Wright Amanda Wright  Lake Villa, IL What I love about the Honors College at EIU is all the opportunities and doors it has opened up for me as well as the amazing friends I have gained from the events, classes, and residents halls. Psychology Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Seth Yeakel  Yeakel Bethany, IL

I originally chose EIU because it was close to my home and the cost of education was low. Over time I began to fall in love with what EIU had to offer and was able to excel both academically and socially. Before I came to EIU I was semi-antisocial, but, with the help of the Honors College and my departments, I began to come out of my shell and prove that I can do what I want. The Honors College also offers great scholarships. I love EIU and its attention to the students.

Pure Mathematics and Accountancy  
Amber Young Young  Westfield, IL I love EIU because the campus is so close-knit. Everyone seems to know most everyone, and all of the teachers actually get to know their students and want to see them succeed. The Honors College has helped me so much by challenging my to learn as much as I can and reflect on my experiences. Both EIU and its Honors College have provided me with so many opportunities and I am extremely grateful. Music Composition and Psychology Jazz Studies 
Erin Zurek Erin Zurek Lisle, IL

I have loved EIU since I first visited campus, which was, incidentally, through an interview with the Honors College. The campus itself is so pretty and the faculty and staff are all very helpful. I never had a huge adjustment problem coming to Eastern thanks to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with, including the Honors College. I have loved the Honors courses I've taken and have learned so much through the discussions I've been a part of. This past semester I've worked closely with Ms. Sara Schmidt on a project and she has made the process so fun and informative.

Communication Disorders and Sciences; Spanish Latin American Studies

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