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EIU Pine Honors College

Priority Registration

The University Registrar has worked with the Banner registration system such that all students who have "Honors" designation will be able to register themselves during the week that Seniors and Priority Students register.

If you have questions about Priority Registration, please contact Ms. Sara Schmidt ( or 581-8369).

Directions for registration, from the Office of the Registrar (

Signing into the Banner PAWS Self-Serve System

From the Eastern Illinois University home page, click on the “PAWS” link under the current students section of the screen. That should bring you to a screen that says “PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services).”

Click “Login to PAWS”, which will take you to the login screen.

Enter your EIU network ID and EIU network password.

If you do not know your EIU network ID, search the EIU phonebook located on Eastern’s website. Your network ID is the last line of your entry. The network ID follows the format of first initial, middle initial, last name.

To Register For Classes

Click on the “Student" link. Click on “Registration”, which will take you to the Registration menu. To begin registering for classes, choose the “Add or Drop Classes” option.

From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate term for which you would like to register and click “Submit”. This will take you to the “Alternate PIN Verification” screen. If you are a graduate, post-baccalaureate, bachelor of general studies, or career and occupational studies student, you are not required to enter an alternate PIN and will be directed to the registration menu.

Enter the alternate PIN that has been provided to you by your adviser. Keep this alternate PIN all semester, as it will be needed any time you sign into the registration menu. This will take you to the “Add or Drop Classes” screen.

If you know the CRN (Course Reference Number) of the course(s) you want to register for, enter the number(s) in the “Add Classes Worksheet” at the bottom of the page and click “Submit Changes”.

If you do not know the CRNs, click on “Class Search” at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the “Look Up Classes” screen. At this screen you may make your search as broad or as narrow as you wish. Make your selections and click on “Class Search”. This will bring up all courses (both open and closed) that meet the criteria of your search.

Open courses will have a box next to the CRN. To register for the course, click on the box and then click on “Register” at the bottom of the page. This will add the course to your schedule. To verify your schedule, click “Return to Menu” and click on “Student Detail Schedule”.

To Wait-List a Course

You may wait-list a closed course if the course has wait-list seats available. To determine if a course has wait-list seats available, you must do a class search through the “Look Up Classes” link under the registration menu. Once you have found the class, you can see if there are seats available to wait-list under the “WL Rem” column. This is the number of wait-listed seats remaining.

If you want to wait-list this course, you must type the CRN for the course into the worksheet under the “Add or Drop Classes” link on the registration menu. You must then “Submit Changes”. It will now show that the course is closed and the option to wait-list will appear in the drop-down menu. To show the course wait-listed on your registration schedule, you must “Submit Changes” again.

To Inquire About a Course

If you would like to find out more information about a specific course, double-click on the CRN.

To Drop a Course

Go to the “Add or Drop Classes” screen. In the Action column, you will find a box by each course. Use the drop-down menu and select the “Drop Web” option. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Submit Changes”. This will drop the course from your schedule. The screen will refresh and show that the course was deleted.

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