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EIU Pine Honors College

University Honors

The University Honors Program offers students unique interdisciplinary Honors seminars, enriched versions of General Education courses,  and of select courses in majors. Students can also earn Honors credit through undergraduate research, graduate courses, and individualized Honors reflective projects. Honors prepares students to compete at the highest levels for career opportunities and graduate school placements. In University Honors, students can earn one of two distinctions:

  1. University Honors Laureates: Earn 26 Honors credit hours by graduation, via University Honors courses, Departmental Honors courses, Honors reflective projects, graduate courses, and/or Honors courses completed at another institution of higher learning.  A grade of "C" or better is required in any course to be counted for Honors credit.
  2. Honors Scholars: Earn 15 Honors credit hours by graduation, via the methods also available to students pursuing the University Honors Laureate distinction.
  1. University Honors Laureate: Required courses (26 credits)
    1. Freshman year: HON 1190 (Honors Forum, 1 hour) or HON 1290 (Honors Exploration Seminar, 1 hour). Presidential Scholars take HON 1191 (Honors First-Year Seminar, 3 hours), instead.
    2. Junior or senior year: An Honors senior seminar outside your major (4 hours)
    3. Additional University Honors courses.
    4. Additional Departmental Honors courses.
    5. Up to 12 hours, from one or a combination of the following sources:
    6. Graduate courses, and/or Honors reflective projects (up to 6 hours).
    7. Honors courses transferred from another post-secondary institution (up to 12 hours).
  2. Honors Scholars: Required Courses (15 Credits)
    1. Presidential Scholars take HON 1191: Honors First-Year Seminar (3 hours).
    2. Additional University Honors courses.
    3. Additional Departmental Honors courses, if appropriate.
    4. Up to 6 hours, from one or a combination of the following sources:
    5. Graduate courses (≤ 3 hours).
    6. Honors reflective projects (≤ 3 hours).
    7. Honors courses transferred from another institution of higher learning (≤ 6 hours

Continuous Enrollment

Students pursuing the University Honors Laureate designation must be enrolled in at least one Honors course per semester until they have earned 22 hours of Honors credit. Students pursuing the Honors Scholar designation must be enrolled in at least one Honors course per semester until they have earned 12 hours of Honors credit. A one-term waiver from Honors enrollment may be granted following application to Ms. Schmidt

GPA Requirement

Students receiving an Honors College scholarship must maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA to retain their award. All other University Honors students must meet the following cumulative GPA requirements: 
  • Freshmen (0-29 hours earned toward graduation): 3.0
  • Sophomores (30-59 hours): 3.2
  • Juniors, and Seniors with up to 100 hours earned: 3.4
  • Seniors with 101+ hours earned: 3.41
  • Needed at time of graduation, for Honors designation: 3.5

Dismissal from University Honors

Students who do not remain continuously enrolled in Honors courses and are not granted a one-term waiver from doing so, and students who do not meet their prescribed cumulative GPA requirement, are granted a one-semester grace period. At the end of that grace period, students who either did not successfully earn additional Honors hours or did not raise their GPA to whatever level was then prescribed will be dismissed from University Honors. Seniors with 101+ hours whose GPA is < 3.41 will be dismissed without a prior grace period.

Extended Grace Period

Students who faced a major life event that resulted in their need for a first semester of grace may request that grace be extended to a second semester. Such a request should be made during a meeting with Ms. Schmidt. If Ms. Schmidt considers the request to have merit, she will discuss its particulars with the Dean and an extension may be approved.

Reversal of Dismissal

Students previously dismissed from University Honors due to low cumulative GPA may request a reversal of dismissal at such time that their cumulative GPA has improved to meet the requirement tied to their current class standing. To request readmission, students must meet with Ms. Schmidt.

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