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EIU Pine Honors College

Honors Programs: Experience the Difference


The Pine Honors College offers three different kinds of honors programs, all intended to give strong students a challenging, fun and engaging educational experience. 

  • University Honors (28 credits over 4 years): A program intended for entering freshman students of all majors, university honors is a general education based honors program requiring participation in an Honors freshman seminar, an honors senior seminar, and 21 credits worth of other Honors courses. These can include general education based honors classes, as well as up to 12 hours satisfied through other means (primarily departmental honors courses or waivers based on reflective projects about high impact practices – study abroad, internships, service, etc.).


  •  EIU General Honors (15 credits): Students who begin their education at EIU with at least 30 hours of college credit already earned may apply for entry to the EIU General Honors program. The EIU General Honors program consists of a minimum of 15 hours of any kind of Honors course (departmental Honors, general education Honors, or seminars). Up to 6 hours of the 15 hour requirement may be satisfied on a one-to-one credit hour basis by evidence that the students has completed Honors courses at another post-secondary institution. The EIU General Honors program may include departmental Honors if this is desired.


  • Departmental Honors: More than 20 departments offer upper division, research and creative activity focused departmental honors programs. For full information, click here

Honors:  FAQ


How challenging is it to combine Honors with other activities (athletics, clubs, a job etc.)? Can a student in any major handle it?

Honors asks students to take on an extra academic challenge, but it also provides great opportunities for intellectual growth, fun, and engagement. You will learn in a different way in many of your honors classes. Honors curricula are flexible! Current Honors students are involved in Division I athletics, in leading student organizations, and in holding down demanding jobs. Students in demanding majors (and dual majors) can also handle honors. This is not always easy, but it is worth the effort. We offer advising to help students handle the different demands on their time. 

You can have a life (a great life!) in Honors! Have fun, learn, lead, and get yourself ready to conquer the world (figuratively speaking)!

How many Honors classes should I take this semester?

We generally advise entering freshman students in University Honors to take two Honors classes in their first semester, and then one or two classes per term, until they hit 21 credits. After that, just take an honors class when it fits your schedule. To graduate with University Honors you will need to complete 28 credits worth of Honors classes and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better. You are welcome to choose your Honors classes as you see fit, just so long as one of them is a four-hour Honors senior seminar and one is a Freshman Honors Seminar. Students are encouraged to complete University Honors requirements concurrently with their General Education Courses.

Students with questions about Honors requirements should contact the Honors Office at 217-581-2017 or

Criteria for Good Standing

In order to remain in good standing in University Honors, students must meet two criteria:

Continuous Enrollment

Students in University Honors must meet an hours-earned minimum of at least one honors course per semester in order to remain in good standing, until they have reached 21 credits worth of Honors coursework. In order to successfully complete the program, students should complete University Honors requirements concurrently with General Education courses.


Students will be placed on probation if they fall to these lower hour/GPA limits:

  • Freshmen (0 - 29 hours of university credit): < 3.00 GPA.
  • Sophomores (30 - 59 hours of credit): < 3.20 GPA
  • Juniors (60 - 89 hours of credit): < 3.40 GPA
  • Students will not be certified as graduates of the University Honors Program without a 3.50 or higher GPA.

Scholarship Recipients

If you are a recipient of an Honors scholarship, your GPA requirement is constant from the time you apply for your scholarship across the full term of your scholarship. At the time you apply for your scholarship, and across the full term of your scholarship, you must maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA.

Scholarship recipients whose awards expire prior to graduation must, following expiration of their awards, meet the GPA requirements held for non-recipients (see above).

Still need more information? Contact us at 217-581-2017 or

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