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EIU Pine Honors College

About the Honors College

What We Offer

The Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College encourages excellence in service and leadership, promotes intellectual and social growth, and strives to unite a diverse community of scholars as they make the most of their four years at EIU in preparation for taking up their place in the world. We do this by providing access to:

  • Exceptional Honors instruction in small classes and independent studies.
  • Priority registration that allows all Honors students to register during “senior week.
  • Honors administered scholarships for undergraduate research and study abroad.
  • Honors College coordinated entertainments and volunteer opportunities.
  • Honors housing with Honors Resident Assistants and ready-made study groups.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions you have!

Welcome to the Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College

For more than forty years, Honors students at Eastern have expanded their minds, engaged in intense learning experiences, and grown as scholars and citizens. As a community dedicated to excellence and achievement, the Pine Honors College welcomes students from all majors. The University Honors curriculum boasts a wide range of small, discussion-driven seminars which contribute to student general education requirements. Honors is also a gateway to opportunities for research, study abroad, and service-learning. The Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College also coordinates Eastern's many Departmental Honors programs, ideal for students who want to prepare themselves for the highest levels of accomplishment in their chosen discipline.

Beyond the classroom, the Honors College is a gathering place for students, Honors staff, and faculty mentors to meet, socialize, and talk. Informal gatherings on-campus or off-campus cultural excursions are great places to learn from each other, to build supportive networks for learning and exploration, and to have fun. The Association of Honors Students and the Honors College both offer a variety of extracurricular events that unite a community of people who want to realize their full potential for learning and growth.

Great faculty members from across the university teach Honors at every level, from introductory thinking and writing classes to capstone classes that help seniors integrate their learning across disciplinary boundaries. The Pine Honors College also draws on the wisdom and support of its alumni, who have gone on to success in many different careers. As the new Dean of the Honors College, I enjoy working with (and learning from) the many students, faculty, and alumni who have built and are continuing to contribute to the Honors legacy of excellence at Eastern.

I hope that our Honors pages not only answer any questions you might have, but also encourage you to contact us to find out more. We have now moved to glamorous new quarters on the second floor of Pemberton Hall South. Do come and find us there; together, we can continue to build on the strengths of Honors.

Dr. Richard England
Dean, Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College
(217) 581-2017

Our Mission

The Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College is a center for academic excellence and leadership in the university that encourages academically talented students to develop their potential through completion of suitable coursework in small classes taught by excellent faculty. Dedicated to nurturing students intellectually so they are equipped upon graduation to pursue their interests, the Pine Honors College also encourages undergraduate research and creative activity, community service opportunities, study abroad experiences, and professional internships. This provision of an integrated academic experience contributes to Eastern Illinois University's acclaim as a university accomplished in teaching and research that is focused on its graduates' success.


Dr. Herb Lasky founded Honors in 1982 to meet the needs of academically talented students. By 2004, Honors had grown to become an Honors College, which was named for Sandra and Jack Pine in 2014, in recognition of their outstanding support of their alma mater. Since the program’s founding, Honors at EIU has encouraged intellectual and social growth. We have grown to now include about 420 students representing all colleges.

Direction to the Honors College

Pemberton Hall South is located at 1535 Fourth Street in Charleston, IL, 61920.

You may use any mapping software to get to us, or use the campus map if you are on campus. On this map, you may locate any building, including the Honor's College's home, Pemberton Hall. There is also a printer-friendly version of the map as well.

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Contact Information

Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College

Pemberton Hall South
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-2017
(888) 440-4664
Fax: (217) 581-7222

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