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Students holding a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution approved by Eastern Illinois University may seek an additional baccalaureate (undergraduate) degree. Admission to pursue an additional baccalaureate degree requires admission through The Graduate School. Apply online with MyEIU as a graduate student and when prompted to "select an application type" please click the drop down arrow to choose "second baccalaureate degree."

Students pursuing an additional baccalaureate degree are considered graduate students even though they are completing the requirements for an undergraduate degree program. The following regulations apply to students seeking an additional baccalaureate degree:

  • Courses numbered 4750 or higher are graduate courses for all students pursuing an additional baccalaureate degree. These students must fulfill the standards for graduate study when enrolled for such courses and must meet all of the required graduate regulations.
  • Courses numbered less than 4750 are undergraduate courses for all students pursuing an additional baccalaureate degree. The student must meet all of the required regulations that govern undergraduate degrees while pursuing the second or additional baccalaureate degree. Students are advised to consult the Undergraduate Catalog for undergraduate regulations and undergraduate degree requirements.

Following admission to The Graduate School, copies of the student's file are forwarded to the program in which the additional baccalaureate degree is requested. From there, the program assigns an advisor. Students should consult with programs regarding the requirements for the additional baccalaureate degree.

Whether an additional baccalaureate degree or a graduate degree is the more appropriate choice will depend upon the student's educational objectives. Students are urged to consult with coordinators of graduate study, department chairpersons or other academic advisors to make this choice. The student's classification may also determine eligibility for types of financial assistance. Students are advised to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for information.

Tuition and Fees

While pursuing a second bachelor's degree, you'll be assessed tuition and fees at the graduate student rate. These rates can be viewed here.

Undergraduate Programs

Click here for a listing of the degree programs offered at EIU.

Health Immunization Form

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree from another institution must submit a health immunization form.