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The mission of graduate education at Eastern Illinois University is to provide superior graduate degree, certificate, and post-baccalaureate options designed for career specialization and advancement, certification and credentialing, professional and leadership development, and preparation for advanced scholarship.

The mission includes:

  • Strengthening the quality, diversity and internationalization of the university’s student body by attracting candidates who have the potential for academic and professional achievement.
  • Fostering advanced scholarship through a depth of content knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written communication, application of technology, research/creative activity, and commitment to professional ethics.
  • Expanding the curriculum with rigorous advanced courses and options offered through lectures, laboratories, seminars, forums, practicum field experiences, internships and partnerships with education, business and industry.
  • Building and enhancing the excellence of the university’s undergraduate majors and options through mutual and reciprocal research/creative activity with graduate students and faculty.
  • Developing opportunities for the discovery and application of knowledge with graduate faculty members who reflect the university’s teaching and mentoring priority and who have a record of research/creative activity and professional service.